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A Mother Can’t Help Herself

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A divorced woman who has a young son finds out that he is hung like a horse and can’t help herself from taking him.

Tina is a 35 year old mother of one son. She has been divorced from her sorry husband for a year and she hasn’t been with anyone since the divorce. She is a chubby woman but not overly fat. She has big tits and a large ass. She isn’t ugly by any means but she is somewhat plain looking.

She has a 16 year old son named Rick who is a very shy and somewhat nerdy boy. He doesn’t have many friends so he stays in his room for the most part playing video games.

Rick always wore clothes that were somewhat big on him and she thought that maybe he was trying to hide the fact that he was skinny as a rail and that other boys would think that he was bigger than he looked. But the real reason for his bigger clothes was to hide the fact that he had a large cock and balls.

Rick thought that something was wrong with him and he was afraid that people would make fun of him because it was hard to hide even when it was soft. It was at least 7 inches when soft but grew to a massive 11 inches long when it was hard. Not only was it long but it was almost as big around as his arm.

When it got hard it took forever almost to make himself cum and get it to shrink back down. Rick always made sure that he locked the doors when he was in his room or the bathroom. He couldn’t risk anyone walking in on him especially his mother and seeing him naked.

One Saturday morning Tina was washing laundry and she went to Rick’s room to get his clothes. She knew that he usually kept his door locked but had something else on her mind and instead of knocking on the door like she always did, she absent-mindedly opened the door and walked into his room.

She gasped loudly as she saw Rick asleep on his bed and his cock was hard and throbbing sticking straight up above his belly. She couldn’t move as she watched his massive cock throb angrily with every heartbeat. She heard him groan in his sleep and thought that he must be having an erotic dream.

She hadn’t ever seen him naked since he was a little boy and now she realized why he wore loose clothing. She suddenly realized that she was absolutely soaked through her panties. She was aroused by her son’s magnificent cock.

She slowly backed out of his room and shut the door quietly and walked into the kitchen where she sat down and began to think about what she just saw.

“My god where did he get that massive fuck meat? His father didn’t have any thing close to it! Has he had sex with anyone? Is he a virgin? What would it feel like banging into my pussy?”

This last thought snapped her out of her dream.

“OH MY GOD WHAT AM I THINKING?” She screamed in her head.


She soon experienced a strong orgasm sitting there in the kitchen and realized that she had her fingers buried in her soaking wet pussy.


She quickly went to her bathroom and cleaned up her pussy and changed her panties as she had drowned them in her juices. She felt ashamed for thinking about her son’s cock and cumming over her thoughts.

She sat there in the living room mindlessly watching TV when she heard him walking into where she was. Even though he was wearing a pair of loose pants she could still see the outline of his cock. It was easier to see it now that she knew that he had it. Before she had never really looked at his crotch.

But now it was all she could think about. She stayed horny and wet all day long as she struggled to get her mind off of his gorgeous cock. She hadn’t had sex in a year. She actually enjoyed the sex with her husband but she apparently wasn’t enough for him as he had slept with multiple other women.

That night while she laid in bed her mind constantly played the image of Rick’s cock throbbing. She slid her hand down between her legs and pushed her fingers inside. She soon became frustrated by the fact that she was now craving her son’s cock. She had to have it inside her. She had to find out what it felt like.

She had to figure out a way to get him interested in fucking her. She barely got any sleep that night. The next day she decided to wear something that would reveal her body parts to her son but make it look like an accident.

She heard him in the kitchen fixing him some cereal and she put on her robe but barely tied it closed. She was naked underneath it. She went down to the kitchen and began to fix some coffee.

Her robe was very short and when she reached up to get a cup from the top shelf she exposed her large naked ass to her son. She heard him drop his spoon and she immediately knew that he must have saw something.

She smiled as she continued to fix the coffee making sure that she over did everything so that she flashed her body to Rick.

She walked over to where he was sitting and her tits were practically hanging out of her robe. She leaned over really slow so that he got a good view of her body as she kissed him on the forehead and purred “Good morning handsome!”

She slowly stood up and stood there with her pussy exposed to his gaze and the majority of her tits hanging out. She twisted her body back and forth a little as she asked him how he slept. He mumbled something that she couldn’t understand and said “that’s good!” As she turned around and walked over to the door and opened it up to get the paper.

She slowly bent over completely and reached down to pick up the paper and she could feel his eyes on her pussy and ass as she spread her legs open to expose herself to him even more.

She suddenly heard him jump up and race to his bedroom. She heard him shut his door and lock it. She knew what he would be doing while he was in there and she waited for a few minutes before she walked over to his door. She had a special little key to unlock his door from the outside.

She leaned her ear against the door and heard the distinct sounds of a cock being jacked and she quietly and quickly opened the door to catch him in mid stroke. He immediately tried to cover himself with the blanket and he yelled out at her.


Tina didn’t say anything but just walked over to the bed and stripped off the cover from her son’s magnificent cock. She dropped her robe to the floor and stood there completely naked in front of him. She then climbed up onto the bed and straddled his waist. He was sat there stunned and not knowing what to do or what was happening.

He was a virgin and had never seen a naked woman before. But he definitely knew that it had a major affect on his cock. It was harder than it had ever been before. Tina reached down and grabbed his cock with her hand and aligned it with her soaking wet pussy. He groaned deeply as he felt his mother’s hand barely wrapped around the shaft.

Tina moaned loudly as she slowly started to push her pussy down onto his massive shaft. It stretched her tight unused pussy to the limit.

