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Slim56 has a easter sunday surprise for his two easter sunday girls

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For Slim56 who loves fantasizing fucking Christina and Britney in their Easter Sunday hosiery .

I just got off the phone with my mom , her name is Christina , she asked me to come over to her and dads house for Easter Sunday Dinner, and that daddy has a very big surprise for me and mom .

I told her yes, I am looking forward to coming over and what big surprise does dad have for the two of us.
My daddy’s name is Slim and my mom’s name is Christina and my name is Britney , mom also told me to wear my best Easter Sunday dress and dress stockings and heels .

I wore my white and pastel green chiffon dress with white diamond patterned crotchless tights and pink lace panties over them , with white 5 inch stiletto heels . My black hair has two ponytails that each has a white bow , to give me that little Easter Girl look , and I put dark ruby red lip gloss on with just a touch of eyeliner and make – up .

I arrived at mom and dad’s house and rang the doorbell, the door opens and mom say, “Oh Britney dear”! “happy Easter”! she happily said to me as we hugged each other .

I looked at mom and I couldn’t believe how sexy and young looking she looked ever since she and dad went to that sex therapy company last year .

Mommy Christina is wearing a one piece, pleated, light, pastel pink dress with pink tights and matching pink 5 inch stiletto heels , and she has a very pretty pink bow on top of her hair , she looks so goddam sexy and cute at age 57 .

Mom looked me over and she said , “My goodness Britney”! “You are so attractive and sexy”! “You must have a man by now darlin” “You know that I want grandchildren”!!

“I’ve been seeing a guy for a few months”!! I told mom with a smile .

“So where’s daddy and what’s this big surprise that he has for us”?? I asked mommy Christina

“You know your daddy sweetheart”! “he never tells me anything, except that he wants the two of us in my bedroom and wait for him in there”! mom told me excitedly .

So I went up stairs with mom, and went into daddy Slim’s room and waited , I sat down on the king sized bed next to mom , and we started to chit chat while waiting for dad to come back home with his surprise . As I laid all the way back on mom and dad’s bed , I felt her put her hand on my nylon white covered knee and slowly moved it up my dress as I started to pant and say , “Mommy w…what a…are you doing”?

In a motherly tone she said, “Oh my beautiful little bunny girl, mommy’s gonna make you feel so good”!

Then mommy Christina moved like a cat stalking a little bird, and quickly jumped on top of me and started French kissing me, she quickly move her hand from my knee and now her hand is feeling and probing my tights and panties for easy access to my tight pussy as I’m now moaning and panting out , “Oh mommy Christina you’re so fresh”!! “Let your Britney help guild your hand”!

I then put my hand under my dress and took her hand and guided it between my lace panties and into the opening of my crotchless tights and into my very wet pink pussy .

Christina started fingerbanging me as I squirmed like a little girl , she then moved down and put her head underneath my dress and moved my panties to the side and started sucking and tongue fucking
my pussy through the opening of my tights like a snake flicking it’s tongue , she also put two of her fingers into the right spot of my pussy and pushed them in and out , and wiggling them very fast at my G-spot causing me to squirt and cum all over mommy’s face as I squealed out , “OH MOMMY”!!


I said to her crying in tears .

She took her head out of my dress and moved up to me with all my cum spray all over her face , so I
grabbed her and kissed and sucked off all of my cum from her face , then we laid back down and cuddled waiting for daddy .

The bedroom door opens up and I hear daddy Slim say , “How are my two beautiful Easter Bunny girls doing”??

Mom says , “Oh Slim honey”! “we’re very good”! “just waiting for you and your surprise”!

I haven’t seen my daddy Slim in a while , so I jumped up like a little school girl and ran up to him as he had his muscular 60 year old arms out, and wrapped them around me and lifted me up and kissed me as I kissed him back . then he sat down on the bedroom chair with me on his lap .

I looked at the clothes that he was wearing , a white tank top and blue spandex work out tights , so I asked daddy , “Daddy why are you wearing these for”?? as I noticed the image of his big cock bulging through the spandex fabric .

“Oh Britney honey”! “Daddy was working out with a friend”! he said to me, as I innocently put my hand on his spandex covered cock .

Christina is also eyeing Slim’s big cock bulging through the fabric , when she askes , “So honey”!

“Where’s this big surprise of yours”?? Mom said in a sarcastic tone , that seemed to annoy daddy .

Dad looked at her and yelled out , “COME ON IN LEROY”!!!

Me and mom gasped in shocked , because we didn’t think that our surprise was a person , what we saw walk into the bedroom was a very tall and large muscular black guy looking me and mom over like two little breeding cows and he’s the alpha bull steer .

