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My craigslist mistake fucks me in front of my kids

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I thought I can have a quick satisfaction but ended up bringing in a toxic man in my house.

Hi I’m Lisa and I’m 38. I’m a single mom of 2. Adam(10) and Stacy (13). I have been single for a while. Oh no, not that I haven’t been fucked frequently. But lately it is getting a little hard to get a good fuck.
I had to change my job as I was letting everyone and anyone put their dick inside me. I was going through a phase called as “In between jobs” So It was a little hard to get a warm thick dick to play with. It was also not so easy to get men in my local bars as I was getting old and I had already ran through most of the men who wanted to get inside me. Now they too were not interested in a quicky.

This is when my friend told me that I can get a man from Craiglist and if I tried I could get him for free. So I did “try” and sent him some of my old pics when I was 27. He said yes to fucking me for free.
He was strong looking man. 6’3″, white, 45yrs old, Jason. As per his bio. He told he will come home to nail me down.

I was excited. It was a fine Sunday. I heard the knock and opened the door. He first smiled, then looked me up and down and said “Not again” I took that he was expecting a young me. Anyways I held his hands and took him to my room.

Kids were playing video game in their room and were not going to be out till like an hour or so. He didn’t looked anymore happy when I dropped my robe. I guess because I was a little chubby, with 38DD breast, wide spread areola, a little belly, huge white ass, thick thighs with celluloid. But I had a cute face and blonde hair.

I gave him a lap dance trying to get him hard. Then I pulled his pants down while he sat on the edge of the bed. I looked him in his eyes all the while I gave him a sloppy blowjob. Now he was getting into it. He held my head and started to thrust his dick in my mouth. He was taking his anger out at my mouth.
then he stood up and threw me on the bed. With my legs still on the ground he bent me over and my hands on the bed I was in a good doggy position. Then he spit on his dick slapped my huge ass and shoved his rock hard dick inside me.

“aaaaggghhhh” a loud moan came out of me. The he gripped my waist tight and started to pound my pussy.
“Take it you bitch, you ugly ass fat bitch” he kept saying while destroying my pink pussy.
He did this for a while pulling my hair in the mean time.
Then he smacked my ass and asked me to turn around. He pushed me down on my back. Then he spread my legs up in air and inserted himself in between my legs. Then he spit on the my pussy lips and rubbed his huge cock and started to fuck me again. He held his hands on my stomach all the while increasing his speed to fuck me. My boobs were jiggling all over the place. I was having a great time. But he didn’t like that.

After a few more minutes groping my boobs and pinching my nipples while fucking my pussy, Jacob pulled me on my feet and turned me around again. This time my legs were still on floor but he pushed me all the way down with my belly on the bed. Then he spit on his dick and on my asshole. I felt it go wet and cold.
“No not my asshole please, I have never taken it in my asshole” I tried to stop him
He smacked my ass so hard I went quite. Then he started to push his dick inside me asshole.
It was tight. I closed my ass to endure pain. It was not going me. He was getting more angry. He pushed harder and this time it went all the way in.

“AAAaaaaagghhhh” A loud cry came out of me. “Aaaghhh aaagghhhh aaaggghhh” I kept saying as he fucked my ass. I was in pain and he was loving it.
“Take it you slut, you whore of a women. You white trash you deserve to be fucked in the ass.”
Suddenly I heard the door open.

“Momma, are you alright, we heard you scream” Stacy said with concern still standing at the door.
“It’s alright sweaty…aagghh… mommy is just playing….aaaggghh… a new game. You guys go ahead…aaagghhh.. and play your video game…aaggghh.. go” I said without turning back at the door. They could see Jacob’s ass moving forward and backward striking my ass and thighs.

“Hell no.. come here kids. why don”t you watch your mommy play this new game” Jacob called them in.
I was starting to get a hang of this ass fucking and went quite.
They came inside and stood infront of me watching me bent over with my ass in the air, taking a huge dick up my ass.
Jacob now was banging me harder than before as he had an audience to cheer.
“Ummhh uuummmhh take it you pig, you dirty ass, slutty pig” He said in front of my kids.
“Momma he called you a pig” Adam said pointing finger at Jacob
“Yes sweaty…aagh… your mommy….aagh…. is Jacob’s slutty pig…aaaaghh” I said looking my son in his eyes.
They were getting comfortable as they sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Jacob destroyed their mommy’s asshole.

