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Grandpa’s sex lesson

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Grandpa taught me and my friend about sex and made us both very sore.

Our parents went out to see a boring play at the theatre so me and my friend Zoey slept over at grandpa’s house, he lived in a little bungalow by himself because nanna had died when a few years ago.

Grandpa was really funny, always cracking jokes making us laugh, he was never strict and just go on with everyone, he wouldn’t talk to us like we were kids, he treated us like grown-ups, he let us drink alcohol and watch movies that were too old for us, he was just a cool grandpa.

Both me and Zoey liked watching horror movies, so we spent all night in the front room watching them on TV, eating loads of sweets and popcorn and drinking Vodka and beer.

It was winter time and it got a bit cold so we got the big blanket and pillows from the cupboard and put them on the floor in the front room and we all lay under it with grandpa in the middle of us so we could bury our heads in him when something really scary happened in a movie.

A lot of the old horror movies we watched had nudity and sex scenes in them and with us being drunk, giddy and two 12 year old inexperienced yet very curious girls, our conversation quickly turned to the subject of sex, we were asking grandpa questions and giggling all the time, then the night turned very X-rated indeed.

“Grandpa, what does a cock look like?” I asked.

“Sort of like an uncooked sausage.” He replied, jokingly.

“Will you show us yours?” asked Zoey.

He was very reluctant to show us but we nagged and nagged and eventually he caved, we all got out from under the sheets and sat on top of them, grandpa sat up on his knees then pulled his trousers down to show us, he had a long thick cock and two very sagging balls hanging down.

We giggled quite a lot when we saw it, then we took turns touching it and we were rolling around on the floor in hysterics as we messed with his cock and watched it get bigger and longer.

“If you keep doing that I’m going to have to fuck you both.” Said grandpa.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you never waste a good erection.” He replied.

Then Zoey suddenly stripped off very quickly, “What are you doing?” I asked, very shocked with her actions.

“I want to have sex.” She replied, then when she was naked she looked at grandpa, “Will you fuck me? Please, I want to try.” She asked.

Grandpa smiled widely and swiftly pulled his clothes off, “You don’t have to ask me twice, sweetheart. Lay yourself down.” He said, joyfully.

I watched intensely as Zoey lay on her back with her legs wide open, then grandpa positioned himself over her between her legs, I could see his big hard cock sticking up at a downward angle, he steady it with his hand and rubbed it several times against her pussy, he was using the tip to flick her clitoris, then he pushed it inside her pussy and they both groaned really loud.

“Are you really fucking her?” I asked, I didn’t think he was serious.

Grandpa began to move his butt up and down making his cock move in and out of her pussy, “Oh yes.” He replied.

Zoey was moaning like crazy with her arms and legs completely wrapped around his body, “What does it feel like?” I asked her.

“It’s really – ungh – hard – ungh – good – oooh…” she replied, her words staggered between her moans.

He sat up after a while and made her turn over and get on her hands and knees, “Urgh!” I shouted out, feeling a bit sick when he pushed his cock inside her butt.

“What do you mean urgh. This is anal sex, love.” He said.

Zoey was screaming and moaning while he fucked her in the butt, their skin made clapping sounds when her butt cheeks slapped against his skin and she was grabbing tightly at the sheets, it looked painful but she smiled and giggled so she obviously liked it.

A few minutes later grandpa flipped her on to her back, he pulled on his cock a couple of times and then shot white stuff all over her.

“What’s that?” we both asked.

“That’s cum. It’s what you’re made of.” He replied.

“Am I going to have a baby?!” asked Zoey in a panic.

Grandpa laughed, “No love. You only get pregnant if I’d have come inside your pretty little pussy.” He said.

Then he looked at me and his grey bushy eyebrows bounced flirtatiously up and down, “What?” I questioned.

“Your turn?” he asked.

“Yeah, go on. It’s really fun.” Said Zoey.

“Okay…” I replied, then I held on to my butt cheeks, “…But I don’t want it in my butt.” I said.

He agreed and then I took my clothes off with grandpa’s help, he seemed very eager to get me naked, I laid myself down on the sheets with my knees up but legs still closed together and grandpa crawled towards me, he pushed his hands between my legs and slowly pushed them apart and I nervously giggled.

Instead of crawling between my legs like he did with Zoey, he put his head down and licked my pussy, it made me feel all tingly inside, I don’t think I’d ever separated my legs so far in my life, they just opened wider on their own, I put my head back, closed my eyes and drifted off to heaven with his tongue swirling around my hole.

I felt something happening inside of me, my pussy was suddenly a thousand times more sensitive and I was moaning uncontrollably, then I went light headed, I felt every nerve in my body tingle, I screamed with orgasm and water gushed from my pussy in to my grandpa’s waiting mouth.

He then crawled up my body and within just seconds after catching my breath, he pushed his cock inside my soaking wet pussy, I gasped and held my breath feeling his huge cock entering my body with my inside walls squeezing against his width.

Zoey spanked grandpa’s ass while he fucked me very hard, every time he pushed forward, my butt lifted off the sheets and my legs swung backwards towards my shoulders, in fact my legs ached so much that I decided to hold on to my knees to stop them flapping around, I held my legs all the way back, my pussy opened wide and grandpa hammered my hole.

“I’m cumming…” grandpa said.

I felt him attempt to pull his cock out of me so I clamped my arms and legs around him, stopping him from pulling out, I was having too much fun.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted.

“Ungh – Keep going – ungh – don’t stop!” I demanded.

“I’m cumming!”

– “Ungh!”
“I’m cumming!”

– “Oh, fucking hell! – Ungh!”

“I’m cummiiiiiiing!”

– “Ungh!”

Then he came inside of me, and he came fucking hard, I felt the muscles in his buttocks clench up and his cock swell and pump inside of me followed by the warm sensation of his cum hitting my cervix, firing out of his cock like a bullet.

Once we rested for nearly 10 minutes and caught our breath, we moved in to the bedroom and continued to fuck and fool around for the rest of the night, all three of us.

I did eventually take it up the butt and I’m glad I did because it was so fucking good.

The following morning both Zoey and I were very sore, our pussy’s were bright red and painful to touch, sitting down wasn’t much better either, and combined with a hangover from all the alcohol we both felt like shit so we called up our parents and told them we were staying for a while longer, then we just slept all day.

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    Fuuuuuck… GOOD story💥

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    I wish I was there to watch

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    So I want to know at 12 had you or your friend had your first period yet . Did Grandpa come in your friend’s p**** too. Did Grandpa knock any of his up or do you want Grandpa to knock you up love to know.

    • Natasha ID:2kbm8ent09

      My granddad got me pregnant when I was 14. I convinced my parents that I’d been fucking a man in the local park.

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