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First Live Sex Show

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The first live sex shows I ever did was for my next door neighbour, I came home from work one day a saw home from my bedroom window watching a live sex show online with you know what in his hand. He happened to glance up and saw me undress at which point he continued to perform the action on himself only this time he was looking directly at me and not the live sex show model. The more excited he got the more erotic I got until off course he was finished and then disappeared to the bathroom I expect. I was horrified, excited and horny all at once, it was the most outrageous thing I have ever done and I couldn’t wait to do it again.

It did get me thinking, what sort of live sex shows was he looking at, so of course I googled it and a mass of search results came up. It was clear that horny men can get in direct contact with live sex shows models and pay them for a private performance, so I dug a little deeper. I couldn’t help but wonder how much these live sex shows models get paid for there performance and could one make a living from it, so I signed up to be a model with what seemed to be one of the popular live sex shows agencies.

The sign up was very straight forward and within a few days they asked me to attend an interview, so I went dressed smart but with a hint of sexy. I walked into a room with two women a man and pole in the centre of the room, and that’s it nothing else, I remember thinking what have you got yourself into. They asked me the normal background questions and then they asked me to strip down to my underwear then use the pole to dance, I just looked that them and laughed but they were not laughing, they were serious.

So I stripped to my underwear then pranced over to the pole in my stiletto heels and grabbed it with both hands then swung my head around the pole making perfect eye contact with man sitting on the other side of the room, I could feel his goosebumps before he could, and new at that moment I could perform live sex shows. After my interview or should I say performance they gave some training on the tech side of it all then sent me off home to get set up for my first few live sex show, well its was really my second but they didn’t know about the brief performance I did for my neighbour

The next day I called in sick to work and was logged on in front of my pc ready to perform live sex shows waiting on my first client which didn’t take long and who was it ? my flipping neighbour. There he was on my pc screen with you know what in his hand stiff as a cucumber, I thought what are the flipping odds, but there is a good side to this storey, he was paying for my live sex shows and I never went back to work again.


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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    My ex GF loved showing her body to strangers. She never owned a bra and only wore a panty with liner when on her period to keep from bleeding on something. She used every excuse to part her legs so people could have a peek. She drove her car with her skirt pulled up and top pulled down and looked for trucks to slowly drive by in her convertible. She lived in a big apartment building and never closed her drapes and was always naked 24/7 when at home. She masturbated a lot, especially in public. And always in the car. Yes neighbors watched her through her apartment windows. Especially this one man who lived upstairs across from her and had a perfect view into bedroom and bathroom. She waved to him while sitting on the toilet and while having sex.

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    As a teenager growing up in the 70s I had a next-door neighbor who was in her 30s her husband was in over the road truck one night I walked in my bedroom just by chance crossed to her home not realizing that was her bedroom she was laying naked across the bed playing with her beautiful blonde pussy needless to say I played with myself for an hour watching this was continued on and off all summer until she eventually stood right at the window looking in my eyes playing with her pussy to this day I wish I had just gone next-door and fucked her

  • Reply Adoro ID:1c25cx7lzrd

    Nice! But i doubt on your telling. Because here are too many Pathological lier. Too many do here express the underpressed Fantasys. I dont know what i could believe or not. I dont wont make you down ok!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zm4g0lim9c

    Sounds hot, if they’d had sites like this when we were younger I’m sure my wife would have been on one. She loves having men/women see her sexy body and letting them watch her satisfy herself with one of her many sex toys. But since they didn’t have them in our day she let as many people as possible see her naked and had sex with countless men and several women. And she loved it if she had people watching her have sex.

  • Reply khan ID:1c100tald1

    wao you r

  • Reply khan ID:1c100tald1