Two Performanes Hotle Fun

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I got a job performing in the club at the La Quinta in Portland. I played there every Friday and Saturday night and this was my third week there. The club was an upscale club where not only business men who were staying there, but people from the area would come in for dinner or drinks. There were usually a number of good looking men in my audience and I had flirted with a few and been hit on by a few but nothing had happened. Since it had been weeks and I still hadn’t heard from J.D I figured he had decided to move on. It had been to long since I had been fucked and I was pretty horny, so I decided I would take one of these guys that kept hitting on me up on his offer tonight. I usually dressed up for my show and tonight was no exception. I dressed with seduction in mind….my hair was about waist length and while I was a brunette, I had my hair frosted with lots of blonde highlights…..just the right make up and now to the dress……I had this dress made of black crepe material. The material was very thin so if I wore underclothes you could see them so, no bra and no panties tonight. The dress was like two pc material sewed together with long tails. The long part tied around my neck, halter style and then went down my back and I wrapped the ends around under my breast and tied it in the back. This pushed my breast up but the thin material rubbed over my nipples and they were constantly hard and poking noticeable through the material. The dress also had a slit up the front from the floor up to mid thigh. I sit on a stool. so the dress fell on either side of my crossed legs, so my legs which are long and tanned were total exposed. My guitar was sitting on my thigh and my dress behind it. My breast fits right on top of my guitar with my hard nipple very visible to all. While I sang, a number of people came in and sat down, some waiting for their table in the restaurant some just came in for a drink. I noticed two guys sitting at a table to the right of me had been there awhile, so I started talking to them between songs and when a group close to me were called to the restaurant, they moved closer, in front of and to the left of where I was on the stage. This put them about six ft from my knee and just below the raised stage. Joe and Bennie were staying at the hotel for several days on business and came in for a drink. I chatted with them between songs as with other customers while I was on stage, but they were in perfect position to see up between my legs when I would slowly uncross my legs and re-cross them the other way. I was just adjusting my position…..can I help it they were at the right place and already couldn’t take their eyes off my legs and hard nipples. When I took a break they ask me to sit down and bought me a drink. Joe leaned over and told me I was really beautiful. He said the first time I uncrossed my legs and showed him the beautiful dark curls between my legs he thought his pants were going to split because his cock was so hard. He leaned over and gently kissed my lips and said he wanted me so bad. He asks if there was any chance I would go to his room with him after my show. I said what about Bennie; he said Bennie has his own room, unless I wanted them both. I told him I would think about it. As I got up to go back on stage Bennie said that is not fair………..maybe she want to just go to my room.
Throughout the rest of the show I made sure they both stayed interested with many long lingering looks at my beautiful dark curls, as Joe called them. My nipples were straining against the thin fabric and the rubbing was making them more sensitive than they were already. They both made sure I could see how hard their cocks were through their jeans.
About ½ an hour before the end of my show Bennie got up as I finished a song and leaned over the stage and kissed me lightly on the lips, as one hand rested on my bare thigh and the other on the top of my guitar against my nipple, He said I will see you tomorrow night and he left. So I know Joe is who I was going with tonight.
Joe had drinks and snacks sent to his room, so it was there when we got there. He fixed us a drink and handed me mine, which I immediately took a sip, as I was nervous. I think he sensed my nervousness so he took my drink and took me in his arms and he kissed me long and hot. His hand slid down and was caressing my nipple through my dress. He kept kissing me as he moved my dress aside exposing bare nipple to his fingers……he then lowered his head and took my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently. I could feel my pulse surge between my legs and I felt my knees weaken. I leaned my head back giving him better access as he sucked first one and then the other nipple. My already wet pussy was dripping. Joe raised back up and turned me around and untied the back of my dress and he turned me as he unwrapped it from around me. He said he liked unwrapping presents, as my dress slide down to the ground. I was standing there naked with just my heels on and my dress around my ankles. He leaned down and had me step out of my dress and pushed me to sit on the foot of the bed. He lifted my foot and slipped off first one shoe and then the other. He said scoot up on the bed and put your head on the pillows. I did as I was told and watched as he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. He pulled off his boots and socks and then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans as he slide his jeans and underwear down his cock sprang free. It was hard and thick and standing straight up.