Then he again turned me back and pushed me on my back. Before inserting his dick inside me he called my daughter.
“Hey you, come here and clean your mommy’s asshole juice from my cock” He commanded. I was too into this to say anything.
Stacy looked at me, I closed my eyes. She took it for a yes and went on to go on her knees and suck Jacob’s hard glistening cock. He shoved his dick deep inside her teen mouth held her head. He laughed as she gagged and tried to breathe.
Then he threw her to the floor and continued to fuck me in my wet dripping pussy.
“Your mom is a whore” Jacob looked Adam in his eyes while fucking me hard. he continued “Your mom is a 5 dollar whore, takes strangers dick up ass. She loves a huge cock up her pussy too. She is a slutty slutty whore”
Adam looked the other way.
“Come here you prick” Jacob told Adam. He came close. Jacob held his head close to my pussy and placed it on my belly as he kept fucking my pink, now red pussy.
“See, how your mommy’s pussy is all wet, because she is a whore. You smell your mommy’s pussy you boy” He brought Adam head way close to the action.
Then with increasing frequency he started to trust me. I knew he was close. Then he came inside my pussy. He stayed there for a couple of secs making sure he drained all out.

Then he held Adam by his hair and made him kneel down near my pussy.
“Lick it you son of a whore, lick your momma’s pussy clean” He made Adam lick my cum dripping pussy.
Then he went to grab Stacy as well and brought her in between my legs too. He threw Adam to the side and made Stacy lick my pussy.
“Suck it out, I want you to suck your momma’s pussy and get all the cum out. I want to see it in your mouth” he ordered Stacy.
She obeyed. She sucked his cum out with a disgusted face. But she did it anyway.

“I want to pee… get up you filthy pig” He pulled me by my hair and made me go on all fours as he dragged me to the bathroom. He made me climb in the bath tub.
“You both too.. get in next to your pig momma, you piglets” He ordered. They obeyed.

Then he held his dick in his hands and aimed at my face. Then he let go. A strong stream came out of his semi flaccid dick shooting my face. Then he started to wave his dick left to right peeing on faces of all three of us. He shook his dick to get that last drop out as well. Then he came close groped my one breast with one hand and one of Stacy’s B Cup breast with another, He looked a Stacy and said. “Next time, I’m gonna break your ass too” He groped he so hard she let out a squeal.

“Stay here Till I get dressed and leave, you filthy pigs”

We heard him close the front door. I stood up and switched the shower on. I held Stacy and removed her dress. She didn’t even protect. “You too, get undressed for shower” I said to Adam.
“Are we showering together Momma” He asked
“Yes son, those are the rules of this new game” I said.
He obeyed. Then I applied soap to all, Adam seemed a little hard. His small dick was all up and tight. I acted as applying soap, I started to jerk him off. He had his orgasm quick. But nothing came out. I guess, still time for him to hit puberty.

Then we came out, and out dressed. It was a fun afternoon.

“Are we going to play this game again momma?” Adam asked getting into his pants

“I hope son… I do hope” I said with a sigh and a smile.


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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Eine der geilsten Geschichten seit langem ich kann es kaum erwarten mehr darüber zu lesen du musstauf jeden Fall die Kinder mit einbeziehen und lass auch ander leute mit euch Spaß haben zum Beispiel Freunde von ihm oder er soll kit euch raus gehen und euch von pennern oder asylanten benutzen und pervers gebrauchen lassen

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5erroou98

    Please continue… let your daughter have the same pleasures as you had

  • Reply Enomax001 ID:1jybr2m0

    Such a hot tale. I hope you change your mind and invite him back to “play” this new game with you and your kids again. Let him break in Stacy.

  • Reply TvT ID:5u1d7chb0c

    Amazing, wish it was me

  • Reply LillyThomas ID:bmsucf0ql

    Awesome Story! You deserve a good bang. BTW you are a slut.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    He’s the perfect date. A real man! Bet you loved it up that fat bum of yours!

  • Reply Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

    Outstanding story

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1efxfl05wlng

    Another amazing story, Bella

  • Reply Johnnyv ID:v7yuxn2b8bb

    A good woman won’t complain about taking it in the ass

  • Reply Jolly ID:4rzlsmw41

    I don’t know what to say. I’m lost for words.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Can’t wait until he does both the kids.

    • Yes ID:1d48d6divhi3


  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ek2l2b940

    MMMMM…You look Damn Good to me !

  • Reply horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

    sounds nice and will be fun your daughter getting taking by him

  • Reply Eric ID:2q4tdoi13gv

    That’s not her: pornpics.pornhhubb.com
    Total fantasy story.