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The Evil Ones Part 1

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Not a story for the faint-hearted. It’s about an evil man who does evil things with his evil family and friends…

WARNING: This story is dark. It’s about a man and his family who perform evil acts for the sake of it. There will be disgusting, violent and cruel things throughout, including vicious killings, rape, and incest. It’s fiction. It’s not supposed to be a guide for how to live or what’s right or what’s wrong. It’s something you can read to feel some things we don’t normally feel and explore those feelings. If that’s not something you think you’ll like, you should go read another story.



I never thought I’d be a family man, but settling down was one of the best things I ever did.

Take my eldest daughter, Lila, for example. She’s sixteen and doing great at school, she has dozens of friends who adore her, and she’s got a combination of my all-American athleticism and her mother’s Southern-European good looks. She recently got braces, though, she didn’t really need them. She just thought it would look cute, especially to her daddy…

“Fuuuck, baby,” I groaned, running my fingers through her caramel hair as she sucked my cock.

Lila pulled back and smiled. Her face was an absolute mess and her hair looked wild. She looked just like her mother at that age, except way more confident in her skills. “I’m glad you love me, daddy,” she purred.

“Of course I love you, darling,” I said, putting a hand behind her head and bringing her back to my cock. As my little girl’s soft lips sealed around my cock, I felt an amazing surge of happiness. I guided her back and forth, letting her bob up and down on her daddy’s cock.

A voice from the corner of the room scoffed, “You’re fucking disgusting!”

Lila laughed, keeping my cock in her mouth and even work a bit harder just to piss off the angry onlooker. For my part, I didn’t pay any attention to our heckler… She could be dealt with later.

Wrapping her arms around my legs, Lila wiggled her cute little ass and closed her eyes shut before going absolutely wild. “Gawk-gawk-gawk,” is just about the cutest sound a girl can make for her father! She sucked me off fast, using her tongue as a slope and letting me drive my cock down her throat. I pumped my hips and didn’t hold back, enjoying the heat of her mouth as my orgasm approached. When the time came, I gripped her head and held her down, burying myself until the tip of her nose was pressed against my skin as I blasted cum down her gullet.

I had to pull back fast to let my girl catch her breath and to avoid her choking. She looked sweaty and spent, but I knew my little minx could go for hours longer. As she gulped down the last of my cum, she rubbed her pussy and looked at me with puppy-dog eyes that begged for even more.

Again, the voice from the corner attacked us. “You’re filth!”

Sighing, I shook my head and turned to face the raspy and broken crackle. We were in the basement of our cabin in the woods, where Lila and I had always enjoyed father-daughter time and practiced our mutual hobbies. Our latest project was seated on the floor, chained to the wall.

The 20-something blonde had beautiful wavy hair and a very nice smile, though, her lip was a little broken on account of my daughter punching her a few times. She had a very nice body, which we’d left mostly untouched. Sure, there was some of my cum leaking from her pussy, but aside from that we’d been very gentle with her… Despite this, the silly little thing was beginning to irritate us…

“Fuck you!” she spat. “You disgusting fucks!”

Lila giggled. “She has a voice like a banshee, daddy. If I’d known that I never would have suggested her for us. I mean, I like it when they scream, but she’s just a bit much.”

“Are you tired of her already, dear?”

My daughter weighed her options, bobbing her head side to side. “Hmm… Well…”

Smiling, I knew Lila was far too polite to say what we were both thinking. Of course, it’s awfully wasteful to capture such a beautiful specimen and only use her for a few hours, but this latest catch really did have an unfortunate voice!

Walking over to my baseball bat, I felt its weight and gave my daughter a little wink. She giggled, knowing what was coming next.

As I approached the blonde, she flinched. Not so tough now… I raised the bat like I was about to swing, watching as the girl began to sob uncontrollably. She cried and cried, whimpering and trying to make words. The sad sight almost made me have second thoughts, but I couldn’t disappoint my little girl.

“Fuck her up, daddy!” Lila encouraged, and with that I took the first swing!