He crawled up the bed and stopped with his face between my legs. He slowly rubbed his face in the wet curls between my legs. He said I have thought of doing this all night…..I can’t wait to taste you and with that he started sucking and licking me. He spread me open with his hands and buried his face into me pushing his tongue up inside me like it was a small cock and then backing off and tonguing my clit until I came. He slid up beside me and kissed be deeply……I could taste my cum on his lips. He took his hands and ran them over my skin and my breast while he was kissing me. Then he took my hand and wrapped it around his hard cock…..my hand would barley close around it. I ran my hands up and down his shaft several times and then I rose up and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He felt smooth and hot and hard as his cock slide down my throat. I felt his balls tighten as I ran my tongue and lips up and down his cock. The head of his cock hitting the back of my throat as his cock stretched my mouth as he slid down my throat. He then lifted me up and flipped me on my back. He got up between my legs and took the head of his cock and rubbed it up and down my slit and then pushed the head slightly in. He moved slowly as he pushed his cock up inside me……..he was thick and I could feel him stretching me as he pushed into me. My pussy muscles stretched to take him and yet still tighten around him to keep him there. Once he was buried deep inside he started to move in and out. He went slowly at first but then faster and faster he rose up over me and slammed into me harder and harder until I came once again. He then buried himself inside me and rolled over. He said that it was my turn to ride him. So I did. I pumped up and down on his cock. Sliding almost all the way out and then taking him all back in. He ran his hand over my skin and breast. He put his hand at the back of my head and pulled me down and kissed me and then licked and sucked my nipples again and again while I am working his cock in and out of my wet swollen pussy. I can feel him starting to take control as he gets closer to Cuming, he puts his hands around my waist and starts pumping up into me as I come down onto him faster and faster until he just grabs me and holds me down on him burring his cock deep inside as he came. I could feel his cock surging and pumping into me and I came again as I collapsed on top of him.
After what seemed like forever we caught our breath, Joe moved my hair and rolled me onto my side with his cock still inside of me. He said can you stay the night? I told him I couldn’t; I had my girls with a babysitter. He said how about tomorrow night? I told him I would see what I could do. Joe said, you know Bennie really wants you too, are you up for both of us tomorrow night? I said I would think about it and let him know when I got to the show tomorrow. He said I don’t know if I want to share you with Bennie. I said I really better get cleaned up and head home. He slid out of me and I got up and got in the shower. When I came out of the bathroom he said I am really not ready for you to go I need to suck on those big nipples one more time. So he took the towel I had wrapped around me and pulled me to stand between his legs as he sat on the foot of the bed. He started licking and flicking my nipple with his tongue as he cupped my butt in his hands. He started rubbing his hand between my legs rubbing my clit. He pulled me to sit on the edge of the bed next to him and pushed me back with my legs hanging off the side of the bed. He got on his knees and started licking my pussy again. He said I just want to fuck you one more time before I let you go. He kept licking and sucking my clit until I came again. He wanted me up on my knees at the edge of the bed, he got between my legs and pushed his once again hard cock against my pussy lips and grabs my waist and pulls me back against him as his cock slides in deeper and deeper. I feel my swollen pussy lips all the way against the base of his cock and then he pulls out and slams back in hard and fast, over and over again. I started Cuming and Cuming as he fucked me hard and fast. I could feel his cock hitting bottom as he went all the way in and out and then he buried himself as deep as he could go and I could feel him Cuming inside me. His cock was pulsing as he pumped cum into me once again.
It was probably an hour later; I got up and got dressed. Joe walked me out to my car and kissed me as I leaned against the car. He once again started rubbing my nipples through my dress. I pushed him back and told him I would see him tomorrow. If I don’t leave now I won’t go.
By Lexi Walker

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  • Reply Westcoast ID:3057xfsfid

    Great story, you still in the Portland area?

  • Reply Big daddy Joe M. ID:1cwt7ok212ns

    Good story do you have more

  • Reply John carson ID:1cwt7ok212ns

    You can do a performances for me great story is it a true story ?

    • Lexi ID:1dyxfkxj13xn

      yes it is