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Thank Heaven for Little Girl’s:

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I had a similar situation to the guy that posted about his teenage girlfriend’s little sister. It happened right after I first graduated from HS and enrolled at the local community college nearby. I lived with my just turned 18 year old girlfriend in an apartment that we rented together. Almost every weekend and occasionally weekdays during the summer Christie would spend the night with us. Christie was Janice’s 12 year old little sister and boy was she cute. She was the smartest, best athlete, most popular girl in her class and was destined to become a Miss America or a movie star. I’m afraid that my situation wasn’t nearly as long lasting or as exciting as some of the other poster but Christie did give me some fantastic erotic times that I will remember for the rest of my life. Teenage girls at that age have their hormones raging and both of us have are hormones overflowing and we are up for a love making session pretty much at the drop of a hat and certainly every night and all day too. Janice and I were coupling like crazy rabbits but I was still very aware that I could hear, feel, and smell Christie masturbating beside us in our bed. I felt a little inhibited but Janice seemed to think that it was good for her sister to see what a good teenage love affair was really like and that watching us would help prepare her for the future. I told Janice that Christie was jilling off while we went at it and discovered that she was fully aware of what her sister was doing. I suppose that one female can always smell another female, and our bedroom was filled with the smell of sex so of course Janice knew that her little sister was frigging herself while we had our sex. Then one night as I was grunting over and pistoning into my girlfriend I glanced over and saw Christie watching us with a smirk and far away look on her face and she had her legs spread wide apart with her right leg looped over the top of my right leg. As she looked over at us I sensed that her breathing had become ragged and I could see that her little hand was down into her Wonder Woman panties and she was frigging herself like there was no tommorow. It kind of freaked me out to see this little girl in her heat and the throes of another climax. Then I thought what the hell and I started stroking my hand up and down the tender flesh of her inner thighs. Although I was trying not to miss a beat with my girlfriend I was still able to reach up and pull Christie’s panties down and off. I watched as she continued frigging herself and I licked my fingers and went right to her little rosebud and flicked her nub over and over again and Christie tried to hump against my hand. Janice whispered in my ear, “don’t hurt her, be really gentle with her” and I took that as her OK to continue with getting her off. We both rolled over and continued to watch young Christie in the throes of passion. I slid my fingers along her inner lip’s and circled around and around the entrance to her vigina quickly dipping a finger into her virgin hole. I scooted over closer to her and curled my legs under her leg which gave me complete access slick puffy pussy opening. Her fragrance was almost overwhelming and my dick was like an iron rod as I inhaled the womanly aroma of her sex. I brought my other hand up to my mouth and loaded my fingers with a healthy amount of senior season saliva then I parted her lip’s with two fingers while my thumb rested right on the nub of her clitoris and I massaged back and forth as she humped her pelvis forward into my invading hand. I used all the lubrication and circled my fingers around and along her viginal walls. I turned my head, planted a kiss on Janice’s lips and ask her if I had her approval to finger bang her little sister? She nodded and whispered, “I gave you my virginity but I’m not giving you her virginity”. This time I replied that I would be very gentle with her and by the way, you must be the greatest girlfriend in the world! I got down to some serious finger banging action on Christie with a quick in and out motion with a push down on her clit in each cycle. Janice reached over and guided Christie’s hand onto my hard-on and showed her how to stroke me up and down along the length of my shaft. She started breathing harder and faster until she was literally panting like a bitch in heat as I pushed two fingers as deep as they would go into her virgin cunt. I watched as Christie screwed her eyes closed, sucked in a breath and bucked her hips, once twice, three times. She moaned and croaked out an “oh God, oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, yes, yes, yes, make me cum, yes make me cum, oh fuck me, please fuck me, oh God fuck me, please fuck me hard, oh baby make me cum”! Her viginal muscles spasmed and she absolutely flooded my hands with her pussy juices. I thought at first that her bladder had let loose but by the smell and taste what I was dealing with was 100% prime girl cum, pussy juice. I lifted her legs and moved myself in-between her spread thighs which gave me a close up of the peach and pink inner folds of her womanhood. My head was spinning with the scent of her pheromones and I listened to Christie’s breathing begin to slow and return to normal rhythm.
