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Sex Ted

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A little big brother gets taught a lesson by his big little sister…

I caught Teddy peeping in the window of out living room. I thought that was a little weird, but I tried to sneak up on him. Nothing doing, I brushed up against the holly bushes, and it caught on my coat.

“Uh?” He looked around, and tried to run, but I stopped him. There’s only really one way out, unless he climbed up the side of the porch, but he didn’t. “What are you looking at?” I pushed him back to the window.

“Sh!” dad had a movie on, and the lights out. Playing with himself, but we couldn’t see the TV from where we were standing.

“Huh!” I could see his penis though, and he had his balls out to play with those too. “Can you do that?” I didn’t even touch him, right away, but I bet he had an erection all ready.

“Except the part at the end, where the stuff comes out.” So, obviously he’d seen it before, I caught him watching.

“You mean sperm?”

“What’s that?”

“The white stuff. Is it white?”

“And sticky, but it sure isn’t pee. I can’t make any of that stuff.”

“Oh.” I had just gotten the talk about growing up, and the changes my body was going through, but mom didn’t really cover the same for boys, like my brother. Just the basics, what was coming out of me, wasn’t blood exactly, but it had a little in it. As well as other stuff, but the important parts about why.

“What’s he watching?”

“I don’t know, it must be one of those tapes he brought back from the video store.”

“Oh, it must be R rated.” At least, I didn’t even know they went any higher than that, but I couldn’t even watch PG-13s, and mom had to watch the PGs first, to see if she thought I could handle it. At the theater, because we didn’t have cable, and even the PG movies that came on network TV were censored. So we had to wait for them to come out on Video, and even then, mom had to watch it first, to even rent them.

“AH!” Dad yelled real loud, but just once, and then I saw it for myself. He slowed down, and the look on his face.

“It looks like it hurt.”

“No, it feels real good.” He shook his head, and sighed. I never heard him sigh before, or if he ever did, I don’t remember it. “Really, very good.” he nodded.

“Well, show’s over.” Finally, dad caught his breath, and got up. Took his shirt off, so it didn’t stick to his belly, but he fixed up his pants. Mostly, he buttoned them, and zipped up his fly, but he left his belt hanging out, and wiped his tummy off with the shirt. “We better get back inside, before we freeze to death.”

I just realized as I said it that I wasn’t cold any more. I was just warming up, and I remembered catching my jacket on the branch going it. So, I was extra careful about the corner on the way back out. By the time we got back through the gate, and in the kitchen door, I was already burning up. So, it felt good to take my jacket off, but Teddy ran straight up to the living room.

I heard water running upstairs, for a long time, and figured dad went to wash it off in the shower. “He took it with him.” The TV was off, but he pushed in the little door for the tapes to show me. “See?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, and felt my training bra. It wasn’t sweaty, but it felt like I was going to start sweating, any minute.

Mom didn’t have a book to show me, so she drew me pictures, and I was so grossed out, and crampy. I didn’t feel sexy at all. I hadn’t even felt sexy before, so I thought I was coming down with something. Maybe from being out in the cold, I sniffed, but I didn’t feel stuffed up at all, either.

“Well, which one is it?” I looked through the stack of tapes, in their plastic, clamshell thingies, from the video store. Indian in the Cupboard we watched, and I didn’t like The 3 Ninjas.

“I told you, he must’ve taken it back to his room.”

“Mom, and dad don’t have the VCR in their room.”

“I know, but he doesn’t want us watching it.”

“He doesn’t want you to watch him whacking off in the bushes, either. You ever watch me changing, or look in my window when I get out of the shower?”

“No, I swear, I’d never do that.” He looked over at the couch, “But he was in the living room, that’s not private.” He pointed over at the chair. “And he had the blinds open.”

“Yeah,” I always check the drapes, to make extra sure there isn’t any boys, peeping in the window.”

“Or playing with my underwear?”

“What am I going to do with stupid underwear?”

“I don’t know,” I remember a story, one of my friend’s mom told her friends, about her lover. She’s having an affair, and we listened on the other line while she was on the phone, talking about him. She said that when he got her underwear off, he sniffed them, and rubbed them on his face. We all laughed, and were like ew gross, but he’s a foot freak, anyway. He does the same thing with her stocking, and sucks her toes, too. “You want to go play with yourself?”

