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Wife Raped By Two Filthy Old Men

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This is a story how my 24 year old wife was raped by a old white man and a old black man. Both of these men have future plans for my pretty young wife

This is a story that happened several years ago. My wife and I had been married for just over a year when this event took place. I was 23 years old and my wife was 24 years old at the time. My wife is a very attractive brunette with a very fit body. My wife and I have a very good sex life and ever since we were married, I would always imagine in my mind when we were having sex, that I was another man and my wife was giving her body to him. Many times I would imagine myself as her old boss at her company fucking her or her giving him a blow job. Many other times I would imagine my wife being abducted and having to service a old rough black man. When this was happening in my mind I would always get extra excited during sex with my wife and I would shoot the biggest load in my wife’s mouth or her pussy.

I worked in a pretty bad part of town. Next door to the company that I worked at, there was a gambling joint and I got to know the men who played cards at night. After work, I would go to the building next door and watch the nightly card game and hang out. These men would play cards together in the back part of the building and pay me to go buy beer and food for them and keep the room clean when they were through playing cards. I actually made pretty good money for this and my wife didn’t mind it, because I was making extra money just getting started out in our marriage. I also got to drink all of the cold beer that I wanted and snacks to eat being a food and beverage runner for these men.

The men who played cards in this gambling joint were all older men. On some nights, after the poker game was over, some of the old men would go and find prostitutes to bring back to the gambling joint and they would fuck and get blow jobs from these prostitutes. I was very satisfied with my wife sexually and I had no desire to run around on my young pretty wife for a dirty prostitute. I would hang around drinking free beer as this went on in the back office waiting for them to finish fucking the prostitutes so that I could clean the place up.

My wife had no idea that this was going on after the card games were over, and I never told her about it, because she would think that I was having sex with the prostitutes. One by one, each of these old men would go in the back office and fuck or get a blow job from these whores and one by one they would walk out of the back office, still with a hardon, and they would leave for the night.

One night, while at home my wife and I were having sex and my mind started imagining her being the one in the back office with these dirty old men and her being the one sucking their cocks and getting fucked by them. I would imagine that I was to remain outside of this back office as each of these old men went in the room to have sex with my wife and watching each of them leave this backroom still sporting a hardon that had just been in my wife’s mouth and her pussy. My wife was sucking my dick as I was imagining this, and I got very worked up, and I shot the biggest load of cum in my wife’s face, that I had ever done before.

One night after the card game was over, a man named Earl needed a ride home because his car was in the shop, and he paid me to drive him home. This old man was a creepy looking man who was always talking about how he just loved fucking and degrading a woman. He said that he would just love to find a pretty young woman and tie her to his bed and rape the fucking shit out of her. He said he would like to shove large objects up a woman’s pussy. He said that he had a friend who lived next door to him and he was a large old black man named Morgan who thought the same way about women as he did.

When i arrived at Earl’s house, it wasn’t a house at all. Earl lived in a trailer in a run down trailer park. Earl invited me in because he said that he had a bunch of dirty porn magazines that I could look at, if I wanted. I told creepy Earl that playboy magazines didn’t do much for me. Earl said that his magazines were much more extreme than those. I walked into his run down trailer and he opened a box of these magazines and true to form they were very dirty and extreme. One of these magazines had a young teenager tied naked to a tree and a black man was raping her. Earl had many bondage magazines, showing women tied, with a pipe,sticks, and other big objects stuck up their pussy. These were some of the most violent and disturbing porn magazines that I had ever seen. Earl told me to take as many of them home with me as I wanted, but he wanted them back when I was through looking at them. I took about 20 of them home and I read and gave them a good looking at. I now knew that Earl was a very dirty old man and I didn’t doubt that if given the right chance that he would definitely tie a woman up and rape her.

