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Paradise Found – Scene 1

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Just a usual morning in the lives of the Kearney family.

To say that i was not in a good mood when i woke up to my mom blowing my morning wood on a monday morning would be an understatement. I hated Sundays because of the inevitable Monday that follows. I lazily opened my eyes as mom continued to suck my cock. Mom was a beautiful 31 year old brunette woman who looked around a decade younger. She got pregnant with me when she was 16. This morning she was completely nude just like every other morning. Her hair was tied into a ponytail and she looked kinda sleepy. She must have just woken up i realized. Last night was quite tiring for us both it had been a while since the two of us had slept together.

She hastily removed my dick from her mouth when she realised i was probably about to cum and just as she did, I jizzed on her face. She proceed to clean my cock and then got up and left my bedroom. I wanted to sleep for a bit longer but didn’t wanna be late for school so reluctantly got up too. My shower was broken so i decided to use my sister’s shower instead. I had 2 sisters. Jess was 17 and Alice was 13. When i entered Jess’ room i heard the shower running and immediately went in to join her and found her with her back turned to me. I realised that she couldn’t hear me over the sound of the shower. She had straight black hair and a very hot body that the entire school lusted for. I guess i was gonna cum for a second time this early in the morning.

I went over to her and slid my cock inside her and grabbed her boobs with one arm while holding her waist with the other. She moaned loudly as i started aggressively fucking her against the wall. Jess had a very reserved personality and was pretty used to people using her as a cum dumpster. Yesterday i had seen her getting railed by two old men in our front yard.

I continued to thrust my cock into her as she kept quiet. She was usually silent when she was being used. She was my favourite of all the girls i had ever used since she never resisted or protested and was at all times open for anyone to use. “Cum quickly i don’t wanna miss the bus” she told me. “Don’t worry dad will drop us off” i replied before cumming inside of her. I then turned her to face me and made out with her before leaving the shower.

When i entered the living room after getting dressed i saw Alice lying on the couch reading a magazine. She was wearing a mini skirt and a small top. “Good morning” i called out to her before going to kitchen where i found dad fucking mom in the back against the kitchen counter. This time she was wearing a small tank top which had been pulled up to reveal her breasts and a pair of short shorts which had been pulled down her legs. She moaned loudly as she was pounded against the counter. She was doing the dishes while dad was on a call. I sat down on the table to eat breakfast and was soon joined by Jess who was now dressed in a shear see-through shirt and a short skirt with ripped stockings underneath.

“You guys excited for school?” Dad asked as as he pulled out and shoved his cock in Jess’ mouth, cumming immediately. “You already know the answer” i replied as mom went over to Jess and started making out with her making sure not a single drop of cum is wasted. As mom and dad sat at the table we were soon joined by Alice as well who sat on Dad’s lap. Dad kissed her before opening the newspaper with one hand and pulled her top up to play with the nipples on her flat chest with his other hand.

While having breakfast i had a heated argument with Jess over whether birds are real or not. The usual stuff. Mom briefly interjected to call us dumbasses for having stupid banter like this every morning. When we were all finally done us siblings went to get ready as Dad went to get his car. Dad would drop me and Jess off at school while heading to work, followed my mom dropping Alice off at her middle school on her way to work.

When we were ready to go mom kissed both me and Jess. She didn’t kiss Alice because there was no need to hurry. While she didn’t have any favourites as a mother, she most certainly had a favorite toy. Mom loved to fuck Alice the most. She was her little princess after all. I however did not have any time to spare so i went over to Alice and gave her a kiss before joining dad in the car with Jess. She gave him a blow job as he drove us to school. With her giving him the last kiss for this morning we were ready to enter school, or as i like to call it – Hell.

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