He didn’t say anything, he just ran off down the hall, so I had to chase after. I caught him at the bathroom door, but I caught it, before he closed it. “Hey, what gives?’ He tried to push it, but I got my foot in before he could.

“Uh, I want to watch.”

“No, it’s private, and I’m telling mom. You’re being weird.”

“What? What are you going to tell her, I caught you watching dad through the livingroom? That you’re a homosexual?”

“No I’m not. Uh!” He tried pushing, but the little shrimp. Well, it’s probably the size of a shrimp anyway, but he kicked my toes. “Nh!”

“Well, maybe I should tell dad what you’re doing when he gets done in the shower.” I listened. “It sounds like he’s already done, is that what you want?”


He backed up from the door, and let me in. “Then you better be quiet.” I leaned up against the door, with all kinds of dirty thoughts running through my head, but I lowered my voice to a whisper. “He doesn’t even know we’re home.”

He shook his head, but he could only back up so far before he bumped it on the ceiling, under the stairs. Upstairs, that’s where the bathtub would be, but there’s no room for one down here, because of the stairs.

I just stood there, blocking the door, and trying to decide what I was going to do to him. I just had no idea what to do, but I decided not to spank him. Knowing that he’d cry, and mom, or dad would ask him what he was crying for.

“Now I have to pee.”

“Sh!” I heard dad in the hall, and then I think we both held our breaths, as he walked down the stairs, and then left out the front door.

“Huh!” I was out of breath from holding my breath so long, but then Teddy said, real quietly.

“I watched a girl peeing once.”

“Ew, I knew you’re a sick little peeper, but.”

She shook his head, “No, she showed me, because she wanted to see how I peed, standing up.”

“Oh.” I heard of that. I never tried it before, because honestly, what’s the point? Then, I got it. It’s just an excuse to get a boy’s pants open, and show him your privates, like playing Doctor, or Mommys and Daddys. “Well, I don’t have to pee, but go on ahead.”

He turned around, and dropped his trousers, but I’d seen him pee before. It was a long time ago, we’re on a camping trip, and he got a brand new canteen. I think it was a whole quart, which is like a quarter of a gallon, so when he took me for a walk to show me something he found, he had to pee, and just went there, on the side of the trail.

“Huh!” His shirt didn’t really come down far enough to cover up his buns, completely, but the trickle in the water got to me, and I felt, something else. It wasn’t my bladder, and it wasn’t cramps, but now I could feel right where my bladder was, and I guess that must be my womb. “Hah!” He shook it off, and bent over to pick up his pants. He jumped when I felt his bottom.

“Uh!” He dropped them, and covered it up. “You’re not going to spank me.” He shook his head.

“No, I.” Still didn’t know what I was going to do, but I let him fix up his pants. “Don’t forget to flush, and put the seat down. There’s women that live in this house, too, you know.”

He nodded, and did what I said, but that just made me try to think of something harder. “Huh!” It was hot in there, and I needed some air, so I went back out to the hall, and unbuttoned my top. Breathing real heavy, like I just ran a mile, and my heart was beating out of control, but then he came out.

“Now’s our chance!” He ran upstairs, and I forgot all about the video tape.

“For what?” I called after him, but he ran right sown with it.

“I found it, he always puts it in the same place.” He waved it, but didn’t use the banister, so he almost fell down the stairs in his hurry. He dropped it, but he caught himself, and it bounced across the landing to hit the front door.

“Huh!” I locked it, and threw the bolt, then picked it up. It didn’t say anything on the spine, just the number, but then I popped it open like a book, and read the label. “Ten Little Maidens.”

“Lets watch it quick, before mom, and dad gets home!” He ran in the living room, so I popped it out, and checked. It was rewounded, so dad must not have been watching it very long, since he didn’t have a whole lot of time to rewind it, and go upstairs, and get in the shower, while we’re running around to the side door.

“Let me see.” He turned the knob on the TV, it was an old one, from Gandad’s house, but a big one, with knobs, and doors on the front to cover up the speakers. So, it just looked like a cabinet, to hold the VCR on.

“There.” I popped it in, and hit play, but the screen was blue. Then, the music started.

“The Erotic Instinct is basic to the human nature, and will always be so…” A man said, while the words scrolled up for you to read along. There was workout music, too, and pictures of, well. Privates, a woman’s privates.

Teddy pointed. “She’s hairy!” and laughed.