A few days later, Earl asked me if I was through looking at the porn magazines that he gave me and I said yes, that I would bring them to his trailer this weekend. It was a Saturday evening and I drove over to Earl’s trailer and I gave him the dirty, extreme porn magazines back to him. While I was over at Earl’s his neighbor the old black man named Morgan knocked on his dirty run down trailer. Morgan walked in the trailer and he introduced himself to me. Morgan was a very large older black man about 65 years old and very rough looking. As we sat there talking about the dirty porn magazines, Morgan said that he really would like to fuck a clean young white woman. Morgan asked me if I was married and I said yes. Morgan and Earl asked me if I wanted to go with them tonight to find a pretty white whore to fuck and I said no that I wouldn’t want to do that because I was happy with my sex life at home.

I left and I went back to my house and my wife was in our bedroom cleaning up. I was very horny and I asked my wife to take off all of her clothes and give me a blowjob. We were in the bed together and my wife looked so good sucking my cock, as I imagined that it was old black Morgen’s big black cock in her mouth, as old creepy Earl was fucking my pretty wife in her hairy pussy. I shot my load all over my wife’s pretty face thinking about this. I got up and I took my cell phone and I took several photos of my wife’s face covered with my thick white cum. I then started fucking my pretty wife in her hairy pussy and I took a few photos of my small 6 inch cock in her hairy pussy. I started thinking about old creepy Earl and what his old cock would look like in my wife’s hairy pussy and I shot another load in her pussy. I got off of my wife and I told her to pull her legs back and let me take a few photos of her open hairy pussy with my cum load in it. My wife pulled her legs back and she opened her hairy pussy very wide and I could see my white thick load deep inside of her. I told my wife to smile for me as she was in this position, looking like a cheap whore, and I took several more photos of her in this position.

A few days later old creepy Earl asked me to give him a ride to his old run down trailer at the trailer park. When we got to his trailer he said that he had some videos of woman being raped if I wanted to see them. I went inside with Earl and he turned on his TV and I had no idea how he obtained such videos but they were very graphic and very extreme. Earl said that he had a contact to find these raunchy videos and he said he wished that he could find a bitch or two to rape like the woman in the videos. We were watching the second video and old black Morgen came over and he started watching the video with us. The second video showed a very pretty young white lady being tied to the bed and a young black man was raping her as she cried. Old black Morgen said that he was going to find another white bitch like that and rape her one day. I asked Morgan what did he mean by saying another white woman like that, and he said it’s a long story of something that he did a while back. I didn’t press Morgan and just let it be as I watched this poor young white woman being raped by this black man.

My cell phone rang and I answered it and it was my wife wanting to know how much longer that I was going to be, before I came home. I told her that I would be home in a hour or so, and I told her that I loved her and I hung up and I set my phone on the end table. Earl brought me another beer and we watched another rape video of several different women being raped. I got up and pissed and I came back and told Earl and Morgan that I had to go. I left and drove home and went in our house and I ate dinner and I went to bed. The next morning I looked for my cell phone and I couldn’t find it. I asked my wife to call it so that I could track it down and I never heard it ringing. I started thinking back about when the last time that I used it and I remembered that I answered it the night before at Earl’s trailer. I called Earl with my wife’s cell phone and he answered and I asked him did he find my cell phone because I thought that I had left it over at his trailer the night before. Old creepy Earl said that he would look for it but he didn’t think that it was there. I told Earl that I would ring it with my wife’s phone and see if he could locate it. I called Earl with my wife’s phone and it didn’t answer.

I looked for a few hours very hard and I just couldn’t remember where I had left it. I went to work the next day and I still couldn’t find my phone. When I got home that night, I told my wife that I must have lost my cell phone and she said that she hoped that I had it locked so that no one could use it, and I told her that I didn’t have it locked. She asked me did I delete her naked photos on my phone that I took of us having sex, and I told her yes, which was a lie because they were still on my phone. Then I started to worry, because I hadn’t given that a thought about the naked photos of my pretty young wife sucking my cock and me with my small cock in her hairy pussy. I had many very graphic photos of my wife spread with her legs pulled back with my cum load in her hairy pussy smiling for the camera.

