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It’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older: Part 7

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Donna & I have unfinished business and Stacy brings me gifts.

Donna’s boyfriend had been pestering her for oral sex so she asked me to teach her about it and it turned out that she was a very quick learner!
She had just given me the greatest blow job of my life in the shower and now I was carrying her to her bed, to return the favour, like a good brother should.

We were both still nake dripping wet but it was a warm May evening and neither of us cared.
I laid my little sister on the bed and stood over her – my hard cock pointing at her glistening naked body like an arrow sighting a target.

I climbed onto the bed, kneeling between her feet and ran my hands up her thighs towards her fanny (that’s was us Brits called a pussy in the 1980’s). I leant in, ready to ease her legs apart and lick her virgin sex into a frenzy of orgasmic delight…

“No, Dan, stop, wait!”
That was unexpected! It seemed that Donna was having second thoughts.

“What? I thought you wanted me to show you.”

She sighed, struggling to find her words, “Yes, but, well, I don’t want you to… er… could you do it with your eyes closed.”


“Well you’ve never seen me there before and … well I’m shy….and it’s private isn’t it?”

“But we’ve just been in the shower together…”

“Yes but… that was different wasn’t it? You were standing up and I was down on my knees and you… you didn’t have your face in my fanny, did you?”

“Well it’s up to you. We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but I can’t lick you out properly if I can’t see you, can I?”

“Oh,” she bit her lip thoughtfully, “Could you just close one eye then?”

I laughed at her suggestion. “There’s no need to be shy, you silly thing.”
I chuckled, tickling her to break the mood. Within seconds, we were tumbling, tuslling and tossing around the mattress together.

Donna squealed as I tickled her on the ribs, her armpits and her bum.
Her titties bounced and her legs kicked wildly. Out of control, her limbs thrashing around as she tried to escape my playful torture. Any attempt to preserve her modesty was rendered futile as she revealed herself from every angle, overwhelmed by my childish assault.

She surrendered herself to me, lying on her back, exhausted and panting for breath.
I knelt between her feet, with one hand on each of her knees, pinning them wide apart, my eyes taking in the view, laid out before me.

It was a wonderful sight.
One I had never seen before.
My little sister totally bared.
In a state of full frontal nudity.
Illicit, erotic.
Something no brother should see, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

Her smooth bare legs converged, at her lightly thatched, slightly moist, previously unseen fanny.
Beyond that her flat stomach led to the swell of her, still growing, breasts.
Rising and falling as she tried to regain her breath.
They were crowned with long nipples, hardened by the exhilaration of our naked tussle.
Eventually, my gaze moved up to her pretty face. Her cheeks flushed. Her expression filled with excitement, anticipation and trepidation.

“Well,” I said, “There’s no need to be shy now, is there? I’ve seen everything!”

“That wasn’t fair.” she protested, without conviction. “You big meanie!” She swung a token punch in my direction.

“Maybe not, but you don’t need to be shy. You’re beautiful, from head to toe.” (A corny thing to say, but I knew it was what she wanted to hear and it was kinda true).
“Now do you want me to give you the best feelings of your life, or not?”

“I suppose so.” she sighed.

“You suppose so?” I tickled her again.
“Are you sure. Ask me nicely.”

She squealed again.
“Stop, stop. I give in!
Okay Dan. Please do oral sex on my fanny and make me feel better than I ever have before.”
She spoke in flat, bored tones, as though she didn’t believe me, but she was going to let me do it anyway.

It was time to make good on my promise.
I ran my tongue up the inside of her left thigh, then lay it flat against her virgin slit, licking from bottom to top.

“Oh-oh,” Donna responded to the surprising and delightful new sensations spreading across her snatch.

I licked it again.
She squirmed, but I abandoned it.
Leaving her begging for more.
No one had ever touched her there before. A few minutes ago she didn’t even want me to see it, but now she craved for my caress.

However, her tits were too good to ignore and I knew we both loved it when I played with them, so I wasn’t going to leave them out of our games.