I’ll give blondie props, she took it like a champ, keeping her torso upright and proud as the impact crashed against her skinny body. It seemed to be a common thing — that they feel a little mean and indestructible just as you’re about to finish them off. The second blow came down a little harder and this time I was aimed for her face. As the bat struck her cheek, her head went limp, followed by her shoulders and the rest of her body. For a second, I posed for Lila as the blonde gasped for air, pretending I was a big-shot batter on an all-star team. She thought it was super cute and applauded, and I lifted the bat over my head to deliver the finishing blow!

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

A little overkill never hurt no body.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

“Woohoo!” Lila cheered as each blow came through sounding a little mushier. “Go daddy! Show her who’s boss!”

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Wiping my brow, I was done, and so was blondie. Her dead body still looked fucking sexy, but I’d done a number on her face and (literally) bashed her brains out. To think, the poor thing could’ve had days more to live if only she’d gone along with the ride and kept her mouth shut… You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, I guess.

Jumping to her feet, Lila came to give me a big hug and held me tight. “I love you, daddy,” she said. “You’re the best! Sorry for not liking her all that much in the end…”

“Nonsense,” I answered. “There are plenty of fish in the sea. Plus, it’s not like we didn’t have any fun with her.”

Looking very happy, Lila gave me a kiss on the cheek before taking the bat from me. She felt its weight and rubbing her hand along the shaft just as she would stroke her daddy’s cock.

“I can’t wait for my first time,” she said dreamily, having never been allowed to deliver the killing blow to one of our many, many, many victims.

“One day, darling,” I assured, heading over to the table where I’d set down my watch. “Wow, we’ve been here for longer than I thought! You’ll have to open for the cleaners, I need to head to the office.”

Lila was all too happy to help out and gave me another big hug before we headed upstairs. As we passed through the cabin’s living room, we found her little sister, Noemi, watching one of her favourite videos on the big screen. As she heard us approach, she forgot about the film and peeked over the back of the sofa with an excited look on her adorable face. The stunning 12 year old had all her mother’s good looks and was quickly turning into a beautiful young woman with lush brunette hair and a Parisian model’s fine face. She was bubbly and clever and very naughty. I adored her, and so did Lila, who quickly pounced on her sister and tickled her sides.

Noemi laughed out loud with the laughter changing pitch as Lila added a barrage of kisses to the heavy tickling. “Stop!” she cried playfully, but Lila wouldn’t let up. As the two eventually settled, Iris wanted to know all about our time downstairs. You see, she was still a little too young to participate, but she’d always been very curious and very eager to eventually join.

“Well,” Lila started, “daddy used the bat you gave him for his birthday.”

Noemi’s eyes lit up. “Really, daddy?! That’s so cool!”

Walking over to my girls, I gave each a big kiss on the head and told them how much I loved them. “I’ll see you at home tonight, girls. Tell your mother I won’t be long.”

The girls went back to tickling each other as I left to get ready for work, with Lila stuffing a hand down her sister’s shorts just as I was done.

There were two armed men waiting for me outside. No, not the police. Not some brave and good men coming to make me pay for my sins. No, nope, not at all. Not one fucking bit.

Guys like me don’t get punished by life. Quite the opposite.

The two bodyguards accompanied my to my 4×4 and quickly left the ‘cabin’ in our rearview mirror: all 15,000 square feet of it.

Yeah, life had rewarded me for being an evil bastard. Still, I wanted more…


The helicopter touched down atop my company’s headquarters like a feather gently falling to the ground. My assistant, Sophie, was waiting for me with a big grin on her face.

Sophie was more than just an assistant. The handsome English woman had been my first hire I when I started my own private equity firm. She was sharp and precise, like a scalpel. During our time together, she’d pulled off some major commercial surgery to help me achieve my goals, and it helped that we shared the same… Values. Plus, she was a good fuck, with striking red hair and just the right amount of freckles on her soft cheeks.

“Sir,” she greeted. “Did you enjoy your morning?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I mused. “She wasn’t as fun as she looked, so we got rid of her.”

“That’s a shame. Should I arrange for someone new.”