We all slept really soundly that night completely dead to the world and I thought that I had probably just had the most erotic night of my life or so I thought at that time.
About a week later I discovered that it wasn’t going to last as my most exciting erotic night. Out of the blue Janice explained that Christie and her had decided that since Christie wanted to know what oral sex felt like and seeing as how I was the safest (and only) man around they wanted me to show her what it was like. I do pride myself on my oral skills and I have never had any complaints, but I’ve had many, many repeat customers. We migrated into the bedroom and proceeded to remove each other’s clothing as sensuously as possible. With each new article of clothing removed there would be kisses and licks all over the newly exposed flesh. After we all got completely naked we jumped into the shower and washed each other with soap and warm water paying the most attention to everyones genitals. Just the sight of Christie lathering my dick and balls while Janice worked the soap up into my rectum almost made me want to stay right there for the rest of the evening. We dryed each other off and then we all climbed into our queen size bed. At first I had Christie lay on her back with mass of pillows fluffed up behind her. I very gently spread her legs as wide apart as was comfortable for her. I could see that she was already incredibly wet and lubricated with her juices and her cunt lips were all rose and peach colored and all puffy. Before I started in on Christie I asked them both if they were certain that they wanted me to continue with the muff diving? First off I bent down and spread her labia lips wide and gently blew on her exposed clit as she shook, quivered, and sucked in her breath.
I licked and licked, nibbled and sucked all along her clitoris flicking her nub with my tongue until she was completely hot and bothered. Then I got on my back and had her straddle my head and sit down on my face. I continued for about 30 minutes to give her her first cunnilingus lesson and held her through at least a half dozen orgasms. I could of continued to lick Christie’s not quite hairless slit forever and a day. She had a light almost tangy citrus flavor to her juices and the scent of her pussy was overwhelming pleasant with enough pheromones to make my dick stand straight up for the next week. The taste and smell of her anus was totally pleasant but it carried the lingering flavor of Dove bath soap and she really started squirming when I stuck my tongue up her rectum and ate her ass out. Janice had been sucking on her nipples and giving her butterfly kisses up and down her neck and ears. I think that Christie just kind of blacked out from sensory overload and lost all sense of time and space. After several minutes she came back down to earth and regained a normal breathing pattern. After a few more minutes her face had a Mona Lisa smile and she had that fresh fucked glow about her but finally seemed to be able to focus her eyes again. She looked totally exhausted and totally spent but I reminded the girls about the other part of oral sex, the giving part, and I was ready for a blow job from this nymph. Janice showed Christie exactly what to do and exactly where to do it. I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long at all but I was determined to try and I had promised to warn them before I climaxed in Christie’s mouth. She wasn’t nearly as good as Janice but it was sexy as hell anyway and I wished that I could last forever with the sight of her head bobbing up and down on my dick. After no more than 10 minutes I warned her that I was about to explode but Christie just pulled her lips tighter around my shaft. Janice wormed her index finger up my butt and slid her finger into my bowels with rapid in and out motions, and that was all I could take. I arched my back and curled my toes, I croaked out a horse “oh God, Christie I’m going to cum on your tongue”. I sucked in my breath, my body jerked twice and I exploded with spurt after spurt, jet after jet of hot salty cum. Like a trooper Christie let me climax in her mouth and on her tongue. She kept everything in her mouth as long as she could but I think that she started to turn green and Janice quickly handed her several tissues to spit my semen into. After a minute I pulled Christie down to me and gave her a passionate kiss until I heard a “hurumph, cough, cough” coming from Janice. Apparently it’s just dandy to have Christie’s sex organs in my mouth but giving her a kiss is too much! Christie can be sucking up and down on my dick and that perfectly alright, but heaven forbid that our lips should touch!
We never repeated any other kind of sex acts together but I’d like to think that I gave Christie a night that she will remember for the rest of her life.
Girlfriend’s are strange creatures, but this was definitely the most erotic night of my entire life and I still use it for fantasies to get me off.

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