“Yeah,” but that close, you could see everything, on the outside. She didn’t hold it open, but the patch of hair on top sure didn’t cover anything up, sticking out like a sideways sandwich, and I itched, in my under pants. I blinked, and shook my head, when the picture changed, but there were more words. Covering it up, but somehow, I looked past them, and I guess through the spaces between the letter, as they moved up, I got to see everything.

“I’m not that hairy yet.”

“No fair, how come you got hair down there before me?”

“Because, I’m starting puberty. Why do you think they call it puberty?”

“I don’t know.” he shook his head, but I stopped scratching through my skirt, and pulled it up. The front of my underwear out, “Because, that’s when you get pubic hair.”

“Yeah, but I’m 2 years older then you.”

“No you’re not.”

“Well, almost 2 years, and it’s not fair.”

“Well, you sure didn’t seem to mind how fair it was, all the years you’re bigger, and stronger, so you could boss me around, so now it’s my turn. Huh!” I shook my head. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to boss you around, but I didn’t get a good look. In the bathroom, and it’s only fair if I show you mine, you show me yours.”

“Well, I didn’t get a good look either, so take off your underwear.”

“You want to smell them? Uh!” I had to sit down, to unbuckle my shoes. I didn’t want to get dirt on them from the yard, so I had to be careful, not to drag them on the floor, neither. “Huh! Now I’m going to have to vacuum before mom gets home. Take your shoes off, and your pants too.”

“Okay,” he pulled them down one leg, then the other.

“Huh!” I had to get this sweaty blouse off anyway, so I went back to the hall closet, for the vacuum.

“Hey Terry, I think this ones a mystery. A murder mystery.”

“Oh?” I rolled it out, and stood it up to flip the hook over. So the chord came off all at once, but he didn’t look back. I was a little embarrassed to be standing there, in just my socks, skirt, and training bra, but as long as he’s not looking.

“You can tell cause the music.”

“It sound more like exercise video music.” Mom’s got a bunch of videos with Jane Fonda in it, working out, and leg warmers. Why do you need to wear leg warmers to work out? They just get sweaty, and I wiggled my toes in my socks. “Uh!’ They felt sweaty, so I took them off. I don’t know why I smelled them. “Ugh!”

“Take your shoes back to the door, and let me.”

I didn’t finish, because as soon as he stood up with his shoes, his shirt stuck out in the front, then it slipped off, and swung back and forth. Like a dog wagging his tail when he ran out with them, and back.

[And Kitten Natividad as the Maillady.] It was still on the credits, but I guess, all those girl’s hairy privates from the beginning were still fresh in his head.

“Huh?” He ran back, “Did I miss anything?”

“Not yet,” I looked back, but then it switched to a lady, with a full top. A very full top, each one looked as big as her head, at least! “Go plug this in.” She had it unbuttoned, and just tucked into her skirt, so they were practically about to spill out, and then a dog barked at her.

“Okay,” he took the cord, and bent over the wall socket. So, I could see his shirt pull up, his pale little buns, and even a little. Dangle, and swinging in the shadow between his legs.

WHRNNNNN! I jumped, when I realized that I must have bumped the switch, or mom just pulled the plug on the vacuum cleaner. To turn it off, sometimes she does that, too. I just vacuumed, while Teddy got up close, with the sound turned up loud while I cleaned up the dirt we tracked in, with our shoes on.

Then, he yelled something at me. “What?” I turned the motor off.

“THE PHONE!” He yelled.

“Oh,” I ran off to get it, in the kitchen. “TURN THAT DOWN!” I waited until it wasn’t loud as hell, and then picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

“Hey Theresa.” Mom said, “I had a long day, and I’m dead on my feet. So, I don’t want to cook. Ask your brother what he wants for dinner.”

“Well, you know he’s gonna say cheese pizza, with extra sauce.”

“Pizza?” I think she held it up to her blouse, because I could hear it. “How about burgers?”

“Huh! How about Chinese takeout? I know he’s gonna want sweet and sour chicken, but.” I tried to think of a dish, that takes a long time to do. So, we’d have more time to watch the movie, get dirty, and then clean up before they get back. “Um, let me read the menu real quick.”

“We’ll, call you when we get to the resteraunt.”

“Okay, bye.” I hung up, and got the menu out of the drawer, but I couldn’t pay attention to it. I felt dirty enough as it was, walking around with my underwear off, and practically topless in my training bra, but then I realized that I didn’t have to take any more off.