That evening I was watching the card game and doing my after hours job at the gambling joint, and I noticed old creepy looking Earl starring at me, off and on. I did my job that night and I cleaned up after all of the men went home for the night, and I left and went home myself. As I walked in my house my wife said that someone had called her today and was being very nasty to her. The man on the phone told her that she was a very pretty woman and how he would like to fuck her and make her suck his cock. My wife said that she hung up the phone and whoever this was kept called her back several more times. I called the number on my wife’s phone and it just kept ringing with no answer. For the next several days my wife said that who ever this was kept calling her cell phone and she just never answered it. I told my wife to not worry to much about it and it was probably some kid trying to scare her.

I eventually had to replace my cell phone and I cut off the service to my old phone that I had lost. I was working again at the gambling joint one evening, and when the poker game was over for the night old creepy Earl who had been staring at me off and on as if he had something on his mind asked me to give him a ride home again. After the game and I had cleaned up the gambling room, we got in my car and we were headed to old creepy Earls trailer. When we arrived there old creepy Earl asked me to go inside with him because he had something important to talk to me about. I went in the old run down trailer with him and he said for me to have a seat.

As I sat down, old creepy Earl asked me if I had ever thought about watching another man fuck my wife. I looked at Earl and I said hell no, but I deep down in my mind knew that I had wanted that. Old creepy Earl said that you know that cell phone that you lost a week ago and I said yes. Earl said well I found it, and he gave me a sinister looking smile. I was hoping that he hadn’t opened the picture file and seen my wife totally naked and her performing sex acts with me, but I was wrong. Old creepy Earl said that he had seen my wife’s naked photos and he really did enjoy looking at the photos of her sucking my little cock and seeing my cock in her nice hairy pussy.

Old creepy Earl said that my young wife sure was a pretty woman and he said that he would really like to fuck her. I looked at Earl and said that I would like to have my cell phone back. Old creepy Earl said that he had it in a safe place and that he had other plans to use my cell phone if I didn’t go along with his plans. I said what plans, and old creepy Earl said that he had called my pretty young wife, and he told me that he was trying to talk dirty to her but she hung up the phone on him. Old creepy Earl looked at me in a mean way, and said that wasn’t a nice thing to do.

Old creepy Earl told me that I was a nice young man and he didn’t want to do anything to me to make me mad at him but did I remember talking with him about him wanting to rape a pretty young woman and I said yes that I did. Earl said well I am very interested in raping your young pretty wife. I looked at Earl and I said no way would I ever allow that to happen to wife. Old creepy Earl said then I guess that we were going to have a problem then. I said no we aren’t, because you will never have sex with my wife.

Old creepy Earl got mad and he looked at me and said if I didn’t let him have sex with my wife then he would find the right time, and catch her off guard and rape her anyway. I got up and I asked Earl for my phone and he said fuck you you mother fucker, I am never giving it back to you. He said this is the plan, I want you to talk your wife into having sex with me tomorrow night. He said I want you to bring her over to this trailer tomorrow night at 6 pm. If you don’t I am going to show her naked photos on your cell phone to all of the old men at the gambling joint and I know where you work next door and I promise you that I will show her naked photos to all of the employees at your work place.

Now I want you to go home and tell your pretty lady that I found your cell phone and I want to fuck her or I promise you that I will make your life miserable. Earl said I’m sure that your pretty little wife does not want her naked photos shown around, just think of the embarrassment this would be to the both of you.

I told old creepy Earl, that I had told my wife that I had deleted all of the photos of her naked, and that they were no longer on my old cell phone. Earl said that is something that I had better find an answer to, but that wasn’t his problem. Earl said that your pretty little wife had just better be here tomorrow night for me. I begged Earl not to make me do this, and he said just have her here tomorrow night at 6 pm. and I left and went home home for the night. When I got home my wife asked me how my day went and I said not good at all. My wife said what was wrong and I said everything. My wife again asked me what had happened and I told her you know that old cell phone of that I lost, and she said yes did you find it, and I said yes sort of. My wife said how can you sort of find a cell phone, you either did or didn’t. I told my wife that one of the men at the gambling joint found it. My wife said, well that’s good isn’t it, and I said no it isn’t. My wife looked at me strangely, and I said, do you remember the photos that I took of you naked with my cell phone, well I thought that I had deleted all of them, but evidently I didn’t delete all of them and this old man that found my phone has seen them and is now making demands from me.

