Divorced mom having sex with her son

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I’m a 41 year old divorced mom. We struggle to get by but manage to keep the bills paid. I’ve only been on a few dates since the divorce 6 years ago.
Several months ago, I went in to my son’s room to give him his laundry to put away and walked in on him masturbating. I wasn’t thinking and just stopped and stared at his dick. He covered up, but I asked him to let my watch him finish. He started to pull the sheet off then said, ok but only if I can see your boobs. I sat on his bed and took my shirt and bra off and watched him stroke his 14 year old dick. I saw him getting close to cumming and got excited. I hadn’t seen a real dick (not porn) in a while. I moved to the floor and told him to cum on my boobs. He turned to me and shot a warm thick load all over my boobs. I thanked him and leaned down and gave his dick a kiss.
Several days later we were watching tv together after dinner and I asked him, “remember the other day in your room? That wasn’t too awkward, was it? Are you ok? Are we ok?” He said everything was good and told me he got off to the memory of it the next day. I smiled and told him I’d like to do it again and maybe this time I’d use my mouth on him. He just stared at me and nodded. I said let me show you. I took off my shirt and bra again, moved to the floor in front of him, undid his pants, and proceeded to suck his dick until he came all over my boobs again. This continued about once a week till one day while I was giving him head he asked if he could see my panties. I was so horny that I didn’t realize he wanted to see me wearing them. I stood up, took off my shorts and panties and handed them to him. Then without missing a beat I just climb on his lap and slid his dick right inside my pussy. I rode and fucked him hard and good till we both came and he filled my pussy.
Since then he and I have sex about twice a week and we fuck like 18 year old newlyweds.

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  • Bra ali south africa

    Ok but the story is too short.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the first time I had sex with my mother.

  • Anonymous

    I deliberately let my mom catch me wanking with her panties and we had the best sex ever , she kept saying this is so wrong but it feels so good as she rode my hard cock , I\’m 19 she\’s 38 , and now we fuck a couple of times a week and she leaves her worn panties in my room for me to wank with .

    • peterAU

      awesome, lucky man

  • incest lover.

    This story reminds me of the time my mom caught me.

  • Mike7777

    You\’re a great mom.

  • gonny

    A good story, but I think was a little short.

  • Sonny

    Ema ja poja vaheline armastus on imeline ja seks ema ja poja vahel on kõige kirglikum elus.