“OMFG BABY YOU ARE SO FUCKING BIG!” She moaned as she worked her tight wet pussy down the 11 inch long cock. She was doing little bounces as she felt every single ripple of his cock as it sliced into her body.

Rick just watched as his mother’s pussy slid down his shaft. He had never felt anything like this before. It felt like his cock was inside a hot tight tube that squeezed him like his hand did when he masterbated.

Tina grunted as she pushed herself down onto his cock until he came against her cervix. She couldn’t take all of it inside her and she looked down and saw that he still had about two inches to go. She was stretched open tighter than a rubber band stretched around the world.

Rick couldn’t say anything but just moaned as he felt his cock being milked by his mother’s pussy. She reached down and grabbed his hands and placed them directly on her bare tits.

“Please play with them baby!” She moaned as he mauled them.

She showed him how to pull and twist her nipples as she screamed out in pleasure as she began to ride his cock like a whore in heat. Soon enough she was throwing her pussy down onto his cock with everything she had. His cock was bashing her cervix and she had succeeded in getting the rest of his cock inside of her tight little pussy.

Rick continued to assault her nipples as she screamed out in pleasure and pain. She didn’t care about the pain of his cock slamming her cervix. She only wanted to fuck herself silly on the horse cock between her son’s legs.

Her big ass was slamming down onto Rick’s legs. Her legs quickly tired from holding herself up and she jumped off his cock and got head down ass up in the middle of the bed.

“SHOVE THAT MAGNIFICENT COCK INTO MOMMY’S PUSSY BABY!” She moaned as she wiggled her ass at him.

Rick immediately climbed up behind her and took his hard throbbing cock and placed it against her opening. She felt his cock slice into her depths and she immediately drove her pussy back onto his cock. He instinctively grasp her hips and drove balls deep into her pussy over and over again.

Rick began to understand what was going on and he was definitely enjoying it. He had never experienced anything that felt this good. He had masterbated many times before but it never felt this good. He could feel his mother’s pussy squeezing and milking his cock.

He watched mesmerized as his mother’s ass cheeks rippled as their bodies slapped together loudly. She moaned and whimpered loudly as her orgasms racked her body over and over again.

Tina had never experienced anything like this before either. She had never had a cock as big as Rick’s inside her pussy. She had never experienced a fucking that lasted more than a few minutes. Rick had been fucking her soaking wet pussy for the last 30 minutes and he was showing no signs of cumming anytime soon

Rick watched as his mother’s asshole winked at him every time he slammed into her battered pussy. He began to rub his thumb across her pulsing rosebud and she gasped loudly as she felt his thumb push into her asshole. She had never had anything in her ass before but she was definitely enjoying his thumb stretching her open as she was getting royaly fucked.

Rick’s large cum filled balls were slapping her clit with every thrust. She clawed at the sheets screaming out for him to fuck her little pussy. Rick was holding on for dear life as Tina drove herself back onto his cock.

Tina was experiencing multiple orgasms that ran together during the fuck session. They both knew that their relationship would never be the same from now on. She would do anything that he asked if he just made sure that he fed her his cock and cum on a regular basis.

She was immediately addicted to his cock. She knew that she needed this every day. She no longer cared if it was her son. She didn’t care about it being incest. She only cared about her willingness to be a cumdumpster for her son.

After about an hour Rick finally felt that familiar tingle in his balls meaning that he was about to cum. Tina felt his cock swell even more as it throbbed angrily.

“YESSSS BABY PUMP YOUR CUM INTO MOMMY’S PUSSY! FILL MOMMY WITH YOUR SEED!” She screamed as another orgasm slammed her body like a sledgehammer.

Rick’s cock exploded as he screamed out. His balls erupted and sent a flood of his cum spraying her insides as his massive head popped into her womb. He was pumping his incestuous seed straight into her baby chamber. She was still very much able to get pregnant. But she didn’t care. She had what she wanted and she wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.

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  • Reply Rik ID:1cy0k8frzyc1

    Thumbs up, haha. Fun fun fun.

  • Reply Hornyson4mom ID:7z8awbgd9d

    Very hot

  • Reply Grandude ID:1dbzr43w7uh3

    Great story,

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4oic

    Oh yeah, a little exaggerating on the size of the cock.only one person on here has the best Mom and son stories hands down, and the people on here do not appreciate or recognize a great story to stupid.

  • Reply Hugh Mungus ID:5myo1lrahxy

    Average penis size = 5 or 6 inches. 7 or 8 is big. 9 or 10 is massive. 11 or 12 is ridiculous. Most women can’t accommodate more than 7 or 8.

    • jacqui ID:1co04zyzubyy

      Nice survey on cock size ha ha .
      Even if small it’s the girth that is exciting & so sensual
      My husband had 9″ and I was able to accommodate it all..So yum..
      [email protected]

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

      For the love of all that is good, IT’S A FICTIONAL STORY!! WHO CARES???

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    Pregnancy tag not needed, as her son did not impregnate her. Was a good story hope it continues with him breeding and a few girls/milfs in the neighborhood

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

      It clearly states that she can get pregnant and it is revealed in part 2 that will be posted soon that she indeed is pregnant. But thanks for the feedback.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1dszxfpqubsb

    Good moms doing her natural duty as does dad’s to daughters. Sex is completely natural so why let some bible thumping fool ruin your sex life. It is your life, take it and run with it.

  • Reply Rose nygnen ID:2vqwg0ldt0i

    Needs to take mommies ass

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

      Oh you can rest assured that she will have it in her ass soon.