With the dirty movie playing, Teddy had an eyefull, and then I realized that the drapes were still open. So, anybody could hide in the bushes, and look in. “Teddy, close the curtains, and keep down, so nobody sees your willy.” Nobody else, that is.

Then, I looked at the TV, and the lady with the big bust was looking through a mail slot. It kept switching back and forth, between her grinning, and watching, while a man kissed a girl between her legs, on the couch.

“There.” Teddy stood up, when the curtains were drawn. He grabbed his little pecker, and felt out to the end, then he pulled the skin back with his thumb, and 2 fingers. “Huh, how come he’s kissing her, down there?” He kept pulling it, so it swelled up again, but not with pee.

Not with sperm either, If I believed what he said about not making any, but why would he lie about that? Well, maybe, he wants to stick it in there, and he knows that I don’t want to get pregnant. “Doesn’t it taste like pee?”

“Huh?” I just watched it. Pinched between his thumb, and 2 fingers, but the skin didn’t make it to the end. It just bunched up in wrinkles like a sock. “I don’t know, maybe if she didn’t wash it out real good before they got nasty on the couch.”

“Well, her hair’s not wet and.” He shook his head, and stopped pulling it.

“Heheh!” She was really squirming, and humping his face. “Heah!” he was really going to town, and Teddy started pulling the skin back and forth again.

“Doesn’t that tickle?” He stopped, and looked over at me.

“His mustache?”

“Huh!” I felt my training bra, checked it for sweat again, it sure felt hot.

“Nahihn!” She pinched her nipple, and if she’s not careful, she might scratch it with her nails. “Auh!” Then she squeezed them, and rubbed them around. So, I took it off, but by then, Teddy was back in front of the TV, and getting down on his knees.

“Huh!” She’s not as busty as that lady from the beginning, but I don’t have nearly as much as her, either. Neither one of them, because they’re full grown, and this is adult, for adults. “You want to try that?”

He shook his head, “Not unless you take a bath first, and when was the last time you peed?”

“I wiped it real good!” I think. I mean, I always try to wipe it real good, but then when I smell to find what underwear is clean, sometimes they do smell like pee. At least I don’t leave skid marks in the back, but maybe he’s right. It’s just harder to make sure you wipe it clean after you pee, than around back after you pooped.

“Well, why don’t you go wash it out, real good with a washcloth?”

“Huh, I don’t know if there’s time for that, oh. Mom called from work, they’re picking up Chinese, so they’re going to call back, when they get to Happy Wok. Teddy?”

“Huh?” He finally looked back, and then he saw me topless, and I already hand my arms crossed. My hands around them to cradle them like a bra. A real bra, but I looked down, and covered my nipples up.

His jaw just dropped, and his elbow started working overtime, so I slowly pulled my hands away. Holding on, so they almost squished together. I looked forward to the day when I had enough to make a little butt up front, for boys to look at, and bending over with my top unbuttoned so they could stare down the neck, and get a big boner in their pants, like they do whenever an older woman does it, and forgets to hold her top up.

“Uh!” His eyes went wide, and then he squeezed them tight. “Hhuhuh!” Then, he started shaking, “Ah Jeeze!”

“Are you, did you just?”

He just nodded his head, and sat down on his feet. Then twisted to turn around, sideways, and curl up on the carpet. Panting real hard, too.

It switched back to the lady looking through the mail slot, then the man stuck his thumb in the girl. Just like a penis. “Ahuhn!” Then her face, she looked so happy, squirming, and making all kinds of sexy noises.

“Oh yeah.” Teddy say up, “Whew! Uhm.” He looked down at the Chinese menu, I dropped. “I’m hungry, so tell mom Sweet, and Sour Chicken when she calls back.”

I blinked, and nodded my head. “Huh, okay.”

He followed me back to the kitchen, to wait by the phone, but I just looked at the cabinet. The toaster, and listened to the sounds from the living room, but they sounded far away. A lot farther away, with the sound down, and a long time ago, too.

I could tell, from the way she wore her hair. Even mussed up from rolling around on the couch, riding that man’s mustache, while he kissed the, and spread her wide open with his fingers, to expose the big. Well, it looked big to me, I don’t know, what’s really big for a clitoris, but big enough to stick out, when he pulled it back like that.

Finally the phone rang, so I could stop looking at the toaster, and answer it. I could hear dishes, pots and pans. “It’s busy here,” dad shouted over the noise, “So it may be a while.”

