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Secret Closet

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2 boys, and a girl discover what their parents are up to together…

Cob picked us up, or drove his dad, and room mate over to our house, then came in with them. To hang out, but mommy kissed my big brother, Charley.

“Keep a better eye on your sister for me.” Then, Cob got the keys from his dad, and a warning to “Drive safe.”

“We don’t want a repeat of last time.” Our dad warned Charley.

The last time I was over there, I found their secret closet. Downstairs, they have a “Mother in law apartment,” but instead of Cob’s grandma living with them, they rented it out to Larry.

“Uncle Larry,” Cob called him, then took us back home to spend the night. Charley threw our backpack in the seat, then I climbed in, while he rode shotgun.

I saw it in a movie, they’re watching upstairs. While I was downstairs, supposed to be watching another movie. They download a lot of movies off the internet, but then Cob picked up the remote, and switched to Network/PLEX Media Server/Movies.

Not Downloads/Movies, but I wined. “Owh! There’s nothing new to watch.”

“Then watch Frozen again, instead.”

“Stupid Frozen.” I let it go, years ago, because I’m not a little girl any more, and I don’t even care about Frozen II coming out, because that’s kid’s stuff. I’m a teenager now, so I went back down, and clicked <Back on the remote.

PLEX/Movies only without the Downloads this time, and just picked the first video in the folder. It was just a home movie, I think Bob. That’s Cob’s father, he followed Larry down the stairs, back past the little kitchen to the bedroom.

A little bedroom, with a little bed, but a big closet. A walk-in, but then he. I mean Larry pulled back the hangers, and opened a little door behind them on one side.

“Huh!” I paused it, and got up, to go try the door at the bottom of the stairs. It was locked, but I knew how to fix that. There was a spatula hanging over the stove in the kitchen, but I could reach it, and take it back to wiggle next to the door knob, until I pushed the thing back in the door. Out of the little hole in the wall.

It swung in, but then I had to close it, and unlock it to open the closet door. Then, I pulled back the clothes, and found the little door in back. The trick was pulling it open without a handle or anything, I didn’t see how Larry did it, but I still had my spatula to wiggle in the side of the plywood. Careful not to chip the paint.

It was a little scary, because it looked like a good place to kidnap a woman, tie her up, and make her, do stuff. I didn’t know Larry that well, but I tried on the nicest wig, first. It was like a beehive, so I twisted up my hair, in a bun on top, and wore it back out to the living room.

To watch the TV, but it turned out they didn’t have all that stuff to kidnap women and keep them in the basement, underneath the stairs between the water heater, and the air conditioner.

Oh, no. Uncle Larry played dressup, and then he came out to the living room. Cob’s dad sat right here, on the couch with the camera, while Larry played Lip Synch Battle, like Channing Tatum impersonating Beyoncé.

“Now, Xenia.”

“Huh?” I looked up, from the back seat, but my Charley turned around. “I know we didn’t get a chance to talk about what you found over at Cobb’s house last time.”

“Uh, we had plenty of chances to talk about it, over the past month.”

“Yeah, well.” Cob laughed, “He means that I didn’t get a chance to explain.”

“Yeah, it’s not my closet.” Charley nodded.

“You see,” he kept driving, so he didn’t look back. “My father’s boyfriend was just practicing for a show. He put on at the bar.”

“It’s a gay bar.”

“Charley, we talked about this. You don’t have permission to out my father. I do.”

“Oh.” I nodded, “He’s a Drag Queen, like Rupaul.” That made a lot more sense. I giggled, “What a relief, when I saw all those whips, and chains, and stuff. I thought they had that secret door to hide a woman they kidnapped, and torture her.”

“No, but that’s for rough sex.” Cob hit him. “Ow! Come on, man. That’s pretty obvious anyway, and it’s as much mom, and dad’s secret as your’s.”

“You see,” Cob nodded, agreeing. “In a lot of ways, my Uncle Larry is also like my step-mom.”

“Wait, you mean that your dads, or your dad, and your step mom?” I shook my head, confused, “Bob, and Larry go over to our house to have rough sex with our mom, and dad?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Just your dad. Ow!” The car swerved, but not hard enough for the tires to squeal, and there wasn’t any horn honking either. We just shook back and forth.