My wife said how could you, you mean that someone else had seen her naked and having sex and I said yes, that I was very sorry. My wife got extremely mad and went off into our bedroom looking the door behind her. I tried to reason with her but she just told me to go away. I went to sleep in the spare bedroom and when I woke up the next morning my wife wouldn’t speak to me. I told my wife that we really did need to talk about this and she refused.

I went to work and I called old creepy Earl on my phone, and I told him what had happened and for him to please give me a little more time to work something out. Old creepy Earl said that my wife had better be at his trailer tonight at 6 pm. Old creepy Earl told me that if she wasn’t at his place tonight, the first thing that he was going to do, was to show every naked photo of my pretty young wife to my work mates, and that he would show all of these photos to all of the men at the gambling joint.

I hung up the phone and I called my wife and she said that she didn’t have anything to talk to me about and she hung up on me. About a hour after I talked to Earl the phone my wife called me back and told me to come home that we needed to talk. I told my boss that I was not feeling well and I drove home. As soon as I walked in our house my wife was crying and she turned her cell phone on and showed me one of the photos that I had taken of her sucking my cock. My wife said that the man had texted her sending her this and a few other photos. This man told her that his name was Earl, and that he was the man that had found my cell phone. My wife showed me another photo that showed her totally naked with her legs wide open, with his cock resting on the photo. My wife also showed me another photo of her naked with his cock and cum on it. My wife was crying and said that this perverted man said that she was going to be his tonight whether she liked it or not. He explained to her that he had already explained what he was going to her to me, and that he wanted both of us to be at his trailer tonight at 6 pm. tonight.

I told my wife, that this man was one of the old men at the gambling joint, and that he had my old cell phone with her naked photos on it. I told my wife that I loved her and I really didn’t want anything bad to happen to her but this man had threatened to expose the naked photos of her to my work place friends and the people at the gambling joint. He also had all of my cell phone contacts that he could send them to, if we didn’t go as long with his plans tonight. My wife was now very upset because we only had a few hours before our deadline with Earl.

I told my wife to call him again and try and talk him out of what he wanted. My wife called Earl and said that she was sorry about being rude to him when he called her a few days ago, but she was a very happily married woman and really loved her husband and was there anything else that she could do for him not to expose her naked photos. Earl said that maybe if she was a good girl he might be in for negotiation with us. Earl said that he wanted us to come over to his trailer tonight at 6 pm and we could sit down and have a talk about it. Before hanging up the phone he told my wife that he was looking forward to seeing her in person.

My wife and I decided that it was in our best interest to drive over to Earl’s and try to reason with him to get ourselves out of this mess that I had gotten us in too. I asked my wife to dress nicely and we drove over to Earl’s trailer. As we were driving I told my wife that I loved her very much and that I was very sorry about what was happening to us, and to try and keep her cool while talking to Earl. I told my wife that I knew that this man had a mean temperament if he didn’t get his way. My wife looked at me and said that she was going to try to reason with this man, but she had no idea of ever letting him have his way with her.

When we pulled into the trailer park, my wife said that this place was really run down and was it going to be safe for us to be there and I said that we would be alright as I parked my car in Earl’s driveway. I looked at my nervous wife and I hugged and kissed her telling her that I loved her. My wife looked at me and said again if things get out of hand that she was going to leave, and I said let’s go on in now and see if I can get my cell phone back from this man and reason with him.

