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The family debt 1

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I am a 14 year old girl and I was a normal person when at home school and holiday.

It all started year ago when mom dad and brother and me whas getting ready to go on holiday to the RV park there was some hour of driving. Half was though the travels we was going to meet up with are cousins aunty and uncle well that’s what we always got told we only see them when go on holiday.

So this is how we travel my dad loads up the car as mom get us ready. Me and my brother are in her room where on the the bed diaper you may think this was embarrassing for me.with me been 14:and my brother 16. But no I lifted my dress and mommy removed my panties and in her eye line was my hair bush with her thumb and finger pull my hair I screamed and she said Tiffany Alice what this I was in pain it hurt I fell to my knees. I will deal with you as she grabs my arms and puts them on my head.

I really had forgotten but I got shhhhed

I head mom say James dear my brother walk over he was wearing a t shirt and boxers mom was at the foot of the bed she removed the boxers and was greeted with erect cock my my we will have to deal with that she look at her watch 20 minutes she told him to bend over and put this hand on the bed she grabs his cock and began to jack him off he made some noises and wiggled and whispered he sprayed his seed over the bedding is that better she ask. Yes mommy and put the diaper on and a skirt. then I heard mommy I need it cleaning she replies no time shower time in the hotel. No go get in the car.

Now it was my turn up she shouts no lay on the bed I lay on my back as my brother spunk on my back then gets call a silly girl fancy laying in it. I have not got time to shave you as she put the wax strip over my pussy and rubs it down now we wait as I waited mom finished getting ready. What seemed like ages she stuffed my panties in my mouth and she ripped it off and it hurt I was in pain I couldn’t scream good girl she put some cream on it and proceeded with the diaper as dad shouting come on its time to go we got in to the car and noteste some of my stuff from my room like my bear as my dad gave keys to a man and the man gave Dad an envelope.

Turns out we was not going on holiday but we did have 12 hours drive from new york to Texas my dad had lost everything and had given are home away to pay the debt .but dad had been offered a job as a handy man and mom cleaner. And us into a boarding school

A few hours in I really need to pee but I had a really itchy pussy from the wax I had to wee I could not hold it so I let my self go. Warm liquid filled my diaper now I was sat in wetness I must have fell asleep.

I got woken up with Mom saying we are here I was a sleep for ages I opened my eyes mom told me to lay down she took my diaper off on goes some panties and a new bra and a new dress. Mom helped me up out of the car we was stood by the car I seen Uncle Pete he was talking to a us and others. Uncle Pete had payed off but it had to be paid back.

Are cars was checked and medicine and toiletries.
And it was mixed up with the other then we was told to say are good byes as my dad and brother go loaded in a bus with other men and boys.

Me and mom stood there with lots of other women and girls as cars was loaded into car transporter my dad and brother bus set off only for the break lights to come on and the door to open and one of the men to get off with my brother a girl has tryed to sneak on with her daddy the bus went on it’s way.

Who’s daughter is this

Part 2

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