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Meeting My Husband Part 1: The Introduction

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I grew up around sex, my mother raised me alone for most of my life since my dad left us, and since then she had many boyfriends stay over. We lived in a poor neighborhood in an old house so even when she tried to hide it, I knew she was having sex. She basically lived on birth control pills and cum ,every week bringing home at least three different men. Some might think she’s a whore, but it was normal for me. Worse still, it wasn’t just her, but every woman in my family. All my aunts, of which there are 6, as well as both my grandmothers, and my two older sisters, are all cock addicted sluts. My older sister lost her virginity to her first boyfriend at 13, my other sister at 15, both have had multiple boyfriends since then. Growing up, going to school seemed like nothing more than a big building where everyone gathered just to pair up and sleep with each other. No one actually tried to learn anything, it was just gangs, fighting, and sex. There was only one man in my life, my grandfather on my mother’s side, who basically was my father. I had no real dad, or uncles, or anyone else since it was always a constant rotation of men coming home to fuck and leave just as quick. Thankfully my grandfather was a good man and saw that I wanted to go to school to learn, and keep a savings account for me to go to college when I was older.

My mother, aunts, and sisters never even considered going to college, instead they were happy getting fucked by random men week after week. I was the first to be accepted in, and leave for college since my grandfather years ago. While I may make it seem like all the women in my family are whores, while I’m some pure innocent virgin, really I’m not. I’ve had sex a few times too, but not like them. I lost my virginity to a boy when I was 14, but only had sex with him once, and not again until I was 16. Now I’m 18 and off at school where it’s almost expected for kids like me to fuck each other at random. I should say, I’m a tall (5’9″) skinny (105 lbs) black girl with natural dark hair, long and braided, with flat wide, bubbly tits, and a thick pair of hips and a equally wide ass. I’ve been told by many that my facial feature “look white” by many of my friends and family growing up, but I never knew what that meant. I never really had much interaction with white people as a kid, and mostly heard bad things about them from other black people in my neighborhood. I never knew what to believe and the first few weeks at college I was always scared to be around them, thinking they were going to treat me bad since all I’ve heard is that they’re racist and hate people like me.

So far though, that hasn’t been true at all. I have lots of white girl friends I started hanging out with that all act like they love me, and the more I hang out with them, the more my personality has changed to fit in with them. My family will probably think I’m some kind of “valley girl” when I go back home. But so far I’m having fun and learning a lot. All my friends have boyfriends and talk about having sex with them constantly. So far I’m the only one in the group still single. They ask me if there’s anyone I’m interested in, all subconsciously trying to find me a black guy to be with. Honestly, the only boy I’m really interested in is the guy I sit next to in my English classes. Of all the men my family members have brought home, I have never found them to be anything special, just a person with a cock. But this boy is just so fun to look at. It sounds weird but I enjoy just looking at him and smiling. He’s so cute, peachy white skin, brown eyes and short brown hair. Just a normal white guy I’ve been told, but I’m not used to seeing boys like him so the guys white girls find attractive I didn’t learn to appreciate like them. To me, all white guys look relatively the same, but he’s the one I’m closest to so I’ve formed a massive crush on him. I’ve had sex probably 10 times in my life with about 4 different men, but none of them made my pussy water just from looking at them like this.

I was so turned on all the time that my grade started to drop. I was focusing more on him than the class. I wanted to ask him out, but something kept me from doing it. I always chickened out, thinking he probably wouldn’t want to be with a black girl like me. One of my girl friends, Amy, was in an English class at a different time, so knowing my struggle she asked the instructor if she could switch class times for one day, citing some “event” she had. That day she sat next to me and I pointed out my crush, we were giggling to each other and after class ended she got up and went straight over to him. I was hiding, pretending to load up my bag full of books while she talked to him. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she pointed over to me and they both smiled. I was flushed red with embarrassment as she walked him back over to me. As he approached, my friend backed off and went outside.

“Hey there, I’m James, your friend was telling me about you. You wanna take a walk with me?” he asked standing with his hand out towards me.

“Oh hey… sure. why not?” I replied nervously. I had never felt so shy around a boy before. He wasn’t even trying to sweet talk me like other boys have, just straight to the point. I grabbed his hand and walked out with him. I winked at my friend who went off on her own as James and I walked out the building and through the campus together.

“Your friend never told me your name?” James asked me.

“Marie. Ann Marie.” I told him.

“Nice to meet you Ann Marie, do you have anymore classes today or are you done?” he replied.

“I’m finished for the day, just some homework to do. What about you?” I asked him.

