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The Family Games- Chapter 14

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Glynn swallowed some whiskey and fought down a cough. The stuff burned and tasted crappy, but he figured he needed it, or something to jack up his nerve. No matter what his sister said, he was still kind of edgy about his dad. But more than anything else, he wanted to be part of the upcoming action.

He and his old man, fucking mom and Lorena; Father and son, fucking mother and daughter… it was so far out that Glynn’s mouth went dry and his heart beat faster at the idea. Sis said that the old man wasn’t jealous because Glynn had put the meat to Mom’s cunt, and that he was made horny by the sight. Well, he was no hornier than Glynn, thinking about watching his father’s shaft work all greasy and huge, in the gripping of his mom’s pussy.

And Lorena, she had to be turned on by it all, sexy as she was normally. Then what about his mother? She was going along with all this willingly, even now getting herself all sweet-smelling and clean to make herself presentable to her husband. They hadn’t fucked in several months, Glynn remembered and should be eager as he had been, getting his first piece of ass from his sister.

The bathroom door opened and his mother came out; there was a white towel across her svelte hips, and her heavy breasts bobbed enticingly, her long, lovely legs flashed sleek and smooth as she walked to the dressing table and sat down before the mirror. When she raised her arms to brush her flowing black hair, her tits stood out with long, dark nipples.

“You’re very beautiful,” he said, coming over to stand behind her. Seeing both their reflections in the mirror, he felt funny, since they were both naked, except for that towel across her lap and hiding her alluring pussy from view.

“You’re beautiful, too,” she said, smiling. “I feel like a school girl getting ready for her first big date, or like a bride on her wedding night.”

The whiskey burned in his belly, and he didn’t seem as uptight now, watching her and hearing her husky voice classified him right in there with his father. “How are we going to go about it, Mom?”

The brush hissed in her perfumed hair, and her tits jiggled with a softly beguiling resilience. “I don’t know, dear. There’s no protocol for this sort of thing, is there? Tell me, Glynn, what would you like to do?”

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, standing so close that he could smell the flowery odours of her hair. “Well, Lorena said Dad was turned on by seeing you and me fucking like we were when she opened the door. I thought I could be with you first after they come in. I mean, I’d like to put my cock to my mom’s lovely pussy in front of them, let them see how much we love each other, and how well we fuck together.”

She finished with her hair and began to apply makeup, brushing dark stuff on her eyelashes. “That ought to make your father’s big thing stand out. But didn’t you say that you wanted to fuck me right after he did, so you could feel his cum all hot and slide in my cunt?”

Glynn shivered and ran one finger tenderly along his mother’s bare shoulder, feeling the impossible smoothness of her unflawed skin, her radiant warmth.

“Yeah, I do. So I won’t fuck you all the way. I just want him to watch you lift your legs and wrap me between them while your gorgeous ass wiggles back and forth and my dick slips back and forth in you. I want my daddy to see that I can fuck you just as good as he can, even if he has got a bigger cock. He can see how you love my dick, how you grind on it and listen to you moan. Maybe you can tell him how it feels inside your cunt.”

Her smile widened, and her eyes met him in the mirror. “That’s a sexy idea, describing the sensations of my son’s hard young cock to my husband. It should run him right up the wall.”

“He can put it to Lorena if he wants to,” Glynn went on. “But not until he cums. That ought to go in you, Mom. When I see that he’s coming, then I’ll come over and wait to get my dick back in you while you’re still hot and squirming.”

She said throatily, “We’ll do it, dear; it’s a wonderful way to start the evening, and besides, I’m just as anxious to see your father squeeze all that huge meat of his into his daughter’s small pussy. Your sister must love dick, to take so much of it.”

“Oh, she does,” he said. “She’s very much like you, mom.”

She stood up and turned around. “They might be awhile yet. Do you think it would spoil anything if we did some fucking right now? Would you have plenty left for later?”

Glynn swallowed, staring at the proximity of her mounded tits, at the nipples aimed like twin blunt spears at his face. “Sure; I can go all night, with you.”

“Then come over here,” she said. “There’s something I always wanted to do, and this is just the right time for it. Because your father’s dick is so big, and because he was always kind of standoffish about any sort of deviation, I never even tried it with him. But now I’d like you to put it up me from the back, dear. You have a nice, slim cock that should fit all right.”

She climbed up on the bed and put the upper part of her body flat against the sheet, mashing her tits down. Her lustrous ass poked up, and her thighs were pushed apart.

Glynn stared and whispered hoarsely, “You mean to fuck you in the ass?”

“Exactly, darling. If you play with my pussy, you can get your fingers slippery, and rub them over your sweet cock for some extra lubrication. Then shove it into my ass very gently, very slowly.”

Heart pounding, Glynn got up behind her and fumbled into the damp nest of her cunt, running his fingers up and down the soft labia. Working two fingers into the hot gash, he probed with them until they felt slimy, then brought them out to rub over the head of his excited dick and down its hard shaft.

Carefully then, he steered the shiny head into the tiny ring and pressed its greased tip to the little puckered hole between the wonderfully moulded cheeks. He pushed it cautiously and felt the ring give slightly as a ripple of bliss moved through his taut body.

