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Our dirty little secret: Exploring Physics through Chemistry (Heat transfer)

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So this is the next part and this one how she gets addicted to my load. And we get more and more intense after this

After having our “grinding sessions” escalated to making out and finding out that I will be tutoring my kitten which means more time alone in a room where no one will disturb us, my mind started going to places I was not expecting. She also was excited because as good of a student she is, she is also a slutty minx. So smart and sexy.

So the tutoring started as much as we both wanted to fuck each other to kingdom cum, we had to actually do our jobs me tutoring her and her studying. Lucky me, she is smart and does like books. In order to get uninterrupted 3 hrs with her, I thought the room on the first floor of the house was perfect for both us being frisky or studying or a bit of both.

So the day came for the very first session, I set up the room. In addition to a sturdy table and a couple of chairs, there was a bed and I added some blankets and pillows. It was afternoon, my mom was taking an afternoon nap and brother and father were at work. The first floor room had a separate entrance altogether, so I told her to just come in from there, so mom is not disturbed.
I was nervous and excited because we never had this much time alone together and didn’t know what we would do. I heard a knock on the door. Furthermore, I opened it and what I see is her wearing bright lipstick, a very nice sweet smelling perfume with a hint of coconut butter. We looked into each other’s eyes then I closed the door and locked it while I did that she threw her bag on the bed and turned around at the same time as I did, and she leaped into my arms and gave me a kiss. We parted, and I looked into the eyes and then went in again while pressing her against the wall and eventually lifted her up, and she wrapped her legs around me. We made out for 10 mins while feeling each other up.
After that she said,” uncle, we should still study or else we won’t be able to keep this up long”. I said yes,” kitten I agree” we parted with a peck and sat down to study. We started with me helping her do the homework. While I gave her to read some sections of the book, I then looked at her clothes. She came directly from school, so she was wearing her skirt and the shirt, but she opened two buttons and removed her tie. I could see her chocolate thigh which I really wanted to caress so badly, so I was constantly staring at them. And on the top with her buttons undone I could see her cleavage and a black bra she was wearing. She caught me staring at her breasts. She said you don’t have to pretend you are allowed to look, and she touched my leg with her feet. So I responded by caressing her thigh. Then I said now if you finish today’s work early then we can play a little more at the end.

At the end we made out again and this time she undid all her buttons, and I was able to kiss her boobs and her neck she undid my buttons and bit me on the chest. I loved it. I rubbed her clit until she came, and then she gave me a hand job and made me cum on her breasts. After that, we noticed the time was up, and I could hear mom moving around the house. So she rubbed my cum over her tits and then closed up the shirt, wiped off lipstick from both of our mouths and then fixed up our clothes. And just in time because my mom knocked on the door to ask if we wanted a snack and well after all that work who would say no. And since as usual she spent the rest of the afternoon at my place. Watching TV and playing on my laptop.

Before she went home, a selfie with her tits out was left on my laptop and wrote until next time.

We texted before bed talking about sexual fantasies and what she would try with me. I wanted to fuck her brains out, to be honest, but I think asking that would be a big step. So I didn’t say anything.

We pretty much did similar things the rest of the week and kept trying to find new ways to get to climax. One of which was her giving me a blow job. It was amazing. We started by making out and kissing each other’s body. I was sucking her boobs at this point and fingering her at the same time. I made her cum so hard this time, she rolled her eyes back of her head and arched like crazy. After that she said,“ my sweet uncle I have a special surprise for you” after saying that she stuck her thought into my mouth and I returned the favour.
Then she started going down while kissing and lightly biting me and then took my dick out and started stroking it to which I thought she would give me a hand job, and she was spitting on it a lot, so I thought she would make it sloppy. And then she kissed the tip of my penis and licked it. She was able to taste my pre-cum, which she loved. And then I was going crazy and so wanted to hold her head over my dick with my cock in her mouth.

She is a mind reader, and she did exactly that, she took my entire cock in her mouth and held it there for a good amount of time. After that, she started sucking it and her tongue was on my tip. She even licked the length of my dick and then spat again on it and kept eye contact with me. Now I couldn’t hold it any longer and I said“ kitty I am going to cum now” hearing that she doubled down on it and before going in she said “unload all that cream into my mouth uncle, I want it all “. Before all cum exploded out of my cock, she clamped her mouth on the tip and kept until I finished cumming. She showed me the cum in her mouth and then just like a point, she swallowed it all without any drops escaping, and then she said,“ yummy it is thick and creamy” l, uncle!!” I love it.!!. I was still in bliss, and then we decided to lie down on the bed and cuddle while we both breathing heavily.

We knew in a few minutes we had to get up and fix ourselves up and continue our day.

FIY, she never let me cum anywhere else other than her mouth.

End of part 4

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