Raped again — Update

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An update on the rape that happened at the mall.

I was raped again on the 17th of January this year. I was returning back to my car at the mall following a movie when I was caught at the landing at the top of the stairs. After a very brief encounter, the rapist ejaculated inside me. The rapist then took off down the stairs, leaving me somewhat stunned. The raping was just one week into my cycle, I believed it was too early in my cycle to get me pregnant.

At that time, I did not consider the raping to be potentially such a problem. While I cried at having been raped again, I believed that I had not hurt nor harmed as such. I dismissed the thought of needing to get emergency contraception.

However, my period did not arrive as expected, I have been patiently waiting but it is now well over a week late. I have never been this late before.

Yesterday I purchased a pregnancy test kit. This morning I went to the bathroom and I took the test.

It was positive.

I am now pregnant to a rapist for a second time.

This is a very awkward situation for me, as I did not expect to get pregnant again.

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  • Reply Brian Baker ID:7zv3fpwoij

    Please email me love too talk more [email protected] I’m Brian

  • Reply Doug ID:7ylvmikv9b

    Have you had your love child yet?

    • Irene ID:cc4itbbhj

      Hi Doug, not love child, but twin girls, my second lot of rape babies

  • Reply 14 yr old ID:2vki2t0i

    Hey I’ve been reading the comments and um alot of them are funny, um what’s your opinion on people under 18, like a 14 yr old reading and watching porn, because I’ve been doing it since I was um like 12 or 11

    • Sqalloq ID:5spfrq6ib

      Wow add my snap samuel1915

  • Reply twinkle ID:1v4nbuh6i9

    people thinking this is hot are revolting, especially those who are putting their numbers and emails down in attempt to lure 😀 im sorry you were raped, irene. this shouldn’t be fetishized

    • Irene ID:1ah770leqrb

      Thanks twinkle, rape can generaate very many reactions, from pure hate to pure lust. I know some people will react in such ways to make fools of themselves. Rape is very common now, and trying to dismiss it and not discuss it just adds to the fear of it. It is better to make people think, and hopefully get a better understanding.

  • Reply woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

    I’m not sure if I should say that I’m sorry about you being raped. Since you seem to heaven joint it somewhat. What I don’t understand is why your daughters need to be raped! Why can’t they just have some man gently make love to them? [email protected]

    • Irene ID:cc4itaj8m

      Hi Woody, I certainly don’t want my girls raped, but sometimes it’s hard to make sure they are protected. I will endeavor to make sure they are not.

    • twinkle ID:1v4nbuh6i9

      sent all your pedo comments and your email to the fbi 🥰 have fun in jail

  • Reply heaven ID:vuf1mnm1

    Wow I didn’t know about places like this on the computer. I typed in sex stories and saw. You grown ups talking so nasty. My daddy said some daddy’s hurt little girls only because its good for us . What do you thjnjk

    • Irene ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Heaven, I don’t think this is such a good place for anyone unprepared. There is a lot of fantasy and stories a few are true, some based on truth. Men and woman can be very nasty to each other, hurting each other. be careful.

    • woody ID:7ylg5nr6ii

      Hi baby girl, we really do need to talk sweetheart. No little girl should ever be hurt. Daddy should only do things that they want them to do. If you like I could be your daddy!! woodyulive58@gmail

    • Idk ID:2liqubnhj


  • Reply Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

    I’m sorry you raped again. I would love to talk to you sometime how is the pregnancy going.

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, it happens sometimes, I didn’t honestly expect to get pregnant this time around, I thought it too early in my cycle. But life can play tricks on you>
      Are you in a similar position to me?
      sometimes chat on Undernet, look for me there

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      Do you have an email address where I can get in contact with you sometime Instead of undernet?

