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Times of War: Anna’s Revenge

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As I mentioned in the first story I was a soldier during my country’s War with Russia. I served four years in the infantry and was discharched. I was wounded leaving me wheelchair bound. The army was nice enough to give me an at home physical therapist to see if I can get myself walking again. I heard the car pull up and saw my caseworker get out of it. The passenger side door opened up and there was this gorgeous woman with him. She must have been just out of school. “Oh my God” I thought. ” I hope she gives a lot more than physical therapy.” Her face turned towards me and my heart just sank. It was the daughter from the first story I told you about. My infantry Squad had raped her mother and her. “FUCK FUCK FUCK! I hope she doesn’t remember me.” I thought. They came in and my case worker introduced her. ” Max this is Anna. She will be doing your physical therapy.” He said. Anna had a male helper to move me around. She looked at me funny. She had a sexy Russian accent. She asked me if we met. I said “I don’t believe so”. I laid on the charm, ” a beautiful face like that I would never forget” she blushed. Physical therapy went on for a couple months. She was fucking hot. I loved when she got close and those perky tits brushed my face. I wanted to just rub her crotch. She noticed the wound on my leg. “Hmmm” she said. She told me the story of when she was a teenager and about the war. How some soldiers did a home invasion on her farm and raped her and her mother. ” how horrible!”, I said. I was starting to get worried. She was putting two and two together. “Tell me” she said, ” what infantry division were you in during the war?” I said, “3rd” trying to throw her off track. I was really with the 7th. I asked why she was asking and she said, “Hmmm. No reason. Just making conversation. It was the oddest thing. The one soldier who raped me had a scar on the front of his leg. I remember it clearly. I remember their uniforms. I remember who they were with.” I became more direct. “What are you implying?!! That I did something to you? I never met you before.” She said, “ok ok. I am not saying anything.” That shut her up. Later on she spilled some water on the floor. She went to go look for a towel and went into my closet. I told her that’s not where the towels were. She saw my old uniform. She saw the 7th Infantry on it. She went and got a towel and cleaned up the water. She then left in a hurry. I didn’t realize what happened. She came for the next session with her helper. This time she was more flirty and nice. She was massaging my leg and making a point to hit my crotch. I was going nuts with this hot chick doing this to me. She said you seem to have some swelling here. I thought she was talking about my leg at first. Then she undid my pants. My cock went instantly erect when she grabbed it. She started massaging it real nicely. She climbs on top of me and sits on me massaging my face. That was when her friend but a zip tie on my one arm. She immobilized my other arm while he came around and put a zip tie on it. Her friend opened his bag. Inside were tools: pliers, wrenches, hammers screwdrivers. I tried to reason with her. Didn’t work. She got up and started to get undressed. Then she got back up on me. Her gorgeous love nest was inches from my face as she started sucking my cock. “Maybe this won’t be so bad” I thought. “I would rather do this without this cuckold watching”. But I soon realized it wasn’t his job to watch. He got out a pair of vice grips and put it on my index finger locking it in place. I screamed in pain as Anna chuckled as she blew me harder and harder. Next he took a hammer and struck my knee. He struck it again and again and again. I screamed in pain meanwhile also feeling enjoyment from what Anna was doing to me. She turned around to face me. ” do you like it rough big boy?”, she asked? ” did you like it rough when you raped me and my mother? You’re a piece of shit. Do you know that? You raped me and my mother. My mother died because of you! Lets see how you like being raped and tortured.” I was in agony from what her friend had done. Anna moved back and inserted my cock into her lovely mound. She started to kiss me. Rocking back and forth on my erect dick. I was in agony but she felt so good. I didn’t realize what her friend was doing. He placed a small piece of wood under my hand and drove a nail through my hand. I screamed while Anna was making out with me. She chuckled and kissed my forehead. ” how do you like it big boy? How does it feel?” She went to the side and bit my ear. I tried my only shot. I begged her for mercy. She wanted none of it. But agony or no agony my dick did not care. He was some place nice and safe and warm. Unlike the rest of me. She was sliding back and forth on my cock as she continued to kiss me. I came like never before. This was better than the first time I had her. I was never into S&M but if I get out of this alive I might look into it. Just not as rough. She got up. My cock started going down as I begged them to let me go. She said, “where you going big boy?”. Talking to my dick and started jacking me off. It started getting hard again. She hopped on top again with her mound in my face. She told me to eat her out. I didn’t want to because I just came in her and I really did not want to lick my own semen. I asked her to wipe it off first. She told me to just do it. When I didn’t I felt the Vise grip smash my middle finger this time. I screamed in agony and did as she said. I started dancing my tongue on her clit. The salty taste of my sperm was all over it. I was kind of grossed out but ignored it and got into licking her pussy. Then she started in on me again. Sucking my dick. Damn her mouth was like a vaccum. She knew how to suck a dick. Her leg started to quiver and I knew she was about to orgasm. I started feeling it myself and we came at the same time. “Not bad big boy.” She said. “I dreamed of you ever since the night at the Farmhouse when you raped me. Part of me wanted you again and part of me hated your fucking guts. Part of me wanted me to pleasure you to no end and part of me wanted me to watch you die in slow agony. Well I get the best of Both Worlds.” I begged her not to kill me. She told me she wasn’t going to. She didn’t say anything about her friend. Who took a pipe and slammed it across my chest a couple times. It became extremely hard to breathe. I passed out from the pain. I woke up from a coma two days later. The nurse told me I was going to be in the hospital for at least a couple months. I had multiple broken bones and broken ribs. “did they find the people who did this to me?”, I asked. She told me I would have to speak to the police. Apparently my neighbor saved my life. He heard my screaming and called police. Anna and her friend got away.

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    This was awesome.

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      Thanks. Thinking about how to get those two to get together again so I can write some more.