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Part 1 Pete and Jenny

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Pete and his wife, Jenny, decide to have a threesome. With all the BDSM fixings. And for a first timer into BDSM, Matt was going to get educated.

Pete and Jenny aren’t your average ‘vanilla’ couple. Both are 27, have been together for 12, loving, wonderful years and married for 7 of that. Even though Pete had fucked two other girls before Jenny, he was her first and she never experienced another cock after his. They also loved BDSM and role playing. One night, Pete decided to spice things up a bit, and, with Jenny’s prior knowledge, Pete invited a co-worker, Matt, over for some fun. Jenny was kinky, controlling, but never had the urge for another man. She did, however, like her women.

Saturday. Finally, the day had come for Jenny’s first ‘two cock’ event. Pete made sure everything was in place in the spare bedroom, where Jenny and he conducted their sexual kink. Restraints, riding crops, paddles, flogs, anal hooks and other instruments of the ‘craft’, were laid out and ready. Everything was cleaned, as were Jenny and Pete. Matt arrived, hesitant, but ready. After the initial greeting in the living room, the trio walked down the hall and entered the bedroom.

Pete removed his robe, dropping it to the floor and exposed his large, thick, 7″ cock and huge balls. Jenny needed not to get undressed. She was wearing a beautiful purple ‘teddy’ outfit, with light lavender trim. It was made even more beautiful by her pasty white skin and curvy, softball player thick physique. Pete grabbed Jenny’s hair, tugged it backwards and commanded to her “Bitch! I brought you a toy tonight. Now, unwrap it”. Jenny did as commanded.

Matt stood there, unable to move, as he watched this pretty, 5’6″ woman, being ‘forced’ into removing his clothes, slowly, starting at his shirt and then, his pants. Matt quickly kicked his shoes off and into a corner of the room. Then, Jenny undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slid them off. She smiled as his cock sprung forward, void of any underwear, and smacked her on the face. Matt’s cock wasn’t as thick as Pete’s, but was definitely a couple inches longer, at just over 9″, with a peculiarly large head.

Pete took control quickly, enjoying the sights before him. His pretty wife was seeming to have a great time and Matt…. Matt’s cock was exactly what Pete had hoped for: Big. Not thick big, but long. The head, Pete thought, must give a girl an unusual sensation. That huge head spreads an opening wide, pops through and then, that very same opening that was stretched wide, shrinks tightly around the narrow shaft. Very long, narrow shaft. Pete couldn’t wait. He couldn’t wait to witness Matt’s cock penetrate Jenny, who will eventually be bound and gagged.

Jenny did not move, or do anything, until ordered to. With the exception of heavy breathing, it was quiet. “Stand, bitch! Stand!!”, Pete shouted. As Jenny stood, Pete stepped away leaving, Jenny to look at Matt, who’s cock was so hard, it was beginning to hurt. Matt reached out to touch this beauty before him, but was stopped quickly by Pete. ”Don’t touch your meat, until I tell you to. Understand, our Toy!?”. Matt now understood, he was there to be used, as was Jenny, for control and sexual use only. And he didn’t have a care in the world about it.

Matt was married also. But, even though he loved his wife, she was very, very, ‘vanilla’. Mostly missionary position, occasionally on top, never sucked his cock to completion, or should I say, never swallowed his load and, her idea of getting wild, was allowing him to fuck her doggy style. Matt’s wife, Melinda, enjoyed sex…. but was pretty boring. Matt told Pete during a conversation once, “Mel will fuck every night, 7 days a week, but it’s just boring, ho humm, sex”. Not tonight. Not with Pete and Jenny. Tonight, Matt’s toes would curl and his huge headed, 9″ long, narrow shaft was going to explore a lot.

Pete returned with a belt and placed it around Jenny’s waist, buckling it roughly and tight. The belt had two cuffs attached, and each was soon occupied by Jenny’s wrists. After securing her wrists, Pete took a short riding crop and whacked her hard on both ass cheeks. Jenny let out a loud yell, her eyes closed tightly. “Jeeze, Pete”, Matt said aloud, “that musta’ really hurt”. Pete glared at Matt, left and immediately came back, with another belt in hand and complete with wrist restraints.

Matt found himself in the same situation, as Jenny. “Just in case you have any problems, with how I treat your playmate”, Pete growled. Matt’s cock was getting more and more painful, the anticipation of having Jenny’s big, full lips sucking it, kept him hard as steel. He began moving his hips around, so it would ease the pain. Pete and Jenny both saw this. Pete said, “Beginning to hurt, is it?”. Matt nodded his head and said “Yee-es”, almost like a stutter. Pete reached out, took Matt’s cock in his hand and began gently stroking it.

