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Teen Fucks Her Dad At A Gloryhole

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She came from a rather poor family. Or at least too poor for her standards. So she wanted to earn more money to keep up with all the high school trends. Being part of the cool gang costs money, and her parents weren’t willing to spend it.

But she also didn’t like to work hard. Flipping burgers, or getting a job at Walmart wasn’t her thing. Low pay, many hours. And why should a hot girl like her have to work hard?

Through an older friend she found out there was a gloryhole at the outskirts of the town. The friend told her she could make a lot of money quickly, and that nobody would ever find out because you were basically anonymous. So three days per week she went there for 2 hours to work after school, and she made about $700 dollars every week.

She told her parents she would either go to a friend, study, or work. She loved the thoughts of her parents having no idea what a little slut they had living under her roof. They thought she was a well-behaved schoolgirl, while she was actually sucking off adult men for money. She loved fingering herself to multiple orgasm at night while thinking about all the cum that was still in her stomach. She loved being a dirty little girl.

What she loved most was the age difference, and the fact that the men did not know that a little teen was sucking them off. How crazy would these guys go if they knew that her teen lips were wrapped around their adult cocks? How much harder would they shoot their cum if they knew they were emptying their balls in a tight, teen’s throat?

And obviously the men weren’t the only ones getting pleasure. Since she was alone in a cabine, she could get naked and finger herself while sucking off the men. Sometimes she wouldn’t swallow the cum, but let it run out of her mouth, all the way across her body towards her tight, virgin pussy and use it as lube. She would almost always cum when she felt the men unload inside her mouth.

One day, on a Thursday afternoon, she was sitting inside her cabin after having made 5 men cum already. When she heard the next guy coming in, she always looked through the hole. It didn’t really matter to her what they looked like, she would blow them anyway. Maybe she even liked the more disgusting looking men. The fat ones with dirty clothes. It just made her feel a little more like an object to be used, and she loved that.

But this day she froze as she looked. The man walking towards the cabin was her dad. Her married dad. She was all kinds of shocked. First of all, this meant he was cheating on her mother. Second of all, her dad’s cock would come through the hole in about 10 seconds, and she had no idea what to do?

She couldn’t deny it because then her dad might find out she was there. But she also couldn’t suck it, right? She couldn’t take her dad’s cock in her mouth, let alone make him cum? Or could she? As she saw his hard cock coming through the hole, she felt a tingle in her pussy, and then she knew she couldn’t resist this.

She took her dad’s cock deep inside her teen mouth. She would give daddy the best blowjob of his life. She would make sure that he would come back again to get sucked off by the mystery girl in the cabin. She gave it her all. She heard him moan and grunt and she loved it.

And then he said he was about to cum…

No what? Take his load? Swallow it? Sucking him off was already quite exciting, but this was something entirely different. She had never felt this horny before. The thought of getting her dad to drain his balls inside her got her crazy.

“Inside me”, she thought. “But maybe not in my mouth. Daddy is special. He deserves another hole.” So she stopped sucking and turned her back towards the hole. She grabbed her daddy’s cock and pushed it towards her tight virgin hole. She was so wet because of the thought of daddy taking her virginity. She was dripping on the floor. Then he pushed. He pushed and he grunted hard as his cock entered this tight, teen pussy.

She pushed her ass as hard as she could against the wall and hoped that he would understand what to do. He started slowly fucking her. She lost it. She let out a couple of moans, but then remembered that daddy should recognise her. So she put her hand in front of her mouth while daddy pounded her harder and harder. She hoped that he wouldn’t recognise her muffled moans.

After a couple of minutes, he picked up the pace even more and she heard his breathing getting quicker. She knew that her dad was about to drain his balls in her young, tight pussy. The thought alone could’ve made her cum, but daddy’s hard cock pounding inside her sealed the deal.

As he shot his load deep in his own daughter, she had the biggest orgasm she ever had. She couldn’t prevent her moans from escaping her mouth. She was shaking, and after daddy pulled his dick out, she dropped to the ground. She heard her dad leaving.

As she lay there, completely without energy, and with her dad’s cum dripping out of her pussy, she could only hope that daddy didn’t recognise her moans.

Or perhaps she kinda hoped he had…

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  • Reply PO469 ID:by3g9iv1

    What if when she came, she couldn’t keep quiet and she screamed out. “Oh, Daddy. Yes.”

  • Reply TvT ID:1djio03dvg9l

    Wonderful, what a good daughter

  • Reply Dadsecrets ID:3hw8t8glhrk

    wonderful story, and very hot, I also go to an adult cinema from time to time, there are also these gloryhole booths, I love getting my dick sucked from the hole, but I really hope one day I too find my daughter sucking cocks

  • Reply amogus ID:jkzq01649c

    please part 2, thats be best story ive read

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    That’s a very hot story!! I was hard the whole time reading it! What a lucky daddy to be able to take his baby girls cherry!! Add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

  • Reply Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

    I always was thinking the same too? What happens when adult men found out. A teenage girl 13 years old was sucking them off? Well the answer is they will keep coming back. What can they tell the cops? I got a blowjob from a kid that gave an amazing blowjob? I also pondered that these men were people that I knew? A friend’s dad? One of my teachers from grade school? Probably a bunch of pervs, I will miss sucking and swallowing a lot of cum!

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1ehm42he4hln

    First of all fantastic storyline please keep it up. My cock is absolutely hard. Secondly, I wish this was a true story, and I could drive to this cabin.

  • Reply OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

    I started sucking dick at theaters when I was 16 and loved it I would cum without even jerking off

    • Daddy needs a fuck toy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

      That so hot

    • Danny1003 ID:1ehm42he4hln

      You should suck my cock

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      I was traveling home from a project in NW GA and decided to have some fun with a married woman I know in Burlington NC. She knows I will play with cock during MMF and will, if I find the right boy, play with a 10 or 12 yo but she has never seen me do that. After some torrid play she decided that we should watch some gay porn just to see how I would react. I am not really into watching porn (I am way to jaded to get turned on by that fake nonsense) but the lingering scent of mu cum and her juices, her playing rough with my nipples had me throbbing hard in no time.

      That gave her an evil idea … she wanted to watch me suck a few cocks at a glory hole. I have to admit that I have enjoyed some OK blow jobs at GHs but never sucked anyone. Off we went to Raleigh where she selected 3 guys for me to suck. After #2 drained his balls over my face, she was wild lust! #3 shot a huge load that I swallowed. I grabbed her hair and pulled her lips to my cum covered face, cum filled mouth and made her kiss me. She was F’ING WET!

      I told her that I also do other things to boys, bent her forward and used a lot of spit to lube her ass. The guys in the booths and hall found out that I love painanal … she squirmed an whimpered and I loved every tight minute until the messy end.

      This is not fiction and took place on 11/22/22. I am taking a few days off starting 11/30 and plan to find a Bi-WC to have some theater fun at the Waverly adult store. Love an audience when I play!

      [email protected]

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      I used to go to the adult bookstores and porno theater around the area back in the day

  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    When he pulled out, he saw virgin blood on his cock. He gave her an extra $20 tip thru the hole. He had to stay around and see the girl whose virginity he had just taken. Three more men went in and out of the cubical before she quit for the day and came out. Then he saw that it was his own thirteen-year-old daughter.

    • Jacko Lanturn ID:1cy9f549fqa4


    • Danny1003 ID:1ehm42he4hln

      Absolutely could be another ending

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I like sucking cock in adult bookstores and gloryholes

    • Cole ID:7pqjf5vqr9

      Wish there were some in SE wisconsin