I pawed them both, squeezing and fondling. Teasing and tweaking the nippples. Kissing valley of her cleavage, before taking one of the marshmellow mounds into my mouth and allowing a hand to venture south.

We were both silent – my mouth was full! And Donna was enraptured my by the intimate sensuality on of moment. However the moans, sighs, and subtle movements of her body told me everything I needed to know.

With one of my hands squeezing and teasing her tit, the other one stroking and probing the sex and my mouth suckling her breast, she was awash with unbelievable new pleasures…. and there were more to come.

I put my head between her legs, lapping at her pussy once more. Licking her slit, as I had done earlier, but flicking my tongue between those lips and folds discovering her most secret places.

Donna gave herself to me, writhing and moaning in ecstasy. She continued to ride the waves of sexual bliss as I withdrew my tongue and slipped my fingers inside her warm wet fanny.
My tongue traced its way tantalisingly up her slit towards her clitoris, introducing her most sensitive nub to a myriad of oral delights. Blowing gently, teasing, tasting and tickling with the tip of my tongue before finally sucking her gently to climax. Her fanny clamped my fingers as though it wanted to keep them there forever.

“Oooh, fuck! Oh my god! Shit shit shit!” A torrent of foul language spewed out of sister’s mouth.
“Bloody hell, Dan! I thought you were just bullshitting, but you were right. That was the best thing ever.
We’ll have to do that again sometime.

“I thought you had a boyfriend.” I teased.

“I don’t care. Sean will never make me feel like that!

I gave her a light swat across the arse.

“Ouch!” She looked at me quizzically.

“That will teach you to doubt my word.”

“Oooh it might.” She was teasing me.

And this will teach you to interrupt my revision.”
She gave her another, leaving a handprint and making her bum jiggle like jelly.

“Oh!” She giggled delightfully, “I can see that I’ll have to watch my behaviour in future!”
She kissed my cheek,
“Thanks for everything.”

She gathered up her clothes, but remained naked, wiggling her freshly spanked bottom as she left.


It was the day after my tryst with Donna when my older sister Stacy came to my room. Actually it was hardly “the day” at all – it was late at night when she stumbled into my bedroom, smelling of cigarettes and waking me from my slumber.

“Dan, Dan, are you awake?”
I thought her voice sounded a bit slurred, but it might have just been because I was tired.

“Yeah,” I yawned, “I am now.
What do you want?”

She chuckled, “Sex.”

Don’t be daft. Go to bed. Goodnight.”

“What do mean, daft. Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“We can’t, can we. We’re brother and sister.”

“Ha, but we’re not, are we?
Remember what you said, that time when I stripped for you?
We’re STEP brother and STEP sister.”

“Yeah, I know.” I was too drowsy to say anything else.

“Yeah,” she pulled off her top. “So you aren’t really my brother and I’m not really your sister,” she continued to undress. “And you’ve got a lovely cock and I’m feeling horny as hell.”
She slipped off her knickers and clambered into bed beside me. “So let’s get in with it and shag eachother senseless.”

She stuck her hand into my pyjamas and grabbed my cock – “lovely” or not – it was hard as iron and ready for action.

Stacy lay on her back and spread her legs for me. “Come on. You know what to do!”

I had no choice.
There didn’t seem to be any need for foreplay – she wanted it there and then!
I shucked off my pyjama bottoms and took a position above my step sister.

“Come on Dan. Give it to me good.”

It wasn’t the most romantic invitation. Nevertheless, the moment had come. I had to do my duty. I stabbed about in the dark, trying to locate and penetrate her fanny.

“Oh for God’s sake, let me help.” She grabbed my cock impatiently and guided it to her hole.

I pushed forward.
It entered her with ease sliding along her channel, in the way it was designed to.

“Yeah, that’s right, little brother. Shove it right inside me.”

