My friend lost the bet

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when I was 12 a friend of mine made a bet with me I knew I’d win but I found out later he knew I’d win too. And he’s said if he lost he’d suck my dick. I thought...

When I was twelve a friend was spending the night with me which wasn’t very unusual because he did it all the time. My parents were going to be out late so I suggested going to a nearby 7-11 and getting a playboy magazine. I did it all the time because the guy who worked there had the hots for my older sister and I’d keep him up to date on what she was doing and who she was dating. He even wanted me to give him details on what she looked like naked knowing I’d seen her in naked. But my friend Tony said he bet the guy wouldn’t sell it to me and even said if the guy did he’d suck my dick. I took it as a figure of speech as if someone says I’ll kiss your ass. You don’t really expect them to do it. But I go and in less than five minutes with the magazine.

We went back to my house and got in the bed in our underwear because that’s how we always slept. Soon we’re looking through the magazine and I was kind of wishing he wasn’t there because I wanted so bad to jerk off after seeing all of the hot girls in the magazine. We looked through it for a long time and finally, we decided to call it a night. I slid the magazine under my bed and turned out the light. After a couple of minutes of silence, he said he guessed it was time to pay off the bet he’d lost. I’d forgotten all about it and thought he was joking and said you better open wide just kidding. I couldn’t believe it when I felt his hand slide inside my underwear and wrap around my cock. Being still excited by the girls in the magazine my cock got rock hard again.

Then I feel his weight moving around on the bed and feel him pulling my underwear down. I still thought it was a joke and wondered how far he was going to take it. And him being a couple of years older than me thought it must be ok. I couldn’t believe it when I felt his mouth on my cock and was thinking I should stop him because I wasn’t gay. But it felt so damn good as he sucked & stroked my cock and played with my balls. So I just laid there and let him keep sucking it. When he told me my cock was bigger than the guy who’d taught him to do it’s was I realized this wasn’t his first time sucking cock. And I knew I was big for my age and my sister had even commented on the size of my cock after seeing it. As when my parents weren’t home we both walked around nude in front of each other a lot.

He kept sucking and it didn’t take long for me to cum in his mouth. But he kept licking the shaft and sucking my balls saying he wanted to do it again so it would last longer. And soon I was hard again but this time he wasn’t between my legs he was at an angle with his feet toward the top of the bed. I soon found out why. As he sucked my cock he reached up and took my hand and put it on his cock wrapping my fingers around it. Then as if I’d stroke it a little and then put it in my mouth. I told him no and he said to at least stroke it since he was going to suck me off again. So I started to slowly stroke his cock as he sucked on mine and the harder & faster he sucked the faster I stroked until he exploded with cum all over both of us. And at that, he was taking every bit of my hard cock in his mouth & throat until I shot off in his mouth for a second time.

We cleaned up and went to sleep and neither of us said another word about it. Then a few weeks later we were sleeping in a tent in his back yard and it had gotten late and we knew his parents were asleep and he wanted to go out and look around. Which was something we always did when we stayed outside once we knew the parents were asleep. But he took a route we’d never taken before and we ended up a couple of blocks over in the backyards. And here’s a tent and you saw a flashlight on inside. He tried to act like he was surprised to see this guy he knew out in a tent like we were but I knew he’d planned to go there. But I thought it was cool because we were going to be hanging out with a guy a lot older than us because this guy was nineteen and drove a cool car. We’d only been there a few minutes when he took out a porn magazine a lot hotter than playboy that showed people fucking & girls sucking cock. Then he said here’s another one handing it to me and I open it to find guys sucking each other off and fucking each other in the ass.

I handed it back to him and ask if it had another one with girls? But realized I’d gotten a hard-on seeing the guys sucking cock as it reminded me about Tony sucking my cock. He offered me something to drink and I could recognize the smell of alcohol but took it and just took little sips. I went outside to pee and poured it out. When I came back in David was sitting where Tony had been right beside me. But I didn’t think anything of it until he started showing me pictures of a girl he said he’d taken. She looked to be about fifteen or sixteen and she was stripping out of a cheerleader outfit from our local High School. She ended up nude in all kinds of sexy poses. By now I was rock hard again and I feel David put his hand on my thigh and start moving it up to my crotch. Then he said lets get rid of these and make you comfortable as he tries to pull my shorts down.

I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen but like the night with Tony I just went with it and soon this much older guy was sucking my cock and I look down and Tony was sucking him off. At one point he asked if I wanted to suck Tony off and I said no and he dropped it. But kept sucking my cock and taking my balls in his mouth as well as playing with my ass a lot. Until I filled his mouth with my hot cum. He had shot off in Tony’s mouth already so he leaned over and began to suck Tony’s cock. And it surprised me that my cock was getting hard watching it and I couldn’t resist reaching down and stroking my cock until I shot off using my underwear to catch it. I put my shorts back on and stuck my underwear in my pocket. Over that summer I kept going back to David’s house when he was camping out or in the day when his parents were gone and letting him and a couple of his friends suck my cock.

But he expected something in return and I wouldn’t suck them off so they used a polaroid camera to take pictures of me nude and of them sucking my cock and some that looked like they were fucking me in the ass. And later in the summer, I went over one day after he called me and there was a girl there that looked to be maybe sixteen or seventeen and they took pictures of her while I watched and then took pictures of her sucking me off and of me pretending to fuck her. I know now what they were into but back then I had no idea. But things got back to normal when school started back with the exception that Tony continued to suck my cock every couple of weeks. But he moved the next year and by then I’d started finding girls who’d go down on me. One was my cousin who was 19. And I learned a total slut.

As a grown man I’ve let a few guys suck my cock at my wife’s request while we were into swinging. But never sucked a guy off.

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  • Reply RIC C ID:8zqtrc8m

    I purposely make blow job bets with guys, and intentionally lose the bet.

  • Reply Troy ID:4o81dja43

    Damn I would have sucked Tony’s cock I would have never said no and saying that I wish I had a couple dicks to suck right now if your in Kansas City look me up [email protected]

  • Reply Michael loggins ID:vuf1mt0j

    Make me suck a big dick cum in my mouth

  • Reply Anon ID:vwz7tc41

    You should try it. You might find you like.

  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmkv3

    Man that was hot summer fun! I had an old school friend for almost 40 tears and we would get together usually at least once a year- both married- so secretly, and there never any questions from the first time on- he 3 yrs older and a 9″ curved up cock ,( me 3″ less), and i will take all 9″ all at once, any position he wants me in, because thats the way it was the first time. Sometimes he mite jack me after he shoots in me, or maybe not. I was never going to suck his dick all those years i didnt. In a pickup one night stroking each other he said ‘not tonight’. He sucked on me, then me him, aftr a couple times i just couldnt stop andhe shoved it deep shooting off so i had to swallow! Then he wanted it sucked 2-3 times aweek, no way to stop for a year- heart attack got him. Dont ever suck !