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Peeping x part 2

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So i been peeping through these holes I made to see my sisters friend Vanessa naked but she wasn’t around and I had the chance to see my sister this time. I could’ve have before but decided not to a few times but this time I couldn’t hold myself.

When I hear the door close after she took her clothes with her into the restroom and started the shower I started looking through the whole. She was still In Her bra kept looking for a few minutes until she took them off and revealed he nice teen tits I never knew how perky they were but man they were nice ?? For her age but anyways I was able to record it but couldn’t get a really good view of them just sides but I still jerked off to those.

I couldn’t record her when she got out the shower because my aunt came home and I didn’t want to get caught. So I was bummed but a few weeks passed then I finally had another chance to see her get naked but this time I got the full view and when she got out the shower of course I had to record her. When she got out I saw her nice wet breast
And seeing her breast pop up after she slid her tight bra over her breast was ?? I literally jerked off in my room after she got clothed

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    Really t guy