He was 6’7 tall, weighing about 295 pounds , bald and handsome , he was also wearing a black tank top and black spandex work out tights, and his 10 inch cock is bulging through the spandex fabric and I can’t take my eyes off his bulging cock as I gasp at the sight of it.

Daddy said , “Leroy”! “That beautiful attractive lady over there with the pretty bow in her hair and the pink dress and stockings is my wife Christina”!

Leroy went up to Christina and put his hand out to say hello as she moved away from him in fear saying , “Oh god stay away from me”!!!! “Don’t you dare touch me or my daughter Britney”!!

shocked how mommy acted, daddy told me to stop rubbing his cock and go over with mom while he talks privately with Leroy .

As dad and Leroy are talking, I asked mom why is she so rude to him , she said that she doesn’t want to have sex with a black man and figures that if she’s rude and bitchy, he wouldn’t want to have sex with her , so I said to her , “But mom, I caught you numerous times watching black porn where the black guy is breeding white women and you were fingerfucking yourself as you watch the video”!

Mom didn’t say anything to me, as I went over and sat back down on the bedroom chair , dad comes back with Leroy and tells Christina that he has given you over to Leroy for the night as your surprise, because he saw black men breeding white women porn on your computer, so he thought it would be a nice fantasy fuck for you to get breeded by real black bull .

Mom was still very resistant, and got up and pointed her finger at dad and especially at Leroy, yelling out in her sexy mature voice , “THERE IS NO WAY THAT I’M LETTING THE LIKES OF THIS BLACK MAN PUT HIS COCK AND SEED INTO MY WHITE PUSSY OR MY DAUGHTERS AND HOW DARE YOU SLIM TRADE ME LIKE I’M YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY”!!!!

I was still shocked how mom still acted , but she looked really hot and very seductive looking on how she stood in a sexy stance with her pink 5 inch stiletto’s, accenting her sexy ass cheeks and legs, through her pink tights .

Leroy said to daddy, “Damn, she’s one hot sexy, white bitch that needs to be heeled down to the man”!!

Dady Slim said with a laugh , “Leroy my friend”! “Have at her”!! “She’s all yours”!!

Without any hesitation, Leroy went up to mom as she fell back onto the bed saying in a scared tone ,


Leroy took out his 10 inch cock through the covered opening of his spandex tights, and grabbed the back of Christina’s head and put his dome shaped cockhead into her lips, as she tried to move her head away, but Leroy forced it into her mouth, and just by instinct she took her hand and steadied the black hunk of meat and started sucking his black monster cock like a little girl sucking her very first lollypop .

Daddy Slim told me to get up and let him sit down in the padded bedroom chair ,so I got up and he sat down and pulled me into his lap, whispering in my ear that we have a great view watching Leroy the bull fuck mommy Christina . So I asked daddy , “Well daddy”! “what are we gonna do”?

“I’m going to be having my way with my little fertile bunny girl”!! Daddy slim said to me, as he pulls my dress up, exposing my sexy white nylon encased legs , and quickly he puts each hand on each of my nylon covered thighs and starts feeling me up as I’m panting hard with my head laying back on his big shoulder saying , “OH DADDY”!! “OH DADDY”!! “YOUR HANDS ARE MAKING MY PINK PUSSY SO WET”!

I reached down and unleashed his 7 inch cock from his spandex tights and placed it between my legs and began stroking it up and down with one hand, as I have my head still leaning back as daddy is French kissing me very passionately and I feel his cock getting really big and lots of is precum is leaking all over my hand and fingers .

I took a hold of Slim daddy’s cock and placed it inside the opening of my crotchless tights and in between my wet pussy lips as dad just suddenly thrusted his cock upward as I shrieked , “OH DADDY YOU FELT LIKE YOU POPPED MY CHERRY”!!!

Daddy slim got really excited and turned on as he heard me shriek that he popped my cherry ,and he just went wild, by holding me by my waist and lifting me up and down really fast onto his cock as I’m




Daddy took his both of his hands and placed each one behind my white nylon encased
knees and lifted up the bottom of my legs , bringing up my 5 inch stiletto’s into the air as he’s thrust fucking me upwards in the chair, while still holding my nylon white encased legs up into the air .

