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Cousin asleep and fucked her like crazy

One night I was stayng with my cousin she lived on a property in bush we were both 13 and we would always stay up late playing video games. I’ve always had a crush on her ever since I saw her showering, I loved the way he ass was so nice and smooth anyway we were watching YouTube and she just got given new pj’s she wanted to change so she told me to turn around so I did but I wanted to look so bad her big perfect tits I just wanted to see them so I turned around slowly and sneaked a look and oh my god she was amazing then she saw me looking and said what the hell Jack and I said I’m sorry I thought you said I could look now she said ok and got changed into her pj’s and sat down after a while she fell asleep. I looked at her and stared at her perfect ass and imagined playing with it and sucking on it, I then leaned over and slightly touched her ass and I wanted more so I grabbed her ass and started to jerk off but then she woke up and was frightened I then said please just wait I’m sorry she stoped to think then leaned in to whisper Jack I want to put your sexy cock in inside my little virgin pussy so she took off her pants and slid onto my cock and fucked her like crazy

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