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My young wife part 3

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My girlfriend moves in with me. Our life together progresses.

Part 3 my young wife
Three weeks went by and we mainly used snapchat to talk everyday. Sexting at least every other night. We talked about her wants and she wanted to move in with me.
I wanted that too, so after talking with her to get a better understanding of her home life I learned things. She was hyper sexual, and due to her autism was needing attention. Her step-mom refused to leave her alone with her dad, for good reasons as she would have tried to fuck him. Now though that wouldn’t be so as she had my cock to satisfy her needs.
I concluded if I came clean and offered to take her into my care her step mom would agree. And if she did, so would her husband. So I convinced my girlfriend to set up a meeting and I met the parents at their home.
I went with blunt honesty, and laid out all the benefits of them allowing me to take limited power of attorney and let her move in with me. I told them I knew her dad fucked her, but also loved her. Also I confessed I loved her and had fucked her also. I agreed to let them see her whenever they wanted. I would insure she went and completed school, and had as normal a childhood as possible.
With papers signed, I helped my girlfriend pack up her things she wanted. All of us drove then to my apartment so her parents can see where she was living. After they left, I picked up my 13 year old girlfriend off the floor and carried her to our bedroom.
We had a great time fucking in our bed, and told her welcome home. We went to the clinic after she got off from school and got her on the pill. And I made sure she took it everyday.
Two great years passed. When she turned 16 I proposed to her. She said yes obviously, and her parents were pleased. We got married in the courthouse, with permission from her parents it was done. My now wife had a request that day. To put a baby inside her.
I reminded her that I was a hebephile, and if it’s a girl I’d probably fuck her when she’s old enough like her dad did to her. She said if I give you a daughter I’d be happy to share you. If I give you a son will you share me with him?
I said yes to those conditions, and we fucked hard that night. She stopped taking the pill that night. The next few weeks we fucked every chance we could. I would fuck her either before she left fir school, so she would have a pussy full of my cum at school. Or if I didn’t then then soon after she got out of school I’d fuck her and fill her pussy of my cum. I didn’t waste my cum on her face, or in her mouth. While she would give me a blowjob or I fucked her ass, my cum would end up in her pussy.
5 weeks later she was pregnant. It was a happy time. Even her step-mom was happy for my wife. I think her dad was jealous of me, but also happy for her.
Her pregnancy went well, she was sexy before being pregnant, but now she was irresistible with a growing belly and tits and ass. Once she started showing we took her our of school. Fucking became less frequent, but still intense.
We decided to know the sex of the baby when we could. So we learned it was a baby girl. I was probably more happy than my wife. But she confessed she was worried she would get replaced. I promised her that wouldn’t happen.
She gave birth to our heathy normal daughter. And it was great. She stayed home and with a tutor got her GED while caring for our daughter. Things went well for us for 6 years we got along, but my sexual attraction to my wife shifted to my daughter. Who wad a beautiful 6 year old blonde girl.
Again my luck was well good. Sadly my wife got hit by a semi truck and soon died. The insurance and lawsuit made me rich. With proper investing I decided to retire and focus on my new future.
I stared being sexual with my daughter when she was 8 years old. I wanted to wait until she wad 10, but like her mother she was a sexual girl. Catching her rubbing her bald smooth pussy, having her want to sit on my lap. Then it happened when she begged me to take a shower together.
I agreed but said she needed to start keeping secrets from her friends and teachers. She was eager to do so and so the shower time wad the beginning of a new adventure.
Part 4 cumming soon

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  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    High doubtful she got pregnant in 5 weeks after stopping the pill. Normally it takes 3-12 months after stopping the pill to get pregnant fyi.

    Otherwise good story

    • I wish it was me ID:1cysiedfcd5l

      No it doesn’t I am speaking from experience
      At 16 a girl is very fertile