Daddy whispers into my ear that he’s cumming , just as he said that, I felt his hot seed shoot into my womb as I cried out , “DADDY YOUR CUMMING IN YOUR WHITE PRINCESS”! “OH YES” “GIVE ME YOUR



Slim held my legs up high as he fully inseminated me in this sitting position , after he was done, he gently lowered my legs and completely massaged and felt them up with his rough calloused hands , telling me that he loves me wearing nylons as he can’t stop feeling me up. while I now have both of my arms wrapped around him and my head laying on his hairy chest , hugging him and asking him to always be my daddy and protector .

He leaned his head down and said , “Britney babygirl”! “you will always be mine, and I will always protect you”! “now lets watch mommy get her fantasy fulfilled and get blacked by Leroy”!! “yes daddy”! I said , as I cuddled with him as his cock shrank and plopped out of my pussy and all his sperm leaked into my tights and down into the chair seat fabric .

I can see Christina’s head bobbing up and down on Leroy’s massive cock and I also hear her choking and gagging on it, while she has tears and make up running down her face .

Leroy then took Christina and placed her on her back and lifted up her dress, exposing both her pink lace panties and pink tights , he then quickly buried his face between her legs and began licking and sucking her bare pussy through the pink nylon fabric, as Christina finally submitted to him, and started to squirm and buck while he was able to tear a hole in her tights with his teeth and tongue fuck her .

He put both of his hands underneath her pink nylon ass cheeks and pulled her pelvis against his mouth as he licked and sucked her flowing pussy juices as she loudly moaned out , “OH GOD”!! “OH MY GOD”!!


CUM”!! “OH GOD Y…YES”!!! “Y..YES”!! “YES”!!

Christina squirted and orgasmed all over Leroy’s face, as he eagerly licked and sucked up as much of
her pussy juices as he could , saying , “GOD DAMN WOMAN”!! “YOUR PUSSY JUICE TASTE LIKE SWEET HONEY”!!!

When Leroy was done lapping up Christina’s pussy , he went up to her and started French kissing her as she licked and cleaned off her pussy juices that are all over his face and head .

With his 10 inch cock, he put his big black domed shaped cockhead in between Christina’s very wet pink pussy lips and slowly sank his massive black bull cock into her pussy as her eyes grew very wide and she started hitting him to make him stop, while he put his muscular black arms under her knees
and lifted up her pink nylon encased legs into the air while exposing his monster cock stretching and plunging deep into her white married pussy as she digs her long well manicured fingernails deep into Leroy’s back , causing bloody scratches, as she rakes both sides of his back, while he’s banging and pounding her hard .

At this point, the whole bed is moving and banging really hard against the bedroom wall ,while Christina is squealing and yelping out , “OHHH”!! “OOHHH”!! “OH GOOD GOD”!! “OH GOD”!! “OH GOD”!!!



Leroy felt Christina’s pussy constrict very tight around his cock, and he lost control and blew his jungle seed deep into her cervix as she kept screaming out , “YES”!! “YES”!! “YES”!! “Y….YES”!!! “Y….YESS”!!!!!!

Leroy completely emptied his balls into Christina’s fertile white pussy as he collapsed on top of her
as his black cock and leathery black balls are still pumping and pulsating the rest of his seed into
mommy Christina’s white , married pussy .

With her sexy nylon pink encased legs and 5 inch stiletto’s stuck up in the air, as Leroy is on top of her ,

she grabs his bald head with her hands and kisses him all over his face and mouth telling him ,

“Oh god honey”!! “I’m all yours”!! “My big black bull”!!!

As Leroy got up, his cock pulled out of Christina’s pussy with a wet plopping suction sound , indicating
there was a tight seal around his cock from the walls of Christina’s pussy . All his sperm mixed with her pussy cum leaked into her pink tights, causing a big thick white stain while Christina laid back with a smile .

Leroy came over to me as I couldn’t keep my eyes off his massive cock and walked me over to the other side of the bed and he placed me up at the headboard , then he lifted up my easter dress exposing my pink lace panties and diamond patterned white crotchless tights , he moved up over me
and put his 10 inch cock at my lips , I quickly grabbed it with both of my well manicured hands and put it into my open mouth as I began to stroke the black base of his cock .

I was holding and sucking his cock with two hands as I looked up at him with my seductive brown eyes , he looked down at me saying , “That’s my good little white Easter bunny girl”!! “Just keep on sucking your big black daddy’s cock”!!! As I looked at him and nodded my head .

My god his cock got so big , I can’t believe Christina was able to get most of it down her throat , I just
kept stroking and sucking his cock as his precum is starting to leak steadily .