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Uriel, what are you wanting to contact me for? I need more info about you before I decide to make contact

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene I have been on irc I have been waiting to see you there I have been on over a week and I have not seen you on there not once I am still interested in being with you I would love to move to New Zealand and be your husband

  • Reply Candy ID:fzq36520b

    Was it scary. Did he physically hurt you? Why did you not get plan b. I sorry if I am bring up bad memories I don’t mean to. I have reasons to ask

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Hello Candy I am Tim and I am working on getting into a serious relationship with someone that was raped or pregnant if you were one of these I would really love to hear from you

    • Candy ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I am in a relationship now

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Candy, Yeah it was a bit scary, and, no, I was not hurt, I honestly thought it was too early in my cycle to be a problem, but that proved to be not true.
      Once I knew I was pregnant, I knew that I was going to go through with it. I had decided some times ago that’s how it would go if I was raped again

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene I finally got logged into that site that you wanted me and I am waiting to see you online so we can chat I am still interested in you and I getting together let’s get to know each other better share pictures hope to see you there soon

  • Reply Linda ID:fzq364xia

    Does it turn you on knowing you are having a stranger baby?

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:5u1d7cev9i

      Linda I am Tim I would like to know if you were so interested in knowing if she is turned on by having another man’s baby would you be turned on by having my baby

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Linda, I have mixed feelings about being raped pregnant again. during my first rape pregnancy, I really hated and resented it, and was devastated when I found out I had to go through to full term with it.
      This time while unexpected, it seems more surreal now and kind of more accepted. Sometimes thinking about it and how it happened, gets me excited.

    • Linda ID:fzq36520b


  • Reply David ID:7zv1l2a6ii

    Nice are you excited to be having his baby. I sure he would be happy to find out he knocked you up

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      To be honest, Im quite pissed off getting pregnant to another rapist, but not much I can do about it really, I just have to accept it. Im sure the guy would be wrapped to know that he impregnated me.

    • David ID:fzq364xia

      It’s a turn on knowing you got pregnant from a stranger. Deep down the wondering if his sperm making a baby not part of you finds that exciting

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene i’m not exactly sure if I’m doing this right but it is asking for a channel to join could you please help me out with this application so that we can get to know each other better I would really love to chat with you on here I think it would be easier for us to get to know each other please help on the application

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Timothy, I have a bit of a fetish about rape, so look up the channel #rapesex Keep an eye out for me there

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2x0hsj5o6id

    Hello lrene I am really glad to hear back from you I am trying to get signed up on IRC
    Cloud I hope that is the right site that you wanted me to sign up on please let me know if it is and what am I supposed to look for under your profile there so we can start chatting better

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgzm

      Hi Timothy,
      Yes IRC Could will work, you will need to select Undernet as your server. My Nick is IreneR, I hope to be on later tomorrow, what nick are you using?

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene i’m really sorry to hear about your morning sickness and your dizzy spells and yes with the events that are going on it is going to be hard to travel real far I would really love the opportunity to be with you as well I wish there were something I could do to help you through all of this when it comes to your daughters I have decided I am not going to do anything like that with them I will love and cherish them as my own children I really hope that we can continue getting to know each other I am really hoping that we can find a way to chat better than on here I would like to get a personal one on one with you if you need anything please let me know I want to help you in anyway I can

    • Irene ID:6629enpb0a

      Hi Timothy, the sickness is just an aspect of being pregnant, I hope it will ease when I get to about 14 weeks.
      Im on IRC for one to one chatting, you will need to find a client to add so you can contact me there, Im usually on the “undernet” server, let me know when you get connected, so I can message you then.
      I hope its true for my daughters, that would be a big relief for them, but I guess time will tell how it goes.
      Im doing ok currently, being pregnant is not easy, but that something I have to deal with by myself. No sure what other ways that you can help with in the meantime.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:bo2qeotqk

    Hello it is been a little over a week since I had sent you a message and I want you to understand and to know that I am still majorly interested in you and yes I want to review several more times to have more children I am hoping that we could have a son together so I can teach him to rape his mother I really truly want to be with you and your daughters may I ask how is your pregnancy going

    • Irene ID:6629enpb0a

      Hi Timothy, It will be a major change for me to have someone close, I would like to have the opportunity to be with you, but the way global events are going I have my doubts either of us will be able to travel very far.
      I feel that my daughter will be in for quite a shock when you begin to rape them, I will need time to help them once you start with them. It may take some time for them to accept that being raped is quite normal in that kind of relationship. How soon pregnancy will happen is still a guessing game.
      My pregnancy is still progressing, I am having bad morning sickness and dizzy spells a few times this week. I’m now 9 weeks pregnant and 8 weeks since the raping.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:bo2qeotv2