“Okay, I’m not really hungry, so just get me the usual.”

“Fried dumplings, and an eggroll?”

“Extra sauce, and you know what Teddy likes.”

“Hot and Sour soup?” He joked.

I laughed, “No, sweet and sour chicken.” I remembered the time, I dared him to try the hot and sour soup. Dan made sure there was even a big flake of red pepper, but it’s not like red bell pepper. Oh no, they’re tiny little Chinese peppers, and they really pack a whallop!

“Hahehuh.” He chuckled, “Got it,” and hung up.

“Teddy?” I went to check on him, but he was on the couch. Smiling, and passed out with his hands folded up under his cheek.

“Huh!” I watched it, until he got up, and started going all the way with her. Like the lady outside on the porch, her eyes looking through the mail slot, and felt around under my skirt. I kept that on, but it took a while to figure out what to do, and what not to.

First of all, my clitoris was too small to find. I guessed that would grow like anything else, but even rubbing around up there was just uncomfortable, but the little patch of hair. That was really warm, and the hair curling around my fingertips, made the roots swirl around in the skin, which sent tickles up my spine, and I tried to get my thumb in.

That didn’t work, even bent way over with my shoulder up in the doorway, and my wrist twisted around so it started to hurt. I gave up on that, but I kept thinking that. Well, I couldn’t actually be sure, whether mine was bigger then Teddy’s.

I kept looking back, but he had his hands up under his head, so I could barely even see his pinky, and his legs crossed, over on his side. So, couldn’t even see that, and I know the thumb is just a substitute for that, but remembering him holding it up, and squeezing the head out, until it got hard. He pinched it sideways, so I didn’t really see which was bigger either. His thumb, or his dinky little.

“Uh?” I think it starting, so I backed up to the kitchen table, and sat down. Before I fell down, and even through the back of my skirt, I could feel how cold the seat was until it warmed up, but I put my foot up on the table, and licked my fingers to get them wet like a tongue.

I had to start all over again, but I didn’t have any hairs long enough to push down, and try to tickle myself inside with them. I didn’t think I’d ever have to, or even about anything but trimming around my panty line, so they didn’t stick out, and bother me. Or curl up between my lips, which is the worst, especially in class.

Like ants in the pants, so I have to try not to squirm, or wait until nobody’s looking, then scoot my butt around in the seat hoping it will move the crotch enough to get the hairs out of the way, without scratching it in the middle of class, so the teacher thinks I’m playing with myself, and the boys are watching me, with their tongues out, panting like hungry dogs, just ready to snatch me up, and swallow me whole.

“Uh huh! Ah?” My leg kicked out, and I had a moment of panic, before the chair legs came back down, then I was on the floor. “Oh ohhhhh! Ooh!” I didn’t care, I just squirmed around, and even the cold plastic. Fake tiles, they look like tiles, but they’re really just one big plastic sheet, and the cool corner on my shoulder. The line between them that’s supposed to look like grout, but it’s really just a while line, I could feel, and stick my nipple in, rubbing it back and forth, which just made the waves of pleasure beaming out of my sex even more intense.


“Huh!” I rolled over, and tried to cover myself. Pulling my skirt back down over my legs. “Uh!” i just rolled over, and curled up.

“So that’s how you do it.” I heard his bare heels, going back out to the living room, and then the tape snap. He popped it out, and went over to get the book shaped plastic box off the coffee table, but I just crawled across the floor. Looking out the door so I could hide behind the counter, still half naked, and feeling weird all over as the pleasure slowly drained out of my body.

“Huh!” He put his pants on, while the tape was rewinding, but took his shirt off. I’d seen him with his shirt off before, hell we used to take baths together when we’re really little but I hurried out to grab my clothes, and put them on while he was upstairs.

“Hey, Terry?” He called down.

“I’m decent,” but I didn’t feel decent at all.

“I was right, it is a murder mystery, so you might not want to watch the rest.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to see anyone getting murdered.”

“Well, that was a lot of fun.”

“Yeah, I had fun too.”

“So, maybe we can do it again sometime, when mom, and dad aren’t around? I promise I won’t tell, if you promise you won’t.”

“Yeah, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, but I’d be in as much trouble as you, if anybody found out.”

We swore on it, never to do it again, and never to tell anyone what happened that night, but we couldn’t keep one of those promises very long, and now, I just broke the second one, too.

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