“English is my only class today, wanna go hang out somewhere?” he asked as we walked.

“Sure, I know a restaurant nearby. It’s better than being out in the rain.” I said. We were walking together under his umbrella as the rain poured down on us hard. He acted unfazed by it, but I knew my hair would be a mess if it got wet. Almost as if it was meant to happen, as we walked outside, I got closer to him, holding his arm as he held his umbrella over us both. He was well dressed for a college boy, us girls always dress nicely but most of the boys I’ve seen around here don’t even try to look halfway decent when they go outside. It just made him that much more attractive that a black girl like me could be seen outside with a cute white boy like him. My family wasn’t racist, but when you only ever see black people like you, you never consider your daughter/sister going to college and dating a white boy. Who knows what they would say if they found out about him. We made it to the restaurant I told him about and sat down together. He ordered us some coffee as we sat and talked about each other. We probably sat there for at least an hour if not more, just talking about everything. After some time, I looked out the window we were sitting next to and saw three of my other friends out walking together. They looked in the window and saw me, waving, before noticing I was with a boy.

James looked outside and noticed them looking at us and asked if I knew them. I said they were some of my friends and that they’re just trying to mess around with me. I told him I hadn’t found a boyfriend since I started here yet and that he was the first boy I was talking to. They were just being happy for me, even if it was acting silly. One of those friends was my dorm mate Cassy, who promptly texted me saying she’d keep the room clear for me for a few hours. As if I was going to fuck James so soon after just meeting him. I asked him if we could walk around together some more since the rain had died down and he agreed. We walked around campus for several more hours together, spending almost the entire afternoon together. My crush on him had turned into complete infatuation it seemed as we walked closer and closer to my dorm. I didn’t want to be that kind of girl, but we were so close to my building and the rain was picking up again. “Would you want to go back to my place for a bit?” I asked him. looking off towards my building. “Sure, why not?” he said following me. We went in the main entrance and up the elevator to my floor, going down the hall and standing in front of my door. As I turned to unlock it I looked back up at him. It’s as if he read my mind as he instinctively bent down and kissed me.

He held his lips against mine for several seconds before pulling back. I swung the door open on an empty room and pulled him inside. To hell with being the “good girl”, opportunity like this doesn’t happen very often. We started making out hard in my room, first standing then falling as I pulled him down on top of me onto my bed. We were giggling and laughing with each other as we kissed each other, my legs up around his waist as we felt each other’s bodies. As soon as I felt him lift my shirt to take off, I pulled his off instantly and in no time the only thing between us was his boxers and my panties. I had taken off my bra and revealed my boobs to him, likely the first pair of boobs he’s ever seen by his face. Definitely his first pair of black boobs for sure. I felt his hardened cock through his underwear and moved to pull them off. Seeing his cock spring up at me made me happy as I had never seen a white man naked like this before. I measured his cock with my hand and knew it was at least 7″ long and plenty girthy in my hand. (That’s how most girls measure dick size anyway, it’s not like we have a tape measure handy…) I got down on my knees and readied my mouth to suck on it. I had given plenty of blowjobs before, but as I started sucking James’s cock, he reacted as if he had never felt something like this before. His appreciation of what I was doing to him turned me on even more than I already was.

I felt his fingers run through my braids as I sucked him off, deeper and deeper on his shaft. Fondling his balls softly in my hand as I stroked him off into my mouth with the other. I really didn’t know if he as a virgin still or not, cause usually the black men I’ve been with all act “hard” like showing emotion during sex makes you gay somehow. It was at this point he did something surprising to me. He lifted my head off him, and picked me up setting me on my bed, on my back holding my legs up. I thought he was getting ready to fuck me, but instead he got down and started tonguing my pussy. “OH FUCK!” I moaned out, totally out of my control as I had never had a man eat me out before. None of my other men had taken the time to give me head, it was always I suck them off, then they fuck, then they leave. This boy was down there making sure I had the time of my life, and fuck was I. Never in my life have I felt the pleasure I felt as his tongue penetrated the folds of my pussy, toying with and teasing my clit, sending me into orgasm mode. I thought before he was a virgin, but now I knew he was a pro. He had to be. How many men eat pussy like this? My hips bucked, twitching hard against his face like his tongue was a cock about to cum and my pussy wanted to clamp down around it.

