We used condoms but they Burst while we were doing it

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Or they burst when she was putting it on using her fingers with her long fingernails

I had met this girl and while we were kissing touching each other up she pulled away asking me if we could use a condom I’m saying yeah that’s fine,
She’s away to get her handbag and getting a condom out of the pocket in her bag,
She’s looking at me saying get it out then I’m undoing my jeans and boxers and she’s leaning over wanking me off I’m getting hard in her hand she’s put the condom on my cock,
She’s lying down on the sofa saying fuck me then I’m on top of her fucking her
Oh god it felt really good fucking her I hadn’t done it for over 6 months I’ve not came since then,
It started feeling really wet inside her as I was fucking her I didn’t think anything else about it,
I’m really fucking her looking at her as she was biting her lip making moaning noises really loudly,.
It felt great then I couldn’t stop it from happening I’m coming inside her I thought I was never going to stop coming it felt so intense coming inside her I’m just lying on her with my cock still up inside her, then I pulled it out and im looking at it, its burst there was a hole on the top of it im putting it into a hankie,
I didn’t say anything about it I didn’t know how to, five minutes later she was asking me to fuck her again asking if she could put another condom on me,
Her fingernails were so long I’m lying on top of her again I’ve got it up inside her
Just pushing it up and down it feels so good
She’s asked me to get harder I’m going as hard as I can fucking her
I’ve came again inside her that condom was burst a hole at the top ,
It must be her fingernails if not what then
I put it in another hankie
She’s lying there saying she really enjoyed it asking me if I was wanting to use the last condom on her I’m saying yeah
Once again she’s pulling it on with her fingers using her long fingernails she’s drunk
I’m lying on top of her again
I’ve got her legs back up next to her head this time as I’m fucking her
She’s telling me not to stop as she’s coming she’s not kidding it was pouring out of her as I’m fucking her her fanny was squelching now as I’m fucking her it was absolutely soaking wet on my legs under her bum we were both soaking wet with her come
I eventually cum inside her I’ve pulled it out of her a other burst condom,
I’ve taken it off and put it in a hankie
She’s saying that’s it no more condoms
I’m asking her if she could give me a blowjob she was more than happy to do it for me,
Even without a condom,
Yeah she swallows it,
I never told her about the condoms,
I should have but I didn’t it was wrong but I was enjoying myself to much with her,
I meet her months later let’s just say her stomach was big and she was pregnant
She’s saying that she doesn’t know how it happened as we used condoms,
I told her that I thought I noticed one was burst but it was full of my cum like the other ones we used,
She’s saying that it’s ok she’s wanting to have a baby she’s saying maybe it was her fingernails at the time, yeah it could have been that ín the way you were putting it on with your fingers,
She’s saying that I’m the only one who she has had sex with at the time, nobody else but me,
I’m asking her if I can be a part of her life if she’s pregnant with my kid I would like to help you be with you,
She’s saying ok so I’m your pregnant girlfriend then, yeah you

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  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    This girl definitely knew that the condoms were broken She did it with her fingernails and she knew that you were going to cum in her

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    Lacks details, but good the she got bred