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Amanda Deelight loves her sister Patricia Bueto

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I’m Amanda Deelight I’m 47 yrs old and I love my sister Patricia Bueto,she is 51. When we were young I was 12 and she was 16. We use to peek in through the door watching our mother fucking black guys for our father. Our mother was like a prostitute fucking black guys for our father for money,I was young and I didn’t know exactly what they were doing,but my sister Patricia was 16 she knew what was happening. We looked in one time and our mother was laying on the bed and a black guy had his head between her legs and I will always remember hearing her uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh ,my sister grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the our bedroom. She asked me to remove my shorts and panties as she removed hers. She had me lay down on my bed, she got between my legs and started licking and sucking on my vagina. It tickled me I have never felt this before I’m just 12 years old. Patricia flipped over and told me to get between her legs and I did. She told me to start licking on her like she did to me. As I moved down between her legs and started to lick at her pussy, Patricia reached down and took both hands and pulled her pussy open and told me to put my tongue inside her as far as I could. She told me to move it around inside her pussy,as she started to move her hips and bucking, she grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy as she had an orgasm, making me lick and suck her harder. She was making sounds like mom uhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. When we stopped we just giggled about it and got dressed and went back out. When we got back to our parents door,it was now wide open,my mother was on top of him, riding him. Our father caught us looking,he made us come inside their room to watch our mother fucking John. She looked so beautiful with her blonde hair and her big tittie’s bouncing ,my father said that this is how we pay the bills, this is how we buy y’all new clothes and stuff, this is what is needed to be done to survive. This stuck in my mind what we needed to do to survive. Our mother walked out on us after this,our father bringing us into their room while she was fucking a black guy. I was 12 when she walked out on us and we never seen her again. Next it started with Patricia she was forced to start fucking certain black guys, she finally ran away from home, leaving me there with our father. On my 13th birthday,my father invited over John the black man who fucked my mother and my sister Patricia. My father gave me my present a red sexy nightie and told me that my mother had one just like it and she was so sexy in it. I was so excited it was very beautiful to me. My father asked me to go try it on,they wanted to see how it looks on me. So I ran to my room and undressed and slipped it on,for my age my breast were well developed. They told me that I washave fuckedsy so beautiful and I looked just like my mom when she was younger. My father let John rape me, he took my virginity and got me pregnant. It hurt so much and I bled some ,I had never felt an orgasm before and I didn’t know what I was feeling as he pumped his hot sperm inside me. The pain went away and I fucked John all night,it was the most incredible feeling. From 13-17 I must have had sex with 100 black guys getting pregnant 4 times. I married a white man who also had sex with me when I was a teenager. My husband loves watching me fucking black guys . I wanted to have another baby but my husband didn’t want to. So I fucked some of his football buddies and now I’m pregnant with triplets. My sister is going to raise one of my babies when they are born. She is taking estrogen and other fertility meds to produce breast milk for breastfeeding. My husband doesn’t know it yet but I’m moving in with my sister. Today is Thanksgiving and I’m spending it with my sister Patricia Thomas Bueto . pictures and videos at [email protected]

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    I wish you had a discord

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      Would you be so kind to share the videos mate

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      yhe agre withe other fellow would be really nice if you could share. wikr if you have same as user here