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Visqueen refers to a specific brand of plastic sheeting…

I didn’t know what it ment, but my dad. He used to make that jack me off sign, when he was bored. With a conversation, he’d say “yeah yeah yeah,” and pump his fist, but up by his chest. Nowhere near his crotch, so I didn’t get that connection, but then the bathroom guy haggled for a lower price.

Or whatever, I remember that one specifically, because we got some rot, and mold in the bathroom. It turned out that the problem wasn’t a broken pipe, but a leak, and the rain ran down behind the tiles around the bathtub. So, he had to come in, and tear it all out.

It wasn’t just the bathroom wall, though. First, the tiles started falling out, well. Before that, the grout turned grey, and started flaking off. Then, mom scrubbed it with bleach, which only made it worse. It killed the mold on the outside, but it kept growing on the inside, all the way through to the other side.

Almost to our room, I shared with my big sister. So, he had to tear it all out, and buy some stuff to put back. Daddy went with him to pick out a new tub, and fixtures, I’m sure he complained about the price all day, because he came back alone. Without the bathroom guy, but that left nothing but boards between our room, and the bathroom.

Those were rotted too, and moldy, but they put up plastic sheets to cover it, and those weren’t completely clear. More like a shower curtain, but all the way across the wet wall, which was also load bearing, and the more they tore off, the more dad got upset by how much it would cost.

I guess my sister got horny, because of all this talk about jacks, and studs. I was too young, so when they said Jacks, I thought they ment the game you played with a bouncy ball. Oh yeah, and this was back in the day, when girls played Jacks, and boys played Marbles. I won’t say how old I am now, but old enough to remember, a simpler time, where children were sheltered from certain things.

Mommys, and Daddies talked about sleeping together, and one day. I’d get married, and have a husband to sleep with. That’s all I knew, that and daddy snored, since mommy complained about that. They kissed, and every once in a while, goosed each other, but only when they didn’t know we’re around to see it.

So then, we had the house to ourselves, and Ruth told me, and my brothers to go out, and play. She had a boy over, when she wasn’t supposed to have boys over, let alone in our room. The boys could just go over, and pee behind a bush, for privacy, but when I had to go, I had to go inside, and sit down on the toilet.

I think the seat was down, I don’t remember. I do remember that mommy was upset about that, whenever the boys left the seat up, so I knew they could pee standing up, but they didn’t do it in front of us. That was private, but there was no reason to hide it from each other, because they’re boys, and changed together in their room, just like me, and Ruth did.

So, I was dimly aware of things like her changing. Her shape, in the hips, and having to start wearing bras with everything else. She started shaving her legs, and knocking moldy tiles off the wall when she put her feet up, so the black side soaked into the water, and you could see how bad it was getting behind them.

I love that smell, now. That moldy smell, because it reminds me of discovering these adult secrets. The answers to so many questions that I only heard “I’ll tell you when you’re older,” when I asked. I don’t even remember how old I was, other than too young. I wasn’t even close to getting my period, or any body hair to shave, and trim short so it didn’t itch, and make me scratch under my arms. In my underwear, which was embarrassing for Ruth, because she got itchy at inappropriate times.

In public, where someone could see her, scratching her crotch, or pulling at her underwear behind her, but that was just “Ants in her pants.”

“Scratch it if it itches,” my dad’s friend said once, “Even if it’s in your britches,” but “Not in front of the girls,” mom said. We giggled, and ran off, to play something or other, I don’t remember. It was so long ago.

I didn’t even notice, they were in there, until he asked “Why don’t you show me something, too?” They were quiet before that, and I had just finished wiping. I got up, and turned around to flush, but then I stopped before I even touched the little lever on the tank.

He was half naked, or at least he had his pants down, but I saw his arm moving. Like a shadow, only light, skin tone. Not quite tan, but his butt stuck out the back, and then my sister shook her head, on the pillow.

“Huh, turn around. And pull your shirt up.” She sat up. “I love your back.”

He twisted to look over his shoulder, and shook his hips. “What about my butt?”

“Huh!” She took her sweater off, and shook her head. “It’s fine, I’m just not a butt girl, but you have a nice muscular back.”

