A true die hard ass man

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I remember about ten years ago I was in a adult book and video store and me the clerk and married couple were having small talk about things I cannot fully remember,but I do remember the husband saying to me who ever judges you for what your into is a hypocrite.we all have are skeletons.but any way I have always been a ass man,not tits,the ass.and I’m not talking about fucking one neither.i love being out in public and looking at a nice ass in something tight,booty shorts,jeans,but my real turn on is seeing a professional women in business polyester slacks fitting nice and tight on a good filled out ass,or a pair of stretchy leggins.i do quite well for myself financially.ill strike up a conversation with a women if I like her ass just to see how she responds with her attitude,I’m a good looking clean cut guy so it normally goes pretty well.i was driving home the other day and a good looking blonde was holding up a card board sign that said I am a waitress out of work with kids and bills to pay,I never saw that in my life,this virus is hitting people hard,she was in her 30s.i pulled up to her and rolled down my window,she came up to the passenger side and leaned in,she was not bad at all,she was wearing tight black slacks also.pretty rough out here hey I said to her,I got laid off last week she said,maybe this will help you I said and handed her a $20,thank you so much she said,I’m jenny.im going to give you my number jenny why don’t you call me later on maybe we can work something out,I’ll do that she said and when she walked away sure enough those slacks were fitting great on her ass,you could see those tight panty linings underneath.about 5 hours later my phone rings,hi Mike it’s me jenny,how did you do today I ask her,not as expected she said.how would you like to make a easy $100 for about a half hour of work,if you want to call it that I said,no sex involved I said,you don’t even have to get naked I said to her.are you still wearing your black slacks I ask her,yes I am as a matter of fact.why do you ask she said,I’ll give you a hundred just to lay on your stomach and I want to trace my nose in your ass and sniff it through your tight slacks and beat off while I’m doing it.you will give me $100 just for that,you got it she said.ive done this with college girls looking for extra money for the weekends,I’ve scored married women before,one hot blonde that use to come into my buddies store when I would be hanging with him,she was a car salesman at the local car dealer,she would come in wearing tight brown polyester slacks,she had a nice filled out ass in them,she did it for $200.she was even married.i payed for the motel and she met me their way later in the afternoon,she left a couple hours early from work.i got a couple nuts out of it,she was worth it because of her looks.its such easy money.i enjoy doing it,it gets my cock so hard.i actually love it more than sex.i don’t care if their married,single,boyfriend,everybody has a price.nothing like a great ass in something tight along with the scent of it.

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    Aint nothing wrong with wanting to worship a woman’s ass! 😉