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Playtime with my cousins part 6

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I’m a 12 year old horny kid, and I don’t know what to do with my 7 year old cousin, Erika.

I haven’t done anything again with Erika after what I did to her when we showered together. I tried to control myself because she’s too young to know these things. Even if I would get aroused when she’s around, I would just jack it off when she had gone home.

I think I mentioned about this girl that I liked from school. Well, she’s sort of like my girlfriend. We started kissing, necking, and did some heavy petting. But that was about it. She said that we could take it slow. She also mentioned that she had gotten her period, so we really can’t have sex because she’s afraid I might knock her up. Yeah it was a bummer, but I liked her so I could live with that for a while. I’m a horny kid, not a sex maniac.

One afternoon, my parents said that they’ll be home very late, same with Erika’s folks. So we will be alone for a long time. I had an idea to invite my 16 year old neighbor, Lyka. She’s pretty and I’ve heard from my friends that she’s quite naughty. There was also a rumor that she kinda likes younger boys. I guess I’m about to find out.

We were eating dinner when Lyka arrived. Even if she’s not a stunner, she made it up with her sexy body and big boobs. She was wearing a haltered tank top exposing some of her boobs. Then a short skirt. I got a boner seeing that.

After dinner, I told Erika that she could sleep on my bed. Her dad would just carry her back home. They did that a couple of times.

When we’re sure that Erika was fast asleep, Lyka and I got frisky on the couch. We would touch and grope each other while watching tv. Things were getting hot then she started to kiss me. I already knew how to kiss properly, and we were sucking each other’s tongue.

I moved my hand and touched her right boob. My hands were not enough to cover it all. Her boobs were soft and I would gently rub and squeeze it. I also played with her nipples, they were stiff! I removed her top and she took off her bra, exposing those delicious boobs. I went straight at it and started sucking on the left while massaging her right boob. I was like a child sucking a mother’s breast for milk to come out. She started to moan, “Ohhh…yeah…suck it…suck my boobs”. Hearing her say that made me even devour her more.

She then grabbed my crotch and started to unzip my pants. She was eager to hold my dick. I pulled my pants down exposing my cock. “Wow, you’re big for your age”, she exclaimed. She then lowered her head to suck it.

“Sluurrrppp…slurpp…uhmmm…your dick taste so good” I think were the words she mumbled. I don’t even had to guide her, she knew what she was doing. She would suck the head and use her hand to jack me off. It was something new for me that excited me more. While she was sucking me, I used both my hands to cup her boobs and play with those amazing nipples.

Lyka stopped sucking me. She leaned me to the couch and went over me. She held my dick and started to slip it in her watery cunt. She already had some pubes covering just her slit, aside from that she was smooth like a baby.

It was my first time that a girl would mount me. I was intently watching how her vagina was slowly engulfing my hard dick. The head was already inside, then she pushed the shaft further until it was totally inside of her. My dick was swallowed whole by her cunt. Her pussy was warm and soft. She had juice coming out of it that’s why it was easier to put my cock in.

She then started to rock back and forth. She placed her hands and on my shoulders for her leverage. I held both of her boobs underneath and tried to squeeze them together. “Ugghhh…ughhh…ugghhh…” were her flirtatious moans as she kept humping my cock.

She changed her pace and moved up and down my dick. We both looked down and saw the base of my dick appearing for a split second and the would go in again. She kept humping me and her boobs just bouncing like a ball. We kissed on the lips then I moved back to sucking her boobs.

When I looked up, I saw Erika was standing a couple of feet away from us. My eyes locked with her. She had that surprised look on her face. When Lyka saw that I stopped kissing her, she looked back and saw Erika too. I thought she was going to stop humping me, but Lyka got even wilder. She kept on moaning and letting off some wild screams as she kept pounding my dick. Erika could visibly see my dick going in and out of Lyka.

Lyka shouted, “I’m cumming…fuck…I’m cumming” I was also about to shoot my cum as well. Lyka’s humping got shorter but faster, she would wildly flip her head and became delirious while we fucked.

I knew Erika was still there, but I also couldn’t stop myself. I just thought that I would talk to her later and probably explain what we were doing. I need to concentrate on fucking Lyka.

We then both finally cummed. Lyka kept her pussy pressed down on my cock. My dick sprayed all of my sperm, lining up her pussy wall. I couldn’t even count the spurt coming out of me. Her juice were also showering my dick. I even felt some of our combined body fluid leaking out of her cunt.

When I opened my eyes, Lyka and I both looked to see if Erika was still there. We just saw her shadow going up the stairs. We were still out of breath and I asked Lyka if I should go and talk to her so she wouldn’t rat on us. But she said she doesn’t think that she’s going to let my parents know, she even jokingly said that she probably enjoyed the show we put up for her.

Lyka slowly stood up and released my cock from her pussy. More liquid came out of her hole. I asked her if we will get into trouble of making her pregnant. She kissed me and said that I don’t need to worry because she was on her pills. That gave me a sigh of relief. I had taken my sex ed course and they had taught us about that. Oh yeah, I even had a condom in my wallet but forgot all about it. I should be more careful next time.

We fixed ourselves and got dressed. Lyka said she needs to go home before her father arrives. Her house were a couple of houses down, so she could get there quickly. I took her to the door, and we kissed. She said that she enjoyed our time together and maybe we could do it again.

Now that I don’t have to worry about getting her pregnant, l would then have to deal with Erika. My heart was pounding as I slowly started to climb up the stairs…

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  • Reply The Hebist ID:sif22joj4ds

    What is going to happen next? Waiting for it.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it reminds me when I was 12 and went to my Grandparents after school and Granddad and his Dog fucked me while wilting for Mum to pick me up on her way home from work, love Emma from Australia.

    • Titan ID:dlnrwkehm

      Do you like realy