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Sub put over the breeding bench as punishment

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Her mistress was pissed. I was a sub, and I was brought in to do the deed, what she didn’t want. Crying, trying to get away, she was fertile.

I was a sub of Mistress C for about a year. I saw her regularly, two to three times a week. She dressed me, made me up and pegging my ass with bigger and bigger dildos. She brought in other dommes to play with me, to fuck me also, and to show off my pussy eating skills. Dee was a tall, beautiful mistress with a perfect figure, tits not as big as C but she liked to domme other women mostly, though she treated me like I was a woman. C got pissed at me after about 3 months, and put me over this wooden contraption called the breeding bench. Then she had mistress Dee bring in one of her girl subs (Ellie) who was so petite, beautiful with a perfect body, and another guy. The guy had on a mask, but was naked other than that. C explained that I was misbehaving, and Dee explained that her guy had been perfect and deserved some entertainment. With that she demanded Ellie get on her knees and suck the guys cock. When it was hard, even though ordered not to look, it was at least 9 very thick inches. This cock looked like a pringles can. He started ramming it down ellies throat and Dee stopped him. “He’s all yours” she told mistress C. C took ellie to kneel down in front of me, she was to look into my eyes as I took my punishment. Then with a big slather of some white stuff on my ass, she grabbed the guys big cock and told him to ram me. I was a virgin to cock, so her was my first, but to ram it home and hurt me as I deserved it. I was crying as ellie was looking at me, watching me lose my virginity to a massive cock. He was allowed to pound me but not cum till he was told. After 30 minutes I was just a rag doll and he begging C to let him cum. After another 10 minutes she let him. To tell the truth my ass was so wrecked that I didn’t even feel the cum. I think when he pulled out so much plopped out with it. He left, and Ellie was ordered to undo my restraints and help me to a bed. Mistress Dee said she could stay with me as we both had booked overnight stays. She was to nurse me, but under no circumstances were she or I do to anything sexual. She wiped up my blood from my gaping butthole, soothed me with some lotions. She massaged me and especially rubbed my butt cheeks to get the hole to go down.

That night she was tied to me, with her behind me, her soft pubic hairs pushed up against my ass, my no longer virgin ass. Yes I’d been pegged many time, but not fucked by a cock, not used as mistress C called it a “cum tunnel”, but that is what I was. As Ellies tiny little tits were rubbing against my back we went to sleep. During our time we talked and got to know a bit about our real lives. Then soon Dee was back to take her property. C came to get me, and get me dressed fully as a woman, took me to the elevator where Ellie was waiting dressed like a man. We had to go grocery shopping out in public. I got plenty of stares, but we kept out heads down and did what we were told.

After about 3 months I was being very good, and actually took my fifth cock of the day for my mistress. She got the money and since I’d never been fucked by 5 cocks before C thought I deserved a treat. She turned me over to Dee. On Dees breeding bench was Ellie. She was gagged and strapped down. Dee told me she had refused to lick her ass after she went shit, so more things were demanded and Ellie used the worst word possible to a mistress – NO! For this she wanted Ellie fucked. I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but she was gorgeous and Dee was roughly jacking on my cock I got hard and she put a little lube on Ellies soft little fuckhole. She took me behind her and guided my cock to her pussy. Then put the head in and got behind me and kicked me so it went all in at once. Ellie was shaking her head and trying to say something but I was told to fuck and fuck quick and cum. After I came, the boards were lifted up from the ceiling so her ass was nearly vertical.

“That will help insure the little cunt gets knocked up. It’s called a breeding bench slave, and that’s what we’re having you do. Ellies punishment is getting knocked up, and you are going to be the breeder”

I was shocked but for two more days I was breeding this beautiful delicate woman, so lovely she was like a doll. Each time she tried to wiggle away, after the first time she was without the gag and was begging me and begging Dee to not do this to her, it wasn’t in her contract, she didn’t want to have a baby. That earned her ass whippings. I mean with a thin wooden switch. I was the one to administer them then fuck her and lift her. After she would be released she’d be tied naked to me. Sometimes I was told to wake her up by switching her little tits or on the prettiest little pussy I’ve ever seen. It was so little, I mean her outer lips were only 2 inches from top to bottom.

6 months passed and in a neighborhood coffee shop I see Ellie. Her real name is Stacey and she had a big pregnant belly. We sat together, she told me that a couple months before she stopped going to the dungeon, I said I’d done the same. She asked me if I knew how many cocks had used my mouth and butt, I knew but at first didn’t tell. I asked her and she said I was the only one, and just to get her knocked up. I told stacey how I felt about her, how beautiful I thought she was, and she had feelings for me too. We agreed and we started dating. In a couple of weeks I was fucking her beautiful pregnant pussy. Soon her mouth, and then her butt. Like me she’d only had dildos in her butt before from women only. She was pretty much made to service lesbians in her sub life, which she liked having had some really fucked up personal relationships with some guys. Except for the guy who was brought in to knock her up.

We met, she watched me get mdy first cock up my ass, and I knocked her up as the ultimate punishment. We both had enough of being punished, we live together with our daughter now.

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