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New born family enjoying themselves

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Driving lesson ends in fucking son sniffing mum knickers

Ann was comfortable with her   driving but her husband was not .
He was holding on for dear life as she was starting to go faster and faster in the end Peter shout for her to slow down before she killed both of them .
Ann slowed down they got home she parked on the drive with out speaking got out of the car and went inside.
Peter waited a while before going in Ann wasn’t downstairs i heard the shower going so her went up and waited in the bed room for Ann to come out She did she had a towel round her .
Peter was sitting on there bed Ann look at him he said I did not mean to shout at you but you were going much faster then the speed limit and if the police had stopped you ,you would have lost you licence before you got it  .
Ann looked at me dropped her towel let’s make up I stripped off so fast Ann layed on the bed I was between her legs in a flash we were make love we changed positions Ann was now on all fours  I was behind her facing the door Ann had forgot to close the bedroom door she had her head down say harder fuck me hard I could tell that her orgasms was on it was I looked up and was shocked to see our 15 year old son standing in the door way he had his cock out and was masturbating  he has impressive cock bigger then mine he looked up saw me I was so turned seeing there he was just about to walk away I put a finger to my lip for to be quiet and smiled I was really giving Ann hard fucking she put  her hand betwwen her legs and was rubbing her clit .
Ann alway keeps her head down and her ass right up so I can get right into her
Ann shouted quick fuck my ass I said I couldn’t the lubrication it’s in the drew she said fuck the lubricant need it in my ass pointed to the drew were it was rick went and got it his mother did not see him
I put lubrication on my cock and on her ass I finger fuck her with two fingers I pushed my cock in her ass I was fucking her when she had a orgasms Rick shoot he load in some tissue then walk out I come as Ann orgasms I pulled out of her ass Ann said that was the best orgasm I had in a long time what come over you l just smiled .
I did not see Rick until breakfast next day it was Sunday Ann was in the kitchen making egg and bacon she was in her dressing gown it was short come down just above her knees tired at the waste I had my box shorts on I call Rick he came into the kitchen in his boxs which he did all the time he said good morning and sat down we were talking I see he kept look at Ann .
I said did you have a nice time yesterday afternoon and smiled he went very red Ann come over with our breakfast she look at him said are you alright you look very hot and red he look up yes and put his head down
We have a glass table Rick and I was sitting one side Ann the other Ann dressing gown had open and moved up when she sat down so if you slide down on the seat you could see up it .
We were all talking but Rick kept looking down across the table at his mum legs .
We finished our food normally Rick would go and me and Ann would have another coffee this morning Rick stayed he pushed his chair back a little Ann did not notices I moved my chair back a little we both could see more Up her dressing gown seeing her knickers I look down at Rick boxs he had a hard on so did I.
Ann moved her legs while we were talking she finished her coffee and got up Rick jump up I’m going to get dressed and made his way up to his room making sure mum did not see he had a hard on
I asked Ann did she needed help no you go get ready for church i went
Up stairs in his rush to get into his room Rick did not fully closes his door I look in I was shocked to see he had a pair of Anns knickers in he’s hand sniffing them and was masturbating i Pushed the open a bit more he carried on he did not see me I got my cock out and was masturbating as well Rick suddenly look up at the door he see me he stopped masturbating he tried to hide Ann’s knickers I walked in shut the door was still masturbating Rick started saying don’t tell mum please don’t tell her I said I wouldn’t I said you need to finish off looking at his cock. I left in there went into my bedroom to the laundry took out the pair of a Ann knickers that she a wear and took them back to Rick room
Rap mums these knickers round your cock with the crutch over the top Ann had them on yesterday and carry on he look at me I smiled went back to masturbating infront of him he did we were getting close Rick took the knickers off his cock and put them to his nose and was sniffing them while masturbating then he quickly put the knickers crutch over his cock and stiffened and shoot his come into the knickers this make me come all over my hand and on the floor after a few minutes I left and got ready for church Rick was in the car in the passenger seat he never sites in the front Ann come out Rick said ok if I site her today so Ann got in the back she sat in the middle so she could talk to both of when I turned my head I now know why Rick sat in the front Ann sitting in the middle means her legs have to over the back console so her legs are open and have a dress that ends just above her knees both me a Rick could see her underwear I look at Rick and said nice one Ann ask what I meant Rick said I was speaking to dad before you got in about College
Off we went I move the interior mirror down so I could see Ann legs Rick haft turned and was talking to he’s mum about college it took at 30 minutes to get to the church I look down at Ricks trousers and the was a bulge in his trousers we pull up Ann got out I gave the car keys to Rick saying when it go’s down come lock the car up Ann asked why Rick was still in the car I told her someone just phoned him .
