Adventure Mom Part 1

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I dig my face into her fragranced wet black streaks of hairs and ran my hand all over her back. I caressed her wet hairs with my hand to my heart’s…

Hi I am Good guy. This is my story which is true. I must say that I’ve studied a lot about incest and its true that everyone has the tendency or want of incestuous relations. Anyways into the story:

I am 23 years old and I am currently studying for Medical. Kamya, my mother is 47 years old. She is quite a beautiful and attractive woman. Her face body and hairs looks exactly like the Indian actress Antara Biswas or Mona Lisa. She is 5 feet and has a bit plump body like every typical Indian women which suits her age. She always wears traditional sarees. Overall she looks of a perfect shape for a women. I’ll put some pictures incase you people need to visualise my mom through the story. I’ll go to more details about her but first I wanna start the story.

My father, a businessman always stayed abroad and came thrice a year at home. My mom retired from having sex 17 years ago. I also have a elder sister whose 26 and married and has a baby girl and a younger sister who is 17. She stays with my mother. All of us know about our fathers affair abroad but we never made a hastle about it as my mother lost interest in him a long ago. I thought my mother took religous path and avoids physical needs but I was wrong.

I live away from home for last 6 years for my study. I used to come at vacations. And I always noticed mom in a different way. As i lived away from her my outlook changed about her. I used to look her as a woman not as mother. I knew about incest. Sometimes i noticed her staring at my body and packs. I also noticed her staring at my morning erections. It used to arouse me always but nothing ever happened.

My mom has big boobs which swells out of her body like soft melons. Her skin is pure fair and bright. She also has a luscious and huge butts. But what i love most about her is her butt length Silky Straight Long Black Hairs. I always had a fantasy about her silky long hairs. I always stalked her brushing her hairs after baths. I used masturbate on the smell of her dark wet fragranced shampooed hair. The rich aroma of her wet hairs used to make me mad for her. I used to inhale the wet towel that she used to dry her hairs. I used to lick her combs. I also used to link and drink her sweat from her blouses and sarees. Overall she was a sex goddess.

During vacations when i come home my only goal was to grow more close sexually towards my mom. I used to stare her body and hair whenever i was home. I also used to look at her boobs while talking to her. Sometimes i used to look or even intentionally touch her body and butts. And i never missed any chance to touch her hair. She noticed my actions and never reacted. I wanted her to notice all this things as i wanted to make her mine. She came to know my want and attractions for her hairs due to one encounter. What happened was, my mother used to hug me on different occasions as motherly love. I used to take the chance and hug her back to inhale and caress her hairs. But never got to touch them wet. My mother used different hairstyles like braid and bun. Oneday she hugged me with her bun hairs and while hugging her back i put my hands on her bun hair. Thats when she understood my fascination.

For the last two years i didn’t come home for vacations as i was busy. And i could tell that my mom missed me much. She was lonely as her husband was not there to satisfy her and not her son to quench her needs. It also happened that we never saw each others face in this two years and only talked over phone. I masturbated often over her sweet tone of voice as she used to call me baby(in motherly way) and end the call with i love you baby. It felt like talking to a girlfriend.

My mother was wanting to meet with me for a long time. So i decided to meet her finally after two years. I couldn’t come home so i asked her to come to the city i study in to live in an empty house of our realtive. She was so desperate to meet me that she left home the night she got my message. As it was vacation and my relatives house was a bit far away i decided to meet her a day after.

The next morning i reached my relatives empty house where my mom was staying. I didn’t inform her as i wanted to surprise her. It was 6 am in the morning and i knew my mom goes to take shower at 7 am. So i hatched a plan. I always wanted to touch her wet hairs. So if i knock 15 min after 7 am then she’ll come out of bath and hug me at door and I’ll get the chance to fulfill the dream of touching her wet hairs. So i started to peek through windows. I was shocked to see my mom. She was looking stunning in her violet nighty as she was lying on her bed. I called her. She woke up and was happy and excited to see my call. As per plan i lied her that i won’t be able to come today. After hanging up the call i saw her face in sad and dejection. She lied down on the bed and started to weep. After that, her next move shocked me. She started to weep and opened my picture in her phone. She then hugged my picture over her boobs and started to rub her vagina with another hand. I understood that she was suffering from sexual dissatisfaction and needed a male presence in her life. She got up and had tea. It was 7 and now she went to bath. I was waiting for this moment. She took a small towel and went to shower. She also took her phone in case of emergency. The bathroom she entered was preety close to the main entrance of house. I had a duplicate keys so i entered the house and waited for 15 minutes and heard the bathroom door unlock.

Then I moved closer to her bedroom and peeped. I got instant erotic feel. The room was filled with the aromatic and erotic smell of shampoo from her wet long dark hairs. She was sitting in front of a mirror and combing her hair. She combed her wet hairs neatly and straight. I was so aroised that i entered the room and called her out. She was shocked and surprised as she got up and turned around. There were tears in her eyes. She dropped the comb off her hand. In the other hand, i now got a proper view of her.