My wife and I got out of my car and we were just about to knock on the front door of his old run down trailer when old creepy Earl opened the door and he smiled at my wife and he invited us inside. Once inside Earl asked my wife and I to sit down on his old dirty couch and he sat next to my wife who was between us. He put his arm around my wife and he said that you are a very pretty woman. He said that he divorced and that he was a desperate man. My wife looked at me as he said this. Earl said that he really loved the naked photos of her and that he had jerked off to them many times since he found my cell phone. Earl said that he was in control now by having these photos and that both of us had better listen to what he wanted.

My wife asked Earl to please just give us back my cell phone and that she was very sorry for all of this. My wife told Earl that she loved me very much and what was he wanting from us. Earl told my pretty wife to stand up and he stood up with her with his arm around her, he told her to spin around for him and my wife slowly turned around and she asked Earl to please reason her and to give us back my cell phone and we would go. Earl said that he wasn’t going to let us off that easy. Earl told my wife to give him a kiss and my wife turned her face away from him. Earl pushed my wife back on the dirty couch and he got in her face and said look you fucking whore, you are going to do what I say or you are going to regret it, do you understand bitch. My wife started crying and looked at me for help and I froze and did nothing. My wife looked at me and said that we needed to leave that she wasn’t going to do this with Earl.

I looked at my wife and I said ok, let’s go and I told Earl that my wife was not going to do this with him. Earl said fine then, both of us will pay dearly for this. Earl said get the fuck out of his trailer, and take my whore wife with me. My wife and I walked out to our car and my wife was crying about what had just happened. We sat in our car and my wife said that she just can’t do what he wants from her but now she was afraid of what Earl would do with her photos. I looked at my wife and I said why don’t we just go back in and see if he will be satisfied with a hand job. My wife said am I going to be ok if she does this for him and I said right now I am ok with it. We got back out of the car and walked back up to Earl’s front door and we knocked on his door.

Earl opened the door and said you changed your mind and said my wife is willing to give you a good hand job if that is ok with you. Earl smiled and said come on over here and have a seat on this chair. My pretty 24 year old brunette wife sat down and old creepy Earl told me to go and sit in my car because he didn’t want me watching him. i looked at my wife and I told her that I loved her and don’t be afraid and I walked out to my car. As I was waiting in my car, I noticed that the window blinds were open near the bottom of the sill on his trailer. So I got out of my car and walked over to the window and I peaked in. My pretty wife was unzipping old creepy Earl’s pants as he stood in front of her. My wife pulled Earl’s pants down and his very large uncut cock hung down. Earl now looked at my wife and he said stroke it bitch and do it now you fucking whore. My wife put her small hand around it and she slowly started jerking it off for him.

Earl told my wife to rub his grey haired balls with her other hand as she jerked his large cock for for him. My wife had a very nervous look on her face as his cock began to grow hard and it’s pink smegma covered head popped out of it’s foreskin. This was the first time in my wife’s life that she had ever seen a uncut cock, and the first time in her life that she had ever done this sort of thing with another man because I was the only man that my wife had ever had sex with. Old creepy Earl looked very perverted looking with his old filthy cock in my pretty young wife’s hand as she started jerking it faster for him. Earl was calling my wife a dirty filthy whore and a bitch as she did this. Earl was looking at my wife and he said open your mouth bitch and suck it for me you miserable whore. My wife refused and he said, bitch do what I say. He said your husband isn’t going to know, he is outside sitting in his car, do it now. My wife opened her mouth and she put his big uncut in her mouth and she started sucking it for him. Earl grabbed my wife by the back of her head and he started humping his small pale wrinkled ass back and forth, forcing his big uncut cock balls deep in her mouth, until I heard him grunt and groan and he unloaded his grey haired balls in her mouth As he did this he held her face tight up against his belly, and told her to swallow every drop of his cum. I could see the awful look on my wife’s face as her throat contracted, as she swallowed this dirty old man’s load.