“Fair’s fair.”

“Well, I’m driving, so if you want us all to get in a wreck, then keep hitting me in the arm.”

“Okay, sorry, man. But still, you just outed my father, too.”

“Yeah, well, it’s pretty much all our fathers at this point.”

“What about mom? She could just as easily take us out, instead of letting you babysit. Oh, she likes to watch.” I guessed. “You know my friend Carli,” short for carlita, “Her dad likes to watch her mom with other men, but it’s not cheating if he gets to watch. That’s the rules, as long as you follow the rules, it’s not cheating. Even if the rules are a little more open then most husbands have for their wives.” I nodded.

“Yeah, something like that.” Cob turned, and pulled up next to their house. On the curb, instead of turning into the driveway, or opening up the garage, but it was a nice night, even starting to warm up, and it hadn’t rained in a couple days. It wasn’t going to neither, but it wasn’t quite as hot as summer, though.

“Come on, we better show you.” I grabbed our bag of clothes, and followed them up to the door. “It’s a lot quicker to show you than try to explain it, but if you have any questions, we’ll try to answer them for you.”

“Okay, are you 2 boyfriends?”

“No,” they looked at each other, and Charley finished his sentence. “Not really?”

“I don’t know,” Charley looked at me. “Look,” Cob finished, “Sometimes it’s better if you don’t try to pin a label on something that won’t fit you, but.” He took a deep breath, and Sighed. Shaking his head.

“I’m a transvestite!” Cob just blurted out, “But not a drag queen.”

“What’s the difference?” At least they shut the door, with both of us inside, so we could talk.

“Well, a drag queen is a gay performer. A transvestite just likes women’s clothes to feel sexy, and accentuate my masculinity.”

“Yeah, he looks even manlier in a.”

“Dude! Let me finish!” At least he didn’t hit him again.

“Hey, guys!” I interrupted. “I thought you’re going to show, not tell me. So, why don’t you show me how sexy you look in. Whatever you like to dress up in, okay?”

“Yeah, good idea.” So, we went around the up stairs, to follow them down basement stairs, to his step-mother apartment.

“Why don’t you wait out here?” I giggled, and ran to grab the remote. “Let’s watch a movie while he’s getting prettied up!” I hopped on the sofa, and turned on the big flat screen. I swear, if you took it down off the wall, it was probably big enough for me to sleep on, but instead, it was like a big picture window. Especially when you’re watching a home movie that they shot right here, from the house.

Like Larry dancing around, and singing Stronger.

{Musical note; © 2000, Britney Spears. Used without permission, All Rights Reserved.)


Chuck (mmf…MMF/M Gang Bang)

“I can’t get this one to play.”

“That’s because it’s not downloaded yet, let me see the remote.” I hit Options, then down to Streaming. “You want to see what mom, and dad are up to?”

“Yeah!” The guys were just hanging out, drinking, and taking off their clothes. So, we got in before the party really got started, but Bob got hard first. So, Larry got down in front of him, as soon as they were both naked, and started sucking, but kept pulling his own limp dick hard at the same time.

“Huh!” Which brings us to my closet. “I think I’m a dominant masochist. That means that what I really like is making them hurt me.”

“Like upsetting Coby so he hits you.”

“Yeah, but. It goes a lot farther than that.” If we do it right, I can get it up for him. Even though he’s a guy, and also straight, he can’t dress up pretty enough to hide that fact, but my sexuality is more powerful than even my heterosexuality, and it’s so wrong, in so many ways that it’s really a dirty thrill.

“Hhuh!” Then, we heard the door thump, and I glanced over to catch a glimpse of her hands in her lap. Pushing her skirt down, between the legs, and rubbing it over them with her thighs.

“You got a boner too?”

“Tadaa!” Thankfully, mom interrupted before I had to answer, but then she came out. Like Black Widow, only instead of wearing a full black wetsuit, it was just the hourglass of a corset. A deep red one, with black laces crisscrossing down her back, no panties, thigh high stockings, high heels, and straps around the tops of her thighs. She turned, and posed, looking back at the camera, and I heard her gasp.