Matt was in shock. His mouth opened, but no words fell from it. His eyes widened, but he couldn’t process what was really happening. Jenny, however, knew full well what her husband was capable of. She enjoyed watching him play with other guys. But, unlike Matt, who is lean and muscular, she was used to seeing Pete toy with younger thin, feminine type males. Some, if not most, she worked with and acquired them for her sexual desires.

Jenny loved watching her man get sucked off by these twinks and, as long as he wore a condom, she really loved watching him fuck them with his thick, meaty member. Pete, upon hearing Jenny’s request to to fuck another male for the first time, was hesitant. But anything Jenny wanted, Jenny got. And Pete, he eventually enjoyed dominating other males.

Pete worked Matt’s cock expertly. And why not? A man knows, what a man’s cock likes. Even if it isn’t his. Pete pulled downwards on Matt’s cock, forcing him to kneel, then Pete stood and moved his cock towards Matt’s mouth. “No. What the fuck? No. I’m, I’m… Not like that!”, Matt said.” Well, tonight…. tonight you are. Especially if you want any of me”, Jenny uttered softly, but with authority. Matt looked back and forth. He really wanted to fuck Jenny and get an education into BDSM and kinky sex. He just never, ever, thought of another mans cock, especially Pete’s.

Pete’s cock was huge, as it pointed towards Matt’s mouth. It looked bigger than it had, because as Matt thought, ‘he’s really horning now and wants it in my mouth’. Matt saw the drop of fluid at the urethra and, did wonder, what the taste and texture was like. He again looked at Jenny, then again at Pete’s cock. Matt licked his lips. “This, this, is going to stay between us. Here. And only here, ri-iiight? I mean, nobody else is ever going to find out, right? “, Matt said. Pete told him, “Matt, what happens at our home, in our life, is our business. And now, your part of that. Trust us, nobody ever will know”. Matt, without saying a word, opened his mouth.

Pete told Matt, as his cock entered the latter mouth, “suck my cock how you like, or want yours, to be sucked”. And, with that, Matt worked Pete’s cock perfectly and without reservation. He did have a gag reflex when attempting to deep throat it, but did an excellent job with midway sucking and barely, if at all, removed it from his mouth, even for a quick licking or two. His head moved back and forth quickly, as well as how he rotated from side to side, in a somewhat circular motion. Pete’s balls were on fire and he could feel them boiling, like how a volcano builds pressure before it blows.

Jenny stood next to them, her pussy was soaking wet, as she watched her husbands cock being sucked on. By another man. Which, she thoroughly enjoyed seeing. She loved Pete and for as far back she could remember, she enjoyed having the ability to make him do things he didn’t want to. Things like: fucking other girls, mainly her friends and two of her cousins. Jenny would act like she was asleep, as Pete seduced and fucked them. Only after she could hear he had them sucking his cock, or pounding their pussies, would she open her eyes, watch and play with herself until orgasm.

Pete raised up on his toes, straining his head upwards and let out a loud, gravely “oh, fucking gawd!!!!”. She had been on the receiving end of her husband’s cum loads. So Jenny knew that Matt, was trying to swallow huge, thick shots of silky yarn down his throat. Matt gagged as he attempted to swallow those loads that poured in, faster than he could swallow. But, Matt managed. Matt pulled back, took a huge breath and burped. “Sorry”, he said, then went back to sucking some more, without hesitation. Pete and Jenny were impressed. He definitely took “suck it how you want yours sucked”, to the letter.

When Matt finished up, Pete sat him down in a chair, shoved Jenny towards him and said, “here is your reward, my friend”. He pushed Jenny down onto her knees, telling her “bitch, rest your head on his leg, but don’t do anything else”. Jenny complied. Matt, however, was completely confused. His cock ached for attention. He sucked his first cock, and swallowed every drop of semen unloaded into his mouth, in anticipation of some action himself. Pete walked away and returned with a few new items. One, was a medium sized red gag ball, which immediately was placed into Matt’s mouth and tightened down by the buckle.

Jenny, on the other hand, was to receive something quite different. Pete pulled her head back and began straightening her long black hair, using a brush to lengthen it uniformly and then wrapping it near her skull, with a 6″ piece of silk, to form a pony tail. He then methodically tied a red length of rope over the silk, tying it in a pattern that any sailor would love.

He then stood, retrieved a large velvet pouch and returned. Matt could hear a clanking noise, like heavy metal, when Pete laid it on the floor. Jenny began to whimper and, in a small, almost child like tone, said “No, please, please, please, nooooooo”. Pete’s response was not done with words, but a swift smack across her face, followed by that short riding crop being used repeatedly, and roughly, on her ass. Jenny, with the exception of her whimpering, became silent.

To Be Continued in Part 2

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