    Well lrene I take it since I have not heard back from you that you’re not interested in me anymore it was really nice getting to know a few things about you I am really sorry for whatever I did to make you change your mind I hope that you have a wonderful life I will no longer bother you

    • Irene ID:6629enpb0a

      Hi Timothy, I have been trying hard to figure out a way to make this work, but it just seems that for the moment, it’s not likely to happen for a while.
      I Know you are really wanting to rape me again and to get me pregnant, I can cope with that, I don’t mind. I know also that you are very keen to rape my daughters too. While I can understand that, I just don’t believe they are ready for it. I know you said you can wait, but to be honest, I don’t think you would wait. It would just take a few minutes of being alone with either one of them, and then it would be too late.
      All I ask is to just have a bit more time to think things through, I can’t go anywhere now with the bug in my belly. I just want to see how it progresses.

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:7pql091gv1

    Lrene I really wanna make this work with you I really want to start raping you to have more babies I’m not here for games I’m here for real if you are not looking for real I will look for some other woman that is looking for the same as me I am willing to give up my life here in the United States to move to New Zealand and be with you and your twin daughters

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:7pql091gv1

    Kimfslut I would love to know more about you I would love to know are you pregnant do you have any children how old are you where do you live sounds to me like you love being raped since you get every rapist around you to contact you would really love to hear from you

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:7pql091gv1

    Will lrene I guess that you were not interested in me now so I will not bother you anymore I was really hoping that we could live together get married and have more children but it looks like that you’re not interestedie

    • Irene ID:6629enpb0a

      Now Leave Your Comment…Hi Timothy, its not that Im no longer interested in you, but I face a number of challanges in the meantime. I do like your offer, but Im just struggling with how to make it all work.

  • Reply Kimfslut ID:nc5gtdk8

    Again sounds like me

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Kimfslut, alas it is all too common now, we try our best, but still get caught.

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:7pql091gv1

      So may I ask what sounds like you

    • Kimfslut ID:nc5gtdk8

      Some how I get every rapist around. Oh I like it and all sometimes i wish they do more. Like raping my ass and more join

    • Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rj

      You have three daughters and do you live in the USA ?

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb


      Yes I live in the USA

      Yes for me the rapist somehow give me girls


    • Uriel ID:5u100ta9qk

      I would want to get to know you more so you can a normal life without being raped what do you say?

    • Irene ID:6629enpd9a

      Hi Uriel, I doubt she had any interest in you what so ever

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Ok lrene I take it that you were getting cold feet and you’re not sure if you want to be with me no I will understand if that is your decision I am OK with it as long as we can still be friends and still chat I understand a farmhouse is real expensive but if you cannot afford it and you do not want to get together I understand whenever you want to contact me you can have a great day

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:1dakil1oi9

    So you have three daughters as well and where do you live how old are your three daughters are you still fertile can you have more kids

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb

      Who are you talking to

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene I just tried looking up textual here in the United States on the app Stor there is no such app you must find something that will connect between you and I United States to New Zealand so we can chat after reading your message back to me you can leave your daughters out I’m not interested in doing anything with them I would really love it if things really worked out between you and I could you please tell me what you look like how tall you are how much you weigh how big are your tits do you have a hairy pussy do you have hairy armpits these are things that I love in a woman have you ever been married how old were you when you lost your virginity how big of a house are you looking for I really wish you could either connect with KIK or wicker so we could chat and get to know each other a lot better I would really love to come and visit for at least two weeks or maybe one month with you and your daughters I want your daughters to be my daughter I want them to love me like their dad but also as their lover I want to be able to sleep in the same bed with you and both of your daughters I won’t Both of your daughters watching me fuck you I hope these are things that you are intereste