I had seen my innocent wife put a old creepy looking man’s cock in her mouth and seen her swallowing his load of cum. Old creepy Earl, looked down at my wife calling her a cheap whore and he asked her how his load tasted, and my wife with a shameful look on her face said it was awful and she wanted him to call her husband to come back in so that she could leave now. Old creepy Earl smiled at my wife in a sinister way and he picked up his cell phone and he started texting. I had my phone in the car and I started walking back to my car to get my phone. I got my phone and creepy old Earl said that he was through with my pretty wife and to come back in and he wanted to talk to us. I went back in the old run down trailer.

I looked at my wife and sat back down beside her on the dirty couch. Earl looked at me and he said ask that whore wife of yours what she just did to me. I looked at my wife and I said what did you do and she said that she just jerked him off. Old creepy Earl looked at me smiling and he said your wife should be ashamed of herself. Earl said now I want to tell you what else I want from your wife tonight. He looked at me and was about to talk when his friend Morgan the big old black man walked in the doorway, shutting and locking the door behind him. Morgan looked at creepy Earl and smiled as he looked over at my young wife and I.

Earl said what I just did with your wife tonight is only the beginning for you and your wife as he grabbed my wife by her arm and told her to take off all of her clothes. My wife refused and said that she wanted to go now and that he had had his fun with her for the night. Morgan walked over to my wife, grabbing her by her other arm. As he did this, my wife screamed and started telling both of these men to stop. My wife looked at me for help and I got up and went over to intervene and Morgan with his other hand reached into his jacket and he pulled out a switch blade knife and he said come on you white mother fucker, you get any closer and I will cut you, now sit your white ass down and enjoy the show.

Both men with my wife crying told her to walk back to the bedroom and Morgan told me to follow my wife down the hall of this dirty old trailer. When we walked in the small bedroom of this trailer the first thing that I noticed was a camera set up on a tripod aimed at the bed. Earl roughly threw my pretty wife on the dirty mattress on the bed. Morgan told me to take my clothes off and have a seat in the dirty side chair. My wife was crying curled up on the bed. Earl and Morgan tied me totally naked to the dirty side chair in the corner of the room. After these men had me naked and secured to the dirty chair, both of these lowlife bastards grabbed my crying wife by her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Morgan pulled my wife by her hair up and he got in her face, and he said as he put the switch blade knife to her throat, you are going to be mine tonight you fucking white bitch, I am going to take my big black dick and I am going to fuck you in every hole you have bitch, and if you give me any problems I will cut your fucking throat, now get your white ass up off this bed and take your clothes off bitch and do it now.

My crying wife stood up and unzipped the back of her skirt, as she kicked her heels off, old creepy Earl had a hand held video camera taking a video of my pretty wife undressing, my wife took her pantyhose off next, the her bra, revealing her small B-cup tits with hard nipples, my wife asked these men to please don’t make her do this as she stood in front of these two old perverts only in her panties. Morgan put the switch blade to my wife’s throat and he said take the panties off now bitch. My wife slowly pulled her white silk panties off and she stepped out of them. My pretty 24 year old, very fit brunette wife was now standing totally naked in front of old creepy Earl who is white and Morgan the big old rough looking black man. Morgan walked over to my crying shaking wife and he bent over and he put one of my wife’s small B-cup tits in his mouth as he reached between my wife’s legs and he rubbed her hairy pussy with his big black rough hand, fingering her pussy slot.

Old creepy Earl looked over at me tied naked to the chair tied naked and he made sure that he videod me helpless to help my wife. Morgan roughly pushed my naked wife on the dirty mattress on the bed, as Morgan started removing his clothes as he did this Old creepy Earl started to remove his clothes also. Both of these perverted old men were now totally naked and each stood naked with their big hanging soft uncut cocks dangling down on each side of the bed looking down at my naked beautiful wife. My wife was now totally naked, and crying very hard, begging for these two men to please not do this to her as she looked at them now naked, with the biggest cocks that she had ever seen before, one big black uncut and one big white uncut cock and both old men were standing on each side of the bed staring down at my naked innocent wife with fear in her face.

