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We didn’t now about Pedophiles in the 70s we were so naive part 2

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After the sex with the man me and Johnny experimented with each and got caught of my younger sister who wanted to join in and she met the man

After that with the dogs the man told us to get changed and we could go home but if we told anybody anything he would come to our house and kill us.
As usual is being kids believed him and on the way home we said we can’t tell anyone which we wouldn’t buy we were different we hadn’t done anything sexual and we weren’t gay but we thought it was fun and liked the feeling and we said we would try with each other when alone in our bedroom.
The next day after school we went to my house and we sat in the bedroom not knowing what to do scared really but Johnny said do you want me to wank you ,I nodded and he pulled my trousers down and my underwear and he got hold of my cock which was getting hard and he started to wank me the feeling was great as he moved his hand slowly the faster up and down and my little balls jiggled around and it want long till I was cumming and I shot on his hand and down into my underwear, that had broke the ice and I asked if he wanted one now he did and he pulled his trousers and underwear down I told him to take them off be nicer and he lay on my bed as I played with his cock his went bigger than mine when it was hard and he had some pubes blonde curly ones,it wasn’t long till he cum too .
We sat on the bed and I took off my trousers and underwear so we both had our bottom half naked and he said to me did you like when the man made me put my cock in your bum ,I did it was good after the bit when it hurt and I asked if he would do again YES he replied and I turned over and he got on my back and I felt his cock pushing against me but not going in ,I said it might be better if I kneel over the bed and try that way , I slipped off the bed and he got behind me and tried again this time I heard it pop in me and he grabbed my waist and started to hump me it did feel good and I asked if it did to him he said it was great as he was thrusting into me,and my cock was hard as I felt his balls against me ,it felt naughty but good as he was pumping into me and he said can i call you Sharon like the man said ,ok I said and when its my turn im going call you Tracy as he speeded up and i felt him cum in my bum ,it felt warm and funny as he pulled out and he said my turn for you to do it to me ,i was already hard and I pushed it in him i watched my cock disappear in his bum as i started bucking into him i put my arms around him and i felt his cock as i fucked him i didnt take long before i cum and we both lay on the bed .

I said we should take all our clothes off and run around the house as no one in and my sister not back for a while and we stripped off our tops and ran around I watched as his cock bobbed along as we ran ,we kept touching each other and Johnny said let’s go in Joanne’s room see if her clothes fit , Joanne is my younger sister shes 11 .

We went in her room and we looked through her drawers and tried her little panties on it felt so good wearing them jumping around and we put on her skirts and we did the same it was exciting doing this and we ran to my room and we lay on the bed touching each other through the panties it felt so sexy and both our cocks were hard we played for ages and didn’t hear Joanne come in the house she came upstairs and into my room and saw us wanking each other in her clothes ,she asked what we were doing we both froze and said playing games she was looking at our cocks what’s that she pointed at them ,it’s our cocks we said and why are you wearing my stuff she asked,we like to . She looked for a while and said let me play or Im telling mum and she jumped on the bed and said what do I do , Johnny said hold Tommy’s cock like this and move it she did with out asking and she was wanking me my own sister moving my cock,now do Johnny too, so she had one in each hand , this is fun she said as our cocks were rock hard and her hands moved up and down then both we both looked and said at the same time this is even better as she continued to wank us getting us both to shoot our cum over her panties that we were wearing .
She smiled and said why haven’t I got a cock that seemed fun I have a hole not a cock as she pulled her panties down the first pussy we had both seen , I told her don’t worry you can play with my cock whenever you want she laughed and went out the room then she ran back in and said I’m in your gang now and ran back out .. me and Johnny just laughed to my sister had wanked us both and we didn’t even have to ask .

The rest of the week she wanked us every day and we looked at her pussy then it came to the weekend and the movie at the cinema,we were a bit worried about the man incase he was there and even more so now that Joanne was coming with us too , so we entered and sat this time right at the back and the movie started and no man was around ,then about 20 mins in we saw a figure come in and look around and headed towards us it was him, he came next to us Joanne was sitting in the middle and I was at the end and came sat next to me and said hello boys I said hi softly and he looked and said I see you have brought your little sister aren’t you going to introduce us I told Joanne this is our friend and told him this is joanne, she smiles said hello and sat back watching again as i felt than put his hand on my crotch and work my zip down ans he pulled my cock out and started wanking i tried to hide it from Joanne but he pushed my hand away let her see what we are doing and his hand moved slowly ,Johnny looked over and smiles he knew it was his turn next aa i started to feel myself ready to cum and I did, it felt good as usual and i wondered what next when he said swap seats with Joanne ,I just did as he said Joanne asked why i told her he wanted to talk to her and she moved over and I watched as he was talking in her ear and she was laughing then he got her hand and put it on his crotch and her eyes lit up as he moved it around you could see the enjoyment on his face and he undone his trousers and he pulled out his big cock and placed her hand on it .

She didn’t hesitate to start wanking him and it was horny to watch, but even more horny was he was pulling her panties off her and he took them off her feet so right off and he put in his pocket ,he whispered something in her ear and she bent over him she was sucking his cock ,we were watching them not the movie as her little head bobbed up and down and his hand was between her legs me and Johnny stared we hadn’t even felt her pussy and he was fingering her tgis was so horny me and Johnny played with each others cocks as the man started to moan and he held her head and he must of been cumming as she was choking and he let go and as she sat up his cum was dripping out of her mouth but she was smiling he still had his hand between her legs and started watching the movie Joanne said to me you kept this a secret he told me that you have fun at his and you both like being girls and she laughed and said that he’s bummed you both .
I went red and stuttered yes he has and we have to else he said he would kill us , Joanne laughed again your so soft and you believed him but I bet it’s because you liked it he said I can watch this time and he said he has dolls and games at his and I can’t wait better than at our boring house , I couldn’t believe she was saying all this I thought she was so innocent but she’s not at all .

After the movie finishes we went out Joanne didn’t have any panties on and we were going to the man’s again and what happened next is in the next episode

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  • Reply Rick ID:1e39ixjrpv21

    Good old days.my cousin sucked me when I was 9.then I sucked my other cousin when he was 9 .

  • Reply Slut from young ID:4bn00en3fia

    Lol. Yeah in those days all sorts of things happened in a fun way and went under the radar. I also learned about cocks and fun and oral from older men. Can’t remember the way it started cause I was too young to remember.

    • Slut from young ID:4bn00en3fia

      Maybe on email

  • Reply Hothoofer53 ID:v7ieowcel27

    No 3

  • Reply Happy ID:1ck8m2fs7tvi

    Wow what a story

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Shows how meeting a perv in the cinema can be the gateway to lots of nasty enjoyable sex!!

  • Reply Alexander ID:1ckpdqzda2o1

    Another one awesome hot story, iam sure in next episode he put 2 of you to fuck Joanne.

  • Reply alanquastaldergroveB.C ID:1dbeq9d5fpcc

    touch my pee pee daddy? my zipper is stuck and i need help my undies are caught in the zipper oops hey mister your finger is in my bum bum ohh your inside me omg my pee pee is getting bigger oh my your kissing my thingey

  • Reply Greg .D ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    I would have no problem fucking you and satisfying that horny cunt, but sadly I’m to far away, hope you get heaps of work. Do you let guys fuck you bareback k.k.