“I do?” He turned around, again. “Huh, take your bra off, too.” He kicked off his pants, and I realized my skirt was still down on the floor. Around my ankles, and my underwear down around my knees, so I pulled those up, and stepped out of my skirt. I still had on my top, but no bras, of course. I didn’t even have any training bras, but I could see the shape of her’s. Sticking out, and pulling the pillow over to stuff behind her back.

“Take off your shirt.” She shook her head.

“I’m almost naked here.” He had to let go of his penis, which he was pulling the whole time. “I promise I won’t touch your tits, but I want to see them, at least.

“Huh, okay. You have a nice chest too. Broad shoulders too, but show me your armpits, too.”

“Okay?” He held his arm up again, so I could see the dark patch of hair under there, but he started jerking it again. Slowly, not like the 3 quick pumps my dad made, to say he was bored, and get on with it.

Oh! That’s when I got my little lightbulb moment. That’s how boys play with themselves, which is bad. I knew my brothers weren’t supposed to play with themselves, but if either of them were old enough. Well, it would have been Jake. Jakob, but not Jack. Nobody called him Jack, but I honestly don’t remember if his voice had started cracking, let alone Ben, who was a couple years younger.

The middle child, I guess. Both boys were in the middle, but Ben. He had an older brother, while Jake, he usually took over. When dad was gone, he declared himself the “Man of the House,” until he got back, even though Ruth was the eldest, and usually taller than him, until he hit puberty, and had enough growth spurts to get taller.

Mommy usually left her in charge, because she was the most responsible. While Daddy tried to leave Jakob in charge, but I also forget who said what, before they left. Where they went, I don’t know, it had nothing to do with the.

Oh, no, wait. They went to the hawk shop, to get some extra money for some of her jewelry. None of the heirloom stuff, just the stuff he’d bought her, but some ear-rings I had hoped to get some day, because they’re my favorites. Emeralds, that sparkled, and set off my eyes, when you caught a glimpse of them through my hair, unless I tied it back with a bow, or wore one of those horse-shoe combs that girls wore at the time.

“Huh!” He started breathing funny, and then Ruth’s panty waist snapped over her tummy. I realized that she had her hand down there, and stuck mine in, to feel. Well, nothing, I sure didn’t have any hair, but she looked up, and squeezed her breasts together. To catch his cum, but I couldn’t see that through the milky screen of viz-queen. That was the brand of plastic sheet they bought, and there was a long roll of it, still in the box in the bathroom.

“Uh, yeah. Huh, yeah ahhh. Yeah.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” My dad said, pumping his fist in front of his chest, to make the bathroom man lower his estimate. Then the boy shook it, and caught his breath. Pulling his pants up, while Ruth ran out, and left him there. She ran right for the bathroom, to wash off the sticky mess all over her, in just her underpants.

“What are you doing in here?” She hit my arm. “Stop that!” So I pulled my hand out of my undies. “Oh my god, were you watching that?” She pointed, but the boy just grabbed his shirt, and jacket. He ran down the hall, and then I heard the front door slam.

“What’s that stuff all over you?”

“Uh!’ She pulled a towel off the hanger, and covered herself. Started wiping it up, but I felt funny, in my underwear. “Never mind what it is, and thanks for scaring him off!”

“Well, you’re not supposed to let boys in our room, to see you in your underwear, and what where you two doing?”

“None of your business, get out! I hate you get out!”

So, I went in my room, to get some clean clothes, while she took a cat-bath in the sink. We couldn’t take showers with the wall left the way it was, and I guess she just didn’t feel like filling up the tub for a full bath, but as soon as I got my overalls on, and the straps buttoned over my top, I put on my jacket, and went back out to play with the boys, in the yard.

Now, they were my brothers, and not at all old enough to really even think of, fooling around, like that. I didn’t know what Incest was, hell I didn’t even know what Sex was, but I knew one thing. They weren’t sleeping together, she was wide awake, and I heard them talking, even before she sat up, and started taking her clothes off.