I was shocked to see her. She was not quite a plump . She had a perfect shaped healthy body and was looking like a 30 years old. She also applied brunette color in some streaks of her hairs. Her boobs were much bigger than last time. She was looking damn too sexy, she wrapped her body in a small white towel which barely covered her big boobs and exposed most of her naked thighs. She was almost semi-nude. She applied kajol on her eyes. Her long wet hairs were pushed back which covered her ears. Overall she was looking exactly like Pooja Hedges appearence after the Tu Hai song. My cock was rock hard at her view and was instantly etected like a hill inside my pants.

My mom rushed towards me and hugged me tightly. I was a little bit tall. She pasted her whole body to my body. I could feel her boobs crushing on my chest and her vaginal part crushing my rock hard erection. I wasted no time and hugged her back tightly. I dig my face into her fragranced wet black streaks of hairs and ran my hand all over her back. I caressed her wet hairs with my hsnd to my heart’s content. The loose ends of her hairs were dripping with drops of water. I took all those hairs in my and and sucked all the wet drops of water in my mouth.

After satisfying myself with her wet hairs i planned to explore her semi nude body. My mom was still hugging me. She went on pushing my erected cock. She realised my sexual want for her but she was blinded by motherly love. But she was also happy to make her don sexually aroused with her charms. As i moved my face from her wet hairs in the hug position, i started to kiss her neck. The sexual tension was increasing as my mom moaned a bit and hold my head with her hand and pressed it towards her neck. I started to run my hand on her naked upper back. I also place my other hand on one of her butt. I didn’t press the butt as i wanted no risk. The sexual, lustful and motherly hug lasted for long 5 minutes or more.

After a while my mom broke the hug. She was still glued to my body. The sweet aroma from her hair was creating a lustful, romantic and erotic environment. The weather outside was rainy and cold. Overall it was erotic. My mom had tears on her face and she was smiling looking at me. I smiled back and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response and i licked her tears from her face. She gave a smile with pleasure and holding my head she started kissing all over my face. She kissed my eyes, my cheeks, my nose, my forehead and also kissed on the corner of my lips. She then started to plant quick and rapid kiss on my lips jn a motherly fashion. I wanted to hold her head and give a deep passionate kiss on her lips but i controlled. I wanted to play it nice and slow. After she stopped kissing she wanted to part away from my body. But i hold her back to my body and pressed her against my erected covk holding her butt. Her both hand were on my chest. I held her head with my hands. My fingers were into her wet hairs over her ears. Then i started kissing her face back. She closed her eyes. Taking it as a response i started to give quick but slow kisses on her lips. I smooched on her lips for a minute and then hugged her again. This time she hugged me back tightly than before and hid her face in my chest. Maybe she felt shy about the smsll kisses. I took another chance to explore her wet long hairs with my hand.

We broke the hug and my mom said that she missed me like hell. I said i too missed her and promised her that i will always be her side. I left my mom to get dressed and went to the other room to freshen up. I came to my room and i have intentionally hid my towel. I called mom to give me her towel. She glsdly gave me. Her towel was wet and had the erotic smell of her hairs. I quickly went in the bathroom and masturbated on the smell of wet hairs from towel and the sexy moments with my mom.

After a while taking rest i came out as my mother called me for lunch. I sat down on the table and i was shocked to see my mother. She was wearing a white full sleeve shirt with knee length leggings. Her upper buttons were opened which exposed her cleavage. Her boobs and nipples were visible through the shirt as she didn’t wear any bra. Her hairs were open and semi-wet. Her shirt was also wet due to her long open wet hairs. She came with the food and i asked her to feed me. She smiled and started feeding me. I intentionally licked her sexy fingers. She was also putting her fingers indude my mouth fully. She sat close to me. So i put my hands behind her back casually to feel her semi wet hairs. She asked if if i missed her. I told her that i missed her most and I love her. She said she loves me more.

