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Step daughter misses the bus

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One of the hardest parts of working third shift is the everyday task of coming home and getting my 14 year old step daughter awake and ready for the bus stop. Like most teenage girls, Kylie could and would sleep all day if you let her, so this is no easy task. Most days her mother has her awake and dressed before I get home, but she always falls back asleep in the time between her mother leaving for work and me getting home. However, a few times this year I have gotten home and that has not been the case. When I get home first thing I do is go to my step daughters room to start the waking of the dead process, this time, (about six months ago) her mother must have been in a rush and did not get her up and ready. As I open the door I see Kylie lying on her bed asleep wearing just panties and a bra, I froze in place, heart skipping a beat, and my cock flooding with blood.

This was the first time I have seen my daughter in this light. She typically wears baggy clothes and oversized hoodies to school, but I can no see she is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. Kylie is about 5’3 120 pounds, with blue eyes and light brown hair. I have seen her in leggings before so I know she has a nice firm ass. Standing in the doorway I was torn, I knew I shouldn’t be looking at my step daughter this way, but my cock had other ideas. I gave into the temptation and started to slowing move toward her bed to get a closer look. Her legs were short with an athletic build, they were spread open, so as my gaze went up her legs to her bright purple lace panties which were pulled just enough over for me to see her pussy. My cock twitched at the sight, she had the most beautiful little bush protruding from her panties, and I could see her small lips and tiny opening in her slit. Moving up her very tone midsection and to her budding breasts, a very nice, perky set of A cups. Her bra must be just a tad too big as from the side there was just enough of a gap I could see her small pink areola with a perfect baby toe nipple fully erect. I stood there in awe of her perfect body, wanting so badly to pull my cock out of my pants right there and jerk off to her, I wanted to taste that beautiful bush and pussy. But I couldn’t, what would happen if she wakes up, I can’t risk it I tell myself. I attempt to pull the covers gently to cover her up a bit before waking her up, but she was laying on top of them so I covered what I could which wasn’t much before nudging her shoulder. “Kylie, it’s time to wake up and get ready for school”. She gives a grunt as a reply, so I nudge her again harder, jostling her awake. In her startled wake up she sits up and looks around, sees me and looks me up and down dazed and confused. In that moment I realized my cock had to be noticeable as I can feel it trying to tear through my pants, but it was too late, Kylie does another double take and lingers at my buldge as I scurry out of the room hoping she thought nothing of it.

It was a close call that day but Kylie managed to get to the bus stop just in time to make it to her junior high. As soon as I saw her bus go by though I rushed to her room. I had to know what her beautiful bushy pussy smelled like, so I went to her hamper, my eyes lit up when I saw that bright purple pair of panties. I picked them up, examining them, and find the crotch. To my excitement I found a couple of her pubic hairs were still on the panties and they had a nice wet cream on them. I couldn’t help but wonder between that and her erect nipples if she was having a sexual dream. All of this was too much to handle so I rushed to my room, panties in hand and stripped down naked, cock already hard as a rock. I put the crotch to my nose and take a deep breath, it was like heaven. The most perfect scent I have ever smelled. I continued to sniff and suck the panties until I was about to cum, then wrapped them around my cock and shot my load, using them to clean myself up. At this point I am exhausted, between the excitement, and working third shift I am ready to sleep. So half asleep I walk by my step daughters bedroom and toss her panties in her room on the floor, use the restroom and go to sleep. I usually wake up shortly before Kylie gets home from school, and am laying in bed when I hear the door open, then panick sets in as i remember i didnt place the panties back where i found them, i just threw them on the floor, covered in my spunk. There was no time to go move them, maybe ahe wont notice i thought, maybe she wont know why they are crusty from my cum drying on them all day. Her room is next to mine so she has to walk by mine to get to hers. As most moody teen girls do, Kylie came home and headed straight to her bedroom where she spent most of her time. As she walks by I say “hey, how was school?”, “good” she says in stride. There was a long pause as she stood in her doorway, surely noticing her out of place panties. My heart was racing as I knew I was busted, but Kylie just looks back at me and smiles “it was a really good day actually” then she goes in her room and closes the door.