It took me a moment to find my rhythm but once had it, I felt great.
I was doing IT and IT felt great.
I was fucking a girl.
Fucking her in her fanny with my cock.
And it was easy.
This is what grown ups did.
What men did.
And I was a man now!

I pumped into her and she responded. Her hips rising to meet mine and her sighs encouraging me in my manly quest.

It was my first time and I was young, so I was never going to last long and I hit my peak in a matter of minutes, squirting my stuff deep into my sister’s fanny.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it, fill my cunt with your spunk.” she urged me on, until my balls were spent and cock was floppy.

“Thanks for that.” she kissed me and left as quickly as she had arrived.

I had a restless night.
Stunned at what we had done.
After all those years of waiting, I had lost my virginity in a matter of moments.
After all the hype and anticipation it turned out to be just as easy as wanking.
It was supposed to make me a man, but, “What was the big deal?”


I was still puzzled the next morning. Despite going through the ultimate “right of passage” I didn’t feel any different to the day before.
Well, my balls were sore and my knob was a bit sensitive, but apart from that: nothing!

Stacy didn’t get out of bed until lunchtime – she’d had a heavy night and once she did emerge from her room she seemed to be awkward around me.
I just let it pass and busied myself with my exam revision. It was Saturday and I thought everyone would be going out, so I expected the house to be nice and quiet.

However, it wasn’t long before my studies were interrupted.

There was a knock at my bedroom door. “Is it okay if come in?”
I knew the voice, of course.
It was Stacy.
What did she want now?

“Are you alright, Dan?” she asked softly. “I’m sorry about last night.”

I put my books aside.
“Yes I’m fine thanks.
There’s no need to be sorry.
We had sex, it was great.”

“Oh,” she whined, “but it wasn’t, was it? You first time is supposed to be special. Something magical that you can remember for ever and all that you’re going to remember is your drunken sister, jumping you in the middle of the night and taking advantage of you.”

“It’s okay.
I mean it was a bit of a surprise, but we had sex.
I had sex.
I’m not a virgin and I don’t need to be shy around girls anymore.
You’ve been really good to me these last few weeks.”

“Aahh, it’s sweet of you to say so, but the truth is that I split up with John last night. I was feeling sorry for myself and I needed someone to shag.”

“Oh, I’m sorry you split up. I thought John was “the one”.”

“So did I, but it turns out I wasn’t the only one, because he’s been seeing that tart that works at the “Queens Head”. And he’s been getting a lot more than just Head, because the dumb badstard’s gone and got her pregnant.”

“That’s such a shame.” I have her a hug.

“Thanks,” she sniffed, “but it wasn’t an excuse to use you like that. It was really selfish of me.
I am sorry.”

“Well,” I tried to lighten the mood, “Maybe next time you can bring me flowers, take me to dinner, we can have candlelight, the full works….”

She stood up, looked at me strangely and bit her lip. “I thought you might like this instead.”
She opened robe.

And yes I did, I “liked” it very much indeed. My beautiful, shapely sister in the sexiest underwear I had ever seen. Matching black bra and knickers with a red fur-like trim. Small and scanty displaying her charms magnificently.
It was the kind of thing a dancer or a stripper might wear. I couldn’t believe that it was being worn by a girl in my bedroom offering me all she had to give.

“It was a Valentine’s present.” she told me.
“You do like it don’t you?
I mean, I can always take it off, if you don’t.” she teased.

“I think it looks great.” I told her, but I’m sure she could already tell.

“Well, would it be okay if we forgot last night ever happened and we pretend that this is your first time – the one you’ll remember for ever?”

“Yes, definitely.”
I stood up to take her in my arms and ravish her.
But I lost my nerve, I mean, what did “ravishing” mean anyway?
“Er, what should I do first.” I asked.

“Just do what comes naturally. Do what feels right. Take the lead, but make sure you take me with you – you know what I like.”

So I went for it, taking her in my arms and kissing her on the lips. To be honest, kissing my sister felt wrong but fondling her boobs through that man-pleasing bra felt very very right!
I held her close, molesting her tits and sliding a hand over her bare back to release the brassiere and send it tumbling to the floor.

