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My wife and I Raped a hot burglar

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Our house got broken in buy a heart burglar and we raped her and now she’s addicted to us

It all started four years ago our house got broken in three times we lived in a shady neighborhood and our sex life was getting a bit boring we wanted to try something new my wife has a huge rape fetish that we roll play that I was holding a gun in her head and I would pretend I was raping her but now my wife wanted something more than that she wanted non consensual rape that she wanted to rape for real I would do anything to please my wife I would rape a girl in front of her just to please her cuz she is a huge freak she would suck my dick anywhere we go and we will have sex in the park everywhere in the house even an abandoned home or abandoned buildings when the Night hits we were asleep together we heard a loud breaking Windows cracking I got my gun and my wife has her 9 m m and I had my 12-gauge shotgun ready to blast the fukers I saw the burglar and I was getting ready to knock her or him out cold until then I put the barrel of the gun right on their head told them to freeze she did drop everything on the floor until my wife comes in and handcuffs her and take out the mask off of her face little did we know it was a hot beautiful Latina girl she had some very massive titties and a small waist with a huge bubble ass my wife and I looked at each other and we were like it seems like our wish came true because we were planning to do our dark sexual desires by raping a girl in front of my wife this girl started begging us not to call the cops but we told her we’re not going to do that and she asked what do you want me to do my wife walked up to her started groping her breasts and pin her down on the floor while she was handcuffed and handcuffed her ankles my wife pull down her pants violently and she told her my husband is going tear your ass and pussy she was about to scream but my wife immediately grabbed her mouth and duct taped her so we were going to teach her A Life Lesson not to break into our house ever again she admitted to us that she broke into our home trying to bail her boyfriend out of jail but she ain’t going to see him ever again after what we’re going to do to her sweet little ass of hers I started violently fucking her ass first and her pussy last while my wife watches touching herself she cheers me on telling me keep going babe teach her a fucking lesson make her love it my girl comes to her and started licking her beautiful sluty face of hers as I kept fucking her all her holes we raped her for hours that she gave up resisting I cum all over her face while my wife licks it off and I creampied all her little holes of hers While She lays on the floor She begins to say she is sorry but we’re not done with her we’re going to keep going and going until she is really sorry we kept her locked up in our basement luckily our basement is very soundproof she ended up getting Stockholm syndrome for us and she does everything we say she became addicted to me and my wife and now she’s our little sex toy slave she even forgot about her boyfriend we found out her boyfriend is going to prison for armed robbery at a bank and has no idea what we did to her she became our little sex slave and now she brings us girls that we violate some of her friends her cousins my wife and I agree that we should have her as a second lover cuz we like her very much we love her ass her waste her large breasts of hers and violating that bod everyday after three years living in the Shady neighborhood we moved out in the countryside I bought a 30 acre ranch covered in woods build a house surrounded by trees where no one can hear us while we fuck like animals outside or we are violating some pretty Country Girl I love my two girls my wife my sex slave wife me and my wife and my pretty little sex slave would go out to the bar find some girls that we can violate or kidnap them and force them in the woods like our favorite movie I Spit on Your Grave I’m ending the story for now but I’ll give you one warning to all the burglars and all those female burglars out there if you break into our house I will rape you in the ass while my wife and sex slave Hold You Down you will get it in the ass first with no lube and if you have a boyfriend we will force him to watch while we violate you at gunpoint so think twice assholes you have been warned

This is the first time I ever wrote this my life story sorry for the bad grammar and misspelling

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  • Reply JimJam ID:42onbbe43m

    One lo n g run on sentence! Learn to use punctuation!!!

  • Reply JimJam ID:42onbbe43m

    One lo n g run on sentence! Learn to use punctuation!!!

  • Reply Abc ID:a9crihrci

    Hmmm looks like Crazy Joe and Rapist Couple are one and the same……same premise,same lacking punctuation and grammar…………

  • Reply Abc ID:a9crihrci

    I guess the grammar and punctuation class was closed that day.

  • Reply Krystal ID:99uwotzm4

    I can understand you did some bad grammar and some bad spelling but it’s still got me very wet glad you taught that little slut a lesson

  • Reply The Rapist couple ID:99uwotzm4

    Sorry about the bad spelling I forgot to turn off my auto correct

  • Reply Jackyboy ID:5tyx5vm9kl

    learn how to use those ” : , . and the rest of it. Without a good rithm even the hottest story become absurd

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4o

      Agreed. This is just a wall of text, and a waste of a good premise.

    • The Rapist couple ID:99uwotzm4

      I was in a hurry to do something so I didn’t have time to fix and just posted anyway