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How rubber gloves could be used for sexual relieve

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Saw mine mother use rubber household gloves while she masturbated.

Mine mother and I were always together. I had 1 jonger sister and mine father was never in the picture. I was born as a boy but knew from when I was little that I liked to wear girl cloths and do girl thinks better. Liked to play with dolls more than little cars. Liked to wear mine sister’s clothes more then mine own boys cloths. Mine mother found out and went to an psychiater for it. After an few sessions with her and me to she didn’t mind it anymore. She brought me up as an girl and thought me all the girl thinks like she would if I was an real girl. Just as she thought mine sister.

She wore rubber household gloves all the time I knew her. She used them for cleaning the house and the dishes, doing the garden and peeling the vegetables. So, when I was older and could do mine chores in the household she bought me an few pairs to. Tolled me she wore them so she wouldn’t have to clean under her nails and the dirt wouldn’t ruin her manicured nails. That she could use warmer water so the dishes were sooner cleaned. She also tolled me I had to help her with the household chores if I wanted to live with her any longer. I didn’t mind so I did. For mine sister she did the same.

The first time I tried to use them I was 17 year old. They were red and fitted perfectly. Mine mother had yellow ones and had them on to. We were washing dishes together. Most of the time she washed and I dried but this time she insisted that I tried the rubber gloves on and washed the dishes. And what mother wanted that happened She gave me an new pair and I took them out of the plastic cover. I loved the smell they had. Mine mother put warm water in the sink and steam came from the water in an big cloud. I asked her if the water was not to warm. She tolled she had fell and it would be all right. I put the gloves on and wanted to begin right away. But mine mother warned me that the gloves could be some slippery when they went wet. And I had to put an little bit more pressure on the object that I wanted to wash. She gave me an coffee muck and it went perfectly. And that was how I became an glove user and lover to. And mine sister became one as well doing the same another time.

So live got on. The three of us used the gloves frequently and where very happy. One saturday evening I came home earlier from an weekend job I had. I knew that mine sister was spending her weekend with an friend and her family on an cabin that was on an lakesite . Mine mother was alone at home. We had an house with an big garden with an swimming pool in it. Around it there was an fens from wood that was 2 meters high. The next house was an mile away in all directions. So it was the perfect place to sunbathe in the nude. What we did frequently when the weather was fine. Me and mine sister were used to see her naked. So that was not what surprised me when I saw her that time.

We had 4 sunbeds on an terras near the pool. And on one of them she lay. She had rubber gloves on, over the knee light red thigh high high heel boots and an nice big withe sun hat. She wore black glasses as well. That were the only things she had on. For the rest I saw her caramel colored skin from her arms and body. She made soft sighing and moaning noises. She was turned to me but was to excited to see or notice me. Or maybe she did see mee and wanted to shock me. I couldn’t see it because of her sunglasses.

What we did I tell you in the next story.

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