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Amy Tale/s – Hey You? Pt. 3 (It’s Me!)

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I felt I needed to find the wild animal I just let loose in my home, who disappeared while I wasn’t looking.

I saw a girl in a yellow floral midthigh sundress, high heeled sandals, a sunhat and her blonde pretty hair was down and below both shoulders. She was wearing sunglasses looking at clothing in the women’s department shortly before I get off work. I thought to myself, that is Janet. I moved closer, and she had noticed me long before I noticed her, but she was not looking to see, but to be seen. I knew it was Janet, the sunglasses and hat were not enough to fool me. I walked up to the rack, and she feigned like she did not notice, but most definitely noticed me, and she meant it to be understood as such, and I said, Janet, what are you doing?

Janet moved around the rack watching me, but not watching, and she said, I am shopping. I said, is that all, you don’t want to see me? She said, I am just shopping, and she passed by me brushing me with her tight body, but she was ignoring me at the same time. Janet stopped right against me still fiddling on the rack, as close as she could be to me, and as distant as east to west. Janet said, are you NOT busy? I could not move; she was infecting me on a level that was so erogenous with her moves a manner that I was frozen. I wanted to pull her hat and sunglasses off and kiss her right there. I said, not too busy.

Janet said, you are getting off soon, yes? I said, yes, and she just went, hmm, and moved to my other side brushing me with her body again, to play shop some more at the rack. She said, are you going home after work? I said, yes, and she said, excuse me, and she brushed her body against my breasts between me and the rack to move once again to the other side. She reached into her small purse, and she looked at her phone, and it was 4:53pm. She slowly put her phone back, and she said, well, I need to go, and she turned into me with her body again and brushed me and walked slowly away with her sexy gait and to the front, and out the door. I could have collapsed from the anxiety of wanting to touch her.

I was trembling, she was possessing me, she is poison. I was afraid. I wanted her more than anything right now, but I knew I could not give her what she wanted through love. I knew, she would drive me crazy with jealousy if I ever saw her with another. I don’t need this. I prepared to leave work, and I did. I am walking out to my car, and Janet is leaning against it, so sexy with one knee bent over the other at the driver’s door. Never looking at me approaching, but seeing me all the way, as she toyed with her phone. She was constantly seducing me, like when I showed up at her house for our date. She was intoxicating, and she was making me an addict for her.

I said, why are you waiting on me Janet? She said, I need a ride; flipping her finger on her phone screen as she looked at it. I said, how did you get here? She pointed at the car parked next to mine without lifting her head from her phone, and said, I drove my car. I said, why don’t you drive it now? She did not budge from leaning against my door; Janet spoke to me, but not to me, and she said, I need a ride, not, I need to drive. I said, I need to get home, and I moved to open my door, but Janet would not move. She looked up for the first time, and at me through her sunglasses, and said, will you please give me a ride Amy? She said it sexually, and I wanted to ride her alright. I said, where do you want a ride to? Janet said, you need to get home, right? I said, you want a ride to my apartment? She said, that will be fine.

I started walking around, she was driving me crazy. I wanted to ride her off a cliff; but she was so seductive with her eccentricities that she was the most entertainment I had in a long time. She was doing to me what I had been doing to Ethan, Emma, Clair, and Ken. I could not get her out of my head, and I said, okay, get in. I drove to the apartment, and now Janet knows where I live, and work. We went in, and Ken was not there yet. Janet slowly roamed around, not really looking at me, but looking. She eventually entered the master bedroom, and she said, this is your bedroom? I said, yes. Leisurely she strolled in, looked around, rubbing her fingers on things like the bed, and furniture, and she opened and closed some drawers. She found some of my nighties, and she fumbled through them and pulled out a sexy red one. She had taken her sunglasses off when she came in, now she set them, her purse, and the hat on the dresser.

With her back to me, Janet slipped out of her sundress and removed her shoes. She was wearing nothing else. She put my nightie on her (with her back still to me), and me staring at her sexy figure. She draped her dress over a chair. Then she continued her exploration of the bedroom, and closet, and bathroom. I had done nothing but watch her since entering the apartment, like watching a new pet investigating its new home. She said, don’t mind me, do what you need to do. What did I need to do? I needed a cold shower. So, I just took hot shower and put on a black nightie. She had disappeared while I was showering, and she was not in the bedroom anymore. I felt I needed to find the wild animal I just let loose in my home, who disappeared while I wasn’t looking.

I found Janet in the kitchen eating some strawberries and drinking a wine cooler. I noticed some of my red toenail polish, polish remover, and cotton balls on the counter, how did that get there? Her toenails were painted yellow. She put the strawberries back in the refrigerator, and she picked up the nail products, and went into the living room with them and her wine cooler. I was a little hungry, so I ate something, and she began redoing her toenails. I finished, and had a wine cooler too, and went in the living room and sat down on the couch with her, but not next to her.

I watched as Janet painted her toenails…red like mine, and she removed her fingernail polish which was yellow too. I do not paint my fingernails, and she was making me nervous with her obsession. She returned the nail products to the bathroom and discarded the used cotton balls and sat back down on the couch and drank some of her wine cooler. She did not say a word.

