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Tommy and the little girl

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Tommy grabbed her ponytail and pulled her into the car

Tommy was sat at home one afternoon feeling horny as fuck and wanting to do something naughty to satisfy himself somehow. He thought he’d have a drive around and admire the schoolgirls that he knew would be shortly leaving school.

He threw on his t shirt and shorts before driving off in his car. He loitered around the local primary school and waited for the kids to come out. A line of parents waited outside and collected their kids on the way out. Tommy admired some of the cute little girls as he played with his cock whilst watching them.

After all the parents had got their kids and left Tommy was about to drive off when he spotted a little schoolgirl leaving the school grounds alone. Tommy watched her as she walked along the road and turned onto a back street.
Tommy thought she looked cute as fuck in her little blue dress with white socks and little black shoes. Her long blonde hair was tied in a ponytail that bounced as she walked. She looked to be about 10 years old but had cute little well formed legs for her age.

Tommy was getting hornier by the minute imagining her in her little knickers and wanted to get his hands on the cock teasing little cunt. He started his car and drove slowly behind her until she reached a patch of deserted waste ground.
Tommy stopped the car alongside her and opened the passenger door getting her attention. The little girl stopped and looked at him curiously as he asked her some made up directions.

The little girl leant forwards into the open door and Tommy grabbed her ponytail dragging her into the car. She screamed as Tommy deadlocked the car doors and sped off. She started crying as Tommy shouted at her to shut her fucking mouth and be quiet.
She sat on the passenger seat with her head down and tears ran down her pretty little face as Tommy looked for somewhere quiet to take her. As he drove around he told her to open her fucking legs so he could touch her which she did as he was scaring her.

Tommy lifted her pretty dress to see her white knickers and put his left hand between her little legs. He could feel her little cunt through her panties and he began squeezing it hard making his cock grow under his shorts.
The little girl was still crying as she watched Tommy rub and squeeze her cunt and wished he would stop. They stopped for the traffic lights and she tried opening the door but it was locked. Tommy checked that no one was around before pulling his shorts down to his knees revealing his big hard cock and his large balls.

He grabbed her ponytail and forced her head down onto his lap and made her lick his balls with her little tongue. As the lights changed he let go of her and pulled his shorts back up before continuing to drive.
He turned onto a dirt road that was once a railway track that led to a long dark arched bridge. He stopped the car under the bridge and turned off the engine. He removed his shorts and grabbed the girl’s hair once more pulling her towards him and began kissing her harshly on her cute mouth.

Tommy grabbed her little cunt again squeezing it hard as he poked his tongue around inside her mouth. He pulled her head backwards by her hair and called her a filthy little slut and spit on her face and then spit in her mouth.
Tommy forced her head down towards his lap again and pushed the head of his hard cock inside her mouth as she gagged and cried. He held her ponytail using it to force her head down onto his cock feeling her warm tongue touching it’s tip.

Tommy pulled her head away and picked her up throwing her onto the back seat. He climbed in the back himself and forced her to lay down on her front. He lifted her blue dress and ripped her knickers off throwing them on the floor.
He admired her gorgeous little arse before spreading her soft bum cheeks and spitting onto her tiny arsehole. Tommy lifted her up by her waist so she was on her knees showing her juicy little cunt and arsehole together.
He started licking and eating her arsehole spitting on it and letting it run down onto her cunt. He used his thumb to rub her tiny pussy before pushing it between her cunt lips and up inside of her. The little girl screamed as Tommy worked his thumb inside her whilst eating away at her arsehole.

Tommy pulled his thumb out of her cunt and turned her over onto her back. He spread her legs and lifted them placing the tip of his cock against her slippery cunt and then forced his hard fat cock into her. She screamed and cried even more as Tommy fucked her hard.
He pulled out of her destroyed pussy and dribbled spit all over his cock before ramming it deep inside her stretched arsehole making her scream louder but nobody was around to hear her. Tommy shot his hot load of come deep inside her before pulling his cock from her fucked bum hole.

He let go of her legs and pulled her head up by her hair forcing his dirty cock into her mouth. He made her suck and lick it clean before pulling out of her dropping her head back down onto the seat.
He watched his load of come ooze from her dirty arsehole as he pulled his shorts back on and then climbed back into the front of the car. He drove back to the patch of wasteland and let the fucked little girl out of the car before driving away.
Tommy guessed the little slut never told anyone about what had happened as he never heard anymore about it so considered looking for another little slut at some point in the future

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    He should of raped her vagina bloody and destroy it

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    It’s important for a man like Tommy to satisfy his urges and raping a little screaming cunt is the best way to do it! Perfect story!

    • Tittlemouse ID:19fyzab2lcbr

      Thank you

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    Love it took me back to my teenage years. Had both my preteen sisters and 2 stranger preteens and I wanted some one different got an.old lady with big tits next door. If there someone you want email at [email protected]

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      Great, thanks

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    It sucked

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      Wasn’t my best story agreed

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    😋😜🤗 loved every word of it so hot

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    More that was hot and deviant and I loved it

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