From then on me jerking off with her panties was a regular thing. Only now I noticed they were always perfectly placed on top of her hamper for me to find, and her still not being dressed when I got home was becoming more of a regular occurrence, at least once a week. At this point I had to assume she was doing this all on purpose, so I got a little bit more bold, but not too crazy. If I found her asleep I would run my hand up her thigh and cup her pussy, feeling it’s warmth. Running my fingers through her neatly trimmed bush, and a few times put my hand in her bra cupping her tiny tits and giving her nipple a squeeze. She always stayed asleep until I woke her up, but part of me thinks she was awake for most of it.

Now fast forward to today. I get home from work and hear the shower running, Kylie doesn’t usually shower in the mornings so it caught me off guard. I have to admit I was a bit upset I wouldn’t ge to see her sleeping today, so I got changed into some gray sweat pants to get comfy and laid on my bed. I hear the water stop and some moving around, then the door opens. My jaw dropped, and my cock was instantly hard when Kylie stepped out of the bathroom completely naked. I had no underwear on so my cock made a full tee pee in my sweats, Kylie stops, and giggles “sorry daddy, I am running a little late this morning” then goes to her room to finish getting ready. My mind was racing for the next several minutes over seeing kylies perfect 14 year old body, and the the time got away from me, I yelled out to her ” hey it’s time to go, you are going to be late!”. A couple more minutes go by before Kylie finally wakes out, backpack in tote. “Have a good day daddy” she says. At this point I couldn’t wait to go to her hamper for her panties. However, this time I notice she had her damp panties laid out perfectly in the middle of her bed. I snatched them up and put them to my nose and starting feverishly stroking my cock with her panties in my nose. I was more built up than ever this time and was letting out moans of pleasure, thinking about fuckimg my sexy step daughter. “Oh fuck Kylie, do you want daddy’s big cock?” I moan to myself eyes closed fully emeresed in my fantasy. Then I nearly jump out of my skin when I hear an oh to familiar voice say “yes daddy”

Standing in the doorway is Kylie, completely naked. I toss her panties to the floor and jump to her, pinning her against the wall, one hand gently on her throat, the other immediately pinching her perfect nipple. I was going to fuck her so hard I thought for teasing me for so long. I kiss her hard, slipping my tongue into her mouth, she kisses back as I suck on her tongue wrestling with mine. I drop to my knees and bury my face in her perfect virgin pussy, her bush tickling my nose as I find her clit and go to work. Kylies knees start to buckle, so I pick her tiny body up and place her on the bed, still not finished tasting her juices. I continue until she is bucking her hips, pulling my hair as she has her first orgasam, soaking my beard in her cum. I kiss her body making my way up to her mouth, making a stop at her breast to suck and nibble her nipppes. I press the head of my cock to her opening and ask “are you ready for daddy’s cock?” ” yes daddy please I’ve been waiting for so loooo.. she gasps as I slide my cock in her not waiting for her to finish her sentence. Her pussy was so tight, even with being so wet, I had to concentrate not to cum immediately. Starting slow, then gaining pace. I knew I wouldn’t last long, I have been dreaming of this moment for so long, I was built up way too much. “Oh fuck baby, daddy is going to cum” I grunt as I try to hold out for as many pumps as possible before pulling out and shooting my load so hard, soaking her bush with my cum, some ropes managed to shoot up to her tits, it has been years since I came that hard. Exhausted I collapse next to Kylie on the bed. She rubs my cum on her bush, stroking her clit a few times before giving it a taste.

“Sorry I missed the bus daddy” she says in a playful tone giggling.

“Don’t be” I said “you will be getting a full education today, we are nowhere near done.”

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1dr1kwx1dgar

    That was fantastic and well written. I loved that part of missing the bus lol. My own daughter pulled this stunt a few times when she was just flat out to damn horny to go to school. The only thing was she was 9 years old and by 11 having her period and full blow squirting sessions. I swear between the ages of 10 and 12 she could ride me for hours upon hours. She even tried when I was passed out. Any female looks beautiful naked and should practice nudity at a young age forward like my daughter and I did, oh and all her sleepover friends too.

    • gonzos a dickhead ID:4bn00en3fia

      sure bud fucking dumbass bitch

  • Reply Rick ID:1eoqnazunm0t

    Love naked teens. I got very hard imagining you and your daughter.

  • Reply Hank ID:1dngdqhr5ly4

    You are a very lucky man! Great story!

  • Reply fjenebfkaowbtbglal ID:cxscn2z8rd

    good story