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lost my virginity pt.2

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in order for this to make sense read my previous story

after kevin left me i just kinda paused i was thinking and trying to process what had just happened but i snaped back to reality and it was 11:06

i started to gather my clothes and i leaned over to grab my pants and i felt a cold stick thing on my stomach so i looked it was the fucking condom this bitch took the condom off and left in on the cabana matress with the spunk inside and it was stuck to me so i picked it off and all a sudden i saw a bright light flash

mind you i was naked i had bent over leaving my bare butt exposed so i could reach my pants and i had a condom full of spunk in my hand

i instantly turned and it was the bitches friend(i knew cause before me and kevin went in the cabana his friends were looking for him and they kept whispering in his ear to “pop the cat” more like a scream whisper) anyways he had his phone out but when he realized what he had saw he screamed KEVIN YOU DID IT which starteled me i managed to put my bra on and cover the rest and that i heard ‘kevin?’ i said “the bitch left” he replied oh shit what happened. before i could answer him i noticed a huge boner straining out of his shorts which left me stammared

but i snapped back and held up the condom and i said this happened note i was pissed thing didnt go as planned so i was in a i dont give a fuck mood

then the guy replied what did you do with kevin i ignored him and conteinued to get dressed once i was dressed i realized the dude was still there so i said the fuck you want

he replied for you to tell me what you did with kevin i replied i couldved cut him balls off but their werent any (kevin was three inches from the looks of it and the thickness of a bottle cap) the guy laughed but i couldnt help but stare at his bulge

but i snapped out of it and proceeded to text my friend sayying ive got news as i walked this guy followed (note i was still aroused cause i hadnt even came)

as i walked the guy said umm sorry i replied for what that i flashed a light when you were naked i i replied oh i thought you were looking for your friend and wanted to take a picture of him he replied uhh yeah that was what i was trying to do

then he said somthing stupid he said well if it make you feel any better you have a nice ass

i dont know what had gotten into me but i lunged into him and kisssed him (all the kissing ive ever done where pecks) he frenched kissed me back which sent shivers down my spine

note this guy was 14-15 by the looks of it he did sports since he was toned. he was black he had like starter dreads? im not sure but his voice was deep and during that momnet i was feeling paticularly slutty

after he french kissed me i kinda paused he laughed at my reaction then he kissed me again we went to a different cabana which was just a few feet besides us he undressed and i followed i glanced at him as i layed down and i saw the biggest dick in real life it was maybe 5 inches and it was thick as layed down i got scared but before i could panic i felt a hand grab my head and pull me back up i looked at him and then his penis and he pointed his penis at my mouth and said open

i opened my mouth and i sucked the tip to be honest i didnt like it nor the taste but my body was responding differently and i felt aroused very very aroused all a sudden he pushed my head down a little more he was breathing hard then he pushed me head down all the way to the base of his penis i stared gagging and choking but he conteinued to deep throat me

at this point i was trying to push him away but he kept sayying shhhh shhh dont fight it dont fight it his word were a little reasuring so i didnt fight it then he pulled outand i managed to hand him a condom but to my suprise he already had one of his own he was putting on

i layed down but he quickly changed the way i was laying i went from on my mack to on my chest with my kness bent(its called the flat iron sex position) i said wait and i asked him to go slow he laughed which scared me but before i could do anything i felt the tip slowly push and then he pushed in hard and it went in i gasped but he had my hand behind my back and he was slowly thrusting in me at this point my mind was flooding with pleasure then he picked up pace and began to drill me i started moaning and gasping then all a sudden i came but he didnt stop in fact he went fast i was there shaking and shivering for a about 5 more minutes which felt like eternity then out of no where he thursted deep inside me and put all his weight on me and came i felt him twitching inside me and he pulled out got up and left the rest is history

(this story was pure fiction but its alot better than the true one)

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