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The intruder

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Big Plot Twist like bug fucking plot twist

Mariah got ready for bed she took her bra off letting her c cup boobs bounce while she took off her panties she sat down on her bed letting her bath fill up.

Her cunt was shaved all except for the small patch of thick hair above her pink little cunt.

Once her bath filled up she got in taking her time washing up and relaxing before getting out putting on a pair of lace panties and a t shirt she shut of the lights in her house unaware that her front door was unlocked.

She fell asleep with the covers over her she didn’t hear the man opening her door closing it and locking it.

He took his time grabbing anything valuable until he saw her he sat the bag down taking off his mask letting his curly hair flop around.

He took the gloves off and sat on her arm chair Watching her for a few minutes before he took his shoes and socks off and his shirt and pants.

He eased into her bed getting behind her pulling her in his arms sniffing her hair she replied by moving back on him.

His 8 inch cock was restrained from pushing between her ass cheeks bye his boxers he smirked “this is going to be easy” he slipped out grabbing the scissors of her desk.

He took his time flipping her on her back cutting the shirt off watching her boobs shine in the moonlight.

He sat the scissors down pulling her panties off smelling them grunting she was wet he took a lick at the line of her arousal moaning at her taste lowly.

He pulled his boxers of grabbing his gun setting it on the nightstand he leaned down kissing her it didn’t take long for her to sleepily kiss back then 15 minutes later realise she didn’t have a bf.

She didn’t scream seeing the guns ND being amazed by the handsome man between her legs she felt his stuff long cock on her thigh.

“What do you want you can take everything please don’t hurt me” she whimpered as he caressed her cheek.

“I’m not gonna hurt you baby I just wanna make love” she moaned softly biting her lip feeling his thumb rub her clit in figure 8s.

She pulling his head down and moaned in his ear not only was her pinching her clit he was slowly fingering her.

She hadn’t had sex since her ex…that was 3 years ago “okay I’ll let you fuck me but you have out my stuff back” she whimpered when he slid down coming face to face with her cunt.

He begin sucking and licking while rubbing her clit his hair got messy her hands pulled and rubbing at his.

She was a moaning mess and he was enjoying her moan he added three fingers moving to her clit sucking on the nub.

Her eyes rolled back “I’m cumming” she came all over his fingers he sat up sucking them before leaning down shoving his fingers in her mouth she stared into her eyes sucking and throating them.

He sat hit spitting on her pussy making her shiver as he used his mushroom tip to spread it before pushing in.

Her nails dug into his back as he pushed in and out her grunting so tight over and over she moaned biting his shoulder once he was all the way in his too was inside her womb she felt it.

He slammed into her her whimpers and his hard breathing was quiet due to the sloshing and his balls smacking against her ass.

He switched the positions fucking her From the back he had her in a choke hold deeper then ever.

She came twice before riding him and right after he filled her womb up with his seed in that moment she realized it was her brother.

His floppy blonde curly hair she g
Hopped off before he held her down.

“Ive wanted you for all long lil sis can you feel my swimmer attacking your egg your mine now”

She couldn’t move as he put a pillow under her he was making sure she got pregnant he out everything back she didnt move she was shocked and weirdly happy.

Y’all liked it or what I’m still taking request by the way

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