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Timothy,

      I think I need a few days to think this through, it a grand offer and I just need to make sure it’s me. Getting a country place is very expensive, and for the moment is way beyond my budget.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene I really hope that you are really serious about this because I want to rape you myself I want to fuck you while you’re still pregnant and yes I want to rape both of your daughters and get them pregnant with my baby when I am still there I hope this is something you are really wanting I have not wanted anything more than this in my life I think you would be a great mother and wife I am glad that you will have three more children with me I really hope that we have three more daughters so I so I can get each and everyone of them pregnant if we have a son I hope you’re willing to spread your legs for him to fuck you as often as he wants if you were really wanting all of this you were going to make me a great wife I really wish I could hear back from you waiting 15 hours for one message is killing me I need to hear from you as often as possible your future husband Tim

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Gosh, Timothy

      That is quite a serious kind of offer as such. I guess I can kind of accept you wanting to keep raping me to keep me pregnant, It seems that is my lot in life, having to submit would be about my only real option if I am with you. And you are wanting to rape and impregnate my daughters, I don’t know that they would be too happy about that as such. I would need to discuss this with them and see if there is a way forward for them. I don’t think they are quite ready to accept either being raped or being pregnant as yet.
      I tried to look at houses again, but nothing seemed to be of interest and all others were way too pricy.
      Did you look up Textual for chatting?

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    So have you found a place big enough for you me both of your daughters and at least 7 to 8 more children if so let me know I may be able to help with the deposit I would like to try to come and visit but I don’t know if I will have vacation until the end of this year I would love to come and be with you while you were still pregnant hopefully you will start lactating when I’m there so I can drink the milk right from your tits I am really serious about this with you I want to be Married to you and both of your daughters and yes if I get to come there I am going to try to get both of them pregnant right away

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Good morning lrene it is really nice to hear from you again and for your information yes I would spend quality time with each of your daughters we would need a big house a villa or old farmhouse because I plan on keeping you and both of your daughters pregnant with my children if you happen to have another daughter I will be spending time with her as well I will treat all of your children as my own I will love them and care for them as my wives we will all sleep together in the same bed every night I would not treat any one of you any different than I would if it was just me and you I would really love to find another place to chat and exchange pictures

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Timothy, I’m still just trying to get my head around all this, my brain goes fuzzy sometimes, and I get a bit confused. Did you say when you were wanting to come and visit? I just need to try and plan things around my current pregnancy. Would you be wanting to get my girls pregnant during this visit? I’ve looked online at a couple of places but I don’t have enough to make a deposit.

    • penchant ID:1idzqf7e49c

      If that doesn’t work out I have three girls as well

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdzrb

      So do i

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:1dakil1oi9

    Hi lrene it is so nice to here from you and yes I want 3 baby’s with you and to have baby’s with your daughters as soon as possible if you are ok with that and yes I am on my iphone

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Timothy,
      I guess 3 more would be my limit, time will tell. I’m not sure that my daughters are quite ready to have babies as yet. I guess it’s a matter of time before they would be ready. I can’t say at the moment if they would be willing to accept that or not.
      IRC clients for Iphone can be downloaded, Textual is meant to be very good.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:1dakil1oi9

    Lrene I cannot stop thinking about you and both your daughters and your pregnancy to be honest with you I would love to have 6 to 8 children together so we would need a big house maybe a small ranch to raise our children at I really hope that you are a submissive woman because I would like to be the dominant man in your life making sure that you love to suck cock I like having my cock sucked all the time and it will be up to my women To do that for me what kind of things are you into what do you like to do what do you do for a living is there any other way that we can chat one-on-one together away from here so we can share pictures and get to know each other a whole lot better I have been thinking about moving out there with you

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Gosh, Timothy, I am kind of blown away, I honestly doubt I can have more than one or two more pregnancies. I guess that after that, would you be wanting to try with my girls or would that be sooner? I guess I’m more shy than submissive, but I do enjoy sucking. I work doing graphics, the pay is reasonable, but not fantastic. I will look at how we can chat more in private. Are you on a phone or a PC?

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Hello lrene I am really interested in being with you having a serious relationship marriage and yes I want more kids I want to raise our children in an incest lifestyle if you are OK with this and this is what I want I want to love you and your daughters and any of our own children I may be interested in moving to New Zealand but I do not know about work over there we would have to get a really big house because I want a lot of kids I hope this is something that you would be interested in I really hope to hear from you soon

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Timothy.
      I am at the moment struggling with my current pregnancy. I will most likely be about the middle of next year before I am ready to have another pregnancy. I hope that I would be up to having another pregnancy then. Can I assume that for your lifestyle that you would like to fairly quickly spend a bit of personal time with each of my daughters? As for a house, I guess we would need a much bigger place, maybe a country villa or old farmhouse. I think you should be able to get a fairly good job here, you would need to earn about $4 ~$5 k a week or so. I can start to have a lookout for jobs in a few months when I know what your plans are.