Shaking my head, I wanted my assistant to focus on business. Things had been going well, but they could’ve been going better. I’d been in the industry for a long time and while the work had always scratched an itch, I was getting tired of it.

We arrived at the CEO’s floor, which I kept reserved exclusively for myself and Sophie. She walked with me all the way to my desk and watched with her hands on her hips as I decompressed in my expensive chair. She had nice hips… Child-bearing hips. In fact, we got a little carried away in our first year working together and she ended up having my kid. Since it was a boy, I didn’t have much interest in the thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do whatever I feel like, but I’m too nasty to boys to father one. Girls I can be lovey-dovey with and raise with adoration, but boys… Nope, I treat boys harshly, just like my daddy treated me.

I was about to express my frustration at the direction of the company when someone knocked on the office door. “Come in!” Sophie ordered, and a pretty but buttoned-up girl came walking in with a cup of coffee.

Aisha was my hire but reported directly to Sophie. Unlike the girls we’d recruited before, I didn’t see her as disposable, even if Sophie didn’t like the idea. The young muslim wore a headscarf and loose-fitting officewear, but you could tell she had a lot going on in the looks department. She was exotic, with a Dutch mother and an Arab father, tall and olive-skinned. So far, I hadn’t seen much of her and she knew nothing about the way we worked.

As Aisha approached with the coffee, Sophie shot her a toxic smile and the look on the girl’s face changed immediately. My dead redhead could be terribly cruel, and she was feeling one of those urges. “Don’t just put it on the desk,” she barked, “give it to him in his hand.”

Aisha pretended like the tone of her supervisor didn’t hurt and extended her arm to offer me the cup. As she did, Sophie scoffed and slapped it from her hand, causing it to go crashing down on the floor.

“Are you a fucking idiot?!” my assistant snarled. “Where are your manners, huh? Next time, you walk around the desk and you bow your little head and you give him the coffee like a good servant!”

Steeling herself, Aisha’s face was expressionless as she replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good! Now, clean up the mess you made.”

As Aisha turned to go retrieve a washcloth from the kitchen, Sophie grabbed her arm and pulled her in the direction of the spilt beverage.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

“To get a cloth–”

“Fuck that! You’re going to use your tongue,” Sophie commanded, driving her knee into the back of Aisha’s until the young girl was prone.

As I watched this unfold, I tried very hard to keep my face emotionless. There had to be clear seperation between me and Sophie at the office, so I pretended I couldn’t care less as the pretty Aisha extended her tongue and swiped it at the hot black coffee. I have to admit, the girl was tough and showed no signs of crying, but she quickly pulled back.

“There’s broken porcelain–”

“Oh?!” Sophie rolled her eyes.

“It’s going to cut my–”

“Ugh!” Sophie growled grabbing Aisha’s headscarf and ripping it off her head, tossing it onto the spill. “Fine, if you’re going to be a little girl, you can use your rag instead of your tongue.”

God… I could see such beautiful hatred in Aisha’s eyes. She was so close to breaking, but something about her personality was too strong to show it. She took the ‘rag’ — a symbol of her faith — and used it to mop up the coffee and collect the pieces of the broken cup. When she was done, she asked Sophie if she could leave and went out the door. Before she was totally away, she turned to look at me for the first time.

I shrugged and Aisha made her retreat.

“That was a little much,” I told Sophie.

“Oh, c’mon, don’t tell me you’re going soft?”

“I like Aisha–”

“Ugh, really?”

I didn’t dignify Sophie’s attitude with a response. Yes, we were basically partners, but I was still the one in charge. Seeing the look on my face, she must’ve known she’d pissed me off, and she immediately set about making it right.

Waltzing over to me, the sexy Brit straddled my lap and stroked my cheek, putting her nose against mine and breathing into my mouth. “Sorry, sir… You know I can be so mean.”

“It’s one of the things I love about you,” I confessed, making Sophie smile just before she kissed me. It was an apologetic kiss, a needy kiss, a kiss that let me take the lead and shove my tongue between her lips so she could say sorry properly. Usually, that kind of kiss was all it took for her to win me back over, but this time I wanted to wrap a hand around her neck and squeeze.

