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Taking our sister dp

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open door a little more open exacly the moment when my sister sit down in a big hairy cock she take almost all of him until balls

i am john 10yearsold black hair 60pounds and i have one brother alan 15years old 1,70height 80pounds black hair and vanessa 16yearsold blonde 1,6height .Friday midday around 12.30clock teachers because of hot midmay month was too much they let us earlier our father had died of cancer and we had aunts mother and cousins but we were a happy family.
I take bus and return to house mom had give me and brother and sister keys for house for any reason like this i open door and i get in then up table was two shoolbags it was of my brother and sister i identifie them of paintings they had come on they also return early i go to our bedrooms when i hear of sister bedroom noises i wonder what are they doing door was midopen i shyly i open door a little more open exacly the moment when my sister sit down in a big hairy cock she take almost all of him until balls with a big and deep my god then she lay down a little above man and start up down her pussy over cock.
Then i think it was brother schoolbag down my god brother fuck our sister i was shocking but and horny because my brother had put a condom that it was full of humps and of sure my sister was crazy hot of this also i had put out my cock of my parties and playing him my eyes at my sisters assentrance that it was there empty alone and then come to mind some porn movies that big men fuck women together in positions like this and i was thinking why not i put out all my clothes and climb to bed i put my head a little over sister shoulder my brother has closes his eyes ana i take my cock and start rub him in my sister ass entrance vanessa start please alan to let alone her ass because is virgin there.
I am doing nothing in your ass alan aswered then he open his eyes and see me john you rub vanessa ass bad brother what john what are you doing your cock is rubing my ass yes sister i want to take place to fuck you she aswere this is not right why you want to jump your big brother while you are shy for your little brother all this time she continue ride brother cock swonly but my cock was rubing in her ass and they continue talked i pree my cock in her ass beacause it was no big the cockhead get inside very easy vanessa with a small scream please me stop it is too late sister and start push again my cock my sister first objections forgeting when she starts ride my brother cock fast again this help me put al my cock through balls in her ass doing her moan more at the same time i kiss her soft back while alan playing with her tits oh my god you two bad brothers have me tear apart my pussy and ass but you like it yes with deep voise.
After fast ride and my balls hit her ass we were ready to cum i and alan cum inside her i was in seven heaven we put out our cocks of her holes she feel presure that her holes was free again and vanessa lay down along alan but i was above them wait i where to lay down in your bed later mom will return we must put our clothers ok i let them alone vanessa before i left she thanks me i take my clothes and go to my bedroom with all this scene in my mind until night visit of my sister in my bedroom something like reverge in other story.

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