Afraid to look over, in case she was. Well, farther along than just scissoring her hands in her skirt, if she had her top up, or her bra off. Her skirt pulled up her legs, or her panties down over her knees. I didn’t even want to breathe, in case she was stinking, I don’t want to smell her sex.

She’s my sister, my 13 year old sister, and yeah. I found dad’s stash before I even turned thirteen. “He’s ready for you boys, come on.” Mom turned to the camera, and picked it up. I heard the tripod legs clack together, but she carried it down the hall to their bedroom.

“She’s got a fake penis.” She pointed out.

“Yeah, a strapon. You see what I mean, when I say she doesn’t just watch.” I moved over to the chair, even though the angle wasn’t as good to watch the TV, but speaking of which. I watched the door, instead.

“Oh!” I saw dad tied up, in a corset, and a wig, though. “Huh!”

He looked so sexy, even with his boner sticking out.

“How do I look?” Finally, Coby came out. Like Coby Smudlers, she played Maria Hill in the Infinity Saga, but also Robin on How I met your Mother.

They met our mom, and dad online, because she’d been nailing him for years, but this time. Coby, Jakob, but he liked to be called Coby, like Coby Smulders. “She” had “Her” bangs pulled out, instead of slicked back, but he wore the curly wig, so they bounced around like springs.

Not unlike the springs under mom, and dad’s bed. On mom’s side, that’s where they stashed the strapon, but a couple years ago. I saw one of the pink vinyl straps hanging down under there, and wondered what it was.

What it is is like a jock strap, only instead of a pouch up front for a protective cup, it’s got more straps to hold a ring, and any of a number of attachments. Including vibrators, a butt-plug, or in this case, the 8″ soft flexible realistic dong, with veins molded into the sides, and hard hairless balls sticking out underneath the ring.

It swung back, and forth, just stiff enough to stick out, but flexible enough to swing with her hips. With the camera pointed down, at dad. His legs up in the straps, chained to the same hook in the ceiling as the swing. Wearing the chest piece, with fake tits, but they looked as round, and firm as half real ones, with implants.

Also, his gut sucked in, even around the sides, because of corset is. Can’t have a gangbang without a woman in the middle, but mom wasn’t playing the woman. She held up the dong in one hand, the camera down in the other, and pulled the ball-gag out for him to suck it.

“Huh, suck it. Suck it all.”

“WRLGH!” His cheeks puffed out, but of course he couldn’t take all 8 inches. At least not in his mouth.

“Guys, how do I look?” Coby turned the other way, and arched his back, with his butt out, and his bicep flexing with his elbow on the wall.

“Weird, but I don’t care.” My sister got up, and just pulled her top off. Her hair flopped back down, and she shook her head. “I’m horny.” She turned around, and grinned down at me. “Can you take off my bra?”

“Yeah, uh.” He felt around behind her. “Where’s the catch, on the side?”

“No, it’s a sports bra, just pull it up.” I looked away when she tugged at the front. Before her little booblets fell out, and crossed my legs. Hard, I turned and pushed my balls up against the arm. “Uhn!” Grunting, and enjoying the ache. “Huh!” I used to try to get rid of a boner that way, but I found that stopped working, and started making it worse. It hurts, but it’s a good sexy hurt. I’m still working out which pain is hot, and what’s not, but I’ll probably never live long enough to try them all.

“Huh, it’s funny, but you’d be amazed how many different things people are into.”

She shook her head, and spit out Coby’s dick head. “Not really, you know rule #34.” She nodded, stroking it up, and down with one hand, the other one playing under her skirt, but at least her hair hung down over her shoulders to cover her chest. “If there’s pron of everything you can think of, it’s only because there’s somebody out there that wants to watch it.”

“Yeah, but.” Coby patted his head, “This isn’t on the internet. They’re not porn stars, this is just for private viewing.”

“I know we’re not supposed to be watching it.” She laughed, and got up. “But thanks for showing it to me. I think I understand it better, but what about you two?” She turned, “And what about my brother. He said he likes to make you hurt him, so how does that work?”