“Ugh,” she choked. “Yes, sir… Ugh, yes… I deserve to be punished.”

Squeezing a little harder, I pushed the redhead off me and onto her back. I’d always loved the look of her laid on my desk, and that would probably never change. Undoing my belt, I dropped my pants and gave my cock a few sharp tugs. It was painfully hard, having enjoyed the little display of Aisha tonguing broken glass and the thought of punishing Sophie fresh in mind.

Parting her knees, my assistant gave me a good view up her skirt, revealing that she was wearing a pair of red panties that were wedged between her puffy pussy lips. They were easy enough to grab and rip off her body, letting me shove three digits in her cunt.

“Agh!” she moaned, unbuttoning her blouse so she could play with her nipples.

I growled as I pumped my fingers into her pussy, enjoying the wet slapping sound as I rammed them in without any care or concern.

“Oh, yesss!” she cried, wrapping her legs around my waist and trying to pull me closer. The horny vixen wanted my cock more than she wanted air to breath and water to survive. Instead, I added a fourth finger, with things getting real tight as I stretched her out. Her whole body shivered as pleasure sent a thrill through her nerves. I was threatening to add my thumb and fist her, causing her to go cross-eyed as her brain tried to prepare itself for it. Part of her wanted to run away, part of her knew that would be a big fucking mistake. That last part one and she started begging me to do something she wasn’t even sure she could handle.

“Please, sir,” she purred. “Fuck my cunt! Shove your fucking fist inside me!”

I shook my hand and pulled my hand from her pussy. “No, I want to fuck you.”

“Yes, please!” she moaned. “Please, fuck me, sir… Please, please, please!”

Hearing Sophie beg so sincerely in that sexy accent of hers convinced me I was making the right move. She pulled up her skirt to give me access, I put my arms under her knees, and pushed myself deep into her sex. Even after being pounded by four fingers, her pussy felt incredible. There was no way I could stop myself impregnating her all those years ago, and she hadn’t changed much since. She was still as warm and tight, with soft thighs that invited you to take her for all she was worth.

Her moans deepened as I started fucking her. Her eyes twitched as a climax rushed her body. As I felt her pussy contract and tighten, I was almost ready to go over the edge myself. I slammed my balls against her skin, once, twice, three, four… Fuck, I don’t know… I fucked her hard, bottoming out and impaling her on my cock, making her scream in ecstacy as my relentless pounding kept her orgasm going. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. My balls tightened up before releasing, blasting cum into my cruel assistant’s womb.

I stayed inside her for a bit, giving her two more big thrusts as she panted for air. As I pulled out, not a drop of spunk leaked from her pussy, meaning I’d done well to ensure it all went exactly where I wanted it to go…

“Thank you, sir,” she grumbled, wiping her brow.

Sophie eventually got to her feet and made herself look somewhat presentable. I wanted to be left alone for the rest of the afternoon and made that very clear.

My anxieties about the direction of the business came back to the fore and I spent a few hours making calls and checking research I’d done years prior. I had all the plans, all the ideas, all the legwork done. I just needed to implement my vision… So, why was I finding it so damn hard?

Standing up, I took a look around the office that had been my home away from home for years.

It was time for a change.

Getting to my feet, I went to find Aisha. Part of me thought she’d be bawling her eyes out in the bathroom, but I found her in the kitchen instead. She didn’t look heartbroken, she looked determined. At some point, she cleaned her headscarf and put it back on, and splashed some water on her face to regain her composure. As I approached her, she didn’t flinch or look upset. She greeted me politely and I asked how she was doing.

“I’m good, sir. How are you?”

“Sorry about earlier,” I offered. “Sophie can be a real bitch.”

“Oh, it’s not that bad, sir.”

I nodded. “Good… Look, I know we haven’t seen a lot of each other, but I did extensive research before hiring you. I have a vision, and I think you’re the perfect person to help me achieve it. You’re smart, presentable, trustworthy, tough… Most of all, you share my values.”

Aisha raised an eyebrow. “Your values, sir?”

“I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I like breaking things, hurting people and causing destruction. I think you’re the same.”