She left her underpants on though. Stuck her hand in there, so I saw it appear, when she pulled it out. Hear her pantie waist snap back, and even saw her breasts bounce a little when she unhooked her bra.

“Huh!” Then, I saw all the white sticky stuff, she had all over her chest, but I had no idea where it came from. Not yet, but it was something dirty. I knew that, she had to wash it off, and run a load of laundry, so the towel came out with the whole basket of clothes when she got back to our room. That night, the same towel, with the dirty stains on it from washing up, and also a washcloth she used in the sink after that.

So, we got ready for bed, and I asked her, “Ruth.”

“Go to bed.” She shook her head.

“What was that stuff, you had to wash off?”

“Never mind that, go to sleep, and be quiet, so I can sleep, too.”

“Huh! Okay.” But I couldn’t sleep, and her neither. I could hear her breathing, and for a little while, I thought she was asleep, until she started breathing faster. In the dark, I could just barely see her knees up under the covers, but not what she was doing under there.

I already had my hands in my panties, basically just waiting for something to happen. To get that weird feeling again, I got mostly listening to her talk dirty to that boy. He never came back again, so I did feel guilty for a while, because I scared him off, but then I heard my biggest brother Jakob. He was talking to one of his friends, and this was years later, but one of them had a girlfriend, and he was complaining about her.

“How do you get past second base?”

“Well,” Jake, he was going by Jake by then, “You have to get her horny. You didn’t just grab them, or squeeze them too hard.” I peeked between the boards of the fence, since they were in the back yard, but he held his hands up, in front of him. “You have to be soft, and gentle with them, like fragile eggs.” He rubbed his shirt.

“Yeah, but they’re not hard like eggs, they’re soft, like titties, you know.”

I didn’t have much, but I did have a training bra by then. I got a little talk from our mother, but she didn’t go into graphic details. Well, the gross stuff, like bleeding, cramps, and pantie liners. What you do with your husband, when you get married, most of that was left up to asking him, on our honeymoon.

I tried feeling them, through my dress, and training bra, though. Jake stopped rubbing his shirt, but I didn’t.

“Well, she always stops me, before I get a chance.” His friend said, “But I’ll try that, I guess. How do you get her bra off?”

“I don’t know, ask her!” I had no idea Jake even had a girlfriend, because I never saw her. It turned out he lied to mom, and dad. He said he was going out with the boys, instead of going out with her, and fooling around somewhere, but he’d obviously gotten to second base.

Just listening to them, and fondling myself, I got clammy in my panties. Until then, I’d only gotten a little sweat from my palm, holding my publess mons, and falling asleep like that. Ever since that first night, after I caught Ruth fooling around with a boy in our room, I didn’t tell. I hoped she’d get a chance to do it again, and for all I know, she did.

She was just more careful, and probably went out with him, instead of inviting him in. Besides that, it only took a few days to take out the old wall. Clean up the mold, and patch the attic where it leaked, so I couldn’t listen in the bathroom, watching through the translucent sheet.

He left the rest of the roll, or dad kept it, because he payed for it. He told mom he could use it as a drop-cloth when he painted the house, and then never painted the house. He was cheap that way, and didn’t really like manual labor. He didn’t really like men that did it either, because it pays for shit, and only poor people did that kind of work. He’d be damned if he was going to do it for free, so it just got worse, and worse until he saved enough to buy a whole new house.

We moved away, but before that, I heard Jacob talking to his friend outside. In the side yard, through the fence, and got horny again, listening to them talk about getting to second base. I knew what that ment, because Ruth told me, before she went off to college. I thought that what she did, getting naked, and playing with themselves in front of each other. That must be first base, since second base ment letting him touch your breasts.

Through your clothes, or inside them. Pushing your bra up to handle them bare handed, until they got hot and sweaty, in his clammy hands. Jakob went in, and his friend, Bobby. He wandered off, but I opened up the gate, and ran after him, until I caught up.

Told him that I heard them talking, and “I want to help.” I lied, when I really wanted to feel his hands on my body.

“What can you do? She won’t listen to you.”

“No, but you can practice on me, so you know what to do next time you gt a chance. I know I’m little, but I’m a girl, so I know how it feels, and I can tell you if you’re doing it right, or wrong.”