The tiny hole stretched some more at his pressure, and he held to his shaft, urging it into that heretofore untouched hole so he could fuck his adorable mother where she had never been fucked before. She hiked her ass back at him, rolled it gently, and helped the aching head of his cock penetrate. It inched inside the small ring, pushed slowly into the amazingly elastic tube, and he looked down to see the head vanishing inside her body.

She was very hot and tight inside, tighter than Jean’s little pussy, narrower than his sister’s cunt. Softness clung to his rod as it moved inside, gripping his cock from the tip of the head down to the heavy root with a different feeling than her pussy had given to it.

Glynn panted and shoved it on home; his balls swung against the crisp, curly hairs of his mother’s pussy from behind, and his hands stroked over her back, her cheeks, down around to feel the satin planes of her belly and the upper reaches of her humid cunt. Pulling back slowly, he felt her wiggle on his rod.

“Oh, darling boy! You’ve got it in, all the way up my ass. I love it, love it… so strange… stuffing me full, making me so hot… oh, put your hand on my pussy, dear. Right there… yes, yes!”

He stroked her as she humped her cunt against his hand, fed his oily shaft in and out of the narrow hot tubing, knowing he couldn’t keep this up for long, feeling the good sensations already threatening to leap up from his balls.

She gasped: “Glynn… Glynn!” and he knew it was all right to let it go, that she was cumming quickly, too. He fed the meat to her tight well with stronger thrusts, burying the head deep within her body, raking his fingernails over her pussy, and her belly, feeling her mound jump and vibrate against his palm as she reached climax.

The head of his dick flexed, trembled, and a heavy gout of semen spat from it, a torrent of cum that washed her tube and bathed his shaft with the fiery liquid. They shuddered together, panting and moaning until the hurricane of their emotions subsided and his balls stopped leaping upward.

He had fucked his mom in the ass; he had taken that cherry, been the first in there, and she had gone freakish over the fucking. There would be plenty more like it, he thought, and got the wild idea of maybe putting it to her from the back while his old man stuck it to her in front. That way, she would be filled with dicks.

She eased forward, and his slippery cock worked out of the tight hold her ass had on it. There was only a little seepage of white stuff to hang like little pearls upon her pussy hair. Glynn sat back, catching his breath and holding his greasy rod.

“That… that was fantastic,” his mother breathed. “It was all I hoped it would be and more. Now I’ve had you in all ways, baby… pussy and mouth and ass.”

Awkwardly, he climbed down off the bed and went to the bottle of liquor to drink sparingly from its neck and make a face. “I hope they give us a few minutes more.”

She came to her feet and went into the bathroom to tidy up. Never, he thought, would there be another woman like her. If he should get married someday, his wife had better be at least half the good fucking his mother was. His sister was a great lay, too, so that meant any girl he married would have to be extra special in that department.

Putting the bourbon bottle down, he touched his cock and thought that his future wife would just have to move in with the family and become a part of it. His father would enjoy getting some fresh cunt from her, and with three chicks… four, if Jean was still around… he and the old man could have a ball. He could see himself, bringing home his bride and telling his dad, okay… you can fuck her now.

He sat down on the bed again, hearing water run in the bathroom sink where his mother was cleaning herself up. Lorena would probably get married someday, too. Maybe quicker than he would, since she was older. She’d have to clue in her husband about the family beforehand, though. Boy, he thought… the whole bunch of them ready to fuck at a minute’s notice; husbands and wives and blood relatives. He wished now that he had a couple of other sisters, younger ones that he and his father could teach to fuck.

His mother came back into the room, high colour on her cheeks, wearing the towel around her hips again. He said, “You think I ought to put anything on?”

She shook her head. “I’m just a little embarrassed at your father seeing me naked with our son. I’ll get over it before long.”

“I used to worry about you seeing me with a hard-on,” he said. “I’d hide it best I could, but whenever I got to thinking too much about you, about the remote possibility of getting into your elegant pussy, I’d have to run upstairs. I sure jacked off a lot of times.”

She sat on the edge of the bed, holding out a water glass. “Pour me some drink, honey? What a waste that was, you masturbating and me being so lonely. All that time, we could have been fucking. But we’ll make up for the missed chances, darling.”

He splashed whiskey into the glass. “You bet; I was just thinking about bringing my wife home… the girl I’ll marry someday, and setting her up for dad to lay. I’ll never get tired of your pussy, Mom. I love you too much.”

“You’re a fine boy,” she said. “A nice guy and a wonderful lover, but I promise not to be jealous of the other girls that get to feel your lovely, hard dick. I’ll just remember that I taught you much of what you know sexually, and your sister showed you the rest… or is that twisted around? I’m a little nervous, dear.”

He came over and stroked her hair. “Don’t be, mom. It’s going to be terrific for all of us, I’m sure. Suppose you lie back and let me play with you while we wait for them? When Dad and sis come in, we’ll be ready to start fucking.”

She stretched out on the bed, the hotly sensual look on her face now, her lips red and damp. “Take off this damned towel, please. And I hear them coming down the hall.”

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    There you go… just because you have a big dick doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get everything.😊😊 Mom is so happy to be able to give her ass to her son – I envy Glenn :).