After lunch i was heading to my room to take rest but my mom stopped me. She said to sleep with her in her room as it had A.C. I was in heaven to hear the proposal. I decided to take my lust in the second level. I went to her room. The room was cold and the erotic smell of her hair and perfume was still in the room. I lied on the bed and put her pillow close to me. I also covered my erection with a shawl. After a while my mom came in. She slept beside me on the bed with her hairs open. But as she was facing me, i couldn’t get to touch her hair. So i made a plan. I got up and switched of the light and turned off the curtains. The room had a little light. I came bavk to bed and we were under one shawl. My mother was talking to me about various stuff. But my mind was flying and filled with lust. The lust to fuck my own mother. Her erotic perfune from her body and the erotic smell of her hair made my cock 8 inch erected. As she was talked i moved my face closer to her face. I could feel her warm breath. I kept moving closer and our lips was just one centimeter away from each other. My mom felt my warm breath and she was breathing heavily. She said i used to cry to drink her milk. I took the chance. I asked her if i could drink her milk once more? She understood my sexual feelings and lust for her. But she couldn’t said no due to motherly love. She put her one hand around my body and moved my body closer and glued with her body. She opened her shirt buttons exposing her naked boobs, breast, navel and stomach. She held my head and brought it closer to her breast. I couldn’t control anymore. I wrapped around her body tightly with my hands and started sucking her boobs. I sucked them and licked them. My mom was moaning with pleasure. She was pushing me inside her body. She was making sounds like Ahhhhh! Ahh! Ohhhh! Ishhhh! I took this fair chance and pasted my hard erected cock with her body. I rubbed my cock under her navel on her vaginal part. I dig my face inside her cleavage breast. I kept smelling her fresh skin and smell of her breast. I squeezed them and put them in my mouth. My moms moaning increased. She was screaming through moans in sexual pleasure. Then i started to kiss her breasts. I started moving up. I removed my t shirt. I hugged her and started to kiss her neck. My bare chest was touching her bare breast. My erection was rock hard now. I started to poke her with my erected cock. She let her legs part to let my cock go between her legs. Suddenly the phone rang and my mom hurried out from bed. It was my youger sister calling her. I was both dissatisfied and disappointed as i could have take this further. My mom took her time on phone and i went to sleep.

Later in the evening, we decided to watch a movie. My mom wore a red shirt. On the way i put my hand behind her back to feel her long silky hair. Her hairs were so silky that it was flying all over me even in a little wind. We reached the movies and took our seat. As the movie started the room went dark. It was a vulgar and romantic movie. My mom slid her head on my shoulder. She put one of her hand directly over my covk on my pants. I got excited. I put my hand around her shoulder and rested my hand upon her breast. To my surprise, my mom opened the upper two buttons of her shirt. It was a green signal. I slowly put my hand inside her shirt and took one of her boobs in my hand. I started squeezing her boobs. My cock started to get erected. As my mom hand was on my cock, she held my erection. And pressed it a bit. Our position was like a love couple. This continued till the movie ended.

After the movie when we were returning home, it started to rain heavily. We were totally drenched in the rain. As we reached home we realised we forgot our keys inside the home. So we went on the roof as there was a shade which had a small room and a bed. We waited under the shsde for a while. It was cold. My mom was shivering as water was dripping from her body. I looked at her. The environment was cool and erotic. Water was sliding down her red lipstick on her erotoc lips. Her eet long hairs were dripping with water. It was so calm and quiet that we could hear each others warm breath. I hold my moms hand. She hold it back too. We looked at each other with lust and thirst for sex. I took her to the room. It was small and had a small bed. I took off my shirt. My mom turned around as i was about to take of my pants. I wrapped a small towel around. Then i passed another towel to mom. She again turned her back on me snd started to undress. First she removed her pants and wrspped the towel around. Then she dlid her hairs over her breast as she was opened her shirt. Now she was only on her bra. Her long wet hairs were pushed front and exposed her back completely. Then, she removed her bra. Now she was completely naked. Her whole back was naked. Before she could do anything to wrap herself up, i rushed towards her and hugged her from back. My naked front body was glued to her naked back. Then i dig my face on her wet hairs pushed front and started to smooch snd suck her neck. My mom started to moan heavily. Then i turned her around and kissed squarely on her red erotic lips. She too responded to the kiss back strong and passionately. She slid her tongue inside my mouth and i liked her tounge with mine. The passionate kiss was full of lust. She hrld my head and pressed my hair. I took her in my arms and put her on the bed. The kiss was still on. We exchanged our salivas and explored each others mouths. I put her on hed and removed my towel exposing my huge erected cock. She too removed her towel exposing her nude vagina. She hald my hard cock snd started to caress it. I broke the kiss and started to lick and suck her whole body till i reached her pussy. I dug my face in her pussy and smelled its aromatic aroma. I then slid my tounge inside her pussy and started to eat her clit and drink her wet cums. My mom was moaning loudly and heavily than ever. Her pussy was hairy. She then hold my hairs and pulled me up to her face and kissed my lips hard. She sucked my lips and tounges and drank my saliva. I responded her too my a wet hot kiss. She broke the kiss and gave me a horny look. Then she made me stood up on my knees. She got up too and hold my dick in her hands. She started to give me a handjob. She caressed my dick and then put it un her mouth. I felt like I was in heaven. She sucked my cock fully in her mouth. She gave me a hot blowjob. I hold her head by her wet hairs and was pulling them to suck my dick. After a while i shot a load of cum inside my moms mouth. She looked at me smiled and drank the cums with pleasure. She licked the cum stuck on my dick. Then she told me yo fuck her. I was happy as my fantasy came true. I prepared my dick as she parted her legs. Then I pushed my dick inside her pussy. She moaned loudly with pleasure and pulled me cliser and kissed my lips. I started to fuck her as we were kissing. She moaned in pain and pleasure as my cock was too large for her. The cock of her own son was now fucking her. I put my duck in her pussy, where i was born from once. We fucked and had sex for the whole night. We went to sleep in the early morning. We were sleeping together in each others arms naked.

The next morning I woke up and saw……


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