After church we went to the side hall for tea and coffee Rick got he’s mum a chair something he had never done Ann look at me she thank him said that a first myself and the people we was talking to just laughed so did Ann she sat down her dress had move up her legs she kept her legs closed Ricky had moved away trying to look up her dress after a bit he comes over said he going to the car said his good byes
We finished our drinks then went back to the car again Rick was infront Ann go in the back but sat behind Ricky site I got in I looked at Ricky he just looked out the window I drove home me and Ann was talking but Ricky only spoke a bit I parked on the drive Ricky got out first went to the back door and opened it for he’s mum she was totally shocked I knew what he was tryinlook up Ann’s dress I laughed and said Ricky you are getting a right gentleman help your mum out of the car Ann got out I got out we went in door Ricky went to his room Ann started dinner.
After a while I went up stairs Ricky door was closed I listened at the door I could hear him he was definitely masturbating I knocked and walked in he was sitting on he’s bed he tried to hide what he was doing Ann knickers was in he’s hand his other hand was hiding his cock I closed the door I walk over to him said we all do it son unzip my trousers got my cock out it was hard I started to masturbate I said go on so he moved he’s hand and started to masturbate just then Ann call up the stairs I put my cock away and went to what she wanted said ask to to come down stairs I went she said that before we went to church she had got the laundry from our room and Ricky room ok I said she then she was putting our was in the washing machine sorting out the colour from the white underwear when she pick up a pair of her knickers the crutch was all wet she touched the crutch it was sticky when she put her finger to her nose she said it was come she handed me the knickers they were the ones I gave Ricky which he come in he must have put them back in the laundry.
I put them to my nose and said your right she said we’ll it must have be done before we went to church and said it was not you so Ricky must have done it .
I said he’s 15 year old Ann said what’s that got to do with it he shouldn’t be using my underwear to masturbating in I said he must find you attractive I’m he’s mum I said some boys fantasize about there mum and masturbating but his using my underwear well what do you want me to do have a word with him .
Yes do that I said OK and went back upstairs I got to the top to see Ricky door closed I knocked and walked in closing the door behind me he said I heard what mum said sorry dad I shouldn’t have not put the knickers back wet should have waited until the come dried l look at him and said this was the first time using mum dirty knickers he looked down no I said how long he said it started when I saw her getting undressed in the bedroom she had left the bedroom door open a bit as I walked passed I look in I stood watching her she put her underwear in the laundry she put on her dressing gown then she started to walk towards the door l went into my room, you were down stairs I waited until the shower was going then I went into your room and took her knickers then I went into my room when you and mum finished fucking that night I masturbating in her knickers I said how did you know we were fucking he said I get up snd listen at the door I’ve been doing it for while I was shocked but it turned me on knowing he listen to me and he’s mum fucking he said it was a real turn on hearing mum saying she was coming you telling her that you were about to come as well I had a hard on I look at Rick he had one on as well talking about he’s mum he was sitting on his bed I sat bown beside him I look at him I said we couldn’t go down stairs like this I unzip my trousers pulled out my cock and started rubbing it Ricky took he’s out it was large then mine I said let finished what we started before mum found out that you come in her underwear so there we was rubbing our cocks I had masturbating some men when I was younger I had sucked cock and swallowed come before.
Ricky had his eyes closed so I bent down and put his cock my mouth and started to give him a blow job his eyes opened widened he put his hands on my head and tried to pull my mouth off his cock but stopped he just help my head and face fucked me he did not last long before he said he was coming I just kept sucking he came and I swallowed must of it I pulled off his cock he look at me wow that was awesome I have never had that done before thanks dad I was rubbing my cock he asked me if I was near to coming I said yes very near he bent down and took my cock in his mouth straight away I came shooting my load into his mouth he tried to swallowed but only managed a little bit the rest came out the side of he’s mouth we got our ourselves together I went down stairs Ann was in the living room sitting on the sofa what did he say I said he apologized for doing it saying he had see it on porn site son’s getting mum dirty knickers and masturbating in them I also told her that she had left the bedroom door open a little bit and Ricky had seen her undress to go into the shower and she put her knickers in the laundry and when she went into the shower Ricky went into our bedroom and took her knickers out of the laundry then went back to his room then he would smell the crutch as it would still have the smell of your pussy on then masturbating with them coming into the crutch he would keep them to the come dried then put them back in the laundry so by Sunday came your knickers would be dry and you would be none the wiser
Ann look at me so this has been going on for a long time I told her about Ricky listening at our bedroom door then going back to his room and masturbating into her knickers that he got out of the laundry the day before.
She just sat there I put my arm around her and put my hand on her tit the nipples were rock hard I lent over her and kissed her I put my hand on the bottom of the dress and pulled it up so her knickers was showing then put my hand straight into her knickers she was so wet I put three fingers straight into her cunt and started finger fucking her I asked her was she horny about Ricky masturbating about her she did not say anything she had her eyes closed she was getting wetter by the minute I did hear Ricky come into the living room I was kissing Ann I moved away from her face she still had her eyes closed she was lifting her hips to get my fingers in deeper .
