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Hide and fuck

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Play time with my 12 yr old cousin turns into fucking session and he takes my 19 yr old cock.

So this incident happened after my last sleepover (read prev story) with him.

This time I went for a sleepover at his house and after dinner his mom dad and me were in living room watching tv and he was laying down with his ass towards me which made me kinda hard and think abt the last time he was sucking me. After a while he got bored and asked me to play hide and seek even though refused at first I did play eventually.

After few rounds it was my time to hide I went to a bedroom and hid. Remember lights every room except living room was turned off so it was easy to hide. After a while he came to the room I was in and checked but didn’t see me. When he came to check for a second time I grabbed him from behind and we fell on the bed but still being playful. At that moment I felt horny and I grabbed his ass and began kissing him he didnt refuse and kept kissing and grabbed my cock.

Then I made him kneel and I pulled my pants down and asked him to suck. At first he played with his tongue and slowly he began taking my cock in. I grabbed his head and slowly started face fucking him. Even though he wasnt an expert he was doing pretty good for a 12 yr old.

After some time I positioned him in doggy and softly fingered. Slowly I tried to insert my cock into his tight boy ass although it was painful at first he started moaning slightly later which made me more horny and I grabbed his waist and slammed his ass onto my cock. He kept moaning until I was done.

After few minutes I couldn’t hold any longer and came in his hole. We got dressed and went back to living room later where his parents were. All this time his parents were watching tv unaware that their son was being used by me as a cumdump.

Hopefully I get to use him more and make him more slutty.

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  • Reply Teenfucker ID:7ylu2ue20c

    My cousin and fool around.. we’ve been caught a couple of times.. my mom knows he sucks me but my aunt has no idea..

  • Reply Wolfe ID:1dc950e9a3gf

    I personally enjoy sucking and little boy cock. And letting them fuck my sissy pussy.

  • Reply Hot ID:1hr6fb9o6i9

    I love to fuck both of you pretty boys

    • dantrev1353 ID:uxj9idzl

      I’d love that

  • Reply scott ID:1djqi9fr8xxu

    I wish you would have a sleep over at my house

    • Hot ID:1hr6fb9o6i9

      Wish you were here now as I love to have you suck me then fuck that tight boy hole of yours

    • dantrev1353 ID:uxj9idzl

      Sure I’m down 😉