“Uh, actually. I think I’ll just keep an eye on you.” I grinned. “You remember that’s what dad told me to do when I left? I have to watch you, and make sure you’re staying out of trouble you know. After what happened last time.”

“So, you think it’ll be okay to watch us fuck?”

“No, it’ll be wrong. So wrong, it feels right, but. You don’t have to bust my balls over it, and neither does dad, because you’re not going to tell him. Right?” After she told him that they had a secret closet, to kidnap women, and torture them in the basement.

Of course, they already knew that. Half the time they come over here, and Cob spends the night with us back home. They’ve got a lot more stuff to play with over here though.

Good thing they’re all guys, one big sausage party, so they don’t need a strapon between them. If they did, I might be tempted to let my little sister break me in, but that would be incest, and she’s only 13. No matter how developed, and mature she acts, I have to remember that.

“Yeah, you can just bust your own balls, and watch me nail your sister.”

“No, my fiancee. We’re going to get married, the wedding is soon, but we decided to see if she could sleep with another woman, and still come back to me.” I fantasized.

“Huh?” My sister shook her head. Turned around, so that he could hold her arms, and cover her chest with the hand bra.

“He’s a cuckhold. He’s just pretending to be a cuck.”

“Oh,” she nodded. “So, it’s just playing pretend.”

“Yeah, it’s called role playing.” I explained. “That way, it doesn’t feel quite as incestuous, and you can pretend to be older.”

“Ooh, I want to be 21! You have any beer, or wine?”

“I’m not going to give you alcohol. It’s better if you’re sober anyways, so you can consent.”

“I consent, but it doesn’t have to be real beer, or wine.”

“Yeah, I can get you a soda, in a wine glass.”



Coby (fm)

She pulled the wig off, in the kitchen. “Well, if you’re going to play lesbian with me, you know you have a dyke haircut, right?”

I stopped sweeping back my hair, like I always do, and shook it out, over my eyes. I get away with it, because it looks emo, or like some of the hipsters wear it, only without the short stubble. I can’t grow that very well yet, so I just shave it all off. “I bet my brother sucks dick better then me, huh?”

“Well, that’s not a nice thing to say.”

“Well, it’s true. I never had a real dick head in my mouth before.”

“You are still a virgin, then.”

“Uh, who cares? You’re the one that said that it’s better not to pin a label on something when it won’t fit. I just never been with a boy before, but you’re not the only one who’s parents have sex toys you know. None of my girlfriends have any leopard print fuzzy handcuffs, or fetishwear, though.”

“Well, honestly, lingerie is fetishwear for straight couples too. Just because they’re vanilla doesn’t mean that satin and lace aren’t fetishes.”

“Huh. Well, I’ve only fooled around with my girl friends, and 1 boy, but not past second base. He kept it in his pants, or he probably blew it, I don’t know. Maybe he even faked it, but we just made out, and stuff.”

“He groped you.” She giggled when I tickled her ribs, and spilled a little 7-up. Without any Seagram’s for a 7, and 7. No ice, and it was a wine glass, not a cocktail glass, but she sipped it, while I gently pinched her nipple.

“Yeah, but a real girl knows how to do it better.” She licked her lips, and laughed. “You still got that flannel shirt, with the sleeves cut off?”

“The checkered one?” I shook my head, “That’s cotton linen, not flannel.” but she grabbed my bra through the top of my cocktail dress.

Squeezed the silicone insert. “Well, just pretend it’s flannel then, let’s dress you up like a real dyke, and not some cheap motel hooker, huh?” She grabbed my hand, and dragged me off to my room. “And strip that makeup off you anyway, you suck at putting it on yourself. I’ll show you later.”

Past my Uncle Larry’s room, he had his own bedroom, but my dad had a King sized bed, so they could sleep together. Downstairs is the guest room, spare bedroom, or at least that’s what we tell people when they come over, and they’re not in on the family secret.

My dad is gay. He has a live-in boyfriend, with a French Maid uniform to play domestic. Fuzzy cuffs, leather paddles with hearts cut into them, so it bites into Charley’s skin when he makes me beat him with it, and decorations to make the fantasy room into whatever they want it to be.

