Taking my fiancé’s virginity

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Hi my name is Dmac, this story is about me and my fiance first time.

We both were in our mid 20s and had been dating for a few years in a long distance relationship. Over the period of our long distance relationship we did text all the time and always swap pics.

When the time came for us both to decide we didn’t want a long distance relationship anymore we moved in together. The first night we spent together was a great and romantic time. She was a virgin at the time and I wasn’t. We were in bed together kissing passionately and undressing each other, once I got her top off I started to suck on her nipples and playing with her tits. Just from this she started moaning.

I then got to her pussy and rubbed her clit while fingering her and she was very wet. When we both thought it was time I guided my cock at her entrance and started to go in gently, once I felt her hymen barrier I said to her “are you sure “ and she nodded yes. Once she was fully ready I said to her once again “this may hurt a bit”. I then started kissing her and thrust my cock deep inside her breaking her hymen and kept thrusting while she met my thrusts with her hips. We kept fucking until I cum a huge amount deep inside her pussy and stayed inside her until I became fully soft and slipped out of her.

Afterwards I came up to her and cuddled up to her and kissed her and asked if it hurt. Her response was “not really just a little discomfort, but said she enjoyed feeling me cum inside her and loved the feeling of having me inside her until I came soft”. We both kissed once again and fell asleep cuddling up to each other all night long.

This is my first story and would appreciate any comments. Also we can chat on Snapchat. My snap id is dmac1718

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