Stacy had my top off to too and nursed my head as I nuzzled and suckled her on her tits.
I would have been happy to play with her tits all day, but there was an even greater treat to come and the way my sister’s hands were working at trousers it was clear that she wanted it too.

She pushed them down urgently, then caught herself. “I’m sorry. I’m being too keen, aren’t I. I told you to take the lead.”

“Yes,” I told her, trying to sound stern. “You are forgetting who is in charge, aren’t you girl?”

She giggled. I had remembered something that she liked to do and she was happy to play along, “Oh yes, er sir. That was very naughty of me. Am I in trouble?”

“Not if you take your punishment like a good girl.”

I turned her to face the bed and bent her over, with her hands on the mattress and her backside in the air.
She moaned when I stroked her over those skimpy knickers and squealed when I spanked her.
We both knew the knickers wouldn’t be staying in place for long and once they were gone, I made free with the bum and the fanny displayed so delightfully before me. Stroking, squeezing, fondling, groping, slapping and spanking to my heart’s desire and making Stacy moan, squeal, sigh, squirm and moisten in response.

And I didn’t forget her tits either. They were hanging free, conveniently within my grasp, hard nippled and bigger than ever, thanks to the effects of gravity.
So big that they spilled out of my hands.

Stacy loved it when I was rough with them, manhandling pinching, twisting and stretching them both like never before.
And I loved the feeling of my cock, trapped between our bodies as I reached over her to claim them. Its hard heat pressing into her back, rubbing against her flesh and reminding us both of our ultimate goal.

However I decided to tease her a little longer. Smoothing my palm over her bare arse. Following the crack over her pert bottom and down between her legs. Tickling her for a moment in her favourite spot and then rubbing and fingering along her sodden slit before curling three fingers back to stroke the inside of her delicate, velvet purse.

Stacy held her breath, she was getting close to the edge.
“Oh my God. Just fuck me, you bastard. Fuck me like this. Fuck me now. Just stick your cock in me.” she panted, “Go on. They call it doggy style. You’ll like it!”

I did as she asked, allowing her to take control for a minute.
It was the right decision.
We both loved it when my cock penetrated the first inch of her most precious place. Parting her pussy and experiencing the warm welcome of her hot hungry body. A welcome reserved for only the most privileged of men and I was one of them. Giving my sister my love and being and receiving hers, unconditionally in return.

“Oh yes.
That’s it, y, y yes.
Keep going.
Faster, harder.
That’s the best.”

I pumped at her. Relentless. Shunting her back and forth across the mattress, driving her body with the power of my hips, shoving my cock deep inside her. Fucking her for all I was worth!

Her hot, wet, yielding cunt slicked against my shaft. The intimate, friction was more than I could bear.

We came together. My incestuous seed flooding uncontrollably into my big sister’s womb as her juices flowed over my manhood.

I definitely wasn’t a virgin anymore.

Stacy and I lay together on the mattress, basking in the afterglow. I kissed her, “Thank you,” I told her, “That’s the one I’ll remember as my first time.”

She kissed me back. “I’m so pleased I could make it special for you. I’ll never forget it either. You were great.
Want to go again?”

I told she’d better give me a minute.
She did, and then she sucked me back to life, before letting me do her missionary style, on her back with her legs pulled high and wide.

It was an amazing afternoon, but Stacy had one more surprise in store before she left my room.
She pulled a small box from the pocket of her robe, “You might need these.”

It was a packet of condoms.

Isn’t it a bit late for these?
I mean we’ve already done it.”

“They’re not for me.” She shook her head. “I’m on the pill, but don’t tell anyone.
Faith won’t be.
She’s a 13 year old virgin, so if you’re going to screw her you’d better take care.”

She was right.
I did want to screw my young girlfriend.
We hadn’t seen eachother for a month but we were meeting up again next week.
Who knew what might happen…

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