“Doing what?”

“Feeling my breasts?” I didn’t even look around, I just rubbed my training bra through the front of my dress.

“What breasts?”

“I have a little, and I can prove it. Just because you can’t see them through this baggy dress.” I pulled it tight, “It doesn’t mean they’re not there, come on. I’ll show you.”


“How about in your room, in your bed?” I had some fantasy of doing the same things I saw Ruth doing, except for keeping my bra on until he talked me out of it, and keeping his hands off of me, of course.

“No way, I can’t have a girl come over, my dad would hit the roof. Especially a little girl like you.”

“I’m not that little, come on. Maybe we can find some place private, in the woods then.” I really wanted a bed I could lay down on, since I always played with myself in bed, at night. Especially when I woke up, with my hand clammy, and dried myself off with my undies. That’s how I figured out how nice that felt.

When I rubbed the warm puff up front, with the cotton of my panties. I had no idea that I even had a clitoris, mom hadn’t covered that part, only that when she said “Sleeping with him,” she didn’t mean that, literally. That also ment making love, and that’s how you get pregnant, when you have a husband to help you raise the kids, and provide a home for you to live in.

So then, a long story short, I talked him into practicing with me, so he knew how to feel up his girlfriend, so she got horny enough to go onto third base, or at least short-stop. Maybe not a home run, but I had no intention on stopping there. I was so hot, and sweaty, I pulled my dress off, and dropped it right away. As soon as we’re in private, it turned out that there was this old treehouse, I had no idea about.

Back in the woods, where you didn’t go as a girl, because that was the sort of place where big bad wolves were, and what would we do back there, climb trees? Well, we didn’t have to climb the trees, because this one went all the way down to the ground. It had walls, and a door, with a hole to let the tree out the top, and boards nailed to it to climb up the trunk.

Like a tower, but we didn’t bother climbing up. I just unbuttoned my boulse enough to pull it off over my head, and told him to “Turn around.”

“What for?” He didn’t even look up from the front of my training bra.

“So I can see your back, and your butt. Pull your shirt off, and drop your pants, too.”

He looked down. “Like this?”

I didn’t really care about his butt, and honestly, his back wasn’t all that muscular, either. I was mostly ashamed of my training bra, because it wasn’t even the kind that unhooked in the back. I had to pull it up, and off, over my head, and then I didn’t have enough in the chest to bounce, but even in the early spring air, I was burning up with a sex fever.

“Huh, let me see your penis, is it stiff?”

“Yeah,” he turned around, and let go. So it hung gown, and bounced, pointing right at me.

“Now,” I made that yeah yeah yeah gesture. “Pump it for me.”

“I thought I was going to practice.” he did it anyway, and my eyes went wide, when I saw his balls move. “Now you turn around.”

“Okay,” he grabbed my shoulders, and felt down to my chest, but I felt his boner bump my back. So, I backed up, and twisted back, and forth. To roll it around on my back, while he felt me up.

“Like this?”

“Uh huh. That feels fine.” I pulled my panties out, to get my hand in there, and rub the little patch of fur I had left. Well, Ruth showed me how to trim my pantie line, that summer when it became an issue, so I could wear a swimsuit without any daddy longlegs hanging out. What? She had the same mother as me, so of course she never called anything what it actually was. She didn’t say pubes, or pubic hair, that’s dirty. She called them Daddy Longlegs, but she never shaved above her legs, and neither did I.

She trimmed around it, in the bathtub, and scooped up a handful of water to pour down my tummy. So the long ones hung down, and she could get at them with the scissors. Men have it easy, they have beards up high, where they can see them in the mirror, and trim their mustache, or whatever they want up there. They don’t have to shave anything below that, because it’s okay for men to be hairy, but girls. Even if we aren’t as hairy, there’s a whole lot more skin on our bodies to cover. So, we go through razors a lot faster, but down there. That’s the hardest part to get, so I Ruth had to help me the first time, to get ready for bikini season.

Even though we didn’t have bikinies, we had onsies, because dad refused to buy us 2 pieces. He sure didn’t mind mom walking around the beach in her bikini, so they went for a walk, and Oh!