Earl walked over and got his hand held camera and he ordered my my to lie on her back. He then told her to open her legs for him to take some photos of her beautiful hairy pussy. My wife crying did as she was told. Earl looked over at me as my little 6 inch cock started growing. Earl told my wife to open her pussy with her fingers, and spread it wide open so that he could see her pink insides of her hairy pussy. He ordered her to wipe the tears from her eyes and smile for the camera and say to both of these two men that she wanted them both to fuck her and she reluctantly said that a few times.Old creepy Earl told my wife to pull her legs back and hold them that way and tell both of them that she wanted both of them to fuck her asshole for the first time in her life, and she said that several times. Old creepy Earl told her that he wanted my wife to say that she wanted to suck both of their cocks and she wanted both of them to cum in her mouth so that she could swallow it, and my wife said that also several times to Old creepy Earl holding the camera. Old creepy Earl told my pretty wife to get on her knees and pose for him as she reached under herself spreading her hairy pussy open for him.

Now satisfied that he had a recording of my wife asking for what both men wanted from her it was time for both of these two old perverted men to use my wife like a whore. Morgan walked over to me, as old creepy Earl aimed the camera at me tied naked now with my cock now very hard, and he told me to look at the camera and say that both of them could fuck my wife like a whore and make her do whatever they wanted to her, that they were both better men than I was sexually and that they could satisfy her sexually better than I could. I hesitated and old black Morgen put the knife to my throat making a small cut on my neck and I told both men what they wanted me to say.

Morgan stood at the end of the bed telling my wife to spread her legs wide, as he jerked his long soft black uncut cock. Morgan was a very rough looking black man, bald headed with grey hair around his cock and balls. He was very muscular with a few tattoos on both of his arms, his uncut cock was thick and about 12 inches long. Old black Morgen was about 65 years old. He looked down at my pretty 24 year old brunette naked wife and he said I am going to hurt fuck you bitch and he jumped on top of my wife and he roughly took his floppy uncut and he started slapping it on my wife’s open pussy hole. He was taking his mouth and biting my wife’s small B-cup tits, pulling her stiff nipples with his teeth. He started biting my wife on her neck and he started kissing her mouth roughly. I could see his long thick cock growing hard as he did this to my crying wife under him.

Morgan looked into my wife’s face and he said now you are going to feel what a real dick is in your white pussy bitch and he pushed his 12 inch uncut balls deep into her and she screamed very loud in pain. Morgan started raping my wife and he was enjoying taking another man’s white young wife as I was forced to witness this. My wife looked over at me in pain and I was sure that she saw my rock hard cock standing straight up in the air as he violated her innocent hairy pussy. Morgan fucked my wife very hard and rough for about 15 minutes and his black grey haired balls were slapping her asshole with every trust, I was tied naked looking at them knowing that any minute what was in his ball sack was going to be shot up inside of my pretty young wife. As I was thinking about this I heard Morgan grunting and groaning and I noticed his old asshole winking as he unloaded his balls deep in my wife’s hairy pussy. Earl made sure that he had the camera between their legs talking a video of the whole event. Morgan rested on top of my telling her how good she felt. Morgan then pulled his softening black uncut out of my wife and his thick white sperm oozed out of her now gapped open wet pussy.

