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My brothers were always sweet, until the lockdown started

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My brothers were always sweet, until the lock down started.

I had just turned 12 and was loving life, Covid hit and stopped everything. My Twin brothers, Jeff and Caleb were 14 and they hated it more than me. They had gf’s and I heard from a friend that my brothers were getting their dicks taken car of , so not being able to meet up with their gf’s started all of this.

I had long black hair, about 4’9 tall and huge tits, I hated it since bra straps would dig into my shoulders so I wore sports bras most of the time. My mom had huge tits to and she told me to stay in shape and not get fat and use my tits to get my way, I knew the older men looked at me alot, but I never felt that with my brothers.

I was always a tshirt and shorts at home, I never noticed my brothers paying any attention to my body until the lockdown. They would walk by me and brush against me and say excuse me or ask if I was cold when they would see my nips poking in me shirt.

It all started Monday after mom left for work, I was in the kitchen and Jeff came up behind me and rubbed my shoulders, he said good morning and I said the same. He then put his hands on my hips and pushed his groin into my ass as his hands went under my shirt and gripped my tits.

Me- what the fuck Jeff, get off of me, dont ever grab my tits

I pushed him away and gave him a mean look, he just smiled and walked away. I got my coffee and went to my room and locked the door. A few minutes later Jeff knocked at the door..

Jeff- I am sorry Ash, can you pls forgive me?

Me- I dont know, why did you grab me? what the fuck was wrong with you?

Jeff- can we talk please?

I open my door and Jeff comes in.

Jeff- I am sorry, but seeing you every day with the lockdown, I started to notice how sexy you are.

Me- I am your sister Jeff, you dont call me sexy or grab my tits okay, If you touch me again I will knee your nuts.

Jeff leaves and I go back to my coffee and Caleb walks in.

Caleb- what happened? I heard you yell at Jeff

Me- nothing just forget it

Caleb- I am making grilled cheese sandwhiches, do you want one?

Me- oh yeah please

A few minutes later Caleb calls me to the kitchen, as soon as I walk to the fridge I get attacked.

Caleb comes behind me and puts his arms under my armpit and locks my arms. Jeff walks over to me, he lifts my tshirt.

Jeff- damn Ash, you have some big fucking tits little sis

Ash- let me go Caleb wtf Im gonna kick your ass for this

Jeff plays with my tits, and I try to kick him in the nuts but I can barely balance myself with Caleb locking my arms.

Jeff- let me have a lick

He sucks on my nipples as I stand there, severly pissed off, but it felt nice at the same time. Then I fell my shorts and panty being pulled down.

Me- you have to let me go and stop this shit NOW

Caleb- you dont like us touching you?

Me- No I dont dumbass

Caleb lowered himself down to his knees, taking my with him. My arms were locked behind my head and my shoulders were aching. Jeff walks up to me as I am on my knees and pulls down his shorts. He slaps his hard dick on my face, rubs it over my lips.

Jeff- open your mouth

Me- no way in hell, I know what you want

Caleb- just go get it Jeff, my arms are getting tired.

Jeff leaves and comes back with my folder, it had all my drawings and stories I had written over the past years.

Jeff- open your mouth or this disappears.

Me- Pls dont destroy that, you have to promise you wont

Caleb- open your mouth and I have a turn after Jeff

Jeff sets the folder infront of me, I open my mouth and take his dick in my mouth. It was more of a face fuck then a blowjob.

Jeff- you better swallow this load or its going to drip down on your folder

I start to gag really bad, as Jeff cums in my mouth

Jeff- now swallow that up, dont you move when Caleb lets you go

I swallow his nasty cum and as Caleb lets me go I just sit there, waiting.

Caleb stands infront of me and lowers his shorts and boxers, Jeff was maybe 5 inches or so, Caleb was huge. I looked up at him with my eyes wide, no way he could face fuck me, I would be throwing up all over the place.

Caleb- just suck it and swallow, I know its more than you can take

I move my mouth over him, my first bj, and he came a big load and I swallowed, Jeff had left and Caleb helped me up.

Caleb- I am sorry sis, we have been so horny

Me- why dont you just jerk off instead of attacking me?

Caleb- cuz thats is what a little sister is for, now go to your room and we will leave you alone until we need you again.

I go to my room, brushed my teeth, it wasnt bad, yeah I hated the arm lock but I liked Caleb’s dick, Jeff’s not so much. That night I masturbated for the first time, thinking about Caleb’s dick. I wondered when they would need me again, or would I need them first..

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