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Another Dog Fuck with Furry Chick

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This was a few years ago at age 20, I was still skinny and a flat chest, short red pixie hair and still 6 foot 2.
My roommates went on vacation that summer and I was going to a Furrcon {it was my very first} i met this one girl there who was supper hot in a bat furrsuit with a very sexy set of bright red bra and panties over the suit {she was 19}. We started talking and I eventually asked her to come over to my place, she had to get her male Shepard dog from her house because she didnt want to leave him by himself for the entire day. So went over, picked her dog up and went back to my place. She was still in her furrsuit but had the head piece off, at the chance I kissed her with no warning. Then i asked is she had ever had sex with another woman, she said no but she was a lesbian, then i asked if she had sex with her dog before and she said she would love too but never did because she was too scared too (I was about to help her with that). i told her about my experience with having sex with animals so she agreed to have me help her and let me fuck her.
I stripped down of my clothes only to have on matching black lace bra and panties, i continued to make out with her, running my fingers through her long black hair, I threw her on top of my bed and ripped a hole through her furrsuit and took off her panties. While groping her tender breasts i started to tongue fuck her sweet pussy. She moaned and asked if i had any toys to fuck her with, I got a strap-on from my roomates dresser and put it on. A nice 8 inch strap-on from a Baddragon set. i got some lube and got all set up to fuck her.
She asked how many times I had been fucked by an animal and i said i had lost count, rubbing the tip against her pussy lips gently inserting it. She let out a slight moan so I rammed the next 7 inches in her, pinning her against the bed I fucked her intensively. Her moans going through the walls her dog started to scratch at the door. I put her on her belly and tied her hands behind her back and fucked her doggy style.
Me: “first im gonna make you my bitch before that dog gets a lick of you pussy!”
her: “y-yes ma’am-”
I rammed her so hard I sweat like a horny bitch i was, pulling her hair and making sweet love bites on the back of her neck. finally she cum and i let her up, untied her hands and told her to jack off the strap-on, she did as i said and surprisingly gave it a blowjob. Know knowing this i rubbed the back of her neck and started pushing her head down on it, she gagged so i pushed down a little harder and humped her pretty face. Moaning and panting i let her up and smiled.
me: “ready for your dog?”

part 2 next time fucking her dog 😉

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