Earl then looked at me in the chair tied and he said now it is my turn with your whore wife. Earl gave old black Morgen the hand held camera and he stood naked at the end of the bed. Old creepy Earl was a very perverted looking man naked. He was skinny and he wore glasses and he had beady eyes, he was about 65 or 70 years old with pale white skin and a skinny wrinkled ass. Old creepy Earl had a long thin 12 inch uncut cock with grey hair around his cock and balls. Old creepy Earl jumped in the bed between my wife’s open legs and he started slapping his soft uncut cock on my wife’s wet oozing, inflamed, pink, and gapped open pussy. Old creepy Earl was calling my wife a dirty miserable fucking whore. He started roughly kissing my wife running his tongue down her throat and mouth. Old creepy Earl got up out from between my wife’s legs and he put his long thin cock to her mouth and he told her to suck it for him. My wife opened her mouth and put his uncut in her mouth and she started sucking it for him. I was tied naked and my cock was very hard watching this, as my wife’s open pussy was still oozing old black Morgan’s cum, Morgan really did give her a full load of sperm. Old creepy Earl now very hard got between my wife’s open legs and he pushed his long skinny uncut cock balls deep into her wet well fucked hairy pussy. He was humping my wife very hard and rough calling her every dirty name that he could think of as old black Morgan had the video camera aimed between their legs. I could see old creepy Earl’s grey haired balls sack slapping my wife’s asshole pelting it with his every stroke. My wife looked over at me with a very sad look on her face as if she were in pain and knowing that I was watching another old ugly man getting ready to unload his old balls into her. Old Creepy Earl soon grunted and groaned and he emptied his balls inside of my wife as his old asshole started pulsating. My innocent wife who had only ever fucked me now had a blend of old black Morgan’s cum, and old creepy Earl’s cum from his old white balls inside of her hairy pussy. Both of these dirty old men had fucked very dirty whores on a regular basis and now my innocent wife was no better than those whores that they had been fucking in the past.

Old creepy Earl got off of my wife and he walked over to me and he said that my wife was a dirty filthy whore and that he really enjoyed emptying his balls in her pussy. He looked at me and said in a few minutes I am going to rape your wife’s asshole and so is Morgan. Old black Morgan laid down on the bed beside my exhausted wife and he told my wife to suck his black cock. My wife curled up, and she put his big black uncut in her mouth and she started sucking it the best that she could. My wife was now sucking a black man’s cock for the first time in her life, Morgan lifted his legs back and he ordered my wife to lick his big black balls. He then told her to tongue out his asshole. My wife hesitated and he took the switch blade knife off of the end table putting it to her face, and he said lick my dirty asshole you white whore and she did.

Morgan’s cock was now getting very hard again and he got up off the bed and he told my wife to get on her knees and he got behind her and he started fucking her pussy doggy style. After a few minutes he then took some lube that old creepy Earl threw on the bed and he lubed up my wife’s virgin asshole and he pulled his very hard cock out of her pussy and he lubed it up good and he pushed it slowly inch by inch in her tight asshole as she screamed in pain. Morgan then started fucking my wife in her asshole more vigorously, jabbing his thick member deep into my wife’s asshole as she cried and screamed of how bad it was hurting her. Old black Morgan was reaching under my wife as he drove his big black cock balls deep in her asshole and he twisted her stiff nipples on her small B-cup tits. Morgan was intentionally holding off cumming to soon as he violated my wife’s asshole for almost 30 minutes until I heard him grunting and groaning and he shot his load deep into my wife’s well fucked asshole. When Morgan removed his big black uncut cock from her asshole it was gapped open, and it slowly closed back up. My wife’s asshole was also oozing brown shit colored cum as she was recovering from the abuse that she was just given.

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Both men then put their dirty shit tasting uncut cocks in her mouth and they both made her suck each of them until they each shot their loads in her mouth making her swallow it.

After several hours of abuse they untied me from the chair and they both made me lick out my wife’s well used pussy and her well used asshole. After that they told me to fuck my wife and kiss her as I did so. They both made us tell each other that we loved each other and that I didn’t care about my wife fucking them and other men in the future as old creepy Earl videod this. After this old creepy Earl let us get dressed and he sat us both down and he said that he had many photos and videos to use against us if we ever thought about reporting them to the authorities. He said that he would gladly share these photos and videos of what we did with them tonight to our friends from both of our cell phone contacts, and to my workplace employees if we didn’t allow this to happen again if they wanted. Old creepy Earl said that he had many plans for my wife to fuck other men in the future and she and I would have to agree now that my once innocent wife was now going to be his whore to do we with anytime that he wanted. He told us to leave and he would be in contact with us at a later date.

The End. Part 2 Coming Soon

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