Leroy pulled his cock from my mouth as I moaned out , “Noo”!!! and moved down and put his fully erect black cockhead between my tight , wet , pink pussy lips and slowly he pushed it into me as I felt my pussy lips stretch beyond it’s limits, what any other cock that fucked me in the past couldn’t do as I
made a loud shrieking sound , “OOHHHH”!!! “OOHHHH”!!!! “OOH GOD IT’S SO FUCKING BIG”!! As my eyes rolled back into my head .

His cock was about half way in my pussy, when he took both of my white nylon encased legs and put them high up onto his muscular black shoulders as now both of my white 5 inch stiletto’s are up over his head .

At this point, Leroy just sank his massive cock all the way deep into my white pussy as I bucked and screamed out , “OH GOD”!! “IT FEELS LIKE YOUR COCK IS TEARING MY PUSSY”!! “PLEASE




As I was screaming and cumming all over his cock, daddy Slim came over to me with his fully erect cock out and shoved it into my mouth to keep me quiet as I tried to yell out, but all that came out was ,

“MMmmmmph”!!!! “MMmmmmphh”!!!! “MMmmmmpphh”!!!!! “MMmmmmmmphh”!!!!!

Slim held my head with his hand and fucked my mouth, as Leroy is piledriving his cock all the way into me . As daddy Slim is fucking my mouth , he grabs my white nylon covered ankle that’s next to Leroy’s
head and starts kissing and licking all around my sexy foot area as he even kisses my white stiletto heel tip.

After Slim was done kissing and licking my leg hosiery, he blew his load down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow every bit until he emptied his nutsack into my throat .

He said , “That’s my good little princess”!!! As he staggery walked back to Christina, who cant believe how this massive black hulk of a man has my white nylon covered legs all the way up in the air and he’s banging the daylights out of me and I’m squealing and talking incoherently from my multiple orgasms that he has given me .

Finally Leroy couldn’t hold on any longer and shot his hot load of baby making jizz deep into my uterus
as I squealed out , “OOH GOD YES”!! “OHH GOD”!! “YES”!! “YES”!! “OH MY BIG BLACK DADDY”!!


After He emptied his nutsack in me, he just wouldn’t stop thrust fucking me as I looked up at him , I can see both of my white nylon encased legs and heel tips rocking back and fourth over his black bald head with every hard thrust that he rams into me .

He finally collapsed on top of me , kissing me all over my face and mouth saying in his low bass voice,

“Your my little white breeding bitch”!! “Britney baby”! “Give your black daddy some kissing and loving”!!!

As the two of us are locked into a long passionate kiss , I just whimpered and moaned out in a low voice , “Oh I love you my black daddy”!! “I’m all yours now daddy”!! “You now own me”!!

After we were done kissing, he got up and his cock plopped out of my tight pussy with a wet plopping suction sound just like what happened to mommy Christina’s pussy, all his sperm and my pussy cum
leaked non-stop into my white tights , staining them .

Christina quickly went to him and got on her knees and sucked his cock dry , licking off all my pussy cum and Leroy’s sperm . While Slim56 couldn’t keep his hands off my nylon pink encased ass and legs and just kept feeling me up and down as I started to pant heavy and moan out, “Please daddy Slim”!! “No more”!! “Your Easter Princess is very tired”!!

Leroy put his 10 inch cock back into his spandex leggings and shook hands with daddy Slim , thanking him for allowing him to fuck and breed his two very attractive girls .

Daddy Slim and mommy Christina and me , all stripped and took a long shower together and ended up in bed watching black porn and cuddling together .
Christina said to daddy Slim , “Honey in a few days I need to make an appointment for me and Britney with my Gynecologist for a pregnancy test”!!

Daddy Slim said that’s fine honey and he kissed the both of us and fell asleep with a smile, as me and Christina are locked into another long French kiss .




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    Lazy morning in bed and loved reading your story Britney, got my pussy wet and had to rub her, Cheers Emma from Australia keep safe.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks Emma ! I’m happy tthat my stories make my readers wet and climax or for a guy to blow his sperm load ! Australia is very far from where I live but at least it’s warm and the beaches look so beautiful ! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

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      Thank you Courtney and I’m looking forward to reading them ! Britney

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    Enjoy reading your stories. Graphic, yet including some hidden overtones (which helps the mind wonder) are terrific.

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      Thank you Prowler ,

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    That was a awesome story Britney I loved it. If I could only get to watch that it for real. The thought of watching a big 10 inch black cock go balls deep and filling Christina full of cum.and to also watch him stretch my daughter Britney and fill her full as well. ultimate fantasy.

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      Thank you slim56 , I really love using you and your wife in my fantasies ! so what are the pregnancy results for Christine and Britney Slim56 ?? Britney

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