A boy’s room, a girl’s room, dorm room, it’s just a matter of changing the posters. Prison cell, dungeon, no locker room, or classroom, but Uncle Larry was a hustler. A prostitute for years before he settled down, and moved in with his dad, but the secret is hotter than coming out. It’s more exciting than trying to be accepted, and lead a happy comfortable life.

They don’t want that, the secret makes it dirtier. “Oh!” She pulled the matching boxers out of my underwear drawer. “Put these on too!”

“You mind if I keep the panties on under them?”

“Yeah, and the bra. Where do you get fake boobies like that?”

“I don’t know, they’re Larry’s. He orders them online, I guess like most of the sex toys, and stuff.”

“You think my brother’s done jerking off down there yet?”

“Oh, that’s what this was. To give each other some privacy?”

“Yeah. He’s pretty shy about his dick.” She tilted her head. “Do you know why?”

“He’s not ashamed of it, especially around me, and other girls. I think it’s just about you, and your mom, because you’re related.”

“Oh,” she shrugged, and pulled out a wife beater. “Put this on under the shirt, but over the bra, and take those high heels off.”


“Real lesbians don’t wear high heels.”

“Yeah they do. Some do, you know that not all homosexual women play softball, and cruise around Home Depot to pick up women.”

“Huh, I didn’t think about that.”

“Cruising hardware stores?” She nodded. “I heard some comic joking about that.”


Sister (Anon. That’s part of her fetish complex. It’s not to protect the innocent, nor the guilty, she just paraphilically wants to play The Stranger as part of her Role.)

I guess I got to play “The boy,” most, because I was the one who’s mom had a strap-on to borrow, whenever I had my girlfriends over, and the house to ourselves.

I just didn’t know that she used it on dad, they keep their sex lives private, especially from me because I’m the youngest, and apparently all the home videos over here.

With the gay couple, I just figured she had a mistress to bang on the side, lots of women do. It’s funny going back to the old movies, and even books. Even the new ones, I guess 50 Shades of Grey is the most appropriate one, to compare it to. Even in that one, the girl is a girly girl, a virgin, innocent, and the big entitled millionaire takes advantage of her for that. Christian grey doesn’t pay hustlers to bang him up the ass, like that conservative Senator from Arkansas?

We’re too young to remember back in the day, where a bisexual girl had to hide it. Bisexual boys, well you know boys. They still have to hide it, because “That’s gay.” As if lesbians aren’t gay, or being bisexual makes you a full grown fag, at least the middle school boys see it that way.

Maybe the adults do too, because it’s not like Larry, and Bob can’t get married now. They don’t have to hide in the closet, but man, what a closet! I feel like I found the treasure, like Lara Croft discovering the secrets of a Temple. The Temple of Love, I guess.

Yeah, I know the Sisters of Mercy are supposed to be Goth, but what I’m learning is, that labels just don’t fit. They never fit, you can try to stick Bisexual on, like I did. “I’m bisexual,” I told all my friends, but what about the rest?

Butch, Skirt, oral, fingers, fisting, toys, or maybe some combination of the three? No, more then 3, way more, but it’s kinda like a middleschool straight boy thing to dumb it down to the simplest label. Oh, you’re bisexual, so you like to eat pussy. Or oh, you like it up the butt, so you must be a fag.

Well, what about anal lesbians? What about my dad getting gangbanged in a corset, and a fuck swing by 2 gay guys, and his wife with a strapon? Let me sum that all up in a hashtag that completely covers everything:

#It’sComplicated. No wait, you can’t have punctuation in a hashtag like that, and it’s more complicated than that, because is’t always more complicated then that, but don’t you see? Can you finally see it now? It’s even more complicated than just saying “It’s complicated.”

It always is.

“Huh!” My brother turned away from my dad, getting pegged on the flat screen, and jacking off both guys. Dicks akimbo, and shooting their loads straight across his fake silicone tits to hit each other’s abs, dicks, knuckles, and arms. “Wow, you look, like a girl!” he got up, his pants were fixed up, but he left streaks down his lap.