“Long walks on the beach.” Yeah, right. Let’s just go for a long walk. On the beach. Watch the sunset… It’ll be romantic.

Oh right, I’m sorry. I know I tend to ramble on, when I’m horny. I can’t help it, but back to the woods, with Bobby. He sure couldn’t take much of that, so I got my first wad shot all over my back. I didn’t want him to stop, rubbing it between our bodies, but he let go.

“How was that, all right?”

“Huh, it was terrific!” I think, I don’t remember what I said exactly, but something like that. He pulled his pants up, and jumped when I goosed him, bent over to grab his pants.

“You’re weird.” His shirt stuck to his tummy, and my dress stuck to my back, but I ran right back home to take Ruth back in the bedroom, giggling, and ask her “What’s third base?”

“You mean with a boy?” I kept giggling, and nodded, excitedly.

“Well, some girls consider dry humping.” I guess what that ment. Keeping her panties on, and sitting on it, so he blows his wad in his pants, unless she makes him take them off first. Sometimes she did, and sometimes she didn’t, but we got past the whole “When you’re older” stage, so she confided in me. First thing, every time she got lucky, but I finally had a story to tell her. “Only a total whore considers using her mouth, and that’s how they get cold sores.”

“Well, what about wet humping?” I finished taking off my dress, to turn it inside out, and show her.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Uh huh,” so I told her what he did. I didn’t tell her who I did it with, because I didn’t want him getting in trouble, and he had a girlfriend. An older girl that might get jealous, since he cheated on her with me, and try to get some kind of revenge.

“Short Top,” she decided, than laughed, “Or maybe a foul ball?”

I laughed too. “No, two!”

“Did you feel his balls?”

“Yeah, on my back, and they brushed the tops of my bottom too.”

“So, they tensed up when he finished?”

“I don’t know,” I didn’t feel it. “They do that?”

“Yeah, they do!” She laughed, “You better go get cleaned u, before mom, and dad get home.” She said, and took my dress to go wash it.

“Then, my brother came in, and I said “Jakob!” Held my top up to cover my training bra. “Get out!”

“Who was it, Bobby?”

“No?” I didn’t call him on listening in to me, and Ruth talking. Since I listened in to him, and Bobby, and I used that to take advantage of him. “Uh, I heard you talking, so I wanted to try second base, but it wasn’t him.”

“Who then?”

He kept demanding, until Ruth came up, and pulled him out of the door. “Leave her alone, God! Can’t you see you’re scaring her?”

“You’ll tell me, or I’ll tell mom.”

“Then I’ll tell dad you’re feeling up.” I stopped, and remembered that I still had no idea who he was running around with. “Some girl.”

“I bet it’s Lauren, isn’t it?”

“So? I don’t care, tell him anyway. I’m not ashamed of having a girlfriend, and you know, he’d probably even be proud of me.”

“No fair! How come you get to have a girlfriend, and Ruth gets to dry hump her boyfriend.”

“You did?”

“Shut up.” She pushed him, “And get out. Jesus, you think dad’ll be proud of you when he hears how you walked in on her changing, with nothing but her bra, and panties on?”

He just stomped down the hall, but he didn’t give up.

“Thanks,” I hugged her.

“No problem. So, who is this mystery boy, anyhow?” I shook my head, so she held me out, but didn’t let me go. “I don;t want to get him in trouble.”

“Come on, I won’t tell anyone. Least of all Jake. Was he tall? He sounds tall.”

“Well, I guess. Kinda tall, er.”

“Taller then Jake?”

“I don’t know, I never saw the two of them together. He doesn’t hang out with my brother. I’m not stupid you know, if I made it with one of his friends, he’d probably be the first one to hear about it.”

So then, Bobby showed up with a black eye, and scabby hands from Jake beating him up. I guess he didn’t believe me when I lied about it, but his girlfriend got wind of it, and broke up with him, too. Of course, he was scared to even talk to me about that, and then there was a long dry spell where boys wouldn’t even look at me, because my brother threatened them, too.

That just left me with my own hands, and my imagination…

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