Instead of feeling hurt, Aisha’s eyes lit up. For the first time in her life, someone had seen her true self and wasn’t judging it. Oh no, no, no… I wanted to embrace her darkside. I wanted to make it even darker.

There was a knife block in the kitchen and I pulled the biggest of the blades. They were these super-sharp Japanese brand — far sharper than an office would need. “What do you say?” I asked Aisha. “Do you want to be my new number one?”

As I placed the knife on the counter, Aisha’s eyes snapped to it. At first, her lips were straight, but the corners were quickly being pulled into a smile. I could see she wouldn’t need any more convincing, but I couldn’t resist sweetening the deal just for the hell of it.

“I’ll pay you double what she’s making and buy you a penthouse in the same building as my family. You’ll be my partner, my friend, and together we’ll make a fortune and have fun doing it. Our kind of fun — the kind of fun you had when you ran over that girl five years ago and your daddy convinced the police to say she jumped out in front of your car.”

Aisha’s eyes went wide. No one knew about that incident except the people involved. She realised I must’ve been serious and grabbed the knife. Her smile faded and the only thing left was determination as she marched out of the kitchen. I followed from a distance, not wanting to interfere.

Sophie was facing away from Aisha when the girl she’d humiliated so terribly came marching into her office. There was a moment where she turned around and gave her a look that could kill, having not spotted the knife. She could only make that face for a second though, as Aisha struck fast and decisively. She thrust the blade into the side of assistant’s neck and for a second I saw Sophie’s eyes look deeply into mine. I could see shock and betrayal. I could see tears and fear and all sorts of things I’d never seen in her before.

Aisha pulled the knife out and quickly thrust it into Sophie’s gut, twisting the handle before stabbing her again and again and again. Eventually, Sophie fell to the ground — dead as could be — but that didn’t stop Aisha. Oh no… She tossed her headscarf aside and growled an aggressive warcry, thrusting the knife into Sophies dead body with a kind of pleasure you don’t often see in people who aren’t hopped up on strong drugs. Eventually, she started to cackle as she realised she could do anything she wanted with the corpse: cut off the clothes, play with the genitials, slap the cheeks, slit the throat, cut off a finger, smear some of the blood over her lips… I watched her work for five straight minutes as she experimented with everything she’d ever wanted to do to a bitch like Sophie.

Once Aisha was done, she stood up and dropped the knife. She looked at the mess she made — blood everywhere — and turned to me with concern all over her face. “Shit, what are we going to do now?!”

Shaking my head, I beckoned her closer with my finger and held her hips once she reached me. I don’t think she was expecting a kiss, but she didn’t complain when it arrived. Her sweaty body was warm and willing, and our tongues danced together with the intensity of young lovers. As the kiss ended, I asked her how she felt.

“Hot… I feel hot and happy. But what the fuck are we going to do with this mess?”

“We have people for that,” I revealed. “I’ll give you their number, but you’re my new assistant. From now on, I’ll expect you to take care of these things.”

Aisha seemed to consider my words before cracking a smile and nodding compliantly. “Sure thing, boss! You said you had a vision… What is it?”

Taking a step back, I narrowed my eyes and wondered one last time if Aisha was the right person to help me. Sure enough, she was, and I decided to share my dream.

“Don’t get me wrong, this job lets me screw over plenty of people, but I want more. I want to steal little girls from the third world and sell them to millionaires who’ll rape them until they bleed. I want to flood campuses with drugs that make young students dumb or dead. I want to sell guns to men who’ll use them to wipe out villages. I want to get paid to kill people…”

“A conglomerate of evil,” Aisha grinned before kissing me again. Her tongue tasted sweet and her lips bitter. Her perfume was heavy and filled my nose, and she kissed me like I was the last man on Earth.

“I’m going to make you feel good, girl,” I promised, pushing her onto Sophie’s desk and spreading her legs. I pulled down her conservative slacks and her underwear, revealing the faithful Muslim girl had a bare pussy that looked absolutely delicious. As I began eating her out, she came time after time. Each time I sucked on her clit or her eyes darted to Sophie’s destroyed body, her toes curled up and she came again. Climax after climax, with her cunt pounding and leaking and tasting real good.

