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3 gus 4 loads

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This is about a meet I had with my freind which turned into two separate 3sums. This happened in Somerton, Somerset UK

So my friend who I’ve meet quite a number of times now, messaged me asking if I’m free tomorrow night.
I worked things out at he so just could get away knowing what’s going to happen at his house.

Well he has told me that he has a guy coming over who wants to fuck me aswell, and to get to his about 1900hrs.

I arrive at his house 1830hrs well in advance, I park up at the back of his house he let’s me in and say “your early like always” so I I go and he offers me a drink which I decline. So we head to his bedroom once there we both give our cocks a wash I also wash my arse ( ass for you Americans 😆) I go and sit on his bed where he stands in front of me naked he says ” well we might as well start the other guy shouldn’t be to long getting here now”.

As his cock is now my face hight, and what a nice cock he has not overly girthy but 7 inches long and smooth all over with a hugh set of balls hanging underneath.

I take his cock in my mouth and start to suck it felling it grow as I slide down the sharft taking in as much as I can until I get the gag reflect, I move my head back and forth slowly sucking his lovely cock while cupping his massive nuts. I hold the tip of his cock in my mouth and flick the end with my tongue before going back down to reach my gag reflect.

He then pulls his cock from my mouth and says ” sounds like he’s here I just heard a knock. I’m going to let him in” so I’m siting on his bed with a hard on leaking precum, I scoop the precum up withy fingers and slurp it into my mouth tasting my own cum ( not the first time I’ve done that).

At that point both guys walk into the room my freind tells me to stand up and show my arse, which I do I hear mmmmmmm come from the new guy, I get told to kneel on the bed as my friend wanted to eat my arse out, I kneel on all fours on the bed and he sticks his tongue straight inside my hole getting it ready for the cocks that he about to enter me. My friend stops eating me out and the other guy replaces his tongue, licking me out lick it has favourite icecream.

My freind appears in front of me so I can suck his cock as I take it in my mouth he forces my head down so all 7 inch’s are in my mouth he holds my head there for a couple of seconds, which felt like ages.
To then allow me some air before he starts throat fucking me again.

As thus is going on I feel a finger rubbing my hole behind the new guy is applying lube .I look back and he has a very fat cock not to long only 6inch but just as thick, he lines his cock up against my love hole and starts to push into me and he is pushing I rock back a little to match it easier for me to take him. His cock is streching me causing a little bit of pain, but then pop he hen slides balls deep into me and the pain is gone.

So I’ve now got one cock in my mouth and one in my arse, I getting spit roasted. He then starts to pull his cock out a couple of inches to then ram it back inside me, my freind gets up as he wants to see thus guys bare cock fucking my tight arse.

He now been fucking me for at least 5 minutes and my freind passes me a little blue bottle and he says sniff the poppers.

I take two long hits from the bottle and get an instant head rush and a warm feeling over my whole body, then I becoame extra horny, the bottle is taken off me and I hear someone else take a hit.
I think it’s the guy fucking me because as soon as he takes a hit he really starts ramming it home I reach in between my legs and fondle his balls .
He has is hands on hips using this as leverage to ram his fat cock inside me he then speeds up and says ” I going to CUM ” he let’s out a moan has one last thrust and plants his seed deep into my fuck hole, he takes a couple more thrusts and then pulls his cock out of me, my freind let’s me not to move as he then gets behind me and rams his cock into me, he fucks me hard and deep as he is fucking me, he saying things like ” you love it raw don’t you? You want my seed in you? I’m going to breed you!” He also says “I’m going to get more guys here to fuck you” for me to reply as long as they all fuck me Bare and they all creampie me.

This was to much for him and he then tells me he’s going to cum and here it comes he shoots his load deep in my arse, he pulls out of me asking how I feel about taking two loads? To which I reply horny, I lay on my back wanking my cock while they both choose toys and stick them in me this is to much for me and I cum 6 spurts of thick sounk shoot from my cock the second one lands on my face so I lick it up, mmm my spunk tastes nice.

Once I’ve cum the other guy gets dressed says bye and leaves I clean myself up and head down stairs, where my freind makes me a cup of tea, so we sit and chat and I’m still horny I tell him this and he opens his phone goes online and looks up to see who is about he says “ok I’ve got another freind who can be here in 10 mins if you want fucking again, I say does the bear shit in the woods and laugh.

So we wait and 10min later another knock on the door a slim, well dressed guy walk in and says I’ve only got about 30 min is that OK? That’s not a problem my freind says. So we head up stairs to his room for round 2, the new guy strips seeing as my freind and I only had boxers on we are all naked in no time, I get down to sucking the new dick straight away, it’s a very nice penis 6.5inch long and and ok grith, he’s hard in no time and I get into the doggy position ready to take his raw cock in me he applies lube and slides in me balls deep and starts to fuck me hard and deep, again poppers are given to me I take two hits from the bottle and feel hony as fuck again.

I start to push back making sure he is sliding his whole cock into me and he feels amazing, my freind then tells him that I’ve been seeded twice already tonight, this guy fucking me says that’s fucking awesome and then says shit I’m close, he speeds up taking shorter thrusts then I hear AARRGGHH FFFUUUCCCK K K K K YYYYYYEEEESSSS TAKE IT YOU BITCH. he shoots his load in me a.d says that’s 5 days worth I’ve just seeded you with. He pulls out and I feel cum dribble from my arsehole. My freind then buries his face into my arse lick up the leaking cum, once he thinks he has it all he then shoves his cock back inside me using left over seaman for lube.

He is so horny know he just wants to cum again, he rams his cock into me like he is possessed, I’m now moaning form being fucked so aggressively, I’m loving it and then he go HHHHMMMMMM ARGH and he cums again, saying 4 loads one night I want to do better then that.

He pulls out the trunk to the other guy and says if you available you need to cum back and fuck him again, as you see he takes it raw. He then says if I can arrange for a larger group would you both want to join in? I have freind that would all plant thier seed into you.

The other guys leaves my friend then says let me eat the cum in your arse, so stick my arse in the air and he again eats the leaking goo from my arse.

This make him hard again and he slides into me and says I won’t be able to cum again but I’m going to fuck you anyway.

He fucks me with nice long deep strokes for about 10 mins and says nope can’t cum again, he stand behind me with his cock balls deep in me and says, I’m going to arrange for mor guys to come and fuck you some with very big cock, who will breed you good, and asks if I will come for that say yes I will but they need to deposit hugh loads into me I want to feel their cum driving out of me.

He slides his softening cock from me we have a wash, I get another cup of tea and a biscuit and then need to leave.

I have meet my freind a lot of time before and since then, he in a way pimps me out to his freinds. And I’ve had many a good sessions with him, every time I meet at his house I get fucked bareback and breed from any guy that is there.

I would love to be fucked by 10 guys who all pump there loads in me.

You can find me on fabguys.com nsafunonly!!

Message me on there.

And the videos I have on there is of my freind fucking me

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    I wish I had 8 or more guys to fuck me. Only ever had 3 top guys used my boi pussy and mouth.