Ken came in, and I snapped out of my trance, and said, hey…hey, this is my friend Janet, and this is my boyfriend Ken. Janet stood, shook his fingers basically, and then she sat back down right up against me with her opposite knee in my lap, and her arm around my neck, and she said, I am Amy’s friend Janet. Ken was laughing, and he said, okay! He immediately went and set his bag down, and walked into the kitchen and snacked on something, and went and took a shower.

Ken came back in shorts and a t-shirt, and he said, I guess you don’t want to go out to eat, do you want me to order some take out? I said, yes? He said, Japanese? I said, yes, and I asked Janet, do you need me to look up the menu? Janet said, just get me what you get. Ken said, I will make the call. Ken turned the TV on to sports news, and now Janet was watching me continually, where she was constantly avoiding direct stares before. Ken messed with his phone, listening more than watching the TV, but he never tried to engage us in a conversation. Twenty minutes passed and the food arrived.

Ken answered the door, and came back and said, I will just put it on the table. I moved to get up and Janet got up to and we walked to the kitchen table as she held me. Ken said, plates, or just out of the box? I said, plates, and Ken took care of all that. Janet sat in a chair staring at me with one knee up, and she even ate slow and erotic. I got some tea, and asked Janet if she wanted some, and she just nodded her head, yes. Ken finished, and said, that hit the spot, grabbed a beer, and went in the living room, sent a text, and turned his game console on, and his phone rang. It was Greg, Ken said, give me a minute, and he put some headphones on and hung up his phone. They were playing a game.

I finished eating, and I asked Janet if she was done, and she nodded, yes. I put the stuff away, and I walked into the living room. Ken removed his headphones and said, is Janet spending the night? I said, I guess. Janet walked up beside me and was leaning up against me and holding me with her outside leg bent across in front of me, and she said, can I use the master bedroom? Ken laughed, and said, sleep wherever you want, I have plenty of beds I can sleep in, and he put his headphones back on and turned away.

I went to the bedroom, and Janet held me as I walked. We entered, and I shut the door, and she immediately opened it all the way back up. I went and brushed my teeth, and she used my toothbrush for hers, and we used the mouthwash. I climbed in the bed around 7pm and Janet snuggled up in the bed against me and I turned the TV on. Janet took the remote, and she turned the TV off. I was sitting up and she gently moved me down flat. Janet straddled me and leaned over, and she moved my hair around, and behind my ears, and she lightly rubbed my ear lobes, and she leaned down and kissed them. I do not wear earrings or necklaces, and no ring since my separation, and Janet was not wearing any jewelry either (is she copying me)?

I just closed my eyes and absorbed her attention. Janet kissed my neck, and softly on my lips. She rubbed her body down mine until her head reached my bare thighs below my nightie, and she kissed both thighs, and she moved back and forth downward. She reached my feet, and she rubbed and massaged my feet and kissed my toes. She kindly rolled me over, and she kissed the back of my legs, and paid close attention behind my knees (which I really like). She spread my legs apart, kissing inside, and all over; she began to slowly move my nightie up as she kissed. My butt was exposed, and she kissed, and she rubbed it so tenderly. She moved my nightie more as I lifted until my back was exposed, and she rubbed, and massaged, and kissed.

Janet eventually got my nightie off (and hers), and she massaged my shoulders and lay on me with her breasts against my back and rubbed down my sides, butt, and thighs with her hands. She turned me over, and I had enough, and I reached up and grabbed her, and I got physical, kissing, and she got wild, kissing, and we went animal on each other’s breasts, and grabbing each other’s ass, and we tried to force our way into the other’s body. We turned on our sides head to tail, and we began licking each other’s pussy. She was soaked, I was soaked, we felt so good, that we virtual orgasmed at the same time. We could not stop, so we continued softly licking and kissing each other’s pussy until we calmed down.

Janet turned and we were face to face. She pulled the blanket back, and we got under, and she curled up against me and on me, and she said, I just want to hold you now, love me some more. I squeezed her tight and closed my eyes. We gently stroked and rubbed and fell asleep. It was a little after 9pm before we fell asleep, and we awoke in the night and played some more. I got up in the morning real early and showered, and she came in there too. It was a long shower. We ate breakfast, and I got ready for work. Ken came and went among us, but he did not bother us. I drove to work with Janet, and she got in her car and left. I will share more about Janet, but it is more romantic than anything else I have encountered.

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  • Reply Pirripp ID:2wcnr0tv99

    Hello! Like this story (memory?), more romantic but still a great read. You paint a really graphic picture & make my imagination work overtime! Do you have any experience with female ejaculation?

    • Maxdefault ID:7n7gnbid9i

      Squirting was new to me four and a half years ago (and I believe you have only read one tale where I squirted so far, and that was my first time). When I squirt, it is clearer than urine, so I know that when I orgasm and squirt, it has a mixture of ejaculation in it. I have never just solely ejaculated and only expelled a white semen like product if that is what you are asking. I know that when I squirt it is not all that salty and it is sweeter, and much lighter (Carla told me that when she caused me to squirt, but you have not been introduced to her yet). What works best for me is my “G” spot vibrator. I don’t try to necessarily squirt, because to be honest, it is only slightly better than a regular orgasm, and there is the mess. On occasions when I do squirt, I could have prevented it, but I was just so excited that I let it happen, and it does provide a small amount of additional tremors in my lower portions, and it excites the hell out of the person who brought you to orgasm. And yes, my tales so far are from memory and a little more colorful than what probably occurred.