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Molested at 15 by my boss

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This is a true story of being molested by my boss when I was 15 yo.

So at the time I was 15 years of age, I work in a fish n chip restaurant doing most jobs, the owners also had another restaurant just up the road 100m away which had a bakery in the cellar where I made the pies and sausage rolls .

So my boss is named Peter, ( yes it’s his real name) he was about 5’10 black moustache and slicked back hair, he also had a beer belly. But in the 90s most blokes in their mid 30s did.

So for a while now when ever the top restaurant closes on weekends Peter would always find himself having something to do in there while I cleaned up. He would he try a grope me normally try and stick his hand down my trousers.

To be honest it didn’t really bother me at all I just saw it as a game, so I’d always put up a fight. Then on one morning I was preparing the restaurant before it opened using a meat slicer when he came up to me and tried to stick his hand down my trousers, I was busy so thought fuck it so didn’t fight him thinking he would just stop. Nope not this pervert lol, he took hold of my cock and rudded it ( I’m a 15 year old virgin it went rock hard) he then undid my trousers told me to carry on what I was doing and sucked my cock, wow my first blow job I’d like to say he cariex on until I cum but it was a 1 minute blowjob and he stopped. Got up and walked away saying he would love to carry on but we have work to do.

So about a week went by and I am working in the fish n chip restaurant and it dead we have no customers at all so Peter says let’s close. So we close up clean up and the waitress carol goes home. Leaving just me and Peter, he says come with me and help with something, I follow him and he heads up stairs and, the building has 3 floors to it we head up to the top floor into one of the spare bedrooms. He then grabs my cock through my trousers and says I’m going to suck it.
OK I say
We lay on the bed and he starts sucking my cockwuth his other hand he gets his cock out and tells me to put it in my mouth, he has a big cock 7.5 inches and thick so I try and take him in my mouth but I don’t really enjoy it as it makes my jaw hurt. Peter is going to town on my penis really enjoying it and then he stops again get up and says Lou and the kids will be back soon ( Lou is his missis).

So a couple of days pass and it Friday ( I didn’t always GP to school) and Peter says me and Lou are going to go to the Pub you ok to baby sit for us, I say yeah no problem. So the kids are asleep in bed I watch a bit of tv it’s getting late so I thought bollocks ill sleep here saves walking home.

I get up to head to one of the spare rooms and Peter comes home says Lou is still Iver the pub drinking and very drunk. Tells me to go up stairs with him we go into one of the rooms and I strip knowing what is going to happen. He also strips he pushes me onto the bed and kneels on my chest shoving his cock in my mouth saying open your mouth wider, he then face fucks me making me gag on his big cock.
Surprisingly to me I’m hard and a rock from this Peter see my erection and then takes his cock out my mouth and slides down to my cock where he then goes straight in to deep throating me, pulling my foreskin back with his hand and mouth this hurts and bit so I try and stop him, he pushes me back on the bed and carries on sucking on my cock, I now realise all he is doig is for his pleasure and wonder when he is going to stop
He then stops sucking me and moves up between my legs his cock is hard, he lifts my legs up and then lines his fat cock up to my arsehole he spits a little onto his cock and then starts to push his cock into my hole.

I don’t like it it hurts to much so I try and push him if, he seem to enjoy this and then forces more of his cock into me, now it really is hurting I tell him it hurts and he needs to stop , he he says no you like it really.
He pushed more into me streching my arse open every push hurts but he is very strong and I’m unable to do anything. He pushes harder and then says there it’s inside you now dosnt that feel better? I say no it stings like a mothefucket! He laughs and then starts to rock back and forth fucking my virgin arse dry.

I tell him to stop but he ignores me and carrys on fucking my arse this is when he speeds up fucking faster and harder I can feel and hear his balls slapping against the small of my back, he pushes my kneels towards my face so he can get Deeping into me, I can smell the beer on his breath and see sweat on his forehead.
Hard and Deeping he ploughs into me at no time has the stinging pain sensation eased up, he has all is wieght on me pushes my legs up to my head forcing all his cock into my sore arse.

He then speeds up and fucks me harder making my arse feel like it’s on fire, when he start to moans hhhmmmm hhhmmm arrggghhh and then I feel him push all his cock into me and with one last moan aarrrgghĥhhĥ he cums, when he cums he keeps trying to get more cock into me and then he relaxes still inside me, he looks at me and says I’ve just cum.

He pulls his cock out of me as he does this warm cum leaks from my sore gapping hole onto the bed. Peter gets dressed and says Lou will be back soon I see you at work in the morning

I lay there roll over and go to sleep.

He did this a number of time after, but did and suck me once to completion with felt amazing.

I worked for him from the age of 14 till 18 years old when I joined the army.

I’m 45 now and since then I’ve enjoyed having a cock inside me.

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    I would love having my cock inside you to Fuck You. Looking for a Sub for my den.

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    What are the side effects?

    • Fuck you ID:1e2kj44bdg35

      Side effects of what?

    • Aries ID:19iamkeiwluy

      I think he’s asking for the side effects of being molested. It should be beneficial, as it helps you with better endurance, performance, and reducing anxiety. Highly recommend getting molested at a younger age than 14. For little girls they have a bigger appetite for grown men than boys their age. Will not stop until their pussies are filled with adult cum! As for boys they get molested the cocks will be hardened and have more girth! Also, will have less depression! Depending if a boy gets molested by a man or a woman the boy will go purse sex of their same sex or both! For both young boys and girls depending on what age they were molested it’s highly likely they will have sex with children when they grow up as adults and that isn’t a bad thing because sex should be for everyone at any age!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    As your first fuck was effectively a rape, it’s great that you’ve remained positive about cock. Good on you!

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    hot thanks for sharing

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    Keep up the good work