  • Reply Alex ID:hd2xrlzra

    I think you should do an Uterine resection to guaranty that you’ll not be pregnant again

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Alax, Im not sure that Im ready to have that kind of an operation. I need to get through this pregnancy before I consider my options for the future. I cant say yet if I want a third pregnancy.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene it is extremely nice to hear back from you I am really in truly interested in you and trying to build a serious relationship with you I will have to see when my vacation comes up I would be really excited to come to New Zealand to see you I would really love to know more about you if things was to work out between you and I would you and your daughters be willing to move to the United States with me here

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Timothy. Alas, I can not go to the USA in the foreseeable future. I would need you to look at moving here if things work out. I would like to know what kind of relationship you are looking for both for me and for my daughters and how much they would be the same. Would you also be wanting to have more kids too? I might need to look at a bigger house if that is the case.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Lrene I am extremely interested in you and your twin daughters how old are your daughters right now how far along are you in your pregnancy do you know if you’re having another daughter when it comes to travel I do have vacation time coming up may I ask where do you live that I would have to travel to and would I be able to stay with you in your home

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgql

      Hi Timothy, I’m mid-40s, and my kids have just turned 8, I’m almost 8 weeks pregnant now. I do not know if I am carrying a girl or a boy, or even twins again. I’m due mid-October. I am in NZ, so it will be quite a fair way for you to come to see me. I just can’t say yet about accommodation. If I knew when you are likely to visit I might be able to make some arrangements.

    • Bernard ID:bo2qeo08k

      Kimfslut my name is bernard I would love to talk to you my number is 2034944923 text me

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:1dakil1oi9

    Lrene It is to him again and I would really love to try to connect with you I am extremely interested in you and wish I could take care of you and your pregnancy would like to know you say you were raped and impregnated again did you have the first baby

    • Irene ID:cc4itbgql

      Hi Timothy, I will consider your proposal in the next few weeks. I have a lot on my mind currenty. How prepared are you for travel?

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Good morning lrene I am really sorry to hear what happened but at the same time it is kind of exciting to know that you were pregnant again I would really love to chat with you comfort you through this whole experience if you need anything please text me at 1-209-324-7633

    • Irene ID:6629enn49b

      Hi Timothy, if you are using your phone, you may need to install IRC chat, android clent, go to undernet, log on then see if Im online, My nick is IreneR

      let me know how you go.

    • Natasha ID:c3b4f5os8i

      Where are you from.??

    • Irene ID:6629enrb0i

      Hi Natasha, I’m In New Zealand, what about you?

  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    Maybe I’m reading this wrong but it seems to me that you wouldn’t have minded the rape so much if he had of given you a good fuck.

    • Irene ID:6629enn49b

      Hi Bare, I guess its an awkward thing to answer, The actual rape lasted less than a minute, hardly worthwhile in terms of a connection, not much chance to react. No, I didn’t want to actually be raped again, but I did kind of expect it. Then when it did happen, it was over before I knew it was happening, and then to add insult to it, he got me pregnant as well.

  • Reply Mr.die ID:1b3zls588rd

    I am Sorry for what Happened to u if u need someone to talk i am here

    • Irene ID:6629enn49b

      Thanks, Mr.die, I will be trying to figure out how I go on from here for the next few days. Just my luck to get caught out this way. I may need to ask how to contact you directly.

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enn49b

    Nice to hear that you have been raped pregnant again.

    • Irene ID:6629enn49b

      Alas, yes, I’m pregnant again following a second rape. Just pisses me off he was so useless at fucking me.

    • Fantasy ID:6dnfvj4k0i

      Hi irene do u have snap chat if so please post ur dnap name

    • Anonymous ID:6629enn49b

      Hi Fantasy, no, I dont use snap, but I am on Undernet IRC from time to time.