I had a new partner in crime and together we’d build the business I’d always wanted.


Despite my very busy day, I managed to get home early. My girls, Lila and Noemi, were in the media room of our vast penthouse, cuddled up and watching a movie. The film they’d chosen involved four young men in their twenties who looked like they lived in the gym and boy who couldn’t have been more than eleven… To them, that was the equivalent of a comedy, and they laughed throughout.

Heading to my bedroom, I stripped down completely and put on my robe. We weren’t philistines who walked around naked, but it was nice to unwind. Walking into the bathroom, I found my wife, Adrianna, laying in a bubble bath. I gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Hello darling,” she greeted, having never completely gotten rid of her Italian accent. She had the most amazing black hair and flawless skin, plus a body and face that only seemed to get better as she got older.

“I’ve had one hell of a day,” I revealed. “Made some big moves.”

“Tell me all about it,” she said, inviting me to come sit on the side of the bath.

“Well, I decided to get rid of Sophie.”

“Good for you!” my wife smiled. “She’s been holding you back. But how does it make you feel?”

I wondered about it. “Well… I really like her, and we did some amazing things together, but it was time… Hell, really liking her almost made it feel better… Like I was really doing something nasty by serving her up to the new girl.”

“New girl?”

“I’ll tell you all about it over dinner.”

Adrianna smiled. “Good. The girls will love to hear all about it. I don’t think Lila or Noemi ever liked Sophie if I’m being honest.”

That much was true…

In the hour before dinner, I put in a quick workout before getting dressed properly. In our house, the evenings involve smart casual clothes. I usually wear a blazer and the girls always wear nice dresses and heels. Even Noemi dons a pair of three-inchers, but she’d been quickly learning to walk in taller ones.

The maids had prepared a healthy meal as always and the girls did enjoy hearing about my day. Lila told us all about how I looked while I was beating the blonde with the bat, and Noemi explained in detail how her big sister played with her ‘kitty’ for hours.

“Now, girls,” Adrianna warned, “did you keep to the one-finger rule?”

“Of course, mommy,” Lila assured.

The ‘one-finger’ rule had been in place for ages. It went like this: whenever someone played with Noemi, they were only allowed to use a single finger. We were saving her for her thirteenth birthday, which would be when her father takes her virgnity. Obviously, it could be a little frustrating at times, but you need to pace these things and savour the anticipation.

After dinner, I peeled away from the family to do some more work. With Aisha recruited, I could begin putting in place the first steps of my big plan.

Eventually, I got to my room, took a nice long shower, and headed to bed. It was a cold night, but I’d gotten so used to sleeping naked that I didn’t need the covers. I was getting comfortable when click-clack of high heels drew my attention to the door…

Of course… It was a Monday night. Training night.

Adrianna stood in an expensive set of black lingerie, with transparent lace barely containing her large breasts and a pair of high-waisted panties that looked divine on her figure. Holding her hand, Noemi stood proud — or as proud as she could on the eight-inch platform heels she could barely walk in. They were pink, like the rest of her outfit — a sexy little set that we had custom made since nobody made lingerie for girls as small as her. She wore white stockings and a garter, making her look just a little mature and all too adorable. Her mom helped her keep her balance as she did a little twirl to show off her tight body and the way her g-string was being hugged by her firm little bubble butt.

God! The sight brought back memories!

We were fourteen and had been dating for a while. Adrianna was a fresh immigrant from Italy who was slightly out of place in our school, yet the two of us immediately had a connection. One night, we were smoking weed in a quiet little park when a father and his little girl passed us by. We weren’t hiding what we were doing — nah, we were too cocky for that — and the bastard gave us the dirtiest look he could summon.

As the dad and daughter walked on, Adrianna turned to me and said the wildest thing anyone had ever said to me up until that point. “Let’s kill the dad and rape the little girl.”

For a while, I was awe-struck… Not shocked or disgusted… No, awe-struck. How the hell did she manage to read my mind?