The video skipped back, to Bob, and Larry kissing, then gasping together, and mom panning down to show them starting to cum together, then dad’s limp dick, and the long shit smeared condom backing out of his ass.

It got to the end of him whacking off, and skipped back again… “Huh!” So, apparently, you can tell it to repeat the same part, over, and over again. Neat!

“Why didn’t you ever dress up as a lesbian before?” My brother kissed him, and I sighed.

“Oh!” Backing up, to sit down, and just watch. “How romantic.”

“You mean. You really like me like this?”

“Hell yeah! You look like a lesbian. A real lesbian, more like a gay girl than you ever did like a straight model in a cocktail dress.”

I giggled. “Cocktail. You guys gonna get it on?”

“No,” Coby pushed him off. “Man, can’t you tell that I’m a LES,” he enunciated, “BE-YON. That means no dicks allowed.” He waved his hands in front of his fly. “Off limits, but hey.” He winked, “Your girlfriend’s kinda cute.”

“Yeah?” I grinned, and pretended to act shy. Playing hard to get.

“Yeah,” she came over. “I know you have a boyfriend, but I always liked straight girls, like you.” He’s really good at this. Putting his arm around me. “So, you ever felt a little bi-curious?”

“OMG!” I’ve said that exact same words to my friends. All my friends, some of them said yes, others said no, and even a few said no, then came back later, when nobody else was around.

I shook my head, “No, but I never met a girl like you before. You’re so tall, and strong.” I felt up his forearm. “You must work out.”

“Huh, yeah. Just relax.” He felt up my tummy, but his hand. It’s so big, and broad, i can’t for a minute seriously pretend that he’s a woman. Even a butch gay one, he might look the part, and he even manages to sound right without coming off as faggy, but this. His hand gives it away, but now his mouth is on my neck, and his head under my hair. His breath shooting hot out of his nose like liquid vampire fangs, and he’s got my top up off of my tummy.

“God, this is hot, but I bet you can’t lick pussy like a lesbian.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Not even as good as a straight bicurious 7th grader.” I dared him.

“You’re on.” I pushed him back, but he lay down on the coffee table.

While I picked up my skirt, and shimmied my hot ass out of my soaking panties, to climb over, and sit on his face. “Eat it, lick me off you filthy dyke, uh! You can do it better than that, what kinda lame dyke doesn’t know how to find a clit?”

The grin went off my brother’s face, and he looked away when I pulled up the front of my skirt.

“Look!” I couldn’t help but giggle when she/he crossed his/her eyes. Pulling up my pubes, and spreading them. “Right there uh!” I hunched, and humped off his tongue. “Yeah, right there, uhn! Nhm!” Biting my lip. “Mh hm!” I just nodded, and concentrated on riding it, without slipping it off again. “Just hold it there, and let me fuck your tongue. Uh, huh, fugh, mhn! YRH!”

“Afuck!” I had to look back, over my shoulder when my brother grunted. Slowed down, but he had his eyes so tight, he couldn’t see me. Looking back right at his dick head, spurting, and shooting way up in the air. “Ah, fuck. Ahhhhhhfuck. Yeah.”

“Huh!” I got up, and smacked him/her. “You’re pathetic.” Scooted back to his/her pants. “Well, good thing you’re packing. If you hadn’t brought your strapon, there’s no way you’d satisfy me with your weak ass tongue alone.” but I’m wet enough. So wet from my cunt, and his tongue it’s practically dripping down my legs.

“Hey, sis?”


“You need this.” He just tapped my shoulder, with his knuckles, holding up a rubber for me to take.


“I’m gonna go grab a shower. You two have fun.” he didn’t even look back, just ran up the stairs, to leave us alone, so we could fuck. So finally I could get fucked, by a real boy, with a real dick, instead of some tweenie with her mother’s vibrator.

I like to fuck, but damnit. It took way to long to finally get some for me. “Bend over.” On the sofa, in the basement. Right in front of the TV, where I got to see my first dress rehearsal drag show. Where I first discovered where to look for the secret closet.

The perfect place, to finally get fucked.

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