“OH SWEET JESUS, YES! KEEP DOING THAT BABY! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! I moaned out to him as I felt my first orgasm from a tongue. I’ve had orgasms before, but none so good and never from a tongue before. I heard him slobbering down below as I apparently squirted on his face. I didn’t even know that was a thing until he looked up and told me I did it. I just looked back down at him and begged him for his cock. He kissed his way up from my pussy, over my stomach, to my tits, and back over my lips as he climbed up and mounted me. Pressing my raised legs apart he ran his hard cock through the folds of my pussy like a hotdog in a bun. Using my pussy juices as lube he shoved it inside me and I just melted underneath him. Fuck he felt so good inside me. I hadn’t had sex in two years and it wasn’t very good back then either. He was rewriting my brain chemistry as he fucked me hard into my cheap dorm bed. My ass was slightly hanging off the side of the bed as he stood over me, my thighs bent straight back as he dropped himself down into my pussy, long deep strokes in and out of me. He ran his fingers through my hair, holding my head, kissing me as he rearranged my pussy with that stiff white cock. I never knew white men could fuck this good. If my mom and sisters found out, they’d never touch a black man again.

Sure he might not have been the biggest cock I’ve taken, but honestly the way he was hitting me inside felt so much better than some mammoth horse cock that rips me in half leaving me paralyzed. I had felt at least two orgasms so far just from this one time fucking him, and I knew there was more to come. I melted into his body as he fucked me, holding his weigh down on top of me. I felt so protected and safe under him. I never wanted him to leave. Sleeping in my bed alone was going to be difficult if I couldn’t sleep with him over me as a blanket. After barely an afternoon, I was ready to submit myself to him totally, taking his cock however he wanted to give it to me, without question. Today he seemed content with my pussy and my pussy was more than happy to take him. My walls griping his shaft like a free hand rock climber, suffocating his cock in the loving embrace of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist, not by choice but because he fucked me into a primal instinctive level and they just found themselves like that on their own. I grabbed his face and stared into his eyes as I begged him to shoot every drop of cum deep inside my black pussy.

“You like this white cock, huh? You want my cum? Beg for it, plead for me to nut inside you, baby!” he said looking straight into my eyes. Our foreheads were pressed together so we couldn’t get any closer than where we were.

“Yes baby! I love your cock! I want every fucking drop of cum inside me! I need you to blow that load deep in my fucking cunt! Please daddy! Fucking breed me!” I moaned and begged as he rammed my cunt.

His reply was replaced by grunting as his last few thrusts plunged his cock to the very base of my pussy, blowing his load deeper inside me than I’ve ever let a boy before. He just held himself inside for several more seconds, feeling his balls squeezing tightly against my asshole. No doubt emptied into my pussy entirely. He just laid there kissing me and fondling my tits in his hands as we came down off our shared climax. It was the first time in my life I had sex and been given three orgasm to my partners one. Usually they get there’s and I’m lucky if I even get one at all. My brain had now gone from crush, to infatuation, to straight up wife for him. I was forever his woman, I didn’t need to try any other man ever again, I had found the one I want, and his cock found it’s home inside me. We spent the next hour cuddling together in bed, he eventually got dressed and left but not before giving me his number. My roommate came back later and asked me all about him. We spent the rest of the night talking about our boyfriends, finally I was able to join in…


I hope you enjoyed this story, it’s one of my secret kinks to see pretty black women getting fucked by white men. I plan on doing more stories with these characters so if you like them just tell me.

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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Lovely really enjoyed it Courtney.

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    I really enjoyed this story Courtney. I do hope you continue on with these characters.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1e3y2ckns3du

    WOW!, superbly written and very erotic indeed. I was Dating and in love with a high yellow years back for over 6 months and she loved me very much. I was going to ask her to move in with me and share my life with marrying me when a week later they found her body behind a dumpster. Seems a jealous black guy raped and killed her in the projects near her apt. He is doing life in prison which is not enough.

    • Anonymous ID:1da8yosz7u0a

      Really enjoyed your story. It was well written and wasn’t filled with grammar and spelling mistakes. Would enjoy reading the sequel.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Wow honey ! This story is excellent ! I put myself as Ann Marie being fucked the very fist time by a white cock got me horny as I read this all the way through and I got so fucking wet imagining James’s taking his 7 inch thick white cockhead and rubbing it up and down between my outer black pussy lips then he sinks his white cock deep into my very wet pink hole as he makes me his lady ! You really played Anne Marie the black girl really well ! I really want to see where you take this story , and I was thinking that the two of us could either be black sisters or friends to further your kink and fantasy, and get fucked by some white guys in various stories if your up to it ! I could do a story and you could do one , I just think it will be kind of cool , what do think ? (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

  • Reply Amazingstorieswriter ID:1dyb1d1fj2xg

    Great story hope to see more.