Shining knight comes to the rescue of Hispanic damsel in distress and she rewards him

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I let Maria stay the night to get away from her abusive BF and later on that night she gives me a reward that only a woman can give.

I am Jack a 40-year-old single white guy; I have been living alone since breaking up with my wife 5 years ago. I live in a nice condo complex that has a mix of all kinds of couples and single people. Most are white collar job types with some blue-collar people mixed in. I lived in an upstairs two bedroom unit and while I haven’t sought a new relationship, I would periodically hit a bar or club to find a one night stand.
The unit below mine was empty for a while until coming home I noticed a U-Haul truck backed into a spot being unloaded, I was like, cool new neighbors I parked and was walking to my place out of the condo’s open door walked Maria, she’s 5’6″ 25 years old and was wearing a underarmor teeshirt and shorts covering a voluptuous 37-24-36 figure with long black hair. She reminded me of Saylma Hayek. Hello, I’m Maria she said extending her hand I just moved in, I shook her hand I’m Jack I live upstairs we talked for a couple of minutes before she said, well its nice meeting you but I got to get settled in. Do you need any help? I asked, No she replied I have two brothers helping me, they walked out looked at me and said Hey, as they went into the U-Haul and came back out carrying a couch. Okay I’ll see you later and walked into my unit.
Over the next few months, we would talk occasionally nothing more than friendly chitchat like hey how’s it going? nice day etc. I also noticed there would a steady stream of visitors mostly family and friends but there was this one guy named Raoul, he looked to be early 20’s and dressed like a wannabe gangster, complete with bandanna and sagging pants. He seemed to be her boyfriend and a real jerk, if he saw us talking, he would walk up put his arm around her and glare at me trying to intimidate me, since I am 6’3″ and around 240 pounds, he is 5’6″ and maybe 180 pounds he couldn’t scare me at all. Anyway, to the night of the rescue, I was in my living room watching TV when I heard Maria screaming for help, when I looked out the window, I saw Raoul shoving Maria around as I opened my door and stepped out He slapped her in the face. I saw red and shouted HEY! as I ran down the steps, he turned to me as I ran up: what you going to do homes? I swung and connected with my right fist to his jaw followed by a left to his gut knocking him down, I tackled him and began raining blows down on him { I’m one of those guys that if you hit a woman in front of me, I will go medieval on your ass}, finally the police show up arrest him and almost me until Maria told them I was protecting her. After they left, Maria’s father and brothers showed up after learning what I did they thanked me, and they all went into Maria’s place and shut the door. I shrugged my shoulders and went to my place figuring she didn’t want to talk right now. A couple of hours later there was a knock on the door, I opened it and there was Maria, I just wanted to thank you and check on you.
I invited her in and we sat down I’m fine he didn’t hurt me, are you okay? Yes I am fine but I am scared to be alone right now, where’s your family? they went home. I said well if you want to you can sleep in the other bedroom, there’s a bed in there ready to go. Maria looked at me, really you don’t mind. No I insist on it. She hugged me Thank you so much, as we hugged, I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest and they felt so wonderful. After a minute we stopped, and I showed her the extra room and even loaned her one of my shirts to use as a nightshirt. I said goodnight, turned out the lights and went to bed. Around 11pm there was a knock on my bedroom and Maria opened the door are you asleep? No I replied, she came in and shut the door, she stood there for a second then she said I haven’t thanked you yet and she reached down grasped her shirt pulled it up and off tossing it to the floor. Her nude body is magnificent, her 37 cup breasts are full, her hips wide and to my surprise her pussy was shaven bald. She climbed into bed and began kissing me hard on the lips. Our hands began to wander over each other’s bodies exploring each other’s pleasure zones, Maria straddled me and commanded suck my nipples! I began sucking, licking and nibbling them causing them to harden and eliciting moans as she held my head to her tits. Oh that feels so good baby! she reached behind her and began to rub my cock thru my underwear causing it to become erect. Oooh you have a nice cock she pushed my head off her tits and moved down to my crotch and as I lifted my hips she pulled my underwear down and off revealing my 9 inches, Oh my! you are big! with that she began to suck me, she ran her lips up and down my shaft taking my balls in her mouth and sucking them then she moved back up to the head and began sucking me vigorously she could take me about half way when she tried to deep throat me.