Decades later, we’d committed every sin in the book and raised a beautiful family. That night was the beginning of something very special.

Adrianna held Noemi’s hand tight as she led our daughter to our bed. Noemi was eager to get off her feet and crawled onto the mattress with her hands working just like her mommy taught her: one in front of the other, with her back arched and her teeth biting down gently on the corner of her lip. She looked too cute to be sexy, but I called her sexy nonetheless. She loved that.

“You’re daddy’s little tiger, baby,” I said, stroking her hair as she laid her cheek down on my stiffening cock.

“I love you, daddy,” she exhaled, rubbing her nose against the length of my cock.

Adrianna got onto her knees next to our daughter and gently cradled her head. “Okay, darling, you’re going to start with the tip. Alright? Just like always.”

Noemi nodded excitedly, wrapping her small hand around my cock. She held it nice and tight, causing it to swell into a full erection as she put her soft lips against the tip and kissed away some precum. She kissed it again before running her tongue against the sensitive crown, then she wrapped her lips over the top and dragged them slowly up and off.

“Good girl!” Adrianna praised. “Now, your tongue.”

Noemi scrunched up her nose and smiled eagerly before sticking out her tongue. She started at the base of my cock and pulled it against the sensitive shaft, top to bottom, three times.

“Perfect,” I praised.

My little girl was so happy to please her father. She licked my cock from top to bottom once more before taking the initiative to wrap her lips around the crown again. She was getting confident and sucked off the first couple of inches like an old pro. But she was still young and quickly lost her breath, having gone a little too fast.

Giving our girl a little kiss, Adrianna made Noemi giggle as she stroked her cheek and played with loose strands of her hair.

“Did I do good, daddy?” she asked.

“Of course, baby,” I assured.

Adrianna gave our daughter another kiss before whispering into her ear. “You want to do daddy’s balls next?”

The adorable 12 year old nodded vigorously and didn’t wait for any more of an invitation as she sucked up her daddy’s balls. She was a little tyrant in those moments, make me groan from my chest as she tugged on them with her lips sealed tight. She took one then the other, then both at once, before sticking out her tongue and licking at them like they were lollipops. Her mom took her by the hair and pulled her away, bringing her lips back to my cock.

Adrianna was a bit more forceful this time, pushing our daughter’s limits by making her take my big fat cock deeper inside her comparatively tiny mouth. She pushed her down and pulled her back, and pushed her down and pulled her back, making our little girl and me all sloppy as the blowjob continued, and making me feel real good.

After a while, my wife pulled Noemi off and asked her a new question. “Do you want to lick daddy’s butt?”

At first, Noemi tried to make her face look super-reluctant, but kids can’t hide their excitement. As her mom gave her a little peck on the lips she began to laugh out loud and nodded her head excitedly.

Grabbing a pillow, Adrianna helped me get into a good position and held my cock to one side, gently stroking, as our little girl tucked in…

“Fuuuck,” I groaned, experiencing a toe-curling and stomach-churning rush as my daughter’s naughty tongue pushed against my asshole. I didn’t like swearing in front of her, but what can a man do when a cutie is going at him like a little bunny rabbit. She swirled and licked and pushed and kissed my ass, swiping her tongue up and down and all around as her mom stroked my cock.

Adrianna had a magical way of knowing exactly when I was about to cum and gave Noemi fair warning. “C’mon, baby, quick! Daddy’s about to give you your prize!”

Noemi’s eyes went wide and her focus immediately shifted. She quickly had her lips around my cock at the very second cum began errupting from it. Her father’s spunk had always been her favourite meal and she went cross-eyed as the delicious goo filled her cheeks and flowed down her throat. She was determined not to waste a single drop, licking me clean and kissing away anything that looked the least bit like cummies.

Once she was all done, she was exhausted (and so was I, if I’m being honest).

“Do you want to sleep here, tonight?” I asked, stroking Noemi’s cheek.

Nodding eagerly, my daughter would never say no to that invitation.

Adrianna smiled, giving her a nice big French kiss that saw them swap my taste before we snuggled up together.

Being bad was good, and I was only getting started…

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