I looked and See Ricky he had his cock out and was masturbating look at his
mum being finger fucked I pointed to the door and mouth for him to go back out until I got his mum knickers off he did .
Ann said we should stop as Ricky was upstairs I told her after I had spoken to him he said he was going to the pictures and did not want dinner.
Ann was ok with that so I took her knickers off then her dress and bra
She layed back down on the sofa I strip of she had her legs up I had three fingers in her cunt and my thumb rubbing her clit she closed her eyes Ricky come in he had strip off he was just standing there watching me finger fuck his mum his cock rock hard slowly rubbing it.
I said to Ann think if Ricky could see you now he would be masturbating he could come on your cunt and tits She was push her hip hard up on to my fingers her orgasms was coming so I slowed down I put my hand on her tit and pinched her hard nipples Ricky could be sucking these whiles you suck him she suddenly said yes I said what she said yes I could be sucking him off while you are fucking me I new we had.her now I move I was leaning over her I told her to open her mouth she still had her eyes closed Ricky moved forward and put his cock into his mum mouth she started to suck on it then stopped Ricky was still mouth fucking her when she opened her eyes
She just look her orgasms was taking over Ricky was about to come she just sucked his cock and her orgasms come I told Ricky she was coming that did it for him mum sucking his cock he now unloaded his come into he mother mouth and she swallowed must of it
After she had come on my fingers I pulled out got between her legs pushed my cock into her cunt and started fucking her hard I had seen Ricky put something in his mouth when he first see what me and his was doing after he pull out of Ann mouth he was still hard I only last a few minutes fucking Ann shooting my load up her cunt I did not make her come i pulled out and moved away Ricky was between her legs licking her ass he then lifted her legs over he’s shoulders he took hold of his cock looked at me said OK I knew he was going to fuck his mum up the ass I said asked her Ann just said yes he pushed his cock into her ass as he was a lot bigger I said push it in a little wait until she get used to it then push more in a little at a time until you are fully in then started to fuck her you aren a lot bigger then me so just.go slow he did just that when he started fucking her all she kept saying is don’t stop she must have come 3 to 4 time I had.her suck me off unloading in.her mouth Ricky come in her ass he pulled out he was still hard we all sat down Ann said must must never get out we would frown out of the church.
We were talking for about an hour Ricky said could he fuck mum in her cunt I said you better ask her Ann looked at me I said he’s fucked you up the ass she said OK Ricky said can we go and fuck in our bedroom I said OK and looked at me I said you ok with it she said yes Ricky layed on the bed told his mum to sit on his cock then she could control how much of his she can take as he was a lot larger then me
Mum went to the bathroom while she was gone Rick said I should have all my cock in about 5 minutes once I’m fully in I pull her forward then you go behind her and put your cock in her ass I said she will never go for that Rick said she will be having so many orgasms due to my cock hit her cervix and going into her womb.
I look at him he said sorry dad but have you ever hit mums cervix your cock is just not long enough
I said your right but she never complained Ricky said no because you bring her to her orgasms by ass fucking her .
Ann came out of the bathroom Ricky layed on the bed he got the lubrication out of the bedside cabinet Ann said how did you know where that was Ricky said looking for your knickers
He put some on he cock asking me to put some in mum cunt she sat on the bed I bent down I rubbed lubrication into her cunt and finger fuck her while I was doing that I put some on her ass I also finger fuck that she told me to stop that she wanted to come on Ricky cock not on my fingers so I pulled out .
She put he legs over Rick cock he held it up straight she lowered herself down but it would not go it she looked at me well help me I rubbed some more lubrication in to her cunt pulled her slips apart told her to come down slowly then the head went in fucking hell your so big she waited then pushed down more she was breathing very heavily I asked her if she was ok fuck yes I never thought I would have my own son cock up me he’s hitting my cervix I said you still have 4 inches to go .
Ann pulled up looked at Ricky are you going all the way in he said mum is up to you she look at me said I love you
I then walked behind and got on the bed I had lubricated my cock ready for when she started her orgasms.
She pulled up a bit more she said her orgasm was on its way then she went right down onto Ricky cock fuck his in my womb god I’m coming. Ricky pulled her forward so her ass was at the right angle for me to lined up my cock with Ann’s ass and pushed in about 4 inches her head shot up Ricky held on to her as her orgasms hit her I pushed all the way in then me and Rick started fucking her .
I asked Ann if she was comfortable with both of us fucking her in both holes she turned her head looked at me I said it was Ricky idea Ricky said you have taken both cock and not complained so you must like it Ann just smiled We were fucking for a long time and the amount of orgasms she was having Rick said he was coming I said hear comes mine and we all orgasmed together .
After this day I would come home from work walk into the living room there would be Ann bent over the sofa Ricky behind her fucking her I would say which hole you in as I would take the other when you are finished we were a happy family

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