After several minutes of her blowing me I began to feel the urge to cum rising, I warned her I’m going to cum, she took her mouth off looked at me, cum in my mouth baby and she put my cock in her mouth and began sucking the head and stroking the shaft until with a cry I came in her mouth, she swallowed my load. After a last suck she looked at me licking her lips, that tasted good, she gave my cock a kiss and moved up to my lips kissing me hard, I grabbed her and rolled us over so that I was on top of her, I kissed my way down to her shaven pussy, I began licking her cunt in earnest causing cries and moans of pleasure then I began sucking on her clitoris at the same time I inserted a finger and began stroking in and out slowly at first then faster as she began to cum until she lifted her hips and cried out I’M CUMMING! I kept sucking her clit as her orgasm roared thru her body until with a final shudder she collapsed on the bed. Fuck I’ve never cum like that before! I didn’t respond but moved up and positioned my cock at her entrance and pushed into her. Her eyes got wide as my cock sank into her pussy, shit you are so big! I began thrusting hard Fuck you are so tight I gasped, and your pussy is on fire! Seriously it felt like I was fucking something on warmed in a oven and it felt great! I began to vary my strokes, slow and shallow then switching to deep and hard strokes, I leaned down and began sucking her nipples as I fucked her. She wrapped her legs around my thrusting ass moaning how wonderful my cock felt in her pussy. She began to have to build to a orgasm until she screamed, I’M CUMMING her body shook, and her cunt muscles clamped around my cock like a hot towel causing me slam into her all the way and begin pumping sperm deep into her pussy. We held that position as we came kissing passionately until we were finished cumming. I pulled out and collapsed next to her. We kissed until we both fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to find Maria propped up on an elbow looking at me, morning sleepy head did I wear you out last night? she asked smiling. I smiled yeah you did, did I wear you out? she giggled yeah you did. I asked how does your pussy feel like fire when I was fucking you? She giggled a lot of Mexican women have that heat in their pussies. It drives guys wild, I’ll agree to that I replied. She looked down at my cock, how big are you? 9 inches I replied, she looked at me her eyes wide NO WAY! It’s true if you don’t believe me you can measure it, there’s a tape measure in the top kitchen drawer. She smiled got off the bed and ran naked into the kitchen and returned running with her breasts bouncing with every step. She climbed on the bed, measured and said Hey it’s not 9 inches!
I laughed well I need some “encouragement ” she giggled and began sucking and stroking me to full erection. She measured WOW I had this big cock all the way in my pussy?! no wonder I’m sore! she looked at my erection it would a waste of a good hard cock if we didn’t fuck, she looked at me do you have any lube? Yeah why? My pussy is too sore to fuck but I have one hole that you still fill up. I looked at her you want me to fuck your ass? Yeah I do she replied go get it. I went and got the lube, came back to see her on all fours on the bed with her ass facing me she looked over her shoulder, lube up and come get it! I lubed my cock really well, lined the head up with her sphincter and began to push against it as she pushed back until suddenly her sphincter gave way and I sank halfway in her ass. OOHHHH SHIT! She looked back easy back there I nodded as I began to stroke slowly in and out letting her get used to me going a little deeper. She moaned as I did this and reached down to begin rubbing her pussy OOHHH that feels good Push it in deeper I thrust deeper marveling how good it felt fucking her ass. I stopped stroking and let her rock back and forth until with one thrust, she took me all the way to the hilt her ass rested against my groin she looked at me how’s that feel? I groaned its incredible! so tight and soft! you Maria replied it hurts a little but feels so good I placed my hands on her hips and began thrusting easily at first then faster and harder as my need to cum rose she rubbed her pussy harder and faster until we both came she came first and then I did pumping my load into her asshole. After we were done I pulled out and we collapsed on the bed. We rested for a while before she had to get dressed and go home. At the door we kissed and then I remembered something I looked at her are you on the pill? She laughed kissed me Yes so don’t worry, whew can we do this again? I asked Maria kissed me and replied you know it!
Maria and I are now living together even though we don’t want to get married and I am 41 and she’s 26 we are very happy together and we are expecting our first child a girl during the summer and are planning to have at least one more. Her family support us and as